The word “stop” echoed through the hills. Soldiers froze, weapons weakly falling from their hands, their eyes paralyzed with fear.

A young woman elegantly wove her way through the crowd, emerging from the ranks without a single piece of armor. Her eyes shimmering darkly, the colors swirling almost threateningly.

“Down.” She commanded, and the soldiers fell to their knees without so much as a second thought.

“You’ve lost.” She said, almost apologetic, “Accept your defeat graciously.”

The soldiers slowly shed their helmets and chest plates. They bowed their heads in surrender.

The woman turned to her own army, not looking nearly as ferocious or victorious as she had just moments before, “My name is Piper McLean, and this war is over. We’ve won.”

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Ageswap AU where Reigen is still called Shishou by Mob. Like, Reigen storms in with this legit business idea and suddenly Mob is actually making money? Mob doesn't feel embarrassed or anything, but Ritsu is threateningly bending spoons on the sideline.

even though their ages are swapped, they are still master reigen and disciple mob

Inuyasha peeps as MLG tryhard gamers

Miroku: *pushes away from desk as MISSION FAILED flashes on screen* *presses clasped hands to his lips as he takes a deep breath, eyes clothes.*

Koga: *scoffs*

Inuyasha: “FUCK!” *stands up from desk and tries to stomp away angrily* *forgets headphones* *clotheslines himself* *distant clatter*

Sango: *looks dead inside*

Kagome: *peeks nervously through the glass from the engineering room*

Miroku: *removing hands from mouth* “Okay, listen, I’m gunna tell you a story. There was once a LoL team where the shittiest player, the one with the lowest MMR at the day of playing had to wear a trashbag for a shirt. We are instituting that rule right fucking now so you all better start big-dicking out there right the fuck now or you are gunna being wearing a trash bag.”

Inuyasha: *turns to Miroku, finger raised threateningly* *opens mouth to speak*

Sango: “Don’t.”

Inuyasha: *shuts his mouth*

Miroku: *deep breath* *pulls back toward desk* “We’ll do it again.”*locks eyes with Inuyasha* “Keep on mid. DON’T overextend.” *locks eyes with Koga* “Do. Not. Run. Away. You’re KILLING us.” *locks eyes with Sango* *opens mouth*

Sango: *stares back with murderous intent*

Miroku: “You…you’re good Sango, keep…keep doning what you’ve been doing.”

Sango: *in a whisper* “I. Have CARRIED. This team.”

*intercom buzz*

Kagome over the speaker: “Do…do you guys need anything? I’ve got Monster, Redbull, Mountain Dew-”

Sango: *turning back to her screen* “Jack Daniels. Straight.”

Kagome: “Oh…okay, there’s a…a bar across the street…”

Sango. “I’m taking point. Inuyasha take mid. Koga back him up. Miroku. you’re with me.”


“Let go, Bella!” snarled Narcissa, and she drew a wand from beneath her cloak, holding it threateningly in the other’s face. Bella merely laughed.

“Cissy, your own sister? You wouldn’t-”

“There is nothing I wouldn’t do anymore!” Narcissa breathed, a note of hysteria in her voice, and she brought down the wand like a knife.

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Imagine Bucky meeting Rocket Racoon and the rest of the Guardians.

rocket is enthusiastically recounting the story of that time he “singlehandedly” busted peter, gamora, and draxx out of a “high-security prison” when he gets to the part about how peter actually believed he needed that guy’s prosthetic leg, when really, he just wanted to see him hopping around without it -

“excuse me?” clint pulls out one of his hearing aids and shakes it. “is my hearing aid malfunctioning, or did i really just hear actual fart noises coming out of your mouth?”

steve is on his feet and furious; to contrast him, bucky has one foot propped up on his other knee, the picture of casual except that his metal hand is clenching and unclenching into a fist, whirring audibly. natasha pops her bubblegum threateningly.

“i am groot,” groot says, nudging rocket, and rocket mutters, “shut up.”

“i’m no expert, but i’m pretty sure he means that making fun of disabled people isn’t fucking funny,” remarks bucky serenely.

rocket mumbles something inaudible.

“i’m sorry, what was that?” clint asks, rolling his hearing aid between his fingers. “you’re gonna have to say it louder.”

rocket rolls his eyes and then blurts out, “i’m sorry, okay!”

“great,” clint says. “now keep telling me how you’re never gonna do that again, and also how the hell you got out of a high security prison using only a battery and a guard’s id. i need to know.”

Okay but legitimately My Immortal is one of the funniest things in the world to me. Specifically its uniquely inappropriate use of language. It takes a kind of inexplicable poetic genius to write a scene in which a wizard is “pointing his womb” at someone threateningly, or where the moniker “Vampire” mutates into “Vrompire”, or where a character has “constipated” a “cideo camera”. It’s like a Gertrude Stein shitpost; every word is effortlessly sloppy, yet seems somehow calculated for maximum inappropriateness in context.

Shoot me, I’m the terrorist.

Shoot me, I’m the black kid in the giant hoodie.
Shoot me, my gun is hidden in my pockets.
Shoot me, my hands are raised threateningly.
Shoot me, and leave me as an example.
Shoot me, you don’t know my only weapon is my legacy.
Shoot me, you will give my people the push they need to fight back.
Shoot me, the color of my skin is a threat to your white existence.

Shoot me, I’m a Syrian revolutionary.
Shoot me, even if I’m five years old.
Shoot me, and burn my house to the ground.
Shoot me, I know I’ve been caught in the crossfire.
Shoot me, ruin my lungs with chemical gas.
Shoot me, and chase my family into refugee camps.
Shoot me, my school is is no longer standing.
Shoot me, and a hundred thousand more.
Shoot me, all of us, until no one’s left.
Shoot me, I’m collateral damage.

Shoot me, I’m the Gazan teenager.
Shoot me, and take my lands.
Shoot me, I already lost my family.
Shoot me, I have no future in an open-air prison.
Shoot me, what is my place in a rubble-strewn land?
Shoot me, my hands are in the air and you have a tank.
Shoot me, my screams can’t be heard with all this bombing.
Shoot me, I dropped my stone.

Shoot me, I’m the spirit of Rabaa.
Shoot me, and destroy solidarity.
Shoot me, put my father in your prisons.
Shoot me, let me be with my friends.
Shoot me, now or in tomorrow’s protest.
Shoot me, your helicopter no longer scares me.
Shoot me, I know those are gun shots and not fireworks.
Shoot me, I’ve already shot myself in the head three times.
Shoot me, rape me in your prisons.
Shoot me, the people I fight for, fight me.

—  So I  wrote this after Trayvon Martin and forgot about it - but still relevant? 

Kai stopped talking and looked at someone behind Damon. “Who is it?” the warlock asked still looking at the person. 

Damon glanced over his shoulder and replied: “Oh, that’s Y/N. She’s Elena’s friend.” Then he glared at Kai and lowered his voice threateningly: “Don’t even dare.” 

“What?” Kai said staring at you with an interest: “I’m just looking.”

Some octopuses intimidate their neighbors by turning black, standing tall and looming over them threateningly, like an eight-armed Dracula.

That’s according to a study published Thursday that helps show that octopuses aren’t loners, contrary to what scientists long thought; some of the invertebrates have an exciting social life.

The study, in the journal Current Biology, focuses on one species, known as Octopus tetricus — the gloomy octopus — which gathers to munch on tasty scallops in the shallows of Jervis Bay, Australia.

“There can be over a dozen octopuses or more at this site,” says David Scheel of Alaska Pacific University. “Generally, during the Australian summer there are more and we see a lot of activity then.”

Shifting Colors Of An Octopus May Hint At A Rich, Nasty Social Life

Photo: David Scheel/Current Biology

How BTS would react to someone randomly smacking their girlfriend’s ass

Jin: “Oh he’s dead.” he’d mumble before going after the man with you trying to stop him.

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Suga: “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he’d ask the man seeming calm but about to punch him at any instant.

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Rap Monster: He’d pull you behind him not saying a word as he stepped between you and the man, glaring at him about to strike even though you tried to stop him.

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Jhope: “Do you know who you’re messing with?” he’d ask intimidatingly.

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Jimin: “What the fuck did you just do to my girl?” he’d ask threateningly his fist already balled up and ready to punch the guy.

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Taehyung: “I’ll kill you.” he’d growl at the man.

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Jungkook: “Did you just do what I think you did.” he’d snarl.

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The Crying List

Based on that mashable article/imgur post about the guy who kept track of what made his wife cry

Canon divergent, season 9, cas in the bunker, hugging, first kiss


Dean leans back in his chair and clicks his pen twice.
Then he clicks it a third time.
And a fourth.
And a fifth.

When he gets to eleven Sam shuts the book he’s reading. It doesn’t even phase Dean who continues to stare intently at the pad of paper in front of him. He clicks the pen again.

“Okay, what are you writing? Er, not writing. Since you’re too busy clicking that pen to use it.”

“A list,” Dean keeps staring at the paper without clicking the pen but he continues to hold it threateningly.


“Of reasons that Cas has cried.”

Sam is used to a lot of strange things when it comes to Dean and Cas. But this, this is new.

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