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What are good tabletop rpgs for superheroes?

Tricky one. My number one recommendation is unfortunately out of print, so I’m going to provide a couple of backup options as well.

My top marks to go Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. One of the final titles from Margaret Weiss Productions before she left the tabletop RPG biz to focus on her film projects, it’s a fascinating bit of genre emulation that “gets” Western superhero comics like no other game I’ve ever seen.

Mechanically, the core of the system is Affiliations, which take the place of more conventional traits like Strength or Agility. The three Affiliations are Solo, Buddy and Team, with their ratings reflecting how effective each hero is in various contexts. For example, if your highest rating is in Solo, you can basically use your best stat whenever you want, but you can’t roll Solo and accept help - mechanically represented by lending dice - at the same time, so the price you pay for self-sufficiency is vulnerability to being ganged up on. Conversely, if your highest rating is in Team, you’re basically unstoppable with your squad at your back, since you can stack your best Affiliation on top of all those assistance dice - but if you’re caught alone, you’re doubly hosed, since you’re denied access to your best stat on top of nobody having your back.

This is paired with super-power mechanics that rank various abilities in terms of productivity, not just in terms of scale. There are only three “grades” of superhuman traits, with significant overlap, so it’s entirely possible for, say, Captain America’s Super-Strength d8 to beat the Incredible Hulk’s Super-Strength d12. This doesn’t mean that Captain America overpowered the Hulk; it just means that Captain America’s super-strength ended up helping him in that situation and the Hulk’s didn’t. Figuring out what that means in narrative terms is up to the players.

Beyond the basic dice-rolling mechanics, MHR is notable for breaking the “one player, one character” convention harder than just about any other game I’ve ever seen. You can bring your own original character to the table if you want, but each scenario also comes with a roster of pre-statted heroes who are participating in that event, and anyone can jump into any role at any time. Yes, any time. Not only does this mean that you won’t necessarily be playing the same hero in every scene, it means that a given hero won’t necessarily be played by the same player in every scene!

It’s both accepted and expected for players to call dibs on their favourite heroes - so, for example, you can say that you get to be Spider-Man in any scene where he’s present - but if nobody calls dibs on a given role, that character can end up getting passed around a fair bit. I once participated in session of MHR where the Hulk was played by a different player every single time he showed up, and great fun was had by all.

Like I said, it’s out of print (the publisher lost the license from Marvel back in 2013), so buying used is your only option here. That’s why I’m going to provide a backup recommendation:

Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion

This isn’t a standalone game; rather, it’s an add-on for the fantasy roleplaying title Savage Worlds. I’ve recommended other games that build on Savage Worlds in the past, some of them superhero-oriented themselves - like The Kerberos Club, if Victorian urban fantasy superheroes are your thing. The Super Powers Companion is a non-milieu-specific adaptation of the same material, so it’s good for pretty much whatever you want to do with your supers. The buy-in’s a little pricey, since you’ll need the Savage Worlds core rulebook to use the Super Powers Companion, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re looking to start a collection, since there are any number of other games that also build on the Savage Worlds core.

No real surprises here - this is a much more conventional game than Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. It stands out from the crowd mostly in terms of accessibility. If you want something goofy and esoteric, that’s where my second backup recommendation comes in:

Double Cross

This one’s a localised Japanese RPG about people who’ve been infected by an alien virus that gives them super powers. Uncommonly for superhero RPGs, it’s basically a class-based system, with each “character class” representing a particular syndrome caused by the virus, ranging from the gravity-manipulating Balors, to the shapeshifting Exiles, to the hyper-intelligent Neumanns.

Like many Japanese tabletop RPGs, Double Cross incentivises engaging with the interpersonal side of play by literally blowing up your character if you don’t. Cultivating relationships with regular humans - amusingly termed “Loises” by the system - is the only way to prevent the super-virus from turning you into a monster, so there’s a constant cycle of powering up to beat the baddies, then cooling off via low-key interpersonal scenes. Or, you know, just going all out and blowing yourself up.

Now, I want to caution that this isn’t the best translation. Some of the localised Japanese titles I’ve recommended in the past, like Ryuutama or Golden Sky Stories, have had very good English localisatons. This is not the case with Double Cross; its English ranges from stilted to downright gnomic, though the latter is thankfully rare. It’s totally playable, but not always the easiest read.

Double Cross is definitely more on the Prototype/Infamous end of the superhero scale than the Avengers end (with perhaps a sprinkling of Persona if you stick with the game’s default high school setting), so it may not be what you’re after - but if it is, you can grab the core rulebook in PDF here. The printed version is out of stock with the publisher at the time of this writing, with no ETA on a reprint.

Arrow Returns on The CW: Thursday, October 12th @ 9:00 pm

NOTE: In preparation for the new season, I am currently subscribed to three different CW Affiliates covering both the East & West Coast feeds of The CW. CW23 & WPIX (East Coast) as well as KTLA5 (West Coast).
U.S. judge blocks transgender, abortion-related Obamacare protections
A federal judge in Texas on Saturday issued a court order barring enforcement of an Obama administration policy seeking to extend anti-discrimination protections under the Affordable Care Act to transgender health and abortion-related services.

The decision sides with Texas, seven other states and three Christian-affiliated healthcare groups challenging a rule that, according to the judge, defines sex bias to include “discrimination on the basis of gender identity and termination of pregnancy.”

In granting an injunction one day before the new policy was to take effect, U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor held that it violates the Administrative Procedure Act, a federal law governing rule-making practices.

The judge also ruled that plaintiffs were likely to prevail in court on their claim that the new policy infringes on the rights of private healthcare providers under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

As explained in O'Connor’s 46-page opinion, the plaintiffs argued that the new regulation would “require them to perform and provide insurance coverage for gender transitions and abortions, regardless of their contrary religious beliefs or medical judgment.”

The same judge issued a similar court order in August blocking a separate Obama administration policy that would have required public schools, over the objections of 13 states, to allow transgender students to use restrooms of their choice.

It was not immediately clear whether the Obama administration, which has just 20 days left in office, would seek to appeal the latest injunction.

In 21 days your right to choose will begin the path to being completely outlawed.

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How do you get to be sponsored by a brand?

Hello! I am affiliated with three different brands and got the sponsorship from contacting them directly. Most brands have an ambassadorship program that is renewed annually; these can be applied for from their websites. 

My shoe sponsor was an opportunity from my college coach who put me in contact with the greatest company! 


         Well, today doesn’t actually mark three years; the 28th does. Either way I still can’t believe I’ve been here for three years. It’s really felt like less. I made my Rangiku blog at the end of 2012 & have been here since. There’s been ups & downs, a loss of friends, and sometimes a loss of heart. Yet, here I am & I would never trade it for anything else because it made me who I am today. You really all have no idea how much every single one of you mean to me. I know, I know, everyone says that but really every single one of you has a place in my heart. 

This fandom & myself have had some ups & downs. Three years is a long time, I’ve seen friends come & go, while sometimes I’ve had to be the one to cut those ties. I remember when this fandom only had a handful of us & we all joined a group to be affiliated, three transitions of group blogs followed. I still remember every URL of every member. This little section goes out to every single one of you that remembers that, you have the biggest place in my heart because you guys were my first friends here. I thank you for that.

Anyways, please know this is in no order, I’ll try to put the bigger list in alphabetical order but I hold no promises because I tend to be lazy.

( . @category69 . ): I still refuse to be mushy & I’ll probably be very tsundere about this. It’s no secret we’re engaged at this point. You know why I still see this place as my home? Because I met you here. If it weren’t for you, not only would my finger not have a ring on it but I feel like I would of never been able to stay in this fandom as long as I have. When I’m furious, you’re my voice of reason. My everything. You’re the Spiderman to my Black Cat. 

( . @tsumeato . ): Look guys, this girl is the mac to my cheese, the chicken to my Alfredo. She means a lot to me & we’ve been friends for a full year now. I still need to send your Christmas presents. I don’t know how I got by in life without my partner in crime. You’re the nightlight in the darkness to me & you keep my heart warm & fuzzy. The sister I got to choose.

( . @void-earth . ): I swear most of our conversations are poop stories but hey, who can blame us? I still remember our very first conversation, though it was a bit of a tough situation; we’ve been friends ever since. Terra’s also done some pretty weird shit to Rangiku. I swear. 

( . @prettywxman . ): Allie, jesus christ. You’re like Harper, a light in the darkness to me. You always find a way to make me laugh & smile, even when we’re complaining about working retail. I really don’t know what I did without you all these years. I’m so glad that we got into that skype call together that night because ever since we’ve been almost inseparable. 

( . @canniibalisms . ): Look at this dork. Another wonderful example of the ying to my yang. I just want to snuggle you up in a ton of blankets with all my cats. I’m never going to let you out of my grasp because you’re so important to me. I wish I could do ten times more for you than just be a shoulder but if anyone hurts you, just know I’ll beat them up. 

( . @insolezce . ): I know we rarely talk, let alone haven’t been friends for long but you’re also important to me. Our conversations always make me laugh, mainly because you’re a huge dork. Devpachi. I’m glad I met you when I did. 

( . @fierykage . ): Literally my twin, mainly because our birthdays are five days apart. You’ve been so good to me & I could never ask for a better sibling. I’ll protect you till my dying breath because, I mean that’s what the older sibling does right? I wish we got to talk as much as we used to but sadly our worlds both decided to be buttholes. I love you dude. 

( . @godkilller / @rxngiku . ): I’m going to group you both together because you’re a package deal. I know we don’t always talk, let alone didn’t for a long time. Yet, I just want to say that you both are important to me more than you know. I know you’ve both had it rough this past couple years, but I promise to be here for you both in the long run. You both are wonderful people, don’t let anyone dirty the diamonds that you are. 

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Chapter 67: Soul Shift

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.

Pg 1: Credits (If reading off of Helvetica Scans)

Pg 2: Recruitment page (If reading off Helvetica Scans)

Pg 3:  Color page of Kaneki and Arima

Pg 4: CCG investigators arrive on Rue Island off of a boat.  Several are attacked and killed quickly by ghouls. A ghoul wearing a mask (possibly Miza) tells another ghoul to attack the doves that have landed on shore.  Note that the majority of the ghouls shown on the next several pages are Three Blade ghouls, affiliated with Miza.

Pg 5:  Several ghouls are struck down by a quinque attack. Houji fires a blast with his quinque at them and one ghoul shouts that they should attack while they are reloading.

Pg 6:  The approaching ghouls are stabbed by Ui, who calls them mongrels and asks if they really thought that they would be allowed to have an opening.

Pg 7: Juuzou’s squad is attacking ghouls while Juuzou delivers orders. Juuzou spots Miza and says that she is probably their leader.  The CCG attacks ghouls along the beach and squads 1-3 are instructed to continue their advance.

Pg 8: Matsuri and Marude are running the show behind the scenes.  Squad 1 is told to reserve half of their troops and press onward, while Squad 3 is told to continue. Matsuri gives the order to cleanse the beach.  The Q’s approach some of the ghouls, Urie thinks that they have to deal with the leftovers.  All of the Qs activate their kakugan.

Pg 9: Urie instructs the others to exterminate all of the ghouls in 5 minutes, thinking that he needs to save Mutsuki.

Pg 10: It is dawn on December 13th. There is an announcement that the troops on Rue Island are engaged with ghouls.  The mainland squad is preventing the enemy from infiltrating.  They have captured Eto, who is believed to be the leader of Aogiri.  Kaneki is shown walking alongside prison guards.

Pg 11:  Kaneki passes a solitary cell and looks inside.  It is empty but he flashes back to himself sitting inside, shortly after the events of the original Tokyo Ghoul after he was defeated by Arima.  Kaneki sits with his face in his hands, muttering something intelligible.  He is called “number 240” and is given a meal through a small flap in the door.

Pg 12:  Kaneki screams that he doesn’t need it.  His eyes are bandaged and bloody.  He cries that he wants to be let out and scratches at the door, peeling his fingernails.  Arima enters the room despite being told not to.  He leans over Kaneki and tells him that he killed everyone.  Kaneki begins screaming and asks who he is.

Pg 13:  Arima asks the Cochela Warden if Kaneki is always like that.  The Warden answers that every night he screams and has nightmares that make him claw his eyes out.  He tells Arima that he isn’t eating and will waste away.  Arima passes a book to Kaneki through the door flap and tells him that he will bring more.

Note that Kaneki appears here how he was shown in the beginning of chapter 2 of TG :re.

Which in turn was a reference to chapter 2 of TG.

Pg 14:  Kaneki’s cell is filled with books.  Arima tells Kaneki that he will need a name.  Arima says that he has been designated as an investigator and he will reach a point where he cannot be called number 240 any longer.  Arima asks what he would like his name to be and Kaneki asks if it is usually something that someone else gives you.  Arima tells him to choose his two favorite kanji characters.  (Notice that Arima sort of lies here, in chapter 143 of TG Arima says that he will take care of “the name”, however here Arima tells Kaneki that the officials decided to leave the decision in his [Kaneki’s] hands).

Pg 15:  Kaneki chooses kanji from “coffee” and “world”, together they become Haise.  Haise/Kaneki smiles and thanks Arima for the name.

Pg 16:  In the present Arima passes Kaneki.  He tells him that he is heading back to the center and that section is in his care.  Kaneki says that he understands and enters an adjacent locker room.  He crouches on the ground and appears to begin to cry and shake, telling himself that he has decided that he will do what he needs to do.

Pg 17:  Ayato, Banjou, and the other ghouls look outside Cochlea and wonder how they are going to get in.  Ayato says that they can get in with a security key and procures one. They begin to approach but they hear alarm bells before they enter.

Pg 18:  An announcement states that cells 0 and 1 have been trespassed and warn the investigators inside to prepare for battle.  Kaneki removes his glasses and cracks his finger.

North Dakota tribe confronts many challenges

 When Mark Fox took the oath of the highest office in the Mandan Hidatsa & Arikara (MHA) Nation here on Dec. 4, he initiated his first four-year term as chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes’ business council with a pledge to bolster Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation’s economic self-sufficiency.

Cleared for Publication: Three Hamas-Affiliated Suspects Arrested in Smuggling Attempt

Last month, a joint ISA-IDF operation uncovered tons worth of materials being smuggled on a vessel off the coast of Gaza. The materials, originating from the Sinai Peninsula, were meant for Hamas in the Gaza Strip and led to the arrest of three suspects.

On January 19, IDF forces identified a suspicious boat making its way towards the Gaza Strip. The navy, in conjunction with the Israel Security Agency (ISA), intercepted the vessel after requesting that the passengers stop the boat.

The craft was disguised as a fishing boat, but underneath the fishing gear liquid fiberglass was concealed. The liquid fiberglass was intended for Hamas and meant to be used in the manufacturing of rockets and mortars.

“The Dvora-class ships and our Shaldag-class knew to seize the vessel quietly and discreetly after following it for hours, patiently, from the moment it crossed the southern border,” asserted Lt. Col. Liav Ziberman, commander of the navy’s 916th Company, located in Ashdod. “Thwarting smuggling attempts like this happens almost every week,” he said.

The three suspects, Mahmed Bechar, Ahmed Zaidi and Awad Zaidi​, were arrested and interrogated by the ISA. During the interrogation, the suspects admitted that they were sent to collect the manufacturing materials from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and to deliver the liquid fiberglass to Hamas’ military wing.

Furthermore, the three men provided detailed information about previous weapon smuggling activities and how Hamas intended to use the fishermen and smugglers for future smuggling attempts. On February 11, charges were filed against all three suspects for taking part in security-related crimes in the district court in Beer Sheva.

“The IDF is determined to prevent unlawful attempts to ship weapons and raw materials that may jeopardize the well being of Israelis,” stated IDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner. Since Operation Protective Edge, the IDF has seen an increase in the number of smuggling attempts from the sea because of the extensive destruction to the terror tunnels found and uncovered by the IDF during the operation. “This shipment highlights that when Hamas chose to smuggle materials for rockets and mortars, it chose not to invest in the rehabilitation for the people of Gaza,” Lt. Col. Lerner concluded.

the fact that it has been two days, nearly three, and no one affiliated with the video has acknowledged or apologized or spoken up about it says a lot

The 2015-2016 Philadelphia Flyers season has ended. But unlike previous seasons, I don’t feel any bitterness about it at all. In fact, despite being knocked out of the playoffs in the first round, I actually feel very positive about this season. Here’s a breakdown of why:

-The Rebuild. This season was never meant to be a winning season. It looked, in the beginning, like the only thing the Flyers could possibly win was the draft lottery (and let’s be completely honest here- that feeling lasted through the majority of the season).

-The Rookie Head Coach. The first couple of months in Dave Hakstol’s first year in the NHL were rough, to put it nicely. But everything comes with a learning curve, and eventually the team caught on to his system and started to flourish under his direction. Down the stretch, the Flyers started looking more and more like a team that knew what they were doing. They had a plan, they played good hockey, and they found a way to make it to the playoffs after embarrassing themselves last year. While he won’t win the award, I have no doubt in my mind that Hak should at least be nominated for the Coach of the Year.

-The Injuries. Every NHL season, unfortunately, has a lot of injuries. But this year the injury bug seemed to hit the Flyers especially hard. The 2015-2016 regular season saw injuries to 15 different Flyers. Most notably, Sean Couturier (concussion), Jake Voracek (foot), Steve Mason (lower body), Michal Neuverth (knee), and Michael Del Zotto (wrist). While they in no way had the most injuries in the season, they did have to fight a decent amount of the year without some of their key players. If the Flyers can reduce the amount of games they lose to injuries next year, the road will be a lot easier to travel.

-Ron Hextall Magic. The Flyers made very few moves this season, but the few moves they did make are further proof that Ron Hextall has a plan for the future, and is more than capable of making it happen. Going back to the end of last season, the Flyers have completed just five trades. Let’s break them down.

1. June 26th, 2015. The Flyers traded their 1st round (29th) and 3rd round (61st) picks to move up 5 spots in the first round, in order to draft forward Travis Konecny (more on him later). The best part about this is that neither one of those picks originally belonged to the Flyers. Pick number 29 originally belonged to the Tampa Bay Lightning (Braydon Coburn), and pick number 61 originally belonged to the Chicago Blackhawks (Kimmo Timonen).

2. June 27th, 2015. In a move that completely blew my mind, Ron Hextall traded Nicklas Grossmann and Chris Pronger’s contract (A CONTRACT!!!!) to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Sam Gagner and either a 2016 or 2017 4th round pick. Both the Coyotes and the Edmonton Oilers, Gagner’s former teams, had given up on him. But where other teams saw a wasted first round draft pick, Ron Hextall saw potential. Although his stats don’t reflect it, Sam Gagner became a force to be reckoned with on the Flyers’ second line, along with Sean Couturier and (most often) Brayden Schenn, and provided a new depth in scoring.

3. June 27th, 2015. The Flyers traded their 2015 4th round (99th) pick to the Los Angeles Kings for their 2015 4th round (104th) and 2016 6th round picks. This is, without a doubt, the least exciting of the Flyers trades this year. But they did gain an additional draft pick, and since guys like Jamie Benn have slipped to later rounds in previous drafts, no pick should ever be counted out. And with the 104th overall pick, the Flyers selected center Mikhail Vorobyov. We’ll see what he does in the future.

4. June 29th, 2015. The Flyers traded Zac Rinaldo to the Boston Bruins for their 2017 3rd round draft pick. The Flyers have to wait another year in order to cash in on the return from this trade, but in this case, what was subtracted from the team meant a whole heck of a lot more than what was added. In moves that surprised a grand total of zero Flyers fans, Zac Rinaldo found himself suspended in both the NHL and the AHL at the same time. Rinaldo is no rookie to suspensions, but this was disturbingly impressive even for him. After being ejected and suspended 5 games for an illegal check to the head against a Tampa Bay Lighting forward on March 1st, he was demoted to the Bruins’ AHL affiliate. Three days later, Rinaldo added an AHL suspension to go along with his NHL suspension for another dirty hit. And to think, the Bruins gave up a third round draft pick for this guy.

5. January 6th, 2016. As a birthday present to me, the Flyers finally traded Vincent Lecavalier along with Luke Schenn to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for Jordan Weal and their 2016 3rd round pick. While he has had a very respectable career, Vinny Lecavalier has not been the player he was when the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in quite some time. And Luke Schenn, while an incredible person off the ice, was one of the players dragging the Flyers defense down and clogging the road for some of the prospects to make their way up to the NHL level. They both rediscovered success with the Kings for the rest of the season, and I’m happy for them for that. But I’m even happier that neither of them are on the Flyers roster anymore.

So let’s sum it all up. Ron Hextall may have only made five trades since the end of the 2014-2015 season, but so far 4 of them have already worked out well for the Flyers. And the 5th is still a toss-up. An 80% success rate is nothing to be upset about at all.

-The Goalie Tandem. Gone are the days where goaltending is the biggest fear in the city of Philadelphia. Steve Mason has proven himself time and time again to the Philly critics, and is without a doubt the best starting goaltender the organization has had in a very long time. And even when Mason was injured or not playing well, the Flyers still had a reliable backup in Michal Neuverth. This is by far the best tandem that the Flyers have had in a very long time. Possibly ever.

-Sean Couturier and Brayden Schenn. These two were arguably the most improved players on this year’s roster, compared to the 2014-2015 season. Couturier put up career numbers in assists (28), and points (39) despite missing almost 20 games due to injuries. And Schenn put up career numbers in goals (26), assists (33), and points (59). The best part is that Couturier is signed in Philly through the 2021-2022 season, and Schenn most definitely earned himself a new contract that Hextall will be looking to sign this off season.

-The Calder Candidate. I’ve had a lot to say this season about rookie sensation Shayne Gostisbehere. A lot of people have, and for a very good reason. He’s set multiple Flyers records, as well as NHL records. The most notable record he now owns is the NHL rookie defenseman point streak, which came through the month of February when everyone on the team except The Ghost Bear and Steve Mason had already started planning their early off-season vacations. Thanks to the two of them, the Flyers were able to remain in contention through their rough patch. The only thing that could be disappointing about his season is if he isn’t nominated for the Calder. But have no fear, Flyers fans. I have no doubt that he will be recognized.

-The Playoff Push. There was, without a doubt, no team in the entire NHL better in the last two months of the regular season than the Philadelphia Flyers. For a team that should have been (and kinda was) counted out of all playoff talk around the All-Star Game, the Flyers rallied to clinch a playoff berth in the 81st game of the season. This never-say-die mentality is something that every Flyers fan should be proud of.

-Pure Exhaustion. The Flyers have been playing playoff-caliber games for months now. Most teams would only find themselves this exhausted by the time they reach the conference finals, not the first round. Add on to that the emotional stress of losing Ed Snider the day after the regular season ended, and it’s easy to see why this Flyers team looked so beaten down in the first 3 games of the series. If the Flyers can find a way to have a better regular season next year and can clinch a playoff berth sooner than the 81st game of the season, hopefully they won’t be as exhausted as they were this series.

-The Washington Capitals. I won’t lie, I had the Flyers beating the Capitals in this first round in seven games. I was optimistic. But I’m also not ignorant to reality. The Flyers ran head first into the league’s best team during the regular season. And they also rand head first into Braden Holtby, who without a doubt will be this year’s Vezina Trophy winner. The Capitals were the first team to clinch their playoff berth, doing so a full 25 days before the Flyers, the last team to clinch a playoff spot. The odds were stacked against them, and they played admirably in the face of adversity.

-The Refs. It’s hard enough to play against another team in the playoffs. But it’s even harder when you have to play against the officiating as well. But the Flyers found a way to win 2 games when the league and the refs clearly wanted them to get swept. That’s all I’m going to say on this matter.

-The Injuries. Similar to the regular season, the Flyers suffered a couple of serious injuries that shaped the playoff run. The most terrifying was Scott Laughton being taken off the ice on a spine board in game 5, but the most impactful was the shoulder injury to Sean Couturier. The team lost their best defensive forward in game 1 of the series, which is never something you want to happen when facing Alex Ovechkin in the playoffs. But they found a way to work around it, and found a way to win 2 games despite everything going against them.

-A Clean Series. Many people (especially Caps fans) have their opinion on the way that the Flyers played this series. But Pierre Edouard Bellemare deservingly received a 1-game suspension for his hit on Dimitry Orlov during game 3, and other than that one hit, the Flyers played a clean series against a bitter rival intent on trying to drag them down to their level. These aren’t the Flyers of the past. These aren’t the “Broad Street Bullies” anymore.

I talked about Shayne Gostisbehere having such a huge impact on the Flyers this season, but it’s important to remember that out of all the Flyers prospects, he has never shown the most promise. This isn’t a dig on him at all, just look at what he’s accomplished this season. But rather, it’s a promise of what’s to come in the next few years in the City of Brotherly Love.

-Ivan Provorov. There is no doubt he is going to be challenging for an opening day roster spot come this fall. He scored 73 points in 62 games and finished with a +64 rating this year for the Brandon Wheat Kings, the most of all defensemen in the WHL. He was named the WHL’s top Eastern Conference defenseman, and was the only unanimous selection to the Eastern Conference’s first all-star team.

-Travis Konecny. Like Provorov, there is no doubt he is going to be challenging for an opening day roster spot come fall. He finished the season with 101 points (30 goals and 71 assists) in 60 games between Ottawa and Sarnia. His stature and talent is reminiscent of players like Danny Briere and Brendan Gallagher, which any Flyers fan should be excited for. He was also named to Canada’s 2016 World Junior Championship team.

-Travis Sanheim. He made is pro debut with the Phantoms at the end of the AHL season, but spent the majority of the year as an alternate captain for the Calgary Hitmen in the WHL. He missed time early on in the season for a shoulder injury, but scored 15 goals and had 53 assists for 69 points in 52 games, and finished with a +15 rating. He was also named wit Canada’s 2016 World Junior Championship team.

-Anthony Stolarz. Stolie the Goalie finished the season 21-18-7 with a save percentage of 0.916. His most impressive game was a Phantoms franchise-record 51-save shoot out win over Syracuse on March 2. He was also named to the AHL’s 2016 All-Star game.

-Honorable Mentions: Sam Morin played his first season of professional hockey with the Phantoms, and had 4 goals and 15 assists in all 76 games. He led the team with 118 penalty minutes. Taylor Leier made his NHL debut with the Flyers on November 14th against the Carolina Hurricanes, and played 6 games with the team before returning to the AHL. He was the Phantoms’ second-leading scorer with 20 goals and 29 assists in 71 games. Danick Martel led the Phantoms with 22 goals in his first season of professional hockey. He added 15 assists in 67 games.

So, Flyers fans, the season may be over. But it certainly was not one to be upset about. As Gene Hart used to say, Good Night, and Good Hockey. Thank you, Flyers, for a wonderful season.