threatening sky

i was sitting there blowing out dandelion
seeds while the sky was threatening storms,
and i realized how brave it was. to continue
wishing for sunlight when i’ve been denied
it for so long. this year has been one grey
cloud after another and i’ve always been
left standing in the eye of the storm. me,
the girl who is turning herself pink, writing
of spring, and trying to learn to be the calm
instead of the clatter. it’s all been about
learning how to smile at an empty sky and
stop taking the abyss so personally. learning
that when i bleed out it isn’t pretty, but when
i spill words, it is. there’s a fine line between
being empty and starting to fill yourself back
up. i am a gentle creature by nature and this
means i attract predators more often than
allies. i’ve had to learn how to sharpen my
teeth into something that can do damage
and that’s why for weeks at a time my words
come out jagged and painful. this is not the
person i want to be, it’s more of a defense
mechanism. but this is still better than who
i was last year: scared to blow out the
dandelion seeds because i couldn’t stand
to lose anything else.
—  the bravest thing i ever did was run, angelea l.

(this debt you owe, you have to pay,
you have to fly, you have to fall)
you are so tired of burning.

Jim Kirk // edit 3/?

Lie your body next to mine, 
let us dream of waking next to each other until we finally do
morning light stirring our bodies together;
you are the sugar melting into my coffee cup 
drawing out the bitter tastes
leaving a sweetness on my lips
that marks trails from your neck to your hip bones
while they are pointed toward the starless night sky that threatens us
that we can only answer in long languid moans 
and in waning crescent bite marks 
scattered across blank canvas skin 

She's My Kind Of Rain, ayahina fanfic

Summary: Hinami likes dancing in the rain.

Rating: K+, fluff  | Words: 1,399k | Read on AO3 - If you like it, please reblog! ♥

A/N: ayahina time! I STRONGLY recommend you to listen to this song (x) while reading this. I wanted to do something simple and short, I love the idea of Hinami being someone that brings light and bewilderment to Ayato and the rest of the Aogiri members, the light inside the darkness. I remember she said in her diary that “there were many good moments” in Aogiri apart from the bad ones. I believe this fic gathers one of them. There’s also some Naki/Miza love because dkfjghdjhsg <3 I love Hina/Miza/Naki combination. 

For someone like Ayato, Tokyo always looks the same.

Same old buildings, same boring glassy sky that threatens with a storm that never comes, same old grumpy early-morning commuters crossing the streets with their eyes focused on their stupid phones, same old routine even for ghouls, being hunted and slaughtered by the same old doves while the rest of the world breathes, dies and exists.

Tokyo always looks the same, but not today.

Not today.

His eyes peer up at the sky through the dusky window in which he leans on, hands jammed inside his pockets as Tatara’s words resound inside his head like the annoying humming of a fly. He’s giving indications for the next mission, which takes place tonight under Ayato’s command, as usual, and Ayato nods with boredom while smelling the salty air caressing his messy hair. It’s been months since rain-attacked Tokyo, and Ayato can spot the first drop coming down from above and crashing against the thirsty soil. The lame sky follows suit, raindrops pulsing around him in sync with every beat of his heart and Ayato sighs, stretching his hand out of the window, welcoming the pleasant rain. Rain can heal many things, people say. It can heal a broken heart, a sleepless night, even drive away the bad spirits, but when Ayato’s fingers get impregnated by the cold water, he feels nothing. Absolutely nothing.

“Ayato,” Tatara warns, clearly annoyed that Ayato doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to him. “Are you listening to me?”

The boy sighs, feeling the impulse of shaking his moist fingers in Tatara’s direction and damp his face with some holy water, maybe hoping it can heal his stupid face.

But he nods instead, giving him a bored look.

“Yeah, yeah… understood.”

Tatara stares at him for a couple seconds, wanting to add something else, but he doesn’t.

“Just be ready for tonight.”

The door shuts down after Tatara leaves and Ayato’s eyes travel to the cold city again, waiting for something new, a change, a sign that there is something else out there besides Aogiri, a new motivation, a new reason to—


Suddenly, he loses his train of thought. His eyes flicker, paying attention to what’s happening down the building and he’s trying not to lean way too much, the window doesn’t have any glass, but his efforts to get a better view immediately vanish away once she comes into the scene, her head being visible from behind the door and Ayato’s eyes can’t focus on anything else anymore. He can’t.

Hinami smiles brightly, screaming Miza’s name again.

“Miza, look!” she yells, and Miza attends to her call with evident curiosity. She doesn’t seem to get it. “It’s raining!”

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Danielle didn’t know much about religion. Vlad hadn’t really taught her much about that. Instead, he’d taught her how to speak, to read and type, and use a computer, and then given her books on NASA so she could get on Danny’s good side. 

But she knew how to Google. And one of the first things she looked up was ghosts. And then ghost hunters. And then exorcisms.

And that was how she was first exposed to religion.

She avoided churches from that point on. 

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thesprouses  asked:

does this count as a prompt: beronica + "be your forever, be your fling"

It’s been four years. Betty’s hair is still the brightest shade of color and her eyes carry a blue-sky rainstorm threatening to crest–her mouth wide and rounding, with the top row of her teeth exposed. It’s been four years too long for Veronica’s taste–and she still thinks Betty looks her best with Veronica’s expensive, crimson lipstick smeared across her lips and chin.

send me a ship + a prompt and i’ll write you a 3 sentence fic

There is no feeling that is inherently ‘negative’.
'Negativity’ is only superstition.
A feeling only seems 'negative’ when it’s being resisted, fought, denied, suppressed.
You call something 'negative’ when you’re trying to push it out of the light.
When you’re comparing it with your dream of 'positive’.
When you’re against it, psychologically.
A shadow is never 'against’ light; a wave never 'opposes’ the ocean; a cloud in the sky never threatens the sky.
So sadness, fear, anger… they are not negative at all.
Not against life. Not a threat to inner peace.
They are pure energy, neither negative nor positive.
But alive.
Worthy of love.
Full of intelligence, power, even beauty.
Strip away the words 'sadness’, 'fear’, 'anger’.
Come out of the head, and into the living body.
Feel the tingly, burning, prickly, pulsating, alive sensations,
in the belly, chest, throat and head.
Shine the warmth of awareness there.
Strip away the ideas of 'positive’ and 'negative’.
Go beyond thousands of years of superstition.
Feel the life that burns, the amazing raw sensations of the body.
Breathe into these sensations. Oxygenate these tender areas.
Warm any discomfort with your tender presence.
See. There is no 'negativity’ here.
Only neglected parts of you
longing for kind attention.
—  Jeff Foster
the signs as sunsets

aries: thick grey skies torn with veins of shocking red sunlight striking though the darkness

taurus: hazy glowing sky dripping like molten honey

gemini: sapphire blue sky sparkles brilliantly defying the sun it will shine on

cancer: the palest watercolour sunset showers everything in fragile light

leo: crimson sky, a few scattered clouds burn like embers, the sun looks like it will never fade

virgo: electric pink sky illuminates the clouds above and the ocean below

libra: azure crystal sky speckled with cloud illuminated by the shimmering moon  

scorpio: onyx storm clouds shadow the sun everything looks alive

sagittarius: warm deep red clouds roll over the horizon looking warm but the air is cold

capricorn: violet skies thick with violent indigo clouds threatening rain

aquarius: a cobalt sky so deep a few bold stars are already in sight before the sun has faded

pisces: a magical dappled candy toned sky of pale pink and shadowy blue

  • Seungkwan: *gets a sun burn *
  • Seungkwan: *points to sun* You're just jealous I'm hotter than you!!
  • Seungkwan: and let me tell you jealousy gets you nowhere
  • The8: *stares for awhile* who are you talking to
  • Seungkwan: excuji moi.... *looks around him*
  • The8: ugh, *gets on knees* Dear boo, the best boo, the queen boo, The one and only boo
  • The8: who were you talking too?
  • Seungkwan: *clears throat* *makes a slitting throat motion*
  • The8: May I ask , who were thy talking too?
  • Seungkwan: The sun
  • The8: ....
  • Seungkwan: take it down from the sky, its threatening my position as the highest.... AND IT BURNED ME, do you see this??
  • The8: thats impossible.
  • Seungkwan: For something to be higher than me?? I know
  • The8: ....*sigh* I give up
the bad years

au - cs with a side of tinkerhook. 

new series-ish thing? or: weezly listens to musical theatre and writes whatever comes to mind. 

this drabble/fic/thing brought to you by: the bad years by kerrigan and lowdermilk. 


at what age do I have to stop smoking?

            Tink bugs him about it near everyday, and he thinks maybe’s that’s why he hasn’t quit.

            (Liam always did say he was a stubborn arse.)

            Or maybe it’s that the first time he ever smoked he was 15 and sitting next to Liam on the front stoop, Liam home on leave for the funeral. Maybe it’s because smoking reminds him of his brother—the smell of it clinging to his clothes even after he quit.

            (Tried. Tried and failed and tried some more.)

            First time he smoked a cigarette was the day they buried their mother, just her two boys and the priest from St. Luke’s and the wind, the sky threatening rain despite the oppressive humidity.

            He coughed, he thinks, and Liam might’ve laughed, but he stuck with it.

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Ichihime Week Day 4: Light/Darkness

Characters: Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime

Pairings: Ichihime (duh).

Ichigo thinks she’s always so bright compared to him. She just shines brighter, her smile and laughter like the sun that lights the sky and there are times that he’s afraid he’s overshadowing her like a storm cloud threatening to consume the sky.

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