three and a half years

@thelettersfromnoone mentioned something about space!mail order bride Odesta, and while this isn’t exactly that, it did cause my hand to slip. 

“I’ve got here that the mission will take four years all together. Is that a daunting prospect?”

“Of course.” Annie Cresta cocked her head just a tad off to one side. “It’ll actually be closer to three and a half years, nineteen months in transit each way and then four on Mars’ surface. It’s very exciting, of course, but I think anyone would be a little nervous at the idea of sending that long away from home.”

“Really far from home,” the interviewer added, and Annie laughed. Times like this, it was obvious why Dr. Cresta was making the rounds on the morning talk shows without her four Mockingjay crewmates. She was pretty, sure – petite, curly dark hair, a face that looked too young to have both a doctorate and five years at NASA under her belt – but the woman also had a kind of charm that was impossible to put into words. Watching her talk about the upcoming Mars mission, you couldn’t help but get excited too.

So excited, in fact, that Finnick, who until a couple weeks ago had only been vaguely aware of the Mockingjay project’s existence, now followed any news about it with an almost religious passion.

“Your crewmates are all lucky enough to be able to go up with their spouses.”

“Or unlucky, depending on how you look at it,” Annie cut in.

The interviewer chuckled. “Good point. This one’s a two-parter. First, how do you think it’ll be to be the only single person on board?”

She thought about that for a moment. “We’re all professionals, and we’ve talked a lot in training about keeping our private lives as private as we can given how physically close we’re going to be for these next couple years. I’m sure that for me it won’t be much different than a mission with four other single people.”

“And for the second part: if you could bring anyone up with you, who would you choose?”

Her grin faltered at that, and he couldn’t blame her. It wasn’t appropriate, and it should bring up serious questions of whether a man in Annie’s position would be asked the same kind of questions. Finnick always felt like interviewers were talking down to him when they asked shit like that, and unlike Annie, he hadn’t come anywhere close to graduating with honors from Stanford.

It took her less than a second to recover. “You know, if it’s absolutely anyone, I guess I’m going with Finnick Odair.” The couch might as well have dropped out from underneath him.

The interviewer turned back to his female cohost. “You hear that, Julie? Annie’s heading to space with People’s Sexiest Man Alive!”

“I like the way you think,” Julie congratulated Annie.

Annie wasted no time in getting the interview back on track. “The shuttle is actually big enough to accommodate seven people. The living quarters are reusable, and the engineers wanted to build in some extra room in case future missions had larger crews.”

It took him a while to realize that his mouth was hanging open. Finnick closed it with his index finger and reached for his phone, which was already lighting up with alerts. He dialed a number from memory, and it was answered before the first ring finished. “Hey Mags.”

Since the stroke, almost all strangers had an impossible time understanding his manager’s garbled speech. Finnick barely heard it anymore. “Yeah, I saw the interview. Listen, can you get me a meeting with Annie Cresta? Maybe book me on something she’s also appearing on? I’d love to meet her.”

He heard the words ‘lovesick teenager’ before she hung up, but that didn’t bother Finnick. Mags would come through for him. She always did.

At university, I did English language with linguistic for my Bachelor of Arts, which was a three year course. Half split between English language and half split between linguistics, which is the science of language. It was quite scientific and it was very hard. I liked to think while I was doing my A-levels that I was quite good at work and exams and stuff like that. But doing linguistics was kind of like throwing me into the deep end because it was a completely new concept to me and there was so many different parts of it. I was good at some parts of it, I was good at the child language acquisition thing and also things with essays but there was a lot of science based analysing language using the IPA chart  and stuff like that and that was hard. And also I think I could have tried harder in my lectures. If I had been going back, I would have listened a bit more because I had a lot of late nights and then didn’t listen the next day, which is not the point. But anyway, I passed it! I got a degree. Yay! And then I went on, because I really loved York and I didn’t feel ready to leave it yet and then I was also really interested in video editing. I was making YouTube videos from my university room and I just wanted to get better at the whole filmmaking thing because it was a big interest of mine. So I did a MA in post-production with visual effects. And there was only eight people allowed on the course so it was quite a selective course. But I went for the interview and got on it! And was invited on it and they had a huge green screen set, loads of amazing editing suites that we were allowed to use whenever we wanted, and it seemed like such a cool thing and I went for it and I did it. And I made some things I was really proud of as well and I got to work with other creative people, which is rare to have people that are sharing your interests in that way. So I had a really good time and I’m glad I did it. And I know I don’t make films on my YouTube channel, they're just like YouTube videos but I like to know that I can edit things in a way that I fully understand the software and I know what I’m doing. You know what I mean? I could just be going ‘I don’t know what this mean?’ but I understand it which is good. So I did that.

@amazingphil during his live show on the 16th of March 2017

I think some people might forget about Phil’s time at university but I always feel so uplifted and happy whenever he talk about it, so I wanted to write this down for me to keep to look back on whenever I’m struggling at university. 


See the big gold chain that I’m rockin’
I got the ring for the bling, not a problem
I got a stash full of cash that I owe to my brother
All up in the club, just to live it up (x)


introducing your brand new ot3: lunavicwood


concept for 3rd year seirin…. furihata becomes the captain and a really reliable point guard and riko juggles college and coaching seirin bc thats Her Team and kagami and kuroko are basically the same 

Introducing Warby Parker x Tyler Oakley

It all started with a tweet from Tyler Oakley on May 25, 2013: “@WarbyParker Hi. I want to start wearing your glasses. Can our love-affair start immediately, please?” A few weeks later, Tyler was wearing his first pair of Warby Parker glasses. (The Begley frame, to be exact.)

Three and half years later, we’ve officially taken our relationship to the next level: a collaboration!

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I love Andy quotes about Danai, and Danai quotes about Andy. They’re so complimentary about one another. It’s great.

“I love working with Danai. Danai is a wonderful actress, and very, very talented, smart, and, funny young lady. And the chemistry between us is wonderful [and] playing these two warriors and pulling out this softer kind of funnier side out of each other is wonderful." 

"I’ve been working alongside the brilliant, bright and superbly talented Danai Gurira for three-and-a-half years now. I’ve admired and respected her as a workmate. […] I got such an amazing and beautiful leading lady…”

“Danai is brilliant, fun and hilarious, and I couldn’t wish for a better leading lady.”

“[…]  just acting opposite of Danai is one of the great gifts I’ve had on the show.”

“I always tell him I think he hatched from an egg. Because I have never come across someone who’s more consummate an artist, a gentleman, a leading man, a leader, and who just is so selfless and kind and supportive and celebratory of everybody.”

“Andy’s amazing. He’s tireless and his energy is like endless. And so his ability to fully commit into these sorts of situations and find the joy and the pain and the struggle of the story is deeply inspiring. So, you know, it’s always awesome to watch him work.”

“There’s something so pure about him; there’s no ego, it’s all about work. He sets a beautiful example that way: he’s kind, encouraging, congratulatory, really happy for great stuff to happen. He’s a true actor.”

♥ ♥ ♥ 

This is what heaven looks like.

Draw the squad meme done with the fabulous inefragueiro. Ine drew Michael and Freddie, and I drew Prince and David.

Things tumblr was obsessed w/ when I joined/stalked

1. Superwholock (and the individual shows themselves)
2. Nutella
3. Chicken nuggets
4. “Nightblogging”
5. Homestuck. Definitely homestuck. And three and a half years later I still have no clue what it is.
6. Tumblr meet-up (and this actually happened in 2014 with dash con)
7. “Tumblr is the best! We can’t let Facebook people on here!”
9. Humour blogs vs. aesthetic blogs
10. Fandoms (I know. You may be saying “but Natalya, tumblr is still way into fandoms now!” But you weren’t there in 2012/13)
11. Pizza (the food)
12. Pizza (the blogger)
13. How wild Australia is.
14. Thinking ugly British men like Benedict Cumberbatch are hot
15. British superiority.

If you joined tumblr in 2015 the only really bad thing about this website you have experienced is the staff’s inability to run it.

why fobs back #12
  • Pete: Alright, this breaks been like three years long. Two years long. Three years long. Three and a half? We gotta fuckin’ come back man. We gotta come back STRONG! We gotta make this shit legit. It’s gonna be fuckin’ dope. It’s gonna go fuckin’ sky high. We’re gonna make a fuckin’ record that sails the skies. We’re gonna call this record: “Save Rock And Roll.”
How Could You?

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Fem!Reader ft. Betty Cooper

Requested: No

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: Tumblr had crashed midway while I was writing this and I didn’t save it, shoot me :))

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wouldn’t you know it, i made my very first path… three and a half years later. i really wanted a cute brick path that didn’t need inside corner tiles, as i prefer to only have one character, so… here it is, a nine-pattern path, leaving you with one free pattern slot at all times. feel free to use it if you want. i also might be willing to do recolors if anyone is interested.

Dangers and All - Spencer Reid

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Characters: Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Haley Hotchner

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon: “You can’t break my heart like this”

Word Count: 767

Author: Hannah

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India plans nearly 60% of electricity capacity from non-fossil fuels by 2027
Expansion of solar and wind power will help exceed Paris targets by almost half and negate need for new coal-fired power stations
By Michael Safi

The Indian government has forecast that it will exceed the renewable energy targets set in Paris last year by nearly half and three years ahead of schedule.


A 36-year-old female and a scholar, I’ve never been a video game person. DA2 fanarts a fellow tumblr user kept posting made me check YouTube for vids. Somehow I came upon DA-inspired songs by Miracle of Sound and after listening to “Age of the Dragon” I immediately decided to give DA2 a try. Now, half a year later, I beat it three times, not counting Origins (once, but I can’t wait to do it again) and Inquisition (needed computer modification, but finally a Trevelyan! :). I love them all so much!

Hello to the 30+ players and DA fans with Ph.D. or similar - let me know you’re here, too!)