threatening sky

They say not to bring home girls with hollow backs, boys with wings under their skin. But this is neither of our homes, and somehow I think that protects us both. On his land, I don’t think he would dare to touch me.  When the night began to grey I heard the first peals of the bell and then the cawing of the crows. I curled my face in to his shoulder and breathed him in, almost surprised at how solid and present he still was. Wood smoke pine maple sweat sweet sky wine and something animal and alive. He didn’t smell like he’d be gone in a few hours, but fairy gold never does for all that it’s made in their image. Though perhaps made in mine too, being gone just as soon, and his sort always did love shiny things. For a moment, his face winks out in to the darkness, but when I look back up from his shoulder it is there again, gently blowing smoke in his sleep.  With the next ringing the crows again threatened to drag the sky in to daylight but darkness still held our corner of the room. Light enough though that for a moment I was scared to turn around, that though I could newly see, I would not find him laying against my back where I’d remembered him, or that he would be wearing a different skin. A deep inhale behind me, an exhale through the nose that blows cool air between my shoulder blades, where he had asked me to press against on his own back a few hours before (“a thumb, or your chin”), a curious feeling of wings under skin when I did so. I had rested my face there, wrapped my arm around and nearly scorched my fingers when they rested above his heart. I find myself surprised at the lack of fire on his breath now, though his chest still heats the bed on its own. When I wake in a few hours the muscles between my own shoulder blades will be unusually tight, but for now I let the steady puffs of air pull me back to sleep. I do not turn to look.  He was up before the third chime, and suddenly – no more space between us, no careful blanket distance or borderlands. He wrapped around me less like a man than a large cat, a dragon curled round its hoard. There was the sense beyond what I could touch, of too much body and too many limbs, collapsing in to materialization upon contact, a flock a birds landing on me relentlessly one after another, shockingly heavy in their multitude. And then as quick, untangled and up, putting on boots heavier than they should need to be and gathering bits of himself from around the room.  As he opened the front door, I heard the ring of the third bells, but now, no crows cawing. They wait. When the door closed behind him, a sunbeam filled the space he left, illuminating the yellow stairs with his afterimage, the radiance of transformation. From outside, I heard something like a purr, footsteps rumbling and rolling, and a great rustling, as though a tree had unfurled all its leaves at once with the snap of a lady’s fan, as though they had browned and dropped crackling against each other in the next breath, as though a great many wings were headed skyward and south, away from the still-warm bed and me in it. They say not to go home with girls with hollow backs, boys with wings under their skin. I wonder if a kiss can be somewhat like a bite of food, a taste of something irrevocable, a contract signed on contact. I wouldn’t know. We don’t kiss. Just hold each other or more often a careful space between. We chart a different elsewhere in this no mans land between bodies. Although somewhere the sap boils in to syrup and perhaps there will come a time when the crows demand their gold paid in truths…here, now, this, is enough.  With the third set of bells he was gone, and a little later so too was I.  


Ferb A: Bates Motel Final Fan Fic

Norman slammed the trunk of the car before looking around the Bates Motel parking lot. It was empty. Nothing but leaves scooting along the empty gravel space. His eyes shifted towards the office where he spent so many hours of the past five years of his life. Going through the mail, typing up the motel newsletter, making coffee every morning and all his manager duties. The many times he stood behind that counter and greeted his guests with a smile as they signed the guest book. How it felt to hand over that room key. He was somebody. This motel made him someone. From student to employee, to manager and to owner. This motel has seen it’s days long before the Bates moved in but, it saw it’s best days these past few years. They made this place into a home. Mother made this place a home and together they built this little paradise. The motel helped them just as much as they helped it.

Norman reached up to place his hand on his chest where his Manager pin use to sit. He would always trace the letters with his finger and feel so proud of himself. He remembered his first day. Norman Bates was so excited he wanted to make such a great impression. He had a sense of real responsibility. He wasn’t sure how many different blazer combos he went through. He had to look the part right? It was representing this motel and his mother. When he didn’t feel the pin there he felt this sort of emptiness fill his chest. His eyes skimmed down the line of room. Each one held it’s own story. Each one had a customer that Norman would never forget. Gunner and his band of stoners, the spooky man in Room 9, the lovely family who had the puppies, Annika Johnson, Alex Romero, Marion… He could go on. They were gone and they wouldn’t think of this place ever again.

The sun was slowly making its way down the sky threatening to disappear at any moment. Norman could hear the soft song of birds as he walked across the driveway. Entering the office he looked around a few times. The smell of coffee and freshly sharpened pencils lingered. It was nice. His hand moved along the front desk and over the guest book that hadn’t been touched in many weeks. He remembered the last person to sign it and she would always have a spot in his brain. Moving his way into the back office he let out a heavy sigh. He remembered when this place was filled with boxes upon boxes of dusty old files and old photos and newspaper articles. Norman had completely gone through all of them and turned those dusty boxes into a few simple little files. That contained the history of this place along with those old photos that new sat in the filing cabinet.

Turning his head he smirked a little when he saw that old picture on the wall. The peep hole behind it had been filled in and now it was just a regular old picture. He dropped his head as visions of what he’s seen on the other side of that wall popped into his mind. He got that chill as he flipped off the light and made his way back to the front office. Reaching out he hit that switch and the Bates Motel light flickered on. The low hum of it’s lights was all he could hear as he stepped out into that still evening air. A deep breath left his lungs as he watched the sign bring life to this place once more. Closing his eyes he could still hear the sounds of his guests. Cars pulling in and out of the drive. Dylan sitting over there in that empty chair enjoying an evening beer. The sounds of children laughing and the TV’s turning on just loud enough he could slightly hear it from his post behind the desk.

“It’s such a nice place you have here.”
“We’ve been driving for hours so glad we found you.”
“You’re really cleaning this place up kid.”
“Our stay was wonderful.”
“I’m going to give you a good review on Yelp!”
“Thank you Norman Bates.”

It all made him smile till he opened his eyes and it was just him. Norman made his way up towards the long set of steps that reached all the way up to that damn old house on the hill. The windows lit up looking alive as he climbed those steps. God how many times did he run up these stairs? If these damn steps could talk. The time him and Dylan had to carry Mother’s mattress all the down to the dumpster. He stopped and looked at the faint stain where Shelby bled out all over the place. That time Dylan slipped on the frost and nearly broke his neck. That time Norman gave Emma a piggyback ride all the way up because she was having a bad day with her breathing. The fights that went on, on these stairs. The hugs that happened. The stories that were told. How many times he sat there on that step and just had his Norman thinking time.

“She can’t do this! She can’t leave me!”
“Norman let her go!”

Climbing that last step as he crossed the porch he reached out and opened that front door. The moment he closed it he was met with complete silence. This house has never been that quiet. There was this twist in his stomach and he had to take a moment to get a grip. Norman looked to his left into the living room. That old fireplace and that couch where he spent many evenings watching TV or reading or doing his homework. Norman stepped further into the room and his hand moved along the back of the couch. Feeling the material against his skin he gave a small smile. The room was dim except for a small light on the side table in the corner. The walls that were filled with photos were now taken down. Removed. Norman looked at that piano sitting in the corner and for a split second he thought he could hear it play.

His heart skipped a beat as he remembered that time Mother forced him to sing Mr. Sandman with her. Their many duets and he couldn’t count how many times he sat there with her as she played. Trying to teach him here and there but he could only manage to get Twinkle Twinkle Little Star just right. She was the piano player in this family. Reaching out he debated hitting a key and decided against it. The last sound that piano would make was the last song Mother ever played. Instead he moved his hand to the left and turned the light off. Norman walked down the short hall into the kitchen.

Dishes use to stack high in the sink and on the table. Piles of old newspaper stacked on one of the chairs. The counter wasn’t cleaned. The stove was a mess with pots and pans littered all over it. The fridge was empty and the floor hadn’t been swept. Norman let this place go and he was ashamed of that. That’s why he took it upon himself this morning to clean every inch of this kitchen. Just how she wanted it. Just how she left it. He could hear the sizzle of the frying pan and the smell of pot roast in the oven. The table was set and decorated with fresh flowers. He could hear that hum as Mother moved along the room. This was her work space. This was her happy place. It made Norman smile before he turned to head down into the basement.

The basement flooded with light with that flip of the switch. Norman’s steps echoed as he climbed down those old wood steps. Looking around the place was pretty dusty but Norman didn’t touch too much down here. Just his work space and new repaired furnace on those chilled evenings and the freezer. Looking over his work station everything was cleaned up. A faint dust rested upon the table’s surface where his taxidermy equipment use to sit. Boxes of old junk filled the shelves and after all these years Norman never touched any of it. Opening the freezer it was now warm as it had been shutoff. None of the freezers worked anymore and there was still that old yellow caution taped strung here and there. That sickening crime scene tape that only made his stomach burn. There was still some of his creations hiding down here. They would be left behind.

Just as Norman was about to leave he stopped seeing a dusty book just under the step. Curious he reached down and pulled it from it’s hiding spot. Blowing the dust off the cover it was that old taxidermy book Mother had gotten him years ago. He wondered where it had gone. He felt his heart swell as he exited the basement and turned the lights off one last time before shutting the door. He walked past the laundry room that was all cleaned out. Passing the kitchen he set the book down on the table before going upstairs. He was met with the memories of all those fights they had. The stomping of steps met his ears and the shouting echoed around the house.

“Norman please!”

“I don’t trust you anymore and that changes everything!”

“Stop it Norman.”

“The game was we were devoted to each other. That no one could ever come between us. We loved each other more than anyone could love another person.”

Norman could hear it all. The crying and the slam of the door. These doors slammed a lot in this house. The stomping of steps and the anger that would fill the upstairs. Norman was met with his bedroom door wide open. Standing in the doorway he skimmed as everything looked to be in place. Bed was made. The desk was cleaned off. The bookcase was empty. He could still hear the pitter-patter of Juno’s paws as she ran through the house. How many times was Norman confined to that bed? After one of his blackouts or being sick or after being stuck in a box for a few days. The room still faintly smelled like books and laundry cleaner. Norman looked at the door connecting the two bedrooms. This door still didn’t shut or lock right ever since he broke it that one day.

Despite the upstairs having so many horrible moments it had it’s good. Norman turned off the light and shut the door. Walking by the bathroom that smelled of bleach he went to Dylan’s old room. It was kinda how Dylan left it except Norman did go in and straighten things up. Few things on the walls. Mainly pictures of cars and hunting photos and girls. Random football and gun magazines on the floor. He left behind a couple shirts and a hat or two. Norman gathered up the left behind trash and tossed it into the bin near the door. It had that Dylan musk mixed with dust lingering in the air. Dylan…

“I’m a man now not her little boy and I wanna be a good man. I trust your judgment if you think this is the right thing to do. You’re my brother, you know? I wanna be there for you. We’re a family and we love each other we’ll work through it.”

“Get her back, Dylan! Get her back!”
“Calm down! You have to!! She’s coming back!”
“She’s not gonna come back! She hates me! She hates me Dylan and it’s all your fault!”

“Please, Norman.. Everything I’ve built with Mom, it’ll, it’ll all be destroyed.”

“You wouldn’t actually hurt anybody though, would you Norman?”

Norman stood in the doorway of Mother’s room. The last room in the house he wanted to be. The light near the window was on and there was this welcoming glow to it. Hands in his pockets he stepped further into the room. This warm air wrapped around him and he could smell her perfume. Norman closed his eyes and got lost for a moment. He could feel her. Her arms wrapped around him so tightly. Pulling him in for a hug as she kissed his cheek. He could feel her warm embrace as she ran her hand through his hair. That smile on her face. A smile that was burned into his mind. That bright beautiful smile of a woman who was finally happy and finally at peace with the craziness around her. A woman who overcome everything life thrown her way. She was a warrior and she was his hero.

“I love you, Norman.”
“I love you too, Mother.”

“You mean more to me than anyone in the world.”

The voices echoed in his head she was still there. Smiling brightly at him as she took his hands and gave them a firm squeeze. There was this bubble building up in his chest. This emotion was building and it was making it’s way into his throat. “Hey..” Her voice was soft and comforting. “You’re a good boy, Norman.” She bit her lip and thought for a second. Norman’s misty eyes were focused on her as she spoke so softly. “You’re everything. Everything to me Norman.” She leaned in and pressed another kiss to his cheek. “There’s a cord between our hearts.” Those memories of that night on the lake came flooding back to him at her words. He couldn’t form any of his own at the moment as tears fought to fall from his baby blue eyes. He suddenly didn’t want to let go. He couldn’t let go. He couldn’t let go of her. That familiar pull and power she had over him all these years was slowly creeping back into him. His hands grasped hers tightly and she gave him a sad smile. “It will be okay. Got it? YOU can do THIS.” Norman softly nodded his head and she pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth as she playfully added. “Now get the hell outta here.”

Norman’s eyes flew open and frantically looked for her. The bed, the closet, near the window, behind him. She wasn’t there. His hands shook as he brought them up to his face. Taking a moment to collect himself. That warm embrace he had felt was gone. The smell of her perfume was no longer in the air. It just a still room that held so many memories that were now put to rest. Forcing himself he crossed the room and turned the light off. He took a second to brush his hand over freshly washed bedspread. The silence in the room was making his ears hurt. Looking over towards the closet where all her dress use to be.. You can do this Norman. With that Norman walked out of the room and shut the door behind him.

Making his way quickly down the stairs he dropped by the kitchen again. Reaching out and collecting the book he had set there. One last look around he gave a firm nod. As he headed for the front door he stopped suddenly. There it was. He could hear that old record player turn on as Bobby Darin faintly filled the house. There it was again. That pull. That desire to stay with her. His hand grasped the door handle and he got his grip again and walked out of that old house on the hill. Locking it up behind him he could still hear that old tune as he climbed down the stairs. The sun was nearly down casting the sky in this pinkish orange. He looked out at that parking lot, the Bates Motel sign lit high above. The For Sale sign stuck just below the No Vacancy sign. He would never see this again.

His heart pounded so hard in his chest as he made his way towards the car. Tossing the book in through the window.

“We came here to start over, I am starting over.”

“We’ve been through a lot and this is our chance to start over.”

Norman Bates looked up at that old house that had been his home as well as his prison for the past years. Piling in this damn car with whatever it could hold and moving to White Pine Bay was an adventure. A town full of weirdos who at first didn’t welcome the Mother and Son but then found them worthy to be apart of their community. Moving here and running this motel was a fight for survival, a fight for acceptance and a fight to succeed. Behind all this fighting was just a family trying to find their place in the world. Trying to start over and along the way only grew strong and bigger. Many had doubted them and they hit a lot of roadblocks. This wasn’t your average family. Just a confused, loving boy and his Mother trying to make a life for themselves. Sure this rundown motel and that old house might have seen it’s share of tears and blood and bodies but also laughter and undying love. This old house. This old motel. Was just a spot on the road but it was a dream. It was her dream.

“We own a motel, Norman Bates!”

A few tears fell from Norman’s eyes but he quickly brushed them away. Suddenly he couldn’t hear that old record player anymore. No longer could he feel the soul that had been dancing her heart away in that old house. For the first time in his life he was alone. Truly alone. Mother was gone. Giving the Bates Motel sign one last smile Norman climbed into his car and pulled out of that drive way, never looking back.

The End..

Only You pt. 1

Characters: Jimin x reader (ft maknae line)

Warnings: Mentions of blood/death, angst, fluff & smut 

Word count: 6,503

A/N: Hello again! I’m back with another fanfic for you! This is the first part out of two; it’s in first person, your name is Hana, and everything italicized is a memory. Please let me know what you think!

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Everything was gray, or at least, everything appeared darker than it should have been. Somehow, even the brightest of colors came off mute and dissatisfied, and the darkest colors only seemed to get darker. Everything was just…gray.

I couldn’t remember the last time I saw something for what it really was, or saw the world as something beautiful. I’d lived too long to appreciate anything for what it was. Until I saw you. Only you could make me see the light in this dark world. Only you could breathe life back into the helplessness I’d become. As pathetic as it sounds, I’d only come to live for you. But it’d been too long since I was able to see you, meaning, life could only drone on at a monotonous pace, growing duller the longer you slipped through my fingertips. I was empty, completely and utterly empty without you.

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Okay, so what if, while Shirō had to work, instead of taking care of Shura he would leave her at Yuri’s place (what is it, an apothecary? A studio?) and Yuri took good of care of Shura like a mother.

As the days go on, however, Shura can’t help but notice that Yuri seems to be getting… bigger. She doesn’t question it, but for about a year this goes on. Then one day, she’s totally flat. Shura starts yelling to get Yuri’s attention-

“Hey, MS YURI. What happened to your stomach?”

“Ssssh, please be quiet, Shura.”

“I asked you a question!”

“Shura, please be quiet my babies are sleeping.”


The whole pregnancy spiel sex talk whatever moment later and Yuri offers to let Shura see her sleeping children. Yuri opens the door and Shura sees a pair of wooden cribs. Yuri carries Shura inside, over the cribs to look in each one.

“The one with the blue flames is Rin,” Yuri says, then carries Shura over to the next crib. “And the fair skinned one is Yukio. He has my moles.”

The second Shura goes home, she’s ecstatic to tell Shirō about the twins! But she didn’t know any better that Shirō wasn’t supposed to know and that’s how the twins got found out in the first place?

Now, Shura had always been jealous of the twins. They had a proper mother and a good place to sleep and food, while Shura had been raised by Hachirotaro until a certain age. So when she sees that Shirō has adopted the twins, she gets hurt. But for some odd reason she cannot, for the life of her, remember why Rin was so special.

She feels some kind of jealousy when Shirō asks Shura to teach Rin how to use a demon slaying blade. What was it about these twins that made them have it easy? Why did she get thrown in the trash bin?

Why did Shirō care about them and not her?

And soon she realizes why, when Amaimon shoots a blazing ball of blue fire out of the sky and threatens to kill him. When Rin screams that ‘ONE DAY IM GONNA BE THE PALADIN!’

Shura oddly enough believed that the impossible could be done. She’s seen these twins do it before. So… she takes them under her wing like an older sister/mother. Because now she understands why Yuri and Shirō gave their lives to protect these twins. And she’d be damned if she wasn’t the next to go for them.

At the whims of Demons

ALRIGHTY So you guys wanted to see what would happen to poor Henry after what went down in the first fic you can read here 

Gonna put a slight warning here about some body horror and various dark themes ect. After all this is a horror game

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Cammino ancora per queste strade cittadine  come camminavo sui monti, guardando ed imparando, cercando i terribili drammi della vita tra anime senza occhi e corpi senza anime. Aspetto ancora che i semafori fioriscano ad aprile ed osservo i grattacieli per capire, da come si piegano, da che parte soffia il vento. Faccio ai grandi caseggiati le stesse domande che facevo ai prati in fiore, ma loro non hanno mai visto un tramonto e vivono di silenzi e di vite in cui i sogni non hanno colori. Dopo la pioggia cerco nell'aria l’odore di erba bagnata e nelle pozzanghere il sorriso delle nuvole. In metrò se trovo qualcuno che sorride o se due innamorati si baciano prendo nota della fermata a cui scendono e il giorno dopo come un bracconiere dilettante mi nascondo dietro ai grigi pilastri per incontrarli di nuovo. Guardo ancora gli aerei nel cielo come se fossero aquile incapaci di seguire il vento e salire in cerchio verso il sole. Porto ancora i crisantemi alle banche perché penso sia giusto mostrare pietà per le tombe dei sentimenti. Regalo sempre qualche palla di vetro o un gessetto colorato ai ricchi che incontro perché hanno bisogno di tutto quello che possa farli diventare bambini per tornare ad essere per l’ultima volta felici. Osservo sempre questa città senza farfalle e libellule con paura e diffidenza, e perdo il mio tempo cercando capperi ed asparagi selvatici, nella sterilità dei parcheggi. Osservo stupito ed offeso come la ricca città punta minacciosa contro il cielo le sue dita di vetro e cemento cercando di rubarlo. Di questo non so darmi pace perché ancora per me la felicità dipende da quanto azzurro vedo alzando gli occhi. Confesso che questo comportamento associale nasce dalla mia infanzia felice, passata sui monti ad ascoltarli respirare, e raccogliere tra ghiande e leggende le voci delle felci e dei castagni destinato a diventare mio malgrado, l’unico savio, in mondo di folli.

I still walk through these city streets as I walked on the mountains, looking and learning, looking for the terrible drama of life between blind souls and soulless bodies. I still look to the traffic lights bloom in April and I look at the skyscrapers to understand, how they bend, whence the wind blows. I do to the blocks the same big questions as I do to the meadows in bloom, but they have never seen a sunset and live silences with lives where dreams have no colors. After the rain I search in the air the smell of wet grass and in the puddles the smile of the clouds. In the underground if I find someone who smiles, or if two lovers kiss, I notice the stop at which they descend and the next day as an amateur poacher, I hide behind the gray pillars to meet them again. I still look at planes in the sky as if they were eagles unable to follow the wind and climb in the circle toward the sun. I still carry chrysanthemums to banks because I think it is right to show mercy for the tombs of feelings. Always I give some glass ball or a colorful chalk to the rich people I meet because they need everything you can give them to become kids and than to be happy for the last time. I always look at this city without butterflies and dragonflies with fear and distrust, and I lose my time looking for capers and wild asparagus in the sterility of the parking lots. I am astonished and offended how the rich city threatens against the sky its glass and cement fingers trying to steal it. I don’t like this because happiness for me still depends on how much blue I see by raising my eyes. I confess that my asocial behavior is born from my happy childhood, past on the mountains to listen them breathing, and gather between the acorns and the legends the voices of ferns and chestnuts, destined to become the only wise in this world of fools

Pictures by Marek Lenik, Thilo Hilberer

I Can’t Save Her: Part 15

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Nudity, FLUFFFFFFFFFF!

Word Count: 1663

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: Christmas <3. It’s so fluffy! I proofed/edited this without my glasses because I don’t want to get out of bed to find them (just in case I missed something weird, ha!) Tags are at the bottom!

I love your comments, messages, asks, likes, reblogs – all of it. <3

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“Buck?” I asked sleepily as I reached for his side of the bed. My hands came up empty and I slowly opened my eyes to find him. He was standing by the window with his back turned to me. His shoulders seemed tense – I could tell something was bothering him. I grabbed a blanket off the bed and held it to me as I crept up behind him. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him behind his ear. He seemed to visibly relax at the contact, and turned to face me. “Good Morning,” I said shyly as I smiled at him.

“Good Morning. I’m sorry – I couldn’t sleep so I went down and got us some breakfast and then I just sort of ended up here,” he shrugged with a sad smile.

“Is everything okay?” I was worried – whatever was bothering him had happened since I had fallen asleep last night.

“I’m fine doll – I promise. Guess what?” he asked with a grin. He was always good at deflecting conversations when he didn’t want to talk about himself.


“Merry Christmas.” He bent down to kiss me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Merry Christmas.” I smiled at him as he looked at me intently.

“Since one of my presents is already unwrapped I think I’d like it now,” he said with a laugh as he swept me off my feet and carried me back to the bed. He laid me gently on the bed and laid down beside me. He kissed me sweetly –  the fierceness that he had earlier was gone. He broke away from the kiss to look at me. “Have you changed your mind?” he asked quietly.

“About what?” I wasn’t following his behavior this morning. He seemed to be completely opposite of what he was like last night.

“Do you still love me?” his voice cracked as he asked.

I paused for a moment. I wasn’t sure why he would think I would say something and take it back in the span of a few hours. I sat up a little and looked down at him as I tried to decipher where his sudden change in mood had originated from. “Yes – of course I do. I wouldn’t say something like that if I didn’t mean it, Buck. It’s all I could think about while you were away,” I whispered.

I was hoping my reassurance would lift his mood, but he returned my answer with a soft sad smile. “Can I give you your Christmas present?” he asked quietly.

“But yours is back at the compound,” I protested.

He put his hand up to stop me from continuing. “This is something that I just want to do when we are alone, doll. You can give me my present later. I have been thinking about this for weeks – and I just want it to be between us,” he said seriously.

I chuckled nervously. “What did you do… steal a baby for me or?” I asked. This did merit a small chuckle and shake of his head. He got up off the bed and crossed the room. After rifling through one of his bags he returned with a small box in his hand. He sat on the bed and fumbled with it nervously. It seemed as if he was suddenly uncomfortable with the thought of handing me the box. He kept looking everywhere in the room except for at me. “Buck…”

“I never talk much about my family. It seems like that was another lifetime ago… I guess because it was. Being ripped away from them the way I was and then finally waking up one day with my memories coming back to me in bits and pieces…. It was like losing them twice. Have I ever told you about my younger sister?” he asked as he finally turned to me.

“You’ve mentioned her a few times…” I answered softly.

“When Steve helped me get away from HYDRA I found out she was still alive so I tracked her down. She was in a nursing home that catered to patients suffering from dementia,” he scoffed and paused. “There were a few moments where she would remember me. She’d look at me and I’d know that she knew who I was. A few months after I found her she passed. When I went to the facility where she had lived to take care of everything they said she had told them to give me this box.” He paused and looked at it sadly. “You see… the day before she passed she had a moment of perfect clarity and she knew who I was and remembered enough of our talks during my visits to write me a letter. When she was done she tucked it in this box and handed it to her nurse and told her to make sure I got it. She went to bed and died sometime during that night.” He smiled sadly as he opened the box. He fished out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. I unfolded it gently and began to read it.


I know you worry about me, but you shouldn’t. I’ve lived a long life and a happy one. So when I’m gone – don’t dwell on what you wish had happened for me. I want you to let go of the past. You can’t change it and you shouldn’t punish yourself for it. Don’t waste your life chasing ghosts. You deserve to be happy. Please be happy.

Find someone that loves you and don’t let go. When you find them know that you deserve every minute of it. I wanted to give you mom’s ring. I’ve worn it every day since I can remember. My hope is you will find someone special to wear it.

Be present. Be loved. Remember who you are.

Your Loving Sister,



I looked up from the letter to see Bucky holding the ring. I couldn’t formulate a sentence let alone a thought. “I’m not asking you to marry me…. I’m not saying this is one of those ridiculous promise rings that Steve will not stop talking about…. I just knew last night… after you said you loved me…. that you’re the person I want to have this. I want you to wear it… I mean if that’s okay with you… When Rebecca gave me this I never thought… but somehow she knew before I did that you would show up one day…” he trailed off and looked at me hopelessly.

I had tears spilling over my lashes. “Of course I want to wear it!” I sputtered as I threw my arms around his neck. He chuckled softly and slid it onto my ring finger on my right hand. It was a perfect fit. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

“Now you see why I didn’t want to do this in front of Stark and the others,” he chuckled sheepishly. “I want you to have it as a reminder of me when I’m not here…” he added softly. I pulled him closer to me on the bed and snuggled myself next to him.

“Hopefully you won’t be gone as often – so I can just wear it because I love you,” I added softly.

He sighed and replied, “Hopefully. We should sleep a little more – it’s really early and I’m sure Stark has a full night of events lined out for us.”

“Mhm…” I responded groggily as I began to drift off to sleep.

Maybe I dreamt it but I thought I heard him whisper, “Merry Christmas, doll. If I’m lucky maybe one day this ring will be more than just a reminder.”

I woke up to Bucky shaking me gently. “Doll – we should probably get back to the compound,” he said softly. I blinked at him sleepily as I tried to wake up. Suddenly I realized I had nothing to wear but the red dress that laid crumpled on the floor.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” I complained as I turned over to try to sleep more.

“I have a pair of sweats and you can wear one of my extra hoodies,” Bucky added as he rolled me back towards him to keep me from falling back asleep.

“Fine,” I sighed grumpily. He smiled at me triumphantly as I managed to slowly get up from the bed and put on the clothes he handed me.

It was a cold December morning and the sky threatened snow as we hopped into a taxi to head back to the compound. I nervously twisted Bucky’s ring on my finger as we sat in silence. The feeling of the ring felt like some type of promise – a promise that he would always come back to me. The feeling was amazing – my heart began to race and my palms started to sweat. “What are you thinking about?” he asked quietly – the sound of his voice caused me to jump. I looked at him sheepishly as he raised his eyebrows in amusement.

“I… um… I was thinking about you,” I responded shyly as I stared at my palms.

“What about me?” I could hear a hint of amusement in his voice – he always liked catching me off guard.

“This morning.”

“Oh…” he sounded a little unsure of himself suddenly.

“I was just thinking about how this has been the best Christmas I have ever had,” I added sweetly as I peeked up at him through my lashes. His face erupted into one of his rare smiles – the kind that crinkled the corners of his eyes.

“Can I tell you a secret, doll?” he asked.


“This has been the best Christmas I have ever had too,” he said as he put his arm around me and kissed the top of my head. “I love you,” he sighed before kissing me again.

“I love you too,” I whispered back and grabbed his hand and held it in mine.

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Jack + Parallels | Threatening to shoot people

Someone asked the other day my favorite Bellarke fanfics and it’s the end of the year and I thought I would be a great idea to make a mastepost with MY favorite fanfics! So, here I am now! I will make it in categories to be easier for you. 

Please remember that most of them are from AO3 and FF. Also, I’m more into the action-adventure theme fics so you won’t find a lot of only-fluffy fics here… But I have some! And the order I put them it doesn’t matter. I love all of them the same! 

All the fanfics are after the cut.

Ps. Sorry for any mistake… If you have any problems with the links, let me know and I will help you :)

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With a smile you picked up the intricate paper plan that only Raphael would have thrown into your window. When you opened it you found the usual invitation to sneak into Hotel Dumort later that evening.

Once you’d completed your mission you headed out to the Hotel, your heart beating hard in your chest as you thought about seeing Raphael again. You made your way through the hotel to the usual meeting place only to find it pitch black.

“You know I always wondered what Raphael saw in the little warriors he collected… but I suppose I can see your charm.” The cold icy voice of Camille.

Before you could do anything you were being gripped by the neck, the vampire laughing as you slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

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Lie your body next to mine, 
let us dream of waking next to each other until we finally do
morning light stirring our bodies together;
you are the sugar melting into my coffee cup 
drawing out the bitter tastes
leaving a sweetness on my lips
that marks trails from your neck to your hip bones
while they are pointed toward the starless night sky that threatens us
that we can only answer in long languid moans 
and in waning crescent bite marks 
scattered across blank canvas skin 

Open starter: In the dark forest

The night was full of sadness and bad omens. Clouds had gathered in the night sky, threatening to pour rain down on Hithlum. The moon had disappeared behind the clouds, and only a few stars were visible. Their light was cold and weak, as if someone had tired to erase that light. A cold wind was blowing, forcing the long branches of the tall trees to quiver.

Huor had lit a torch and he looked sadly around him. There was nothing to see except the trees and the path that led to the inhabited area of Dor-lomin. He shivered due to the cold of the night and he started walking, wanting to shut himself in the comfort and warmth of his house. But, that moment, he thought that he heard a strange sound coming from behind. He turned around and he tried to pierce the darkness with his eyes. “Who is there?” he shouted.

Have We Met Before?

((A/N: I’m not even SORRY for Hospital Beds, but I am making up for it with today’s challenge. Decided to go with humor and fluff because it seemed the most natural for this. And because nothing says humor like Garth, I’m bringing my favorite side character back into business. Continuing with the one-week challenge by @deanxkatherine-af and initially tagged by @aprofoundbondwithdean!

Prompt: “We Met In A Dating App”

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Allusion to sex. Language. Fluff. ))

“Garth’s a good dude, Y/N. Helped me out back when Sam was getting married to Becky.” Dean smiled widely at the younger brother in the front seat of the Impala. Sam rolled his eyes. He’d tried very hard to forget that, so of course Dean wasn’t going to let it go. In fact, when you’d joined up with them about six months ago it was one of the first stories you heard. Mostly because Dean was trying to win you over. Also because it was funny.

“Are you always going to mention that?” Dean considered this as Sam looked over.

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Danielle didn’t know much about religion. Vlad hadn’t really taught her much about that. Instead, he’d taught her how to speak, to read and type, and use a computer, and then given her books on NASA so she could get on Danny’s good side. 

But she knew how to Google. And one of the first things she looked up was ghosts. And then ghost hunters. And then exorcisms.

And that was how she was first exposed to religion.

She avoided churches from that point on. 

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how to celebrate Beltane when low on spoons!

  • Staying hydrated w/ a big glass of water
  • Painting my nails the appropriate colors while relaxing w/ mrg uy girlfriend
  • Lighting candles around our apartment so that when we and our cat walk around them they will bring us good luck
  • Brought our plant baby inside, since it’s been getting too much heat (the weather spiked to 90 yesterday!) and the sky is threatening rain which we’ve had too much of lately! Save the baby!!!
  • Yesterday when I had more energy, I went out and picked a bunch of wild honey suckle, some clover, dandelions, and a good mushroom and set them on the altar along with a small tray of Oats (with a pink shell to tie back to the ocean ofc) sat next to my star holder and ocean water. I laid out a crystal grid containing amethyst, malachite, quartz, opal, sugilite, aventurine, jade, rose quartz, moss agate / tree agate, and a few other apropriately colored goodies! I also put some dried flowers into the mortar (Thyme, carnation petals, lavender, and some recently picked wild ‘lawn daisies’)
  • yesterday I cooked a meal with fresh vegetables and shit and I also baked dessert
  • White pillar candle with crushed mint, thyme, and a little dash of bay leaves for Beltane, wrapped in braided pink and purple thread. The closest I got to making ribbons an shit yall 

i’m gonna relax my ass off the rest of the day

Red String of Fate (FA - Yoongi)

*I tried for you honestly ;-;*

@snuggle-smut Hey there~  

Request: can i have an angst with a happy ending? Doesn’t really matter the plot, but lord I’m in for a tear-jerking story. btw haaaii~ (I was so close to ending it sadly omg)

Word Count: 3,573 words 

“Let’s do an exercise, shall we?” You just looked at her and she continued to smile at you.

“That’s the spirit. Great, I’m going to show you a series of colours and you tell me how you feel or what you associate them with. Can you do that for me?” You simply looked at her, not willing to talk to her and she took it as a yes.

Green. The colour of your mother’s favourite dress.

Brown. The colour of your father’s hair.

Pink. The colour in your mother’s cheeks.

Red. Your father’s coat was strained with it.

It was clear as day. You could still remember the way your mother looked at you, the way your father kissed your forehead before they left. The smiles they had on their faces, your smile and how you though how everything was going right. For once.

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Those words lost its sentiment each time you heard it. You could only reply with a thank you and hold their picture. You couldn’t cry anymore, having almost fainted from dehydration and nobody would answer you why you weren’t crying. You couldn’t scream either, you could only bow at the people who came to say goodbye.



It felt like you were drowning, every word you wanted to scream was just being swallowed up into air bubbles that would never reach the surface. The water was frigid, dark and inescapable. Every day felt like you were slipping deeper into this endless basin of water. You were surrounded by people but nobody noticed. Could they not see it?



“I’m sorry about her, she does this a lot.”

“Her session is in three months. Make sure she reattaches herself to the outside world.”

“Thank you so much, Dr.” Your brother dragged you out and you didn’t say a word. He was frustrated with you, you could tell by the way he angrily threw his lighter when it wouldn’t work. He put his cigarette back into the pack and you followed him to the car.


“You have to talk to someone.”

“I know, you’re still grieving and so am I.”

“All we have is each other now. I never imagined it would be this way but you can’t give up on me like this.”

“You’re all I have, Y/N.” He sighed as he parked the car in the driveway and you silently walked up to your room. It was hard on him as well. Your brother had to grow up fast, take on two jobs and go to university. Your parents saved up for the both of you, having ambitious plans for you and him but they won’t get to see that.

They won’t get to see you graduate.

They won’t get to see you get you diploma.

Your dad won’t walk you down the aisle. Your mother won’t cry on your special day. Your husband won’t have to worry about having a good impression on your dad. You won’t see your dad trying to teach your husband how to fish. He won’t tell him all the stories he told you when you were younger.

No embarrassing photos that your mom would show him.

All of that was taken from you. You had your brother with you, the only other person who could possible understand how you felt but he couldn’t cope with it himself.

So you kept drowning.


“You’re not naked, are you?” You almost cracked a smile and he opened the door.

“You heard what the doctor said, right?”

“You still talk to that girl, what’s her name? Hye Sung?” You shook your head and he listed more girls you used to talk to, resulting in the same response from you.

“None of them? Do you want to meet new people?” You shook your head and he sighed again, you put your hand on his head slowly petting the raven coloured hair. He had your grandpa’s hair colour, often acting as an old man because of it. He liked napping and you have trouble waking him up in the mornings but he was the hardworking person you’ve met.

“Will you try for me? I have a few friends that want to meet you. Can I invite them over?” You bit your lip, going over the idea in your head and seeing every possibility. His friends could be creepy, kind, strange, or good people. He wouldn’t let you around people that weren’t kind of weird.

“I’ll be there so if you feel uncomfortable, just tug on my sleeve. Do you want to try?” You slowly nodded, you couldn’t find your voice just yet but you want to try for him. You didn’t like your therapist, her tone and the way she pretended to care about your problems. She felt like an adult that would mock you when you left, not understanding the pain you carried with every step you took.

“When do you want to meet them?”

“In two days?”


“Goodnight, my dear baby sister.” He kissed your forehead and patted your head before closing your bedroom door behind him. You changed into sleepwear and let the sands of slumber take you.

You woke up to the grey clouds, the sky threatened to rain and you closed your window. You washed up, going downstairs to make your brother and yourself food. He came downstairs when you were in the middle of making his lunch and he yawned while scratching his head.

“Morning, sis.”

“Thank you for making breakfast.” He ruffled your hair, smiling while you hit his arm. You finished making his lunch and reheated your breakfast, the food beginning cold after waiting on the counter.

“Oh shit. I’m going to be late.”

“Bye.” He rushed out, forgetting his lunch and couldn’t call out to him. You grabbed the phone he gave you, texting him quickly

You forgot your lunch

I realized I was missing something when I started driving

Sis, can you bring it for me later? I have a meeting that’s up until lunch or I would have pick it up myself.


You slipped the phone back into your pocket and went to school. None of your teachers questioned why you didn’t speak, just expected you to do all your work on time and they would leave you alone.

Your phone buzzed, your brother telling you to bring his lunch and you took the bus to his office. You wandered past the front desk, looking for your brother when you found him talking to a guy while sitting on a desk.

“Y/N.” He hugged you and took his lunch from you, his friend making eye contact with you. His lips were perfectly shaped, his dark eyes oddly inviting and his build towering over you. You were in your school uniform making you stand out like a sore thumb and he cleared his throat.

“You must be the adorable little sister he can’t shut up about.” You bowed and he let out a hearty laugh, your pulse racing a bit.

“No need to be formal with me.”

“I’m Yoongi.” You bowed again, and he smiled at you.

“I said you don’t have to be so formal with me.”

“Your lunch break isn’t over yet, right?” You shook your head and they both looked at each other, standing on either side of you.

“Hey, Y/N, wanna eat with us?”

“I’ll drive you back to school.”

“Will you nod or shake your head no?”

You sat here while your brother and Yoongi chatted excitedly about a business proposal. You ate your apple and you heard Yoongi exclaim ‘Your sister made that’, wondering why he’s so surprised.

“Y/N, you’re an amazing cook.”

“See, I thought you wasn’t lying.” You rolled your eyes and looked at Yoongi.

“You should think about going into the culinary arts.”

“It’s time to go, isn’t it?”

“See you, Y/N.”You waved goodbye to each other and your brother took you back to school, just in time for you to run to your next class.

The day droned on, you lazily biking home and meeting your brother dressed in an apron. You went up to your room and came downstairs, changing into a tank top and shorts. You felt eyes on you, noticing Yoongi sitting on the couch and you froze.

“Cute hair.” You ran upstairs when your brother came out, looking at the two of you confused.

“What happened?”

“Nothing.” You heard him chuckle you put on a long shirt and leggings, covering more of your body before rejoining them in the living room.

“Yoongi wanted to come over for dinner today and you seemed to not hate him yet, so I let him come.”

“What do you mean she doesn’t hate me yet?”

“I mean you’re fortunate, my sister is very picky-ow.” You hit his head, smiling at Yoongi and glaring at your older brother.

“She’s selective.”

“It’s an honour.”

“Now, let’s eat.” You all went into the dining room, Yoongi sitting in front of you and your brother right next to you. You stole a few glances at Yoongi while he talked to your brother and he went to get a glass of water.

“Y/N, you’re in your last year of high school, right?” You nodded and he thought of other things to ask you.

“Do you want to hear a joke?”

“What do you call a magic owl?”

“Hoodini.” He started cracking up and your brother walked in with dessert, placing your favourite cake in the centre of the table.

“Is he doing his jokes again? I can throw him out now, if you want me to.” You shook your head and Yoongi let out a sigh of relief.

“My favourite.”

“Ah, where are your manners?” You laughed at how innocent Yoongi’s smile was and he looked at you.

“Oh, she laughed. Wow, that was cute.”

“Yah, are you making moves on my baby sister?”

“Maybe she needs another oppa in her life.”

“Yah, this fearless punk.”

“Y/N, you want oppa to live long, right?” You nodded confused as to why he was saying that and he answered your question.

“Don’t date this punk.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“Trying to flirt with my little sister in front of me. Don’t date men like him, you’ll make my hair grow grey.”

“Oh, I think I see a grey hair already.” You giggled again, your brother looking like he wanted to hit Yoongi but instead cut the cake. He gave Yoongi a small slice, him whining when he saw the size of your slice.

“Blood is thicker than water.” You playfully stuck your tongue at him and he looked offended.

“She just stuck her tongue out at me, did you see that?”

“Maybe it was your imagination.”

“Jin.” You ate your cake, loving the savoury flavour and you wanted to indulge in more but your brother took the cake back to the fridge.

“You’re a playful one, aren’t you?” You looked at him innocently, feigning ignorance to what he meant.

“Playing innocent now, I know your little games.” You raised your eyebrow and he got up. Your brother lead Yoongi to the door with his arm around your shoulders.

“Don’t stray, Yoongi.”

“Bye Jin and his cute sister.” He ran off before your brother could hit him and he closed the door.

“That punk, he never learns.”

“You feel comfortable with him, right?” You nodded, smiling and he smiled back at you. You went up to your room, happy that you found someone outside of your brother that you felt comfortable with.


That gummy smile and inviting eyes that you couldn’t seem to get out of your head.

You hit the floor, three angry girls standing over you and making the division between superior and inferior.

“You can’t talk because mommy and daddy aren’t here to speak for you.”

“You stupid mute. What, did you cut off your tongue?”

“Yah, who’s in the bathroom?”

“Oh shit.” They shoved you in a stall and walked out as if they did nothing wrong and you heard footsteps coming in.

“Y/N? Are you in here?” It was him, you banged on the door of your stall and he came in front of it. You opened the door and his eyes looked at you worriedly, seeing what those girls had done to you.

“They beat you up pretty bad, huh. Can you stand?” You tried to, winching in pain and he lifted you in his arms. He carried you out the bathroom, the eyes of the school on you as Yoongi the “mystery man” carried that “weird mute girl” out the school.

“And in case you were wondering, Jin told me to pick you today and you weren’t coming out so I had to find you.”

“And I have a feeling Jin doesn’t know about this.” You slowly nodded, knowing you can’t deny it after what he saw and he smiled.

“I like honesty. Now, why were they hitting you?” You looked for a memo pad and scribbled down, handing him the note.

“‘They think I’m pompous because I don’t speak.’ The kids these days. Why didn’t you tell Jin?”

“‘Oppa worries too much and he has it hard enough’ Wow, is that why you wanted to meet new people?” You nodded and he patted your hair.

“You’re a good little sister. I wish I had one like you.”

“‘You don’t have siblings?’ I don’t have ones that talk to me but I have an older brother like you.”

“‘I see. Oh, oppa we’re here.’ Man, I wish you could say it out.” You covered your cheeks, trying to control the blood rushing through them and he opened your door for you.

“Kim Seokjin! I brought her home and she may or may not have a new piercing.” He looked at you while you laughed a little at his joke. Your brother came in running, prepared to hit Yoongi when his eyes shifted to you.

“Min Yoongi, I swear to god if you- Y/N, who did this to you? My poor sister.” He walked over to you, squishing your cheeks and spilling out his worried thoughts.

“I have to call the school and it’s either they expel those people who hurt you or you’re transferring schools.” You tugged on his sleeve but he was in worry mode, guaranteeing that your attempt would fail.

“Wow, he’s so worried that he didn’t even notice I called him Kim Seokjin. Usually he would hit me for calling him that.”

“‘Oppa hits you?’ Yes, and hard. Your oppa is scary for a guy who dots his i’s with a heart.”

“‘He does?’ Your oppa does a lot of things.”

“‘Could you tell me more?’ O-Oh. Sure.” You pulled him to the couch, crossing your legs and sitting in front of him.

“Where do I start? Oh right.” You spent most of the evening just listening to Yoongi talk and you scribbling down what you want to say.

“I should probably go before your brother notices I’n still here.”

“ ‘Bye.’ Not even a goodbye.” You scribbled it down and tossed it at his head, giggling as he whined about the paper hitting him.

“Paper is sharp, you know. ‘Good night, Oppa’ You know, I want to hear from you, it sounds weird when I say it.” You shrug and he leaves when Jin calls you.

“They’re getting expelled, yay.”

“Why do you look so worried? Didn’t oppa do good?” You shook your head no, yo know for a fact that those girls are going to hate you now more than ever.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pick you up everyday or even Yoongi sometimes. I’m just so glad you finally opened up to someone.”

“Come on, let’s eat.” You knew how much Jin loved food and you ate with him. Your mind found its way to Yoongi, loving his childish side and how forward he was with you.

Maybe he was right, maybe you did need a new oppa in your life.

You were in your room, laying down on your bed when you heard your door swung open.

“Hey there.”

“‘Don’t you knock, I could have been naked’ That wouldn’t be so bad.” You threw a pillow in his face and he had a blank look on his face.

“You’re going to get it.” He ruffed your hair and you pouted. He sat on your bed and you looked at him, catching his eyes but unable to look away.

“Did anyone ever tell you how your eyes shine? There’s this little glint in your eye that just twinkles.”

“‘What are you saying?’ Ah, I’m just messing with you. Plus, you’re Jin’ little sister which makes you my little sister.”

“‘You’re not funny, oppa.’ It hurts more with that goofy smile on your face, aish.” You laughed and he cracked a smile. You liked spending time with Yoongi, he managed to make you giggle and his expressions were priceless. He was a great friend.

But your heart fluttered when he got too close to you, you liked the way he styled his hair or when he would rest his head on your shoulder and just fall asleep. He would call your reactions ‘ cute’ and flirt with you. Yet, every time you felt like he saw you differently, he would say he’s joking and you’re like a sister to him.

Is that all you could ever be to him? His best friend’s little sister?

“Oh, you’re-” You marched upstairs and shut your door. Of all the people in the world, why did it have to be her?



“Go away.” Your voice was foreign to you, the raspy voice didn’t seem like something your body could produce.

“As much as I’m glad that you just spoke two words to after three months of hanging out with you, I’m coming in.”

“I know I did something wrong but please forgive me.”

“Leave me alone.” He wiped your cheeks, you looking away as he continued to wipe away your tears.

“Not when you’re crying like this. I’m sorry, Y/N.”

“What does she have?”


“What does she have that I don’t? Tell me.”


“Don’t you see it? Don’t you see how much I like you? I’ve been liking you this whole time and you never once acknowledged me. Am I not good enough for you?”

“No, it’s not that.”

“It’s because of Jin oppa, isn’t it?”

“A little bit but-”

“Is that all I’ll ever amount to? Jin’s little sister?”

“Y/N, let me..”

“I understand. This is why I didn’t want to open up. People always hurt me.”

“I’m not like them.”

“You are, Yoongi.” He looked at you, you turned away from him and you heard him close the door behind him.

He was your first love. The first man besides your brother and father that you loved.



“It hurts, right?” You nodded as you sobbed into his shirt and he patted your back. He sang to you while you clenched onto his shirt, tears descending into his shirt.

“It gets better, Y/N, it’ll get better.”

You were in your room, now reeling over your first love and you heard the front door open. You went out of your room, sitting at the top of the stairs as Jin was standing there and blocking the face of the person at the door.

“Let me see her.”

“You’ve done enough, Yoongi. Go home.”

“I need to see her.”

“I won’t let you keep hurting my baby sister! The last time she spoke to me was when we were at our parents’ funeral, now it’s because of you.”

“I can’t leave without talking to her, Jin.”

“Leave while I’m being kind.”

“Y/N!” It pained you that your heart still pounded against your chest when he yelled your name. How could your heart be so cruel as to let that man be your first love?

“Get out, Yoongi.”

“Y/N! I want to see you!” You heard a thud and you rushed downstairs to see Yoongi clenching his jaw and Jin standing over him. He was about to hit him again when you hugged him from behind.

“Oppa, don’t hit him please.”


“Please.” You let him go and he stepped away from Yoongi, both of their eyes on you.

“What is it, Yoongi?”

“Does he have to be here?”

“Whatever you’re going to say to her, you can say to me.”

“Fine. Y/N, I’m an idiot. I know, it’s obvious, everyone and their grandma knows that. But I’m an idiot for losing you. I didn’t realize how much you mean to me until you weren’t there, how much I missed your giggles, your smile, your eyes. Just you. I should have said this soon but I’m a stubborn bastard that can’t admit when I lost something precious. I guess what I want to say is, can I be your new oppa?”

“Yes.” He pulled you in by your hips and Jin put his arm between you two.

“No kissing, you two.”

The gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.

This was the red string of fate.

Is this any good? Feedback is appreciated ^^ 

~Admin Blake