Doctor Who episodes | Story: 071 | season 11 [2/5]
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“Look, I understand your ideals. In many ways I sympathise with them. But this is not the way to go about it, you know? You’ve got no right to take away the existence of generations of people.”

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Have you even watched Steven Universe Pearl and Amethyst flirt all the time. Warp Tour really comes to mind, there was blushing and heart-shaped flowers all over the place.

I love pearlmethyst. I do. I also know that canonically Pearl and Garnet are seen holding arms, Pearl uses Garnet for comfort and protection, they’re very emotionally attached to each other (Pearl can’t function without Garnet, Garnet literally broke up when Pearl hurt her), and there’s those jokes that Amethyst is more like a “pet” or other child than a pal (“we kept amethyst” comes to mind). so they “flirted”, with blushing that brings up a lot of possibility. Amethyst and Peridot flirted too. Is Amedot canon? Is Pearlnet canon? Is Peridot and Garnet canon because they tried to fuse? Is Lapis and Peridot canon because Peridot said “no thanks” to the “cute roommates near you” ad? No. As of this moment in canon, none of the crystal gems are in relationships. (except Garnet, but you know)

Warning: soul shattering wishes for acomaf 3

I want there to be a moment in the final bloody battle of hybern when Rhys stops to look for Feyre and she’s captured by some of the Kings lackeys and for a split second he’s like, “not again” bc everyone he’s loved has died and then Feyre just grins at him, her teeth bloody, and completely feral and shreds apart the lackeys holding her and the pride and relief that swells up in Rhys is so overwhelming he nearly collapses on the battlefield but Feyre is still grinning and ripping people apart. And Rhys is so profoundly proud of his high lady that he laughs and joins her in killing peeps.