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My Sherlock Scripts (so far)

Since I’m starting a short online script-writing course this time next week, I thought I’d put up the stuff I’ve already written in script format in one place. Then, I can look back and hopefully as I become more confident writing in script format, I can update with some more pieces in the future!

(In order of most recent publication date first)

A Great Heart

EXT. ST PAUL’S CATHEDRAL.JOHN and SHERLOCK running in sync, tearing through the COURTYARD. We cannot yet see who they are pursuing. A full moon rises above ST PAUL’S DOME. This is it, there’s magic in the air: the thrill of the chase; just the two of them…

a Three Garridebs style scene set in London, with beautiful illustrations. Originally written for The Johnlock Fanzine.

Time To Burn


(speaking very quickly)

So a- a-a countdown, then, but to what, what?

Home is where the heart is…

partly inspired by John Smith’s fanmade Series 4 teaser (x).

Just A Scratch-



Don’t worry, John. It’s slow-acting. Rather like you.

Another Three Garridebs scene, written as an end of episode/finale moment.

17 Steps-


But, where are we?

It is dark. Thick fog hangs in the air. Complete silence for one beat. Then, a steady rhythm: clip, clop, clip, clop. Horses hooves. Surely not? The fog slowly begins to lift to reveal…

A hansom cab, wheels quickly juddering over the cobbled streets. The horse is spooked- it quickens its pace, nostrils flaring. Suddenly, it rears back on its hind legs, whinnying in alarm-



Picking up from where The Abominable Bride left up- acts a bridge between that and Series 4.

The Trial of Sherlock Holmes Series-


Don’t be smart. You know what happened to Wilde.

Three connected scripts: Brothers In Arms; The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name & Testimony of The Heart. Written before The Abominable Bride, based on speculation that Sherlock will be put on trial in The Abominable Bride to parallel the Oscar Wilde Trials of 1895.

A Very Sinister Intro-


Pristine white chaise longue. Next to it, a spindly table. Sitting on top of the table is a silver dish bearing a telegram. Red wax seal with a magpie embossed on it.

Written before The Abominable Bride aired- a.k.a me calling that Mary would receive a telegram from Mycroft ;)

The Rat’s Fall-


He’s the rat, John! It’s been him from the start, always has-




Mycroft! (rest in one breath) Except, it’s a ruse, has to be-


Sherlock, slow down-


-make Moriarty believe what he needs him to, and then… but why not tell me in the first-

My very first script! <3 Largely inspired by TJLC & M Theory meta,


one direction meme: three live performances what makes you beautiful live @ the london 2012 olympic games closing ceremony (2/3)

“Now the final song in this section, perhaps the most innocent we’re coming up to date now. We’re with the current global phenomenon - One Direction! What makes you beautiful.”

I Have You

Imagine: Imagine being Sherlock’s best friend before he meets John, though he won’t admit it. One night you get a call asking you to come to a house outside of the main town. Once there you find Sherlock, nearly unconscious. You hold him until Mycroft comes to you and you are there when Sherlock wakes. Your first words to him are “I love you, never scare me like that again or I’ll kill you.”

Word Count: 1,478

Author’s Note/ Warnings: Trigger warnings for drug use. Other than that I don’t believe there is anything I need to warn you guys about. Continue on.

“Sherlock, be careful.” you stated worriedly from your spot in the armchair. Sherlock was bent over the counter with a chemistry set that looked dangerously close to exploding. “I’m fine, now be quiet.” he snapped without looking up. Most people would have been annoyed with the 16 year old but you just smiled into your drink. It wasn’t five minutes later that the project exploded. 
“How did you do dear?” Mrs. Holmes asked as she ushered you into the house. “Clearly she passed, with flying colors too it seems.” said a deep voice behind you. You spun around and grinned at Sherlock “Okay smart-ass, for once can I tell my own good news?” He stepped forward and gave you a tight hug which you returned just as forcefully. “Congratulations (Y/N).” he stepped back, both of you missing the smile the Holmes parents shared.
Your college applications arrived the same day,   nervously you played with the edges of the envelope. “What if I didn’t get in?” Sherlock looked at you the way he sometimes did, with a mix of ‘my god you’re irritating me’ and ‘you know I think I may like you’ “(Y/N) just open it.” You bit your lip before chucking the envelope at him “You do it for me.” He gave a sigh and ripped the package open with little finesse, his eyes read over the letter quickly before he gave you a look of sorrow “(Y/N) I’m sorry but” your heart dropped “it seems you’re stuck with me.” You felt your eyes widen dramatically before you launched yourself at your friend. You landed on him with enough force to topple the couch backwards. He looked up at you with a faint surprise and you slapped his chest “I actually thought they didn’t let me in! You’re terrible you know that?” you were half angry and half laughing “Tell me why I’m friends with you again?” “You aren’t. I don’t have friends.” ‘Liar’ you thought.
College was good, you had met a few people had dated once (it didn’t end well), and were successful in your line of study. You and Sherlock were closer than ever, though he still claimed not to have ‘friends’ and most people avoided the two of you when possible. You had bailed him out of jail twice and had raided his dorm several times trying to keep him out of trouble but finals were ending now and Sherlock was moving to London soon. You sighed softly, everything was changing. 

London was beautiful at night. It was three years after college graduation and you had been travelling. You had yet to see Sherlock in your time here but had planned on surprising him tomorrow, you had gotten his address from the website. A friend of yours had arranged an apartment for you already but now you were job hunting. Your thoughts were running wild over the interviews you had scheduled and there was the matter of - Suddenly the chords of your ringtone broke through your musings. You looked at the number without recognition and answered it after a pause. “Hello?” The voice that answered was soft and raspy “(Y/N), sorry to bother you.” Your eyes widened and you stopped walking “Sherlock? What’s-“ 

“I- I didn’t know who else to call. I need-” he swallowed and when he resumed speaking his voice was weaker “I need you to come to ___ street. Please," 
"Why? Sherlock? Sherlock are you there? Shit!” you took off at a sprint counting the blocks. Twice you ran across traffic, your mind an endless mantra of ‘Let him be okay, please, please don’t let him be dead, Sherlock’

The street almost caught you off guard when you arrived, it was deserted. You hadn’t even noticed the people dropping away as you left the city. You spun around in a circle and saw nothing. “Where are you?” you breathed out, you forced yourself to calm down, your phone was still clutched in your hand like a life line and you hit the redial button. From your left you heard it, it came from down an alleyway and you moved toward it, all caution thrown to the wind. Here there were no streetlights to light your way so you held your phone in front of you. Your heart skipped a beat when you caught sight of the crumpled figure ahead of you. 

“Sherlock.” You fell to your knees in front of him, he hadn’t changed much over the past few years. You were careful as you shifted him into an upright position, his eyes fluttered weakly and you let out a relieved sigh. “Sherlock,” one hand held his shoulder while the other cupped his jaw “Sherlock can you hear me?” He made a sound in the back of his throat that you took for confirmation. 

“I’m going to call Mycroft, don’t go to sleep. Sherlock try to stay awake.” you kept your voice as calm as possible. It wasn’t much. You reached for your phone where you dropped it but froze. You didn’t know his number. Instead you reached out and slipped your hand into Sherlock’s coat pocket, the outside pockets held no luck but the left inside pocket produced what you needed. There were a total of three numbers programmed into the phone, Mycroft was the second one. As you waited for the eldest Holmes brother to answer you felt Sherlock slip sideways and moved to catch him. It felt like an eternity before Mycroft answered, “Sherlock, I’m busy whatever you need-” You speak quickly “Mycroft, it’s (Y/N).” he quiets instantly “I’m  on ____ in an alley way on the left. Sherlock’s out, I don’t know what he took but I need you to come quickly. With an ambulance.” there was nothing on the other line but a quick “I’m coming.” You let the phone drop to the ground and let Sherlock rest against your chest, head cradled against your shoulder. “You’re going to be okay." 
That was how you were when Mycroft appeared.

He arrived before the ambulance and knelt beside you, “He’s breathing.” you tell him, and you could tell the words relieved him. “You must be tired, I can take him.” he reached out for his brother’s shoulder but you shook your head “I’m fine, I’ve got him.” You watched him pick up both you and Sherlock’s phones and put them in his pocket. 

You rode with Mycroft to the hospital. 

”(Y/N). Go home for the night, take a shower and rest. He’s stable, there’s nothing more to do for him.“ you hadn’t even heard Mycroft’s approach and his hand on your shoulder startled you. "I’ll arrange a ride for you.” Clearly he saw your protest on your tongue because he added “You can return in the morning. You’re dead on your feet.” Unable to argue, you nod. 

The shower you managed, your clothes in a pile by the door, your jeans and shirt were ruined. Both were a brown-black color from the alleyway and you resolved to burn them. Despite the belief that you couldn’t sleep you were out instantly the night taking its toll. 

You woke at 6 o’clock and instantly were up and getting dressed. You hailed a taxi at 6:20 and reached the Hospital about 15 minutes later. The nurse let you into Sherlock’s room and you sat beside the bed in a chair. It was the first time you had the chance to ‘look’ at your friend. Your best friend. The man you loved. His hair was the same shade it had always been but it was tamer than it had been when you met. His features had become even more defined, high cheekbones and delicate lashes. You didn’t know how long you had been staring when you noticed those strange ever changing eyes focused on you with the same intensity as you had shown their owner. “(Y/N).” Same deep voice. You open your mouth to say something but the words freeze on your tongue. Last night plays in your mind, his shallow breaths, the crumpled figure, and the words tumble out of your mouth “I love you,” pure shock takes over his face but you soldier on with the next sentence words “never scare me like that again or I’ll kill you.” 

“I missed you too." 


"Sherlock, I found a case for you.” you say as you enter the door of your flat. After that night two months ago you had been staying with Sherlock, an arrangement that was working out tremendously. “Sherlock? As your friend I must inform you its your turn to get the” Your scream is cut off by a set of lips on yours, its a bit clumsy and you pull back to stare wide eyed at your attacker. “I don’t have friends.” Sherlock says with conviction. “But I have you.”

kupola  asked:

For me, Mads' best look in 2016 (or really ever) was that BEAUTIFUL, seriously stunning blue, three piece suit he wore at the London premiere for Doctor Strange. I've never seen a man rock a suit like that. What was your fav look ?

ah it’s a hard one because he was fashionably really on point this year, but I’d have to say this one, that subtle patterning and tailoring oh my god 

the checkered grey Cannes suit was also fantastic and the clear runner-up for me.