Snowy Mountains

The snowy mountains are an awesome part of Australia. They have rich history, and during the winter months, are occupied with multitudes of people enjoying and adventuring in the snowfall. The nearby towns are bustling with energy, every hotel and spare bed is booked out for the entire season, it’s a crazy and exciting place to be. In summer, however, the entire place is a ghost town. Example: my mates and I went to what is normally one of the busiest and most rad pubs in Jindabyne. Its peak, if it even had a peak, was at 7:30pm, when there was another group of four people buying beers. The highlight of the night was when I watched an old man almost drop a bottle of wine. Riveting. Normally there would be hundreds upon of hundreds of people there.

I was there for a buck’s week, so there wasn’t much time to go climb mountains, but I did get a few chances to grab some photos. Some cool facts though, the snowies are the highest Australian mountain range, with the five highest peaks on the Australian mainland, so if you love hiking, you need to come here if ever in Australia. I didn’t even hit up the peaks, just wandered around a river and a few valleys. The sky was ocean blue, and the colours of everything were still amazing.








We had so much fun on the nights, that is where all the laughs happened. Pranks galore. The picture below captured one of the most hilarious moments. All day Jeremy had been getting us with various activities. Somebody managed to fill up an entire glass full of rum, and innocent young Jeremy thought it was just a redbull with a small amount of Jager. Boom. He smashed the whole thing down, and i have no idea how he kept it there, any mere mortal would have been throwing up instantly.