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Hello :) I'm curious : what are your favorite broships in BTS ?

Well this is just a MEAN question, now isn’t it? Next, you’re going to ask me which of my children* is my favorite, aren’t you? 


Every pairing in Bangtan is just fucking phenomenal and has mountains of evidence to back it up. It’s one of the great things about Bangtan. So while there are some I gravitate toward more than others, I love them All, and all for very different reasons. SO! Instead of answering the question you actually asked (because I am a rebel and easily distracted) I’m just going to tell you what I love about every pairing. Buckle up! (This is going to be a long one)

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What do you think Derek was doing in NYC before the events of S1? Why NYC? Thoughts on the merits of Stiles being a spark/magic versus 100% human? How are all these hunters covering up all their hunting, especially outside the Beacon Hills hellmouth?

Ooh ok, multi-ask. Let’s see…

New York City

I think NYC was probably the ideal place for Derek and Laura to start over after the fire. Imagine them, scared and grieving, fleeing town, wanting to get as far as humanly possible from the memories and the possible threat of hunters. And NYC is just about as far as you can get from Beacon Hills without leaving the country. Sure, you could go north to Maine or something, but you wouldn’t find that kind of big city life there, and small towns and forested regions would be the first place hunters would look. 

They’d want to go somewhere they couldn’t be found easily, somewhere they would blend in, disappear into a crowd. I think Derek would probably crave the isolation of a forest, but I also don’t think he would have been in an emotional state to ask for anything of his own at that point. He knows who set the fire. He thinks he’s responsible. He’s not going to ask anything of Laura after screwing up so badly, and being the reason she has no family anymore. So when she decides on the city, he would more or less bite his tongue and follow her lead. And Laura, meanwhile, would be worrying about her little brother, seeing him closing in on himself, and try to bring him to a place where he’s as far from being isolated as possible. To pull him out of his head a little, find a way to help him heal.

NYC would be a place to start over. I can see Laura going to college there, making friends, dragging a grudging Derek to parties and events. I see Laura as being Derek’s lifeline, the thing that kept him from falling into the brooding, isolated shell we saw in season one (and Derek might not realize it, but focusing on making Derek ok would be what held Laura together too). Derek probably had friends –– in a vague sort of “you’re my sister’s friends and you’re over all the time so I guess we’re friends” way, but not anyone close enough for him to hold onto once he moved back to Beacon Hills. He probably had jobs too, and I can see him in any number of things –– from mechanic to catalogue model. The job doesn’t really matter, but I tend to believe he would have wanted to make his own money, make himself useful, and use as little of his inheritance as possible.

(Ok that got long. I’ll try to make these other ones shorter)

Magic Stiles?

Yes. Yes, I am always pro magic Stiles. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love human!Stiles too. I love him getting out of situations with his wits and his handy baseball bat. But I honestly just feel like… it’s canon that he has magic? Just because the show decided to drop that plot thread, doesn’t mean that we didn’t see Stiles use his “spark” in season two. And I guess we could say that it was just the mountain ash itself working in its magical ways, but it definitely seemed like more than that. It seemed like something more on par with what Jennifer Blake was able to pull off in 3A, edging Stiles toward Druid/emissary territory.

And there’s also the fact that I 100% believe in Hale Pack Emissary Stiles, and that and magic seem to go together.


Ok, so I don’t have any particularly solid headcanons about this, except for this throwaway idea I was just discussing last week: what if hunters have some kind of deal with the US government, to handle supernatural issues their own way without getting in trouble for it, in exchange for the government not having to form its own group to deal with supernatural problems. The government looks the other way on suspicious bodies and other hunter-related matters, and the hunters “take care of” the werewolves, wendigos, darachs, and supernatural hot spots for them.

(The only other explanation is that the hunters are just so epically amazing at covering up evidence of the supernatural that the government just doesn’t know about it, which… seems unlikely, if you think about it.)

Thanks for all the awesome questions! <3


Check out my pal Pete Voelker’s new video for NYC based band Threats for their song “I Wanna Get High" 

Matthew Hitt is also playing in this band now, bass I believe

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*Leo and his brothers whispered among themselves* Leo : "Do you think she's a threat to NYC?" Raph : "I don't think so." Donnie : :Shhh! She might hear us!"

Ghost Quartz: (Wanders near a alley as she sensed four presences.) “Hmmm… Someone is following me…” (Grips her fallen master’s katana, Madarao as her ghost flames floated around her.)