The Signs’ Responses to Being Threatened

Low-key impressed that the person knows how to get under their skin: Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Does their best to do whatever it is with as much grace and dignity as they can: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

Is angry and does their best to turn the threat around, or will refuse to do whatever it is, even if there’s a consequence: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces

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Some bitter Tony vs Wanda please? Cause my God, there's not many characters I hate in the MCU but she's definitely one after CW. Hope your exams went well :)

Thank you :) Tbh I’m just hoping for the best now. This is actually Post AoU, to mix things up a little.

Bruce sighs. It’s Tony’s least favourite sigh. The one that makes him feel uncomfortably like he’s being treaded like an unruly boy–and as always that just pisses him off more.

“Tony, apologise to Wanda,” Bruce says tiredly. “Wanda, apologise to Tony.” It’s said in the tone of someone repeating the same thing over and over and over, aggravating Tony even more because nobody, not even Bruce, has the right to treat their arguments like they’re stupid. Like they’re just quarrelling children who will ultimately make there peace again.

Not that they’ve ever had peace between them in the first place.


“Tony-” Steve starts, a telling frown marring his face, and already Tony knows exactly what he’s going to say. Could probably give you a word by word play. And today? He’s absolutely not in the mood to put up with that shit.

“No,” he interrupts, and then says it again because fuck, it feels good to say that. Feels too long since he’s last said it. He turns his attention back to Wanda, finds her watching him with the same expression of open disregard she always wears around him.

“We both know those apologies are meaningless,” Tony states. “There’s no point in indulging social niceties. You hate me, fine. You’re hardly the first. You don’t like my choices? Too fucking bad. I owe you nothing.”

Wanda bristles but Tony talks over her complaints. He’s so tired of keeping his mouth shut.

“Your brother died fighting Ultron,” he forces himself to keep the venom out of his words, out of respect for Pietro’s sacrifice if nothing else. “But I didn’t kill him. And while I admit that Ultron’s existence is my fault, you lost the right to claim reparations when you joined him and supported him in his quest.”

Tony takes a deep breath, tries to stay calm in the face of the dangerous flash in Wanda’s eyes. His heart is beating too hard for his own comfort but he’s never known when to back down before–he sure as hell isn’t gonna start now.

“I didn’t drag you into this war,” he continues. “I didn’t force you to join a terrorist cell. I didn’t tell you to volunteer to be experimented on.” Tony leans a little closer, stares her straight into the eyes. “You can blame me for Ultron. You can blame me for your parents’ death. You can blame me for the trauma you suffered as a child. But you don’t get to blame me for your choices. I may have to live with my mistakes, but I sure as hell don’t have to live with yours. So if you ever try such a cheap shot ever again, I will drag every single one of them to light and leave it to the rest of the world to decide what you do and don’t deserve.”

Tony smiles a smile teetering the edge between sweet and poisonous.

“So tell me, Miss Maximoff,” he asks deceptively soft, “just how much do you trust they’ll judge in your favour?”

….this is not at all what it was supposed to be when I started out? I’m not sure what happened? But I kinda like it so….just hope you do too…even tho it’s not really what you asked for…

for everyone who is struggling with immense guilt or shame for not leaving their abusers, not leaving soon enough, and feeling like they’re dumb or incompetent for staying for so long: Be aware that they are sabotaging you. Every single abuser is aware that they’re abusing and they do not want their victims to get away, leaving is not just deciding “fuck i’m outta here” but you’re almost without exception put into situation where it’s insanely difficult for you to leave, you might be constantly emotionally abused so your confidence turns into nothing and you no longer feel like you could even survive on your own, you might be financially abused and cut off from owning any decent amount of money, you might be bounded by some kind of a contract, you might be abused and discouraged for any kind of achievements, diverting you from proceeding, you might be bound by threats or fear or even guilt of what will happen if you leave, other people’s well being is used against you, it’s not as easy as just getting up and getting a job either because long term abuse will actually throw you into depression and ptsd so heavy you wont be able to work! Whoever pressures you and makes you feel bad for staying has no fucking clue what you’re up against and how many obstructions are you facing and just how hard your abuser is working to keep you right where you are, while making sure you believe it’s your own fault. People who are able to move freely are those who are supported and encouraged and helped by their environment, who know they have help they can count on and confidence to take on the world, all of this is taken away from you and you’re likely isolated in a place where you don’t feel like you have much of a choice but to stay, it’s not your fucking fault that a predatory piece of shit has trapped you into abuse, fuck anyone who acts like any blame is on you