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NCT Dream: Idol!Girlfriend being a huge gamer


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-mark oh this boy would be so amazed and proud of you

-it was probably the first thing the members of nct learned about you before they actually get to meet you because he’d always be bragging about it

-”wahhh did you really beat baekhyun in a game?”

“yeah. three times”

“hyuck! did you hear that? she said she beat baekhyun three times!”

“no, mark. she meant that you’ve already asked her that three times now within the past hour”

-i think he’d be lowkey upset when he doesn’t get to watch you playing against other idols

-i also think mark is the type of person to find it beautiful when he sees people doing what they love so i think mark would melt whenever he sees you focused whenever you’re playing


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-can we just appreciate huang renjun’s beautiful smile im actually tearing up someone punch me in the face rn


-he’d be very surprised when he learned that you’ve won against many idols

-he’d probably use this knowledge to surprise the other members too

-like he’d ask chenle and jeno to challenge you to a game without telling them that you’re really good at gaming 

-and then bam you’d beat them gracefully while the two looks at you in awe and renjun would be heard laughing in the background

-he’ll probably preorder a videogame that you’ve been talking about nonstop and surprise you with it too

-expect to receive texts that reminds you to get enough sleep  because he’d be worried that you’re playing too much

-just because he sends you those reminders doesnt mean it applies whenever you play together because you two would probably even forget the word sleep and have the other members drag you both to bed


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-would be so giggly because he just learned another thing that makes him fall for you even more

-i think he’d be lowkey jealous if you have been playing too long with other idols but course he’ll try his best to be mature about the situation and just cheer you on while playing

-videogame dates would be a thing for you since then

-jeno would probably cling to you like what he does with renjun in the gif above whenever you play without him and havent been paying attention to him

-he’d even ask for the most random things to make you pay attention to him

“please make me some coffee~”

“jeno you dont even like coffee”

“ugh my head hurts”

“you’re literally clutching your stomach right now”


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-i think he’d try to act indifferent about it but then he sees you beat jaehyun in a game that he turned into the embodiment of the heart eyes emoji for you

-i think hed ask some idols from other groups if they have played against you and would just be beaming all day if he hears them praise you like it was him who played

- would ask you to teach him your skills

-and i think he’d be really good at it

“i think you… you just beat my ass”

“the student has become the master”

-like renjun, you two would end up playing all night just to know whos actually better at gaming


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-my beautiful boy whom i miss so much please get well soon nana

-moving on

-i think he’d be really extra once he finds out about this

-you’re making a livestream while you play? he’ll have an undercover fan account that becomes your number one hype man. jungkook and taehyung invited you to a tournament? he’ll do the massage thing on your shoulders before playing

-but tbh you probably got your practice because of him because you’d probably spend a lot of time indoors for his recovery

-”lets make a bet, if i win this game, you’ll kiss me and if you win this game, i’ll kiss you”

“it basically ends up the same you dork”

“i know (-o⌒)“


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-hypeman number 2

-it’d be really similar to donghyuck

- i think he’d also ask some idols if they have played against you but i dont think he’ll be calm like him. he wouldn;t be able to contain his astonishment and he’d probably react like he did when you first told him

-and by astonishment, i mean chenle with a lot  of wahh and giggles and clapping

-he’d also be good in playing video games

-but i think rather than just playing with each other, you two would form an unbeatable pair and play against many people

-and you’d be thankful for it because chenle has more self-control than you that you actually manage to get enough sleep because he knows when to stop


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-the first thing jisung will tell you if he learns about this thing would be “omg get a life”

“says the one who obsesses about aliens”

“those are  two completely different things”

-but even though you two banter with each other like this, you know that hes very proud of you

-because one time you when taeyong and heechul was playing you overheard jisung say

“hyung, y/n can easily beat you if you play like that”

“we’re actually practicing because she just beat us earlier”

-and this boy would be smiling like an idiot the whole time

-like renjun expect to receive the game you’ve been talking about but he’ll never tell you that he was the one who bought it


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Fic wars prompt: Jopper, fluff - Eleven's first birthday party after she officially becomes Jane Hopper is a build-you-own-sundae party, and somehow Hopper and Joyce end up feeding each other sundaes

    Jim Hopper stands at the door of his cabin in the woods. He raps twice on the door, then waits a beat. Once. Three more times. After a moment, the lock clicks, and the door swings open. 

    It’s warm inside - far warmer than outside, where the snow covers the ground in a blanket of frosty white ice, and the air is crisp and cold. Inside, it’s warm, and it feels damn great. But he won’t be inside for long.

    It’s earlier than he usually comes home - five thirty-five on the dot, to be exact. It’s generally around an hour or two later, but today’s special, so he of course took the rest of the day off and hurried back.

    El probably has no idea what the day is. She didn’t understand the concept of ‘birthdays’ when he first tried to explain it to her - he thought it was simple enough. Every year on that day, you turn a year older, and so on and so forth. There’s a party, he told her, something to celebrate it. All El had done was frowned and said, “What is - celebrate?”

    Hopper, of course, told Joyce about this when the day was drawing near. And Joyce, of course, decided that this one was going to be the best birthday El’s ever had. Which he had found rather funny, because she hadn’t had any other birthdays. 

    That was about to change. 

    “Hey, kid?” he calls, turning around to shut the door and turn on the lights in the kitchen. From the other room, he hears the TV switch off. 

    “You’re back early,” says a voice from behind him. He turns around, and El’s smiling up at him, an empty plate in her one hand and a glass in the other. Her speech has improved profoundly in the past few weeks, but it’s still a little rocky. He hopes that when she starts school at Hawkins High next year, she’ll get more used to using more than one or two words at a time. 

    “Yeah,” Hopper agrees, taking off his hat and hooking it on the wall next to an older coat of his, a spare key, and a much smaller, black jacket. “Well I missed you, kid. What’ve you been eating?”

    El looks guiltily at the plate in her hands and sets it in the sink. “Eggos,” she murmurs, the corners of her mouth twitching upwards. Her curls bounce as she lifts her head up, her big brown eyes glinting. “And an apple. Healthy, right?” 

    Hopper sighs, tousling her hair. “Alright, alright. I’ll let it slide this time, but just know for the next time I’m working that Eggos and an apple are not a proper meal, okay?”

    She nods, a full-blown smile on her face now. “Okay,” she echoes. El’s eyes wander curiously to his coat, which he had not taken off.  “Going somewhere?” she asks him, pointing at it. 

    He hesitates, then before he could think to make the decision to just stay home and have a party with her at their own house, without the risk of her getting too freaked out, he grabs the little black coat and holds it out to her. 

    “Yeah,” Hopper says, smiling in return. El seems to glow with happiness as she gingerly takes the coat from him and puts it on. “We’re going somewhere. It’s a very special day, if you didn’t already know.”

    El frowns, looking down at the zipper and pulling it up all the way to her chin. Hopper reaches to pull it down a bit. “Special day?” she asks, her eyebrows creased in confusion. “What is - special about today?”

    Hopper laughs, opening the door and ushering her out. Once they’ve started walking down the snowy lawn and through the trees, he takes out his truck keys  and says to her, “Do you remember what we were talking about the other day?”

    El looks thoughtfully at the sky for a moment. “Birth?” she asks.

    “I - no, kid,” he responds, smiling to hold in his laughter. “Birthday. Your birthday. Remember that? A celebration. For you.”

    “For me,” she echoes again dreamily. They near the car, and she gets in, still looking rather thoughtful. “A - party? Today?”

    “A party, yeah,” Hopper says as he turns the key in the ignition, and the engine hums to life. “We - Joyce and the boys and I, I mean - wanted to do something special for you. If that’s okay, of course?”

    El looks up at him with a smile, a warm, touched expression on her face. “Okay,” she says quietly, looking down at her hands and fiddling with the sleeves of her jacket. “Will is going to be there? And Jonathan?”

    “Yeah, they’ll be there.”

    “And - Mike?” 

    Hopper hesitates, shaking his head. “No, kid - the Wheelers are out of town this week. I’m sorry, El.”

    El shrugs, looking a little glum. “It’s okay,” she says. She’s silent for a few moments, then perks up. “What kind of party?”

    He smiles at her and looks back to the road. “You like ice cream, don’t you?”

    “Sundae - like the day?” El asks, looking from the array of bowls up to Joyce Byers. She’s already filled with excited energy, even though it’s been only ten minutes since she and Hopper arrived at the Byers’ house. They’d gotten her presents - a nice, soft sweater the color of the pine trees outside, a new pair of shoes to wear, and a pretty little ornate jewelry box. Will had even made her a hand-drawn card featuring himself, El, Jonathan, Joyce, Hopper, and Mike, and the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EL! written in bubble letters above them. The thoughtful gifts - the first ones El had ever received, to be quite frank - made her feel so happy she thought she would cry. 

    “No, sweetie,” says Joyce, smiling kindly at her. “Sundae, with an ae instead of an ay. It’s like - fancy ice cream, with any kinds of toppings you want on it.”

    “Oh,” El responds softly, looking from her, to Will, eager but patiently waiting to dig in to the sundae bar, to Hopper, who was looking at her with an expression she cannot find a word to describe. She grins at him, and he reciprocates. 

    Will, she notices, is practically bouncing up and down with his excitement. “Will can go first,” El says, laughing at how quickly he lets out a breath and moves to pile on spoonful on spoonful of Reese’s Pieces and whipped cream on to his ice cream. She watches him carefully, adding most of what he does on to hers unknowingly. 

    Later, Jonathan is sitting in the kitchen, fiddling with his camera and Will and El are sitting on the couch nursing two nearly-empty bowls of soupy ice cream. Hopper and Joyce watch them from the kitchen table, smiling blissfully at the makeshift family that had been pulled together by disappearances, fighting creatures from alternate dimensions, and a little girl with telekinetic powers escaping from a lab. It was crazy, of course, but were any of them really normal?

    “She’s really loving that ice cream,” Hopper says to Joyce, nudging her with his elbow. He’s got a bowl of ice cream in front of him himself, as a little diet cheat. “But if she’s bouncing off the walls and making my furniture float when we get home, I’m putting the full blame on you.”

    Joyce laughs, shaking her head. “At least she had fun,” she jokes, nudging him back playfully. “I’ll take all the blame you want me to have, as long as I know that she enjoyed herself.”

    Hopper nods, looking down at his bowl. “You never had any ice cream,” he adds, looking up at her with raised eyebrows. Joyce rolls her eyes.

    “I don’t need ice cream, otherwise I’ll be the one bouncing off walls and levitating furniture,” she jokes. 

    “I’d be very concerned if you could levitate furniture.”

    “I’m not going to levitate furniture, Hop.”

    Hopper laughs. grabbing a spoonful and holding it out towards her. “Come on, it’s your turn now, Byers,” he says, moving the spoon towards her mouth. She moves her head. 

    “Hopper, really, I don’t need the - mmph!” 

   He pulls his spoon away and laughs as she fiercely grabs the canister of whipped cream and sprays it at him in at attempt to get it in his mouth, missing entirely and spraying it instead on his nose, cheek, and half of an eyebrow. 

    Will and El look up from the couch, observing. 

    “Do you think they’re going to get married?” Will turns to her and asks, putting his ice cream on the floor. El grins at him, looking back at them. 

    “Since this is - kind of like…those soap operas I watch on TV,” El says, looking slyly at Will, “I say…I think so.”

    “They definitely need a little push, don’t you think?”

   El grins. “Definitely.”

    REALLY sorry I finished this so late (and that the end is so short), I was doing some school work and didn’t see how late it was. I hope it still counts for fic wars! 


westallen + third time’s the charm

Why the SPN mixtape scene from 12x19 is screenwriting gold, and should be taught to the next generations of screenwriters everywhere - analysis

20 seconds. Two lines of dialogue, three gestures, a couple more camera angles. Episode 19, season 12 of a genre TV show “Supernatural”. A single strike of screenwriting and cinematic genius. The mixtape scene.

Robert Berens and Meredith Glynn, I bow before you.

This scene should be used as an example for future screenwriters how you can put maximum of meaning into minimal time and dialogue. Should be analyzed and taught at universities everywhere, how to achieve the most using the least. How to write for TV, where you only have less than an hour to built something spectacular.


Let’s just peel off all the layers of these 20 seconds of footage and these 13 words. 13 WORDS.

(Cas knocks, Dean doesn’t say anything. Cas opens the door, apologizes for disturbing Dean in his room, and then takes a cassette tape out of his left inside coat pocket, and puts it on the desk, while tapping the label on it that says “Deans (sic!) top 13 Zepp traxx”.)

Cas: Um, I just wanted to return this.

Dean: It’s a gift. You keep those.

13 tracks. 13 words. The future. So number thirteen is important for the future. I mean, are you trying to tell us something here, writers?

(Dean takes the tape, oustreches his arm, and gives it back to Cas. We see Cas’ hand grabbing the tape, and taking it back.)

That tiny scene is ENORMOUS from the perspective of the narrative and the characterization. Let’s see what we can get out of it. (Prepare yourself: it’s gonna be long. Damn, how much meta can you write based on 20 seconds of television and two lines of dialogue?) (Hint: A lot.)

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little horizon zero dawn things:

– Aloy leans forward when riding her horse (sorry, strider) up a hill and back when riding down, like youre supposed to, despite never having ridden or even seen a real horse in her life

– the mount machines all have properly animated gaits, two-beat trot three-beat canter four-beat gallop etc

– the little smile she makes when it’s snowing or raining and she puts her hands out you complain about the rain but i know the truth

– the pine saplings near pitchcliff

– studious pallas

– the poetry inside the metal flowers

– aloy’s little comments to herself when she’s picking herbs/climbing ice/the weather changes/she slides down a hillside/etc

– if you ride right up to the cutscene trigger while tracking dervahl the game animates her dismounting and patting the strider’s side as part of the cutscene

– tallnecks, esp. how they’re totally oblivious to you scrambling all over them

– the fact that you don’t need the focus to track because the environmental clues (footprints, blood smears, cart tracks, etc) are actually there

– sylens sends you a bunch of information and then there’s about a second’s worth of pause and he just sends you the definition of corporation as if that’s the only thing that might be confusing

– those two mysterious named rabbits up above devil’s thirst seriously what’s the deal with them

– the really gorgeous sunsets

– the crouch idle where she rocks back so it looks like she’s sitting

– going back to visit Rost and you actually can tell him about your journeys (i cried SO hard)

– npcs comment on what you’re wearing

– the little surprised hop-jump-look animation the watchers make when you throw a rock near them

– overridden ravagers rumbling and following you around

– the fact that overridden machines have unique animations for fighting other machines as opposed to you


– the sound the metal flowers make

– Aloy’s little shrug when she drops the safe through the floor

– aloy shutting down all the dudes who try to flirt with her

– seriously she’s so blunt i love it the world needs more blunt pragmatic heroines

– “it’s a door”

– the hair physics and the way the sun catches in the edges of her hair

– big machines knock over trees when they go into forested areas and it’s terrifying

– the way the fog moves over the ground in waves

– aloy’s crooked teeth and bushy eyebrows and slightly chubby face and she’s stocky but also ripped from years of hunting like she looks like a person shes perfect

– the fact that the mount machines have the same base body but slightly different sounds and idle animations

– did i mention studious pallas? i love him he is Trying his Best

across these pages

rating: e | words: 6,419 | chapters: 1

a sequel to between each beat are words unsaid


“Here,” John says almost as soon as Sherlock’s settled next to him. “I wanted to give you something special today. Something important. And I, uh, I think it is.” He says it with a little shrug, a tiny bit of doubt creeping in.

“It is,” Sherlock reassures him, and John huffs out a laugh.

“You don’t even know what it is yet.”


After the reception ends, John and Sherlock exchange wedding gifts. 


westallen + tv tropes

two-person love triangle

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RFA +Sarean reacts to MC getting cat called?



Request Killing: 8/30

When MC Gets Cat-Called…


  • A bit scared to confront the guys, but also upset they were disrespecting you
  • Glares at the men who were still checking out your body
  • “Hey, it’s disrespectful to treat women like that,” he scowls
  • The men who straighten up and walk towards Yoosung, boasting their height
  • “You should respect us, little boy,” they snarl at him
  • Yoosung holds their gaze, not backing down. “I’ll never respect anyone who looks at someone else as only an object of sexual desire.”
  • Probably gets beaten up tbh
  • But to him, it’s worth it.


  • Doesn’t even hear it
  • Rather, he’s just recovered from a successful eye surgery and was looking forward to wander the streets freely again
  • And who better to be with than you?
  • Sees a store selling cameras in the distance, and drags you along excitedly
  • Unknowingly knocks over the man who had catcalled you into a machoman prostitute who proceeded to flirt and strip for him
  • ಠ‿ಠ


  • Upset that you were being catcalled even though you were dressing so conservatively (to avoid comments like these in the first place)
  • Ready to fight!
  • But he holds back because you tell him to
  • Sends a spine chilling glare at the men and leaves with a, “Don’t ever talk about my girlfriend with you dirty mouth again, uglies.”
  • Leaves them in shock because well. Zen is seriously handsome and it hurt to be called ugly by someone who was clearly out of your league
  • Zen asks if you’re okay afterward
  • Reassures you that while you ARE beautiful, you definitely don’t deserve that treatment
  • Tells you that you’re worth more than the one night stand the assholes earlier had asked you for
  • You’re not all too bothered because you felt safe with Zen by your side
  • Still, you ask out of curiosity, “Hey, since when was I your girlfriend?”
  • He ends up blushing and avoids answering the question


  • Finally time for her to show off the results of her judo lessons!
  • Doesn’t hesitate to beat up the assholes immediately
  • Seriously surprises you because Jaehee was always so logical, calm and collected
  • You expected her to lecture them but no..
  • She’s ruthless and doesn’t leave a single part of their body without pain
  • “Is this the hand you wanted to touch her with?” she growls, popping the ligaments of each finger on their hands. “Or is it this one…?” proceeds to basically break the other hand as well
  • As she walks away, she purposely digs her heel into their back, most likely leaving a mark
  • “Let’s go, MC. I’m sorry that wasted your time,” she said, looking as if she hadn’t just beat up three men who were twice her size


  • Like Jaehee, he acts on impulse and jumps at the guy who called you out
  • Relentless punches
  • Doesn’t help that Saeran ears all those decorative rings
  • Only satisfied when the man’s face is all purple from bruises
  • “No one will want to be with you now,” Saeran mocks him. “Not that anyone ever did from the start.”
  • Lectures you to always call him if you ever ran into any uncomfortable situation again


  • Hides his anger with a big smile
  • “Oh, I know she’s a very sexy lady,” he says coolly, eyes locked in on the man who had just said it
  • In a flash, Seven has the man’s pants pulled down
  • “EEK! MY INNOCENT EYES!” Seven shrieks on purpose, faking a small scream
  • Immediately catches attention from crowds of people on the street immediately
  • They snap pictures of the man, murmurs of disgust and amusement going around:
  • ‘Is this a prank…?’
  • ‘He’s ugly…’
  • ‘Poor girl, did he try to flash her?’
  • Seven takes your hand and drags you away, whistling innocently
  • “Well, that’s why you don’t catcall someone when the Defender of Justice is around!! Justice! Is! Served!!”


  • Confused.
  • He doesn’t walk on the streets very often and is usually escorted around by car
  • Unfamiliar with cat-calling
  • “MC, is this normal among the common people?” he asks, eyebrows furrowed
  • You nod, “Well, kinda… (unfortunately)”
  • You didn’t expect Jumin to suddenly yell back at the other guy, “HEY MAN! I THINK YOUR ASS LOOKS ‘FINE’ TOO!!”
  • Didn’t mean it like that, Jumin…
Should've Read It First

So I was playing with my gf and best friend in their first game and me stumbling through DMing for the first time, mostly to get them used to how to play (making checks, going through combat, living with the consequences of terrible choices, etc). To help them, I decided to play a babysitter-type character to follow them along to make sure they followed through (as they’d already discussed how to fake results to get the gold), and I had picked a beginner’s campaign that looked pretty easy, and had just glanced through it before we started, but it was a bit late at that point when they went into their first encounter…

Me (as DM): And then, suddenly as you turn a bend, you see a huge–wait… 

Half-orc Rogue (a friend):  A huge what???  

Halfling Hunter (my GF):  Oh god…

Me:  Hold on, don’t panic!  I just need to read a second–it’s a human!  Not a huge anything, just a human…

Rogue:  Oh, that’s not too bad…

Me:  Yeah, I just misread this…  Okay so you see a human being held down by these large plant things while three bugbears beat on the human.

Hunter:  Okay, that’s not a whole lot better…

Me:  Well, I thought I was going to have to be narrating some awful tentacle scene…

(Cue several minutes of laughter)


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► Summary: Jughead has been the reader’s best friend for three years. One day, during a biology study session, the true bond between them both will see the light (I know I’m terrible at doing summarys)

► Pair: Jughead Jones x Reader

►  Word Count: 1,071

► Warnings: Mentions of death

More Jughead Jones x reader HERE

“Do you trust me?” the question left your lips as a sweet and soft whisper. Jughead remained silent but he nodded with his head.


After a hard, boring and usual day at the Riverdale high school you and your friend Jughead walked to your home for a study session.

Of course Pop’s was the first option but the football team was there celebrating last night’s victory and you both didn’t want to hear and stand them more than you had to at school.

It really started as a study session because of the enormous tone of pages you have to study for that exam the biology teacher decided to put from one day to another, but the books and pens were left aside when suddenly Jug asked about you and your aunt’s relationship and how it was going.

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When You Fail To Be

I blame you entirely @kaxpha I take no responsibility.

…. Y u hurt me dude.

Anyways. Here it is, chapter 1. Lance and Shiro angst + broganes angst + KLANCE angst + ….Just angst all around, yo.

Um…So yeah, hope you like??? It’s also on Ao3 on my same name. It’s the second part of the Human Healing Pod Au.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. Human Healing Pod Au doesn’t belong to me.


Shiro frowns exasperated as he catches Lance’s blue glowing light from the corner of his eye.

It’s been a few weeks since their last group training took place with Lance’s new healing powers. The brunet insisted that he had the hang of it, being able to work through the process on small injuries without getting dizzy after it.

Lance had reassure Shiro that he will continue training on his own but Shiro had just pursed his lips, not convinced in the least. After a few minutes arguing, Shiro finally agreed to Lance’s plan but only if the brunet had someone with him during his training sessions, something that Lance had grudgingly agreed to along with a few more conditions.

One week later and Lance was already breaking one of their conditions.

“That boy, I swear.” Shiro mumbles, making his way towards Lance as the brunet places his hands over the alien refugee they just saved in today’s mission, his blue eyes falling into a vivid glow entirely in less than a tick, “Hey, I said no more healing today, Lance. You –“

It was just a light pull. Shiro placed his Galra arm over the brunet’s shoulder and pull just enough break apart the contact between him and the alien’s wound and suddenly there was screaming.

Agonized and pained screaming echoes around them and Shiro just stares in horror as Lance shakes and continues to scream in his arms, his glowing eyes getting brighter before losing their light and then being bright once again.

“Lance!” Shiro shouts startled, “Lance, buddy, what’s wrong¡?” He yells in panic, making sure to hold the teen tight against him as he continues to scream and then –

Then Lance sighs, eyes rolling to the back of his head, losing their blue glow, and he goes limp on Shiro’s arms, mouth hanging open in a silent scream and Shiro’s heart skips a beat at the sight.

“L-Lance?” He whispers softly, voice cracking, “Buddy?”

“LANCE!” Keith’s voice echoes in panic and urgency, “Lance¡? Shiro, what happened¡? LANCE!”

“H-He’s not breathing.” Shiro gasps, a cold shiver running through his spine, “H-he’s not –“

Lance’s suddenly taken away from him by a pair of red armored hands. Shiro blinks in panic and confusion for a moment before he raises his head and stares at Keith as the black haired teen cradles Lance’s body against his.

“Lance, baby, hey, come on, come on, this is not funny, Lance, please.” Keith mumbles, his free hand gently patting Lance’s cheek in hopes of getting a reaction, “L-Lance, baby, please, please, no. Hey! Come on, you promised! Lance!”

Everything’s a blur for Shiro after that. Keith’s screams and pleads echo inside him, mixing themselves with Lance’s screams along with Hunk’s sobs and the image of Pidge’s scared face. Barely noticing when Coran makes his way towards them and takes Lance from Keith’s arms, followed by the blurry image of Hunk holding Keith back as he trashes and screams wildly when Lance is taken away from him.

He doesn’t even notice Allura’s presence until she whispers his name against his ear and he snaps out of it. He blinks hard and takes the surroundings around him. He’s in Allura’s room, lying down on her bed, facing the ceiling in disorientation and confusion.

“Wha –“ Shiro mumbles softly, “What.”

“Hey, it’s alright. Take it easy.” Allura whispers gently, stroking his hair, “It’s alright.”

“What happened?” Shiro asks in a daze, eyes groggy and tired before they snap wide open as he remembers Lance’s limp weight on his arms, “Lance. What happened to Lance? Allura?”

“You killed him, that’s what happened.” Shiro freezes at the cold harsh voice that answers him and slowly turns his head to the side to meet his little brother’s glare.

“Keith!” Allura snaps, sighing in exasperation as if it wasn’t the first time she has scolded the teen.

“What? It’s true, isn’t it?” Keith snaps back, frowning and glaring angrily.

Allura stays quiet and Shiro’s blood turns cold.

“Allura?” He asks in a small voice and Allura shakes her head.

“He died for a few ticks but we were able to get him back.” Allura answers, her shoulders tense and her voice tired, “But it wasn’t anyone’s fau –“

“No. It was Shiro’s. It was Shiro who made Lance push himself in every training session knowing the danger. It was Shiro who made Lance feel like he needed to push and push and push himself more every time. It’s because of Shiro that Lance has dark bags and swollen red eyes and is tired all the time. It was Shiro –It was Shiro who broke the connection and caused Lance’s heart to stop.”

One, two, three beats and then –

“What?” Shiro breaths out, slowly sitting up on the bed and waving away Allura’s complaints, “What? What does that – What?

“Keith.” Allura says calmly but with an edge of warning in her tone, “Stand down.”

“Whatever.” Keith mumbles, scoffing and sending Shiro a dark glare before turning around and walking towards the exit, leaving behind a frozen Shiro.

“What.” Shiro whispers, “What?”

“Shiro –“

“Keith, no, wait!” Shiro ignores Allura’s words as he climbs down the bed and follows his brother with wobbly but fast steps, “Keith Kogane Shirogane, come back her –!”

Keith turns around sharply and Shiro takes a surprised step back at the furious snarl on his kid brother’s face.

“Don’t call me that.” Keith whispers with menace, “I want nothing to do with you, you hear me? Nothing.”

“Keith –“ Shiro stops as Keith suddenly crashes against him, barely dodging the fist that was aimed for his face, “Keith!” He repeats, grabbing Keith by the arms and keeping him still.

“You damn son of a –! It was your fault! You and your stupid rules! You and – and – God, I hate you, Ifucking hate you!” Keith screams, fist hitting the young adult on the chest, “You fucking – I fucking hate –“

“Buddy –“

“You didn’t protect him!” Keith screams, still trashing and kicking against Shiro’s hold on his arms, “You didn’t protect him! You promised and you didn’t –! You just let him die in your arms! You just stood there as he died and –! Fuck!”

“Keith, please –“ Shiro rasps out brokenly but Keith shakes his head, taking a step back from his older brother, shrugging his hold.

“No. No. He died, Shiro. My – Lance died and I – I couldn’t – And –“ A sudden abrupt sob escapes his mouth and suddenly Keith falls to the ground, sobs shaking his entire body, “I –I –I didn’t know what – And you were – You looked so hopeless as you held him and I couldn’t – I fucking lost it –“

“Keith.” Shiro mumbles, his heart breaking for his little brother but the teen just continues to sob on the ground in the middle of the hallway.

“I-I’m sorry, fuck – I’m sorry, Shiro – I know it wasn’t – wasn’t your fault but –“ Keith presses the palm of his hands hard against his eyes in hopes to stop the flowing tears, “It was mine. It was my fault – And I slash out at you and I’m – He was dead, god , he wasDEAD, SHIRO!”

Shiro doesn’t hesitates and then he’s on the floor, wrapping his arms around his little brother as the teen shakes with sobs, still mumbling incoherently against his brother’s chest and Shiro takes no mind as snot and tears mix themselves on his shirt.

He just holds his brother, tight and strong, and sucks in a deep breath to stop his own tears from falling.

“I’m sorry.” He murmurs under his breath against Keith’s wild hair, “I’m so sorry, little brother.”

Allura just stands quietly on the corner, watching with sad eyes as the brothers sit on the floor, holding each other. She turns then, giving them their privacy before she enters the first room down the opposite hall.

Her footsteps are soft as she walks towards the bed on the corner of the room. The room is dark and quiet, for the exception of the hard panting breathing coming from the bed.

Allura takes a seat on the start of the bed, near Lance’s face, and watches sadly as the brunet rasps out harsh breaths through his mouth, unable to fill his lungs properly.

“Hush, now, it’s okay, Lance. It’s okay.” She mumbles gently, brushing Lance’s wet hair back as the the brunet whimpers inconsolably, “Sh, asteráki. You’re alright.”

She stays there for a while, humming under her voice to calm the brunet down and whispering comfort words as he whimpers and whines unconsciously.

Allura losses track of the time but suddenly, the door opens once again and she meets Shiro’s wide scared eyes at the edge of the door.

“Shiro.” She calls softly and frowns when the leader of Voltron doesn’t knowledge her calling, his gray eyes solemnly placed on the shivering brunet on the bed, “Shiro, love.”

One, two, three steps back out of shock and then Shiro’s running out of the room. 

So, tell me everything. Tell me how your heart beats three times as quick when they’re around. Tell me how time blurs together when you’re with them but seconds feel like years when you’re apart. Tell me how their eyes look in the sun and how it feels to fall asleep in their arms. Tell me how you love them, in a thousand different ways. Tell me how they make the impossible seem possible because they are an example of an impossible dream coming true. Now, tell them.
—  Share your love.
Triplicity (M)

Originally posted by etherealkt

=> Yoonseok x Reader Poly!AU

Summary: Distance is a cruel thing, and when you find yourself going astray, they are there to help remind you of just where exactly you belong.

Warnings: Explicit smut. Includes M/M smut as well. Slight angst. D/s themes.

Words: 11,191

a/n: 11k of smut. This is a new low.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Voice thick with irritation, spitefulness leaking from plush lips that supported the thin cigarette hung loosely from his teeth, a threatening gaze sized you up and left you feeling defenseless and weak under the scrutiny of coffee eyes, depths uncertain and unknown.

You weren’t exactly sure how you managed to find yourself in this predicament, hands held at the small of your back, wrists overlapping each other as a much stronger hold pinned you in place. You could feel the drumming of Hoseok’s heartbeat against your shoulder, grip tightening around your skin as you poorly attempted to gain back any control you once had, which hadn’t been very much to begin with.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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