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The Ultimate Fix-It: Sherlock Series 4

On January 20th, 2017, the citizens of the United Kingdom find themselves watching BBC Nightly News coverage of President Trump’s inauguration.  A woman vacuums her flat and sighs at the television, overcome with dread.  A man in a pub glances up at the screen before taking a much-needed gulp of beer.  Without warning, the BBC channels freeze.  Static snow, broadcast colors - an interruption of the feed.  The men at the pub glance up at the screen.  The woman turns off her vacuum. There in front of everyone, on every BBC Channel, is James Moriarty, flashing a threatening smile back at them. 

“Peek-a-boo,” he says menacingly.  The men at the pub look around at each other confused.  Moriarty mumbles on.

“It’s doesn’t quite make sense, this doesn’t quite make sense.”

All people in the pub watch in silence as his voice sharpens.

“Of course it doesn’t make sense! It’s not real.” 

“I mean, come on, be serious.”

“Is this silly enough for you yet?”

“Gothic enough?”

“Mad enough, even for you?”

“It doesn’t make sense because it’s not real.”

“None of it.”

The men in the pub are shocked.  Could this mean what they think it means?

“You want to see the real series four of Sherlock? Surprise. “The Reigate Puzzle” airs Sunday night at nine.  The real story will be told.”

“Shall we go over together?”

The feed cuts out. Back to the inauguration.  However, no one in the United Kingdom could care less about that.  The news spreads virally, every Sherlock fan finds out about this within hours. The fandom spirals into chaos.  

On Sunday, January 22nd, Sherlock fans see what this story has been about from the beginning.  The episode starts as Sherlock wakes in his hospital bed, John Watson right beside him. Mary’s gunshot was severe, he barely pulled through.  It’s been a few weeks of a medically-induced coma, but he’s back now. Finally out of his mind and into the real world.  John holds his hand, tearing as he watches his best friend wake up. 

And from there we see the two of them take down the ruthless, smart, manipulative Mary Morstan, who was never an assassin, but something far, far worse.  All of the extra filmed clips from the last years build to be a beautiful story of love, loss, and revenge.  The theorized storyline of the episode can be found here.

And all was well with the world

The Ways We Say I Love You

(based loosely off of this beautiful piece of art by UpTheHill)

In the mornings, the sun rays hitting your pale skin, the way you’d slowly saunter towards me, bending over and observing me, as if you were trying to remember every possible detail as quickly as you can. You think I’m asleep, but I’m not. I see the little flutters of your eyelashes, the small little freckle on your face that you always try to glamour before going out, the way your pale blonde hair sticks out in a very un-Malfoy-ish fashion after you’ve just woken up. The way you’d slowly maneuver your lips over mine, straddling my hips, ghosting your warm lips over mine as you whisper silently, “Time to wake up sleepyhead.” The way you’d threaten me, while smiling lightly, to hit me with the pillow you held in your hands if I didn’t get up soon. The way I’d flip you over and you’d start giggling as if it was the funniest thing ever as I’d pin you down and kiss you. The way you’d lead me slowly into the kitchen, your sweatpants hanging low on your hips, giving me a glimpse of last night’s adventure. The way you’d sit me down on the breakfast counter, giving me pancakes and a warm cup of coffee. The way you’d giggle over the useless things I’d tell you as we sat there, submerging ourselves in the worlds in each other’s eyes. The way you’d play with my fingers, tracing the small calluses on my hand and the scars from school, nodding along to my half-hearted explanations as our hearts beat in sync. The way you make my heart flutter just by looking at me, the way your breath hitches when you see me enter a room. 

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Diving Too Deep

Originally posted by simplyelda

(Request: Would you write where the niffler was running away from Newt to the reader because the niffler has bond to the reader and it cuddles to the reader to get away from Newt? )

(A/N: I’m honestly still so shocked at the amazing support Let This Be A Sign has gotten! Also! We’ve officially hit 500 followers! This is amazing thank you so much! Thank you for all the reblogs, likes, and kind words y’all have sent me about my imagines! Y’all are amazing xx )

Special thank you to my beta, Alyssa x

“Th- this is the third time this little bugger escapes!”

“Well-oomph- have you ever thought about putting tape on that case, Newton?”

“Don’t call me Newton.”

“I’ll stop when you put tape on that bloody case.”

“Don’t swear at me!”

“I’ll stop when you put tape on that case,” you repeated, a small smile threatening to break from your lips.

You and Newt had been down in his suitcase for the past hour, inspecting every single area of it, “No stone unturned.” Newt had said, and that’s exactly what the both of you had done.

Recently the Niffler had escaped numerous amount of times on your travels, once while you were both eating in Ireland while trying to find a Augurey and most recently while the two of you were researching along the coastlines of Europe, searching for a Mackled Malaclaw.

Apparently Newt had dropped what was probably the Niffler’s idea of the most shiniest piece of seashell he had ever seen into the ocean, because no less than five minutes later was the Niffler diving into the ocean, eager to get his paws on the piece of seashell. Automatically Newt had dropped the notepad he was holding and dove headfirst into the ocean- he broke free seconds later gasping for air with a squirming Niffler in his hands. “Why- why would you do that?” Newt scolded as the Niffler looked at you innocently.

“Oh no,” you had said, “don’t look at me that way.”

Newt stared at you with a serious face, “The Niffler’s gone again (y/n) it’s not funny.”

“Well,” you answered as you walked up to Newt, wrapping your arms around his slender waist, “At least he didn’t escape the case, dear. So you know he’s around here somewhere, why not just let him have an adventure?”

Turning to face you and giving you a light peck on your forehead, Newt sighed. “He might be a little bugger- but he’s ours. What if he gets hurt?”

“Then we keep looking.” you replied, meeting Newt’s grin, “He honestly couldn’t have gone too far, maybe I dropped something that caught his attention- have you checked the shed?”

Shaking his head and furrowing his eyebrows, “No,” Newt said slowly, “perhaps he’s with Dougal, have we checked there as well?”

“Can’t say we have.”

“Great! So you check the shed and I’ll check with Dougal.”

“Sounds like a plan.” you agreed as you hurried to Newt’s shed. Despite the shed’s small outer exterior, it was certainly bigger on the inside and as you opened the door you were greeted with silence. “Hello?” You called you as you walked around the cluttered area.

Stopping to stare at a few of Newt’s notes, you grinned as you recognized his scribble. You knew that Newt was getting close to finishing his manuscript and it was at this point in time that he was beginning to get more self conscious of his own work. Sighing to yourself and shaking your head, you continued to look around for any sight of your Niffler, but when you turned around, you saw Leta’s smiling face staring at you through her picture frame.

You had never actually met Leta and whenever you tried to talk about her with Newt, his eyes would grow sad and he would hug you tightly. “That’s the past,” he would say, and normally that would be the end of the conversation; you never wanted to push the question forward in fear that it would upset Newt, so you let it be. 

Reaching out to the picture frame, you flipped it slowly, so that Leta was now smiling at the table. “Sorry,” you said to it, “He’s in a really good place right now, and I don’t think he needs to be upset.”

A loud shout broke your thoughts causing you slightly jump. “Where are you going?” you heard as you stepped out of the shed in haste, and quickly gasped when you felt a furry creature run up your leg and attach himself to your shirt.

It was only seconds later that Newt came running, slightly out of breath, to you. “D-did you catch him?” he asked breathlessly.

“Yeah!” you replied cheerfully, “he just came up and clinged onto me.” you continued as you placed your finger underneath the Niffler’s chin, tickling him slightly, causing him to let out a series of giggles. You couldn’t help but grin rather largely and chuckle as the Niffler continue to giggle, but when you looked up, Newt was still catching his breath. “What happened to you?” you asked, and Newt replied with a simple look.

“Oh nothing-” huffed Newt, “I was- I was just running after him.”

You nodded as you walked towards a breathless Newt and detached the Niffler from your shirt, “well- you caught him,” you said with a smile on your face, “let’s go put him back.” But just as Newt wrapped his hands around the Niffler’s midsection, he wiggled until he broke free, and scurried back to you.

“Oh,” you said surprised, but still tried to hand him to Newt again who was currently biting his lip, a habit he always seemed to do whenever he was nervous. 

However just as Newt held him, again the Niffler squirmed and scurried back to you. “I-I don’t know what’s going on,” you muttered, shocked, but Newt shook his head. “Let’s just get him home, yes?”

You nodded.

The two of you were on the move again, but this time Newt had been silent for a while instead of his chattery self. “Are you alright, dear?” you asked.

You had never seen Newt like this, he didn’t look angry, or upset, he looked frustrated almost, as if he was staring at an impossible problem. “I’m fine.” he said, his eyebrows furrowed together.

It had been your turn to hold the case and you couldn’t help but stop, leaving Newt walking alone for several seconds before he noticed you weren’t next to him. “(Y/n)?” he asked, “are you alright?”

“Why are you upset?” you asked sharply, causing Newt to widen his eyes at you. It was the first time you’ve ever been this direct with him, and your tone of voice shocked him.

“I’m fine,” Newt said calmly.

“You don’t look fine.”

“I just- I can’t figure it out,” Newt confessed softly, causing you to raise your eyebrows in concern, “what can’t you figure out?” you asked.

“We’re both good witches and wizards, right?”

“Can’t say that we’re not,” you replied, shrugging.

“And we both take good care of the creatures, right?”

“We’d both rather lose an arm before we ever harmed any one of them.”

“Then why does the Niffler like you better than me?” Newt asked softly, his eyes glued to the ground, ears slightly red.

Your mouth gaped slightly open, “you’re upset about the Niffler not wanting to be with you.” you said, “aw Newt-” you continued, “you know very well he loves you to pieces.”

“Does he?” Newt asked, “because last I knew, he only wanted you to carry him. (Y/N) he even woke up on your bed at one point- I don’t even know how he got out of the case, but when I woke up to work on my manuscript, he was curled up on your arm.”

You couldn’t help but smile slightly as Newt continued to ramble on- he was moving his arms as if he was trying to explain something complicated to you, just as his mouth was moving almost a hundred miles per hour. 

“Newt- you know he loves you, just as all of the creatures do. If you ever went missing, I’d have a riot in a suitcase.” you continued, chuckling at that last part.

 “We’re both like parents to these creatures- it’s natural that some will like the other more- just like Pickett.” you explained as beady little eyes stared at you from Newt’s collar. “Hi Pickett.” you said softly, and Pickett squeaked at you before hiding back.

“You’re these creatures Mummy,” you mocked with a smile on your face, to which Newt flushed. “I suppose you’re right,” he said. 

 "I know I’m right.“

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could you do a valentines evak?🙏🏽you think hey would be that couple who don't celebrate?

Ask and ye shall receive!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!


Really Isak has got to stop being surprised at the nice things Even does for him for no reason. Or maybe today there is a reason or whatever- but it doesn’t stop the feeling of flushed pleasure that creeps down his cheeks when he opens his locker.

Instead of the chaos of books and stray papers and old candy bar wrappers that he’s always been guilty of forgetting to throw away-

Everything in his locker is nicely sorted and cleaned out, books standing up straight and notebooks smoothed out.

It would be gift enough, but Even has never been one to keep his chill.

Three roses, bound together by a red ribbon sit unassumingly on top of his biology book.

“Fucker,” Isak sighs, trying to beat down the smile threatening to take over his features. He picks up the roses and sniffs them quickly, eyes darting around the empty hallway. Satisfied that no one was there, he sniffed again.

The smelled perfect and fuck, Isak was going to kill him because Isak literally gave Even a condensed version of the Jonas’s valentines-day-is-nothing-but-a-capitalistic- scheme speech two nights ago.

And damn it, Isak had planned to be the romantic boyfriend this time. He was going to surprise him with a new bottle of lube and- he doesn’t know- maybe a bow tied around his dick. Or, he guesses, his ass. But fucking Even is always one-upping him.

Isak slid out his phone and snapped a quick picture of himself staring cross-eyed at the flowers.

Ugly as fuck. Perfect.

Isak: They’re amazing you asshole

And he attached the picture and sent it.

Even: New Lock screen pic.

Isak: Sap

Isak remembered what he actually came to his locker for and began the process of unloading his bag before his phone buzzed again.

Even: look in your bio book

Isak sighed and did as he asked, popping open the cover of the book and catching a large something as it slid out.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BABY, the front of the envelope read out in Even’s looped handwriting.

Oh boy.

Isak slid his thumb under the slip of paper to open it. Two other enveloped parcels were shoved inside.

Open me first! the smaller, heavier envelope read. 

He did. 

And a hotel key rested innocently inside.

Isak snorted, especially at the sticky note on the back of the card reading, we’re going to do it right this time, no naked activities OUTSIDE of the bedroom.

Isak is in love with an absolute loon. God.

(But fuck yes, he’d been wondering how he could get Eskild and Noora and Linn out of the apartment for weeks. Now he doesn’t have to and can have loud obnoxious sex with Even in peace. #Blessed)

He almost forgets about the second (third?) little envelope, which he opens quickly, thrusting the hotel key into his back pocket.

Oh it’s a picture, Isak think, flipping it over to see the image-

He flips it back over just as quickly.

OH MY GOD. Isak’s heart is beating a mile a minute and he looks again around the hallway.

A dick pic.

Even printed out a fucking dick pic and didn’t warn Isak.

Isak flips it back over to take another peek to confirm that yes this was in fact a picture of Even’s dick.

Isak throws the picture into his locker and slides his phone back out.

Isak: ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

How could you do this to me????? 


Even: <3 something to keep you tied over until tonight. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 <3

Isak was going to kill him. 100%.

(Of course that didn’t stop him from taking just one last peek at the picture again. Fuck, he’s only human.)

Signs as Panic!At The Disco Song’s

Aries-This Is Gospel
Taurus-New Perspective
Gemini-Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
Cancer-Sarah Smiles
Leo-Emperor’s New Clothes
Virgo-Build God,Then We’ll Talk
Libra-I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Sagittarius-LA Devotee
Capricorn-Northern Downpour
Aquarius-Vegas Lights

Pisces-House Of Memories

Title: Valentine’s Day

Author: phenomabombs

Words: 1913

Warnings: none

He was nervous, Derek could tell. He wasn’t sure what gave it away. Maybe it was the fact the young boy’s heart was beating rapidly, stuttering every so often. Or maybe is was the slick shine of sweat over his creamy forehead. Derek’s eyes lowered and his mouth dried out, feeling as if someone stuffed cotton into his mouth. 

Stiles was nude, legs spread, ready to be taken. Derek’s heart soared. He wanted to be taken by him

Derek let his eyes move away from his boyfriend and felt his face twitch as a smile threatened to break free. The room’s lighting was dimmed, the only source of light being the candles placed around the room in clumps. A rosy aroma filled the air. He didn’t quite know where it was coming from, but he didn’t mind. The combination made Stiles look almost ethereal.

“Please don’t leave me laying here.” Stiles finally said, his voice wavering. “I already feel like an idiot.” 

Derek laughed and slowly pulled off his shirt, keeping his eyes locked with Stile’s coffee-colored ones. Keeping his face utterly stoic, he ran a hand down his chest, inching closer and closer to the button of his jeans. He heard Stiles gulp and almost felt his composure crack, but years of practice allowed him to succeed.

His hand slipped into his jeans and he gripped his cock, surprised at how it was already hardening. But how could it not when his angel was waiting for him like… that. 

Derek palmed himself and slowly worked his jeans over his hips, until they were able to drop down without assistance. He was glad he decided to go commando today; boxers would have proven to be a burden. He faintly heard Stiles gasped but paid no mind, stroking himself slowly, sensually. 

He allowed himself to moan, struggling to keep himself from moving too fast. There was something erotic to masturbating in front of his boyfriend, and he loved it.

Finally, he lowered his hand and kicked off his shoes. His mouth watered as he took in Stiles: his rock hard cock, his shaky breaths, his slim, sweaty body. It was utterly beautiful. 

Stiles stared up at him, his eyes hooded with lust. He gulped and parted his lips, releasing a shaky moan.

That was the final straw for Derek. With a loud growl, he crawled onto the bed, his body hovering over Stiles. His eyes flashed back and forth between the vibrant crimson alphas bore and his standard color. He faintly heard Stiles’ breath hitch as he leaned down, capturing Stiles’ mouth with his.

It wasn’t a forceful kiss, no. It was slow and sensual, despite the fact Derek wanted to dominate Stiles completely. But God forbid he scare him. Their mouths danced together for a few more moments until Derek broke the kiss. He pulled back, his lips plump and flushed, matching Stiles. 

Derek just smirked at him as he grabbed the lube once more. His cock had hardened once again. He poured a generous amount of lube onto his member and rubbed it evenly down his shaft, running his thumb over the tip every so often. Stiles swallowed and watched him closely, his lips parted and his skin flushed.

Keeping their eyes eyes locked together, Derek grabbed Stiles’ firm thighs and spread them even further apart, his mouth watering and his eyes glowing red. He pressed a tender kiss to his inner thigh, smirking as he heard Stiles’ breath hitch in surprise before a breathy moan escaped. Derek continued to litter kisses on the insides of his thighs, smiling with an air of accomplishment as faint bruises began to appear.

“Why’d you stop?” Stiles asked softly, craning his neck to look down at Derek.

Derek raised an eyebrow and looked up, a knowing smile on his face. Instead of responding like a civilized person, the grip he had on Stiles’ thighs tightened and he flipped him over. Stiles released a surprised shout and gave Derek a foul look, frowning. Derek paid no mind to him though. His hands firmly grabbed Stiles’ asscheeks and he parted them. He felt Stiles’ shiver as he leaned forward, giving his crack a generous lick.

Stiles gasped loudly. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked, his voice sounding somewhat frantic.

Derek pulled back and frowned. “Do you want me to stop?” He asked quietly, keeping his eyes locked on his target. He heard and smelled Stiles’ confliction: his increased heart rate, his fear mingled with the scent of his arousal. Finally, Stiles’ swallowed and shook his head.

“No.” With that, Derek dove back in, his tongue prodding at the ring of muscle before moving to explore the rest of his crack. Stiles was mess of moans, enjoying this far too much. Finally, Derek pulled away, causing Stiles to whine with disappointment. “Why’d you stop?” He asked.

“Lube?” Stiles froze and reached above his head, grabbing the small container of lube he bought the day before. He began to hand it to him before he paused, an idea sparking in his mind.

“W-wait. I want to do something for you.” Immediately, a frown engulfed Derek’s features, causing Stiles to release a breathy giggle. Derek was frowning for two reason; first, whenever Stiles wanted to do something for him, it was usually bad and second, Stiles was actually stuttering.

Intrigued, Derek nodded, watching Stiles as he got to his knees and turned around. He crawled forward and bent over, letting his ass protrude into the air. Slowly, Stiles reached forward and gently grabbed Derek’s member, giving it two gracious pumps before he took him into his mouth.

Derek gasped as he was suddenly engulfed in warmth. His hand made its way into Stiles’ hair and he clutched it, forgetting to be gentle. He felt Stiles flinch and he loosened his grip, murmuring a small “sorry”. Derek stared down at him, his lips parted his surprise as he watched Stiles bob with ease.

“Have you been practicing?” He asked quietly, his words more of a groan than a normal tone of voice. Stiles’ vibrated in response, the vibrations sending hot bolts of pleasure straight into Derek’s bloodstream. Derek hissed and threw his head back, feeling himself growing close with each passing bob. “I’m close.” He warned. Stiles pulled back and began pumping, looking up at Stiles with an extremely innocent look. With a quiet groan, Derek pumped a few streams out, which, much to his embarrassment, landed on Stiles’ face and torso.

Stiles released him and cocked his head, running his tongue around his lips to gather some of Derek’s essence into his mouth. He swallowed and shrugged. “Not bad.” He murmured. Derek snorted and pushed him down using his shoulders.

“Lube?” He asked quietly. Stiles frowned and handed it to him, wondering how the hell Derek was going to fuck him while he was soft. Much to his surprise, Derek didn’t apply the lube to his cock; no, he applied it to his fingers.

“What are you doing?” He asked curiously. Stiles had watched porn before hand to see what to expect. No one used lube on their hand… or dick for a matter of fact. Instantly, Stiles frowned and Derek heard his heart spike.

“Relax.” Derek said gently and spread Stiles’ legs once again. “I need to prep you so I don’t hurt you later.” Stiles relaxed and nodded slowly, understanding what he meant. Derek was rather large. Derek got to his knees to get a better angle and slowly slipped a single digit into Stiles.

Stiles first thought was to get away. The feeling was extremely uncomfortable and it showed on his face. Derek didn’t move, watching his face to see when it was okay to add a second finger. Eventually, Stiles nodded and Derek added the second finger gently.

Slowly, Derek began working his fingers, spreading them and fingering Stiles at the same time. Over time, the feeling started to become more pleasurable and Stiles began making small noises of pleasure. His hands gripped the sheets tightly until his knuckles lost color. This went on until Derek was satisfied with his work and he pulled his fingers out. Stiles groaned with frustration and glared at Derek with accusing eyes. 

Derek just smirked at him as he grabbed the lube once more. His cock had hardened once again. He poured a generous amount of lube onto his member and rubbed it evenly down his shaft, running his thumb over the tip every so often. Stiles swallowed and watched him closely, his lips parted and his skin flushed. Derek positioned himself at Stiles’ entrance and wetted his lips. Slowly, he slid the tip in. 

And holy shit. That shit hurt. Stiles cringed, instantly causing Derek to stop. “Tell me when you’re ready.” He murmured huskily, wanting to just ravage him and claim what was his. Stiles swallowed and squeezed his eyes shut, before nodding. Derek slid forward once again, only stopping when Stiles made a small squeak of pain that made his chest hurt. 

“We don’t have to do this.” Derek said softly, leaning forward to kiss the few tears that slipped out of Stiles eyes. “We can just, uh, cuddle. Yeah, cuddling sounds good.” Stiles laughed slightly and shook his head. 

“No, I want to do this. Nothing is more romantic than having your first be on Valentine’s Day.” He whispered. Derek frowned and nodded. 

“Tell me when I can move.” He murmured. Stiles gave him the affirmative and he slid forward another several inches. Derek was surprised that Stiles didn’t stop him again. With a small sigh, he waited, letting Stiles adjust to his length and thickness. 

Stiles had never felt so full before in his entire life. It was a peculiar feeling, really. He wiggled his hips, smirking to himself when he heard Derek’s breath catch in his throat. “I’m ready.” He whispered and looked up at Derek with a small smile.

With a tender kiss to Stiles’ forehead, Derek began to roll his hips, focusing on pleasing Stiles. Stiles’ face screwed up at the odd sensation, trying to get used to the feeling. Derek switched his angle and thrusted forward. Stiles gasped and arched his back, digging his nails into Derek’s forearms. 

“R-right there. Oh my god, right there!” Stiles moaned. Derek growled, his teeth elongating past his lips. He continued to rut his hips against Stiles, the sound of skin slapping skin filling the air, mingled with the sound of Stiles’ moans and his own growls. Derek groaned and leaned down, carefully pressing his lips to Stiles’.

Stiles writhed with pleasure, feeling like a mess. Derek wrapped his hand around Stiles’ cock and slowly stroked it, assisting him to his peak. “I’m… I’m…” Stiles arched his back with one last cry and came all over Derek’s hand a stomach. He fell back limply and shuddered, breathing hard, feeling spent.

 Derek’s thrusts became more and more ragged before he thrusted deep and released himself deep inside Stiles. He swallowed and pulled out slowly, falling down besides Stiles. Instantly, Stiles curled up against him, his nose tickling his chest. 

“Sorry.” Derek murmured, reaching up to brush a stray hair away from Stiles’ face. Stiles’ smiled before bursting into tears. Alarmed, Derek sat up and began looking him over frantically. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” He demanded to know, his thumbs brushing the tears again. 

Stiles laughed and shook his head. “No. It’s just… it’s just… I love you so much.” It felt like a giant weight was lifted off of Stiles’ chest. Fuck, did he love Derek. His own sourwolf. 

Derek paused and let a smile grace his features as he laid back down besides Stiles. “I love you too.” He whispered and captured his lips in a steamy kiss.

Rami Character Challenge (1/?) now also known as, how lame and annoying can admin Kate be 

Character: Rami Malek

“Join me in the blanket fort. We play until dawn.”

You had your head popped out between two of the blankets, looking at Rami expectedly as he only stares at you with a raised eyebrow and a smile threatening to spread over his face. 

“Was that a pun?” Rami cooed, crouching down to look into the pillow covered fort, lit up only by the television screen, which was, indeed, ready and set-up to play Until Dawn, a game in which Rami himself appeared. 

“It may have been. Shut up and get in, it’s already midnight we only have, like, six hours… Until dawn,” you muse, cracking yourself up as Rami crawls inside and settles into the pillows next to you, a wide grin on his face as he rests his arm around your shoulders. 


You were hardly ten minutes into the game when you first teased Rami. 

“’Let’s party like we’re fucking porn stars’,” You echo, falling into a fit of laughter against Rami’s shoulder as he playfully pouts at you, silently admiring your loud, non-held-back laugh, and the brightness of your smile. 

“Hey, hey. I know how to hold a great party, even on the anniversary of my dead sister’s,” Rami quips, holding his hand out with a look on his face that says ‘I’m obviously superior’. 

You snort at him, whacking his chest before returning to the game… 


You try to stop your hands from shaking as hard a they are, your eyes as wide as saucers as you stare at the Hannah Wendigo as it screeches at Sam in the cabin. Suddenly, hands grasp your side, a loud scream ringing loudly in your ear. You scream, jerking away, killing Sam at the same time. 

“Holy fuckin- RAMI!” You yell as said man laughs hysterically, almost rolling in his joy. You pout angrily as he only continues to laugh in your face. As he calms down you sigh. 

“Oh well, she was stealin’ my man anyway,” You mutter, at least getting Mike and Emily out of the cabin alive as Rami snorts… 



“Oi, Josh… Rami!… Wake the fuck up”

“Don’t let your sister go what the heck”

“No Chris don’t shoot the squirrel you dumbass nerd”

“Damn Rami, you should wear beanies more often”

“Climbing class… I ship it”



“No, Jess. Put your clothes back on”

“What in the fuck was that”

“Okay, how has Sam made it that far without losing her towel? I call bullshit. Totally unrealistic. 0/10″


“Bro. I’m not your bro, bro. Brooooo”

“Michael don’t you dare shoot my mentally unstable boyfriend” 

“Making my way downtown, walking fast-” *Wendigo Screech* “SPRINTINGGGG”

“No Ashley, that’s not how the whole biting thing works you dumbass” 

“Can I make Mike shoot Ashley instead?” 

*Various screams* 

*Inhuman screech* 

Rami Character Challenge 1/?

First one done! It’s messy but I enjoyed writing it a lot. Your commentary=mine so this is a look into the mind of me, admin kate. 

Might be posting a request later ♡

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16, 52 and 54 with Yoongi, please?^_^

title: rollercoaster blues
✦pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: fluff
word count: 408  

16: “Where am I going? Crazy. Wanna come?”
52:  “I wouldn’t change a thing… Except for when you vomited on my shoes.”
54:  “You say you don’t want to, but I know you’re lying.”

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“Yoongi,” you whined. “I’m so bored… Amuse me,” you told him, laying your head in his lap so that he would have to pay attention to you. He pulled off the headphones that were residing over his ears. “What do you want me to do?” He scoffed, but his lips were threatening to curve into a smile. You shrugged. “Rap for me.” 

“But you’ve heard me rap millions of times.” And with that, he snapped the headphones back on and continued browsing the internet. You sighed, then sighed again and managed to make every sigh louder than the last. You could tell that Yoongi was trying to ignore you, but you were trying to get him to acknowledge you. Finally, an idea formed in your mind and you jumped off of him, heading towards the door. “Where are you going?” He called after you.

Where am I going? Crazy. Wanna come?” You smiled brightly at him.


“I thought you were talking about going mentally crazy!” Now Yoongi was the one voicing his complaints once you arrived at your destination. He had thought you were making a great joke and followed your steps, only to realize too late that you had meant the amusement park, Crazy. He groaned, having been tricked by you. It was amusing how the roles had switched.

“Let’s go on that ride!” You tugged on his sleeve, but he shook his head fervently. “You say you don’t want to, but I know you’re lying,” you sang. 

“I might be lying, but I know that you get sick after roller-coasters,” He retorted, and you laughed. For such a cold-looking guy, he cared about your state of well-being very much. “It’ll be fine!”


“It’ll be fine!” Yoongi mocked your earlier words as you resumed the same position you had been in this morning; your head in his lap. Your stomach hurt so badly that you couldn’t even respond to his teasing. Not only did your stomach hurt, but you also felt badly about the situation. He hadn’t even wanted to come, but accompanied you anyway. “Sorry,” you muttered, averting your eyes from his gaze.

Once your boyfriend realized your feelings, his eyes immediately softened. “Hey, it’s okay, I had fun.” 

“Really?” You gave him a suspicious look, thinking that he was just saying that.

I wouldn’t change a thing about today…” He brushed a stray hair from your face. “Except for when you vomited on my shoes.

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Bring Back the Horizon

Series: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Pairing: Daisy Johnson/Jemma Simmons

Words: 4,502

Summary: Jemma didn’t want Daisy.  Jemma wanted Skye.  Jemma’s body, however, was going to take what it could get.

They were an unforeseen variable, the lingering looks were.

Jemma couldn’t pinpoint when exactly they began.

Maybe it was when Daisy showed up out of the blue and bled all over the nice clean wallpaper, holding Jemma at gunpoint until she agreed to play Doctor in the literal sense of the word. The two of them were seeing each other for the first time in months, and all Daisy could do was play tough. But it was difficult to play tough with a bullet hole in the arm, even for her, and her reliance on Jemma in that moment broke down the facade and melted threatening stares into soft smiles and reminiscing laughs as Simmons’ expert hands went to work patching her up. The way Daisy kept glancing over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of Simmons, despite the protests and strict requests to sit still, maybe that was when it began.

Or it could have been Daisy’s tentative return to the team, and the reluctance and stubbornness that followed. Lone wolf Johnson, off the radar for months, back on board at the mercy of the team and the lack of freedom that followed. It could have been each and every time her eyes searched out Jemma’s in the crowd of agents, when the tedious debriefings and occasional tongue-lashings of the superiors had her desperate to fixate on a familiar face to stop the onset of a Grade A eye-roll.

Hell, maybe it was when that damnable leather jacket became a near-permanent part of Daisy’s wardrobe.

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This Valentine's day . . . On bended knee

Seeing as we’re facing the holiday of love, I thought I’d write this little mini imagine! I don’t have a ton of time this week but I had to write something. **** “Opie? Ellie? Kenny?” Y/N called as she stood through the front door. The house was unusually silent. Normally there was some sort of noise, but only the ticking of the kitchen clock could be heard. “Guys?” She asked again, entering the kitchen and dropping her handbag onto the table. A giant smile threatened to split her face, a tall glass vase sat in the middle of the table holding an enormous bouquet of red and white roses. A little card was propped up against the vase. “Meet me at 8, in our place.” The card said in Opie’s chicken scratch handwriting. A little giggle escaped her throat. Y/N looked at her watch, it read 6 30, she had an hour and a half to change and her herself ready. She had no idea what to wear. **** Y/N put her car into park and looked out at Crystal lake as it glittered in the pinkish orange light of the sunset. She straightened her black dress nervously as she climbed out of the car and shrugged on her little, black leather jacket to protect her from the chill February air. “Y/N! Y/N!” Ellie and Kenny called, running up the crest of the hill to meet her, happy smiles on their faces. “You look so pretty!” Ellie ran her fingers over the sequins that decorated the fabric. “Dad said you need to put this on.” Kenny waved a blindfold in the air. Y/N knelt, careful not to damage her dress, and allowed Kenny to tie the material around her eyes. “Come on Y/N, daddy is waiting for you!” Ellie said eagerly, grabbing her hand and leading her down the familiar winding bank to where a little camp fire pit sat along the edge of the lake. “We’re here!” Kenny called out and then both children backed away, leaving Y/N in the clearing. A few weighted seconds passed by, but until she felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist squeezing her against a broad, hard, muscled chest. She could smell Opie as he enveloped her, leather, cigarettes and aftershave. She clenched the sides of his kutte begging him to get as close as possible. “Hey big Bear.” She whispered, tilting her head up to where she thought his face would be. “Hello beautiful.” He murmured, pressing his lips against hers in a passionate kiss that warmed her from their point of contact right down to her toes. He pulled away and kissed the tip of her nose gently. “I’m going to be taking your blind fold off, but I want you to keep your eyes closed until I say so, OK Y/N?” “Okay” He pulled the blindfold away and she squeezed her eyes shut, listening to him shuffling around on the ground. “You can open your eyes, baby.” Y/N opened her eyes, and instantly took a sharp breath. Opie knelt on one knee before her. He looked dapper, his hair pulled back, a neat, white shirt under his kutte, his normally ripped jeans replaced by a pair of smart black trousers. In his hand he held a red rose, a sparkling white gold and diamond ring tired to the stem with a white ribbon. She opened her mouth to a speak, but he silenced her. “Y/N, baby, I’ve had a rough road, and the only thing that has brought light into my dark tunnel is you. You make each day easier and I don’t think I could live without waking up to your face every morning. So, …” He bumbled and fidgeted nervously “will you marry me?” Y/N grinned and knelt beside Opie, throwing her arms around him. Tears of happiness and excitement burning at the back of her eyes. “Of course I will.” “Even with all the danger that comes with being a proper old lady? And the kids, and my pop, we come as a package.” “Bear, I knew straight away I wanted to be your old lady, I’ll just do my best to be a good one. And your family? I love them and you know that, they’ve been my family for a year now, we’ll just be making it official.” “I love you.” Opie murmured, kissing Y/N on her forehead, sliding the ring onto her finger. “I love you too.” “Dad!” The kids called from their hiding place. “What did she say? Did she say yes?” Opie laughed and leaned his forehead against Y/N’s. “She said yes!”

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SEDATION > Lucas x Maya oneshot

Inspired by “Sedated” by Hozier

Seductive sedation.

That was the only way to describe the girl.

He had first met her on the subway.

She had big, black boots that looked like they could stab a bitch, if she had wanted to. She wore pale skin, the flickering lights reflecting off of her snowy complexion. Her expression was blank, possibly from thought, possibly from confusion, possibly from drugs. He wasn’t sure.

However, her rouged lips turned up at the corners as she saw the man, the corners of her mouth threatening to tug into a smile. Her small fingers released the pole from her tight grip, her boots clunking as she made her way towards him and sat down closer than the average commuter would dare to.

It was only then he noticed her choker which looked as if a king python had bowed down to her and wrapped itself around her neck, worshipping her skin like the man so longed to do. On the contrary to her dark clothing choices, her features were bright. She had shiny oceanic eyes, that - though rimmed with red and white - shone like sapphires. She had wild, untamed blonde tresses tumbling down her neck and back and her nails were painted a stark red, her finger tips grabbing his attention as she rapped her long nails back and forth on the metal benches.                                                                                                         An uttered silence was disturbed as a brittle crackly voice boomed throughout the carriage, telling them that 7th street avenue was approaching. With that, she arose and strutted out the open doors, her hair blowing backwards at the sudden wind. Just like that, she was gone.


The enchantress reappeared the day after.
He had left his hotel room to go to the roof for a cigarette. When he arrived, a short blonde was sat crossed legged, dangerously close to side.

“Don’t you think that’s a little close to the edge little lady?”

Her head didn’t even turn, her eyes didn’t flicker, her voice never wavered as she voiced her sharp witted reply.

“What’s it to you where I sit, subway boy?” She questioned.

He furrowed his eyebrows. What could she possibly mean by “subway boy” ?

As he approached her to take another look, she spun her head around, locking her eyes steadily with his. His jaw began to slack as he recognised the stranger, the bad-ass from the train. Her appearance shocked him if he were to be honest. Without her stabby boots, she was tiny in comparison to his shear height. She was clad in an oversized t-shirt and appeared to be wearing nothing on her feet.

“Why aren’t you wearing shoes?”
“Why are you wearing shoes?” The reply rolled off her tongue so easily that he was taken aback.

He sighed, his breath lingering in the cold New York night for a few seconds before evaporating into thin air.
She watched him carefully as he avoided eye contact. He looked out across the other side of the roof top and reached deep into his pocket to pull our a little box and a lighter.  “Oi!” She spoke up, causing his attention to turn to her.  She stood up and made her way over to him, her red fingertips reaching into his back pocket where the other pack was, sending chills down his spine.

“Thanks.” She smirked, winking in a split second.

She took a cigarette and lit it, inhaling the bitter sweet smoke puffing from the end.

“Aren’t you a little young for that? You’re what? 16?”

“I’m 19.” She stated sharply. “But I’m old for my age.” She added, flashing him a smirk made up of pearly whites lined with yellow.

“You smoke often?” He questioned, finally looking into her eyes.

“When I can afford it.” She chuckled bitterly.

“Why?” He questioned.

“I could ask you the same thing.” She pointed out as she took a drag, her breath turning into a spectacle of particles before disappearing.

He watched her as she reached into the top pocket of her large, baby blue shirt and pulled out a small pill. It was placed on the tip of her pink tongue and swallowed quickly as she sighed heavily at the familiar taste.
“Want one?” She asked the man. He stomped out his cigarette before accepting the pill welcomingly.
She was surprised to say the least, considering she hadn’t even named the pill before offering it to him and he hadn’t questioned them.

“Darling, don’t stand there watching it. Take it.” He nodded, tipping his hand back and swallowing the pill whole.

“You got experience in this?” She asked, cocking her head at the man. “Yeah. Sedation pills right?” She let out a little “mmhum” before turning back to the view.

In any cliché film set in a cliché fairytale in a cliché world, there would be stars painting the night sky of New York. But this was real life, and due to the thickly polluted city air, you could barely see the lamppost in front of you nevermind the crown jewels of the dark indigo sky.

“So why do you take these?” She questioned him, his eyes meeting her own.

“It’s an escape. I can take one of these and it will take my worries out my rear end with it.”

“Yeah. It’s nice to feel numb.”

They were both nursing poisons that didn’t sting, just stopped time for a while. Their teeth and lungs were lined with the scum of cigarettes and they’re liver was pretty ruined by liquor washing it down. To many, it would seem like drowning from the inside out, filling up slowly with no way to escape. To them, it was a loud ringing noise that blocked out all the harsh voices of death and guns and poverty and war. It was a deafness and a numbness that let them be free and young and feel none of it. A distraction. A calming wave of senselessness. It were as if all the oceans stopped waving and time stopped ticking.

And darling, he wasn’t supposed to join in. He was supposed to come and save her and drag her away from it and make her feel again. But good god it felt too good to do any of that.

He never saw the girl again after that night. She was a strange mix of an angel and a devil,
a blessing and a sin. What was he supposed to do, he didn’t know. Would he actively try to find her? Or would he let her find her way in the world? Eventually deciding on the latter, thoughts and memories of her began to fade away.

However, with each lit splif and with each little white pill, he saw the girl again. She was numbness, she was senselessness, she was practically a dream world. The girl with the golden hair was his sedation (though it never stopped him taking the pills).

So that was my first post ahhh I have a load of written oneshots on my wattpad (@ huckleberry-pie) so I’ll post some of those soon. Hope you enjoyed this though!
Thanks for reading


“Don’t look at me like that.” She smiled as her fingers toyed with the zipper of you jacket. You giggled in response, shaking your head at her nervousness. “You’re making fun of me.” Jo accused and you put your hands up in surrender.

“No, I’m not. I’m just waiting.” You told her with a smile. You weren’t about to lie, you were totally stunned when Jo came to you, expressing that she’d been having some rather exciting thoughts involving you, but you were eager to see where this was heading. Jo was beautiful. She slid a hand along your neck, feeling your soft skin before lacing her fingers through your hair. “Now we’re getting somewhere.” You teased, making her laugh.

“If you don’t shut up, we’ll start going backwards.” She threatened. Both of your smiles seemed to be permanent on your faces. “Just.. Let me,” She trailed off as she kissed the corner of your mouth and then the center. You moved one hand to her face, sighing at the softness of her cheek. She tranced your lips with her tongue before deepening the kiss, slipping her tongue into your mouth, which you accepted greedily. You wanted to take control, but you let her move at her own pace, finding her comfort zone. She pecked your lips again before moving back a bit, a grin on her face. “That’s even better in real life.” She told you, a giggle hidden in her tone.

You closed the gap once again and smiled against her lips.

“Isn’t it?” You uttered.

Strange Letters From St. Louis Prison 

by reddit user AHarmonRights

Maybe I allowed myself to be disarmed by the fact that he came at three in the afternoon. He knocked very softly for a man of his stature, hulking as he was at six foot four with wide shoulders and big, hairy knuckles. When I asked how I could help him, he reached into his coat pocket, withdrew an envelope, and held it out to me. Who wears a coat in August? 

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“So help me, Gabriel, once I find my clothes, you’re dead angel meat!” You scream from the bathroom in your room.

Gabriel had taken to hiding every piece of clothing you own around the bunker while you were showering. You are now wearing nothing but a towel.

You hear Gabriel laughing from the other side of the door.

You take a deep breath, hope he won’t snap your towel away as well, open the door and step out. Gabriel is sprawled out on your bed, watching you like a cat, of which he heavily resembles. He wears the same smug smile he always wears.

“You’re going to die, Gabriel. You’re going to die a bloody death.” You threaten, trying not to smile at the stupid hilarity of the situation, but when Gabriel wiggles his eyebrows, you start to laugh.

All of a sudden, Dean shouts in surprise.

“Dean?” You call worriedly, dashing to his room. He appears at the door, holding a pair of panties – a pair of your panties.

You go white.

“Why the hell was your underwear on my face…?” He asks in a weirded out tone.

“Gabriel!” You roar, and you snatch the garment and whirl around to look at him. He’s laughing and smiling. You sigh angrily and scramble away to find every other piece of clothing your humorous idiot-of-an-angel boyfriend has hid from you.


You’re dating and they smell men’s cologne on you. When they ask you about it you admit to just trying to find a birthday present for them

Jin would be briefly shocked. It wouldn’t last long, however, and after simply staring at you for a few moments, he’d smile brightly and look down at the ground shyly. Knowing Jin, he would be torn between thanking you wholeheartedly in advance and giving you some advice, but he’d settle with saying “I love you” and kissing your forehead affectionately.

It would take a bit longer for Jungkook to process the news. He’d be suspicious for a good minute, squinting his eyes and eyeing you, but it would eventually come through to him and he’d thank you carefully, trying to hold back an evident smile threatening to bloom on his lips.

Jimin would be surprised, raising his eyebrows and widening his eyes slightly. He’d ask you multiple times for confirmation, then, after your answers became borderline exasperated, he’d allow himself to get excited. He’d grin from ear to ear and compliment your taste in colognes before shooting a wink and making some offhand greasy remark.

Rap Monster would laugh nervously, embarrassed by his quick accusation. Like Jin, he would believe you from the first time and he’d be so happy that you’d been thinking of him. He’d apologize and tell you that he’s very grateful and, after a moment of hesitation, he’d shyly say that he loves you.

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