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Kara has to choose between saving the ppl of national city from a bomb or saving the love of her life (the reader) from being tortured by the villain and slowly bleeding out

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Angst ahead. I’m sorry. 

“You have two minutes, Kara Zor-El. Time to choose. Tik Tok.” You vaguely heard the deep voice threaten Kara as he sped off, but it was hard to concentrate as you blinked in and out of consciousness.

You were lying limp on the warehouse floor, suffering from multiple gunshot and some slash wounds. With the amount of blood spilling out of you, you were surprised you were still awake, let alone alive.

You felt familiar hands on you, trying to plug up your wounds, but you knew it was useless, and you knew she couldn’t be here much longer.

“K…Kar…” You wheezed out.

“Shh, don’t talk.” You heard Kara’s voice trying to be strong, but was quickly wavering. “You’re…You’ll be Okay, Y/N. We..we just have to get you to a hospital and-”

“There’s….. no time. Y-you.. have to go-”

“NO!” Kara finally lost it. “I… I can’t… I won’t just l-leave you here. I-”

“The city… you have to…”

“I can’t! I… I love you, Y/N. I don’t know what I’ll do without you.” Kara sobbed.

“You’ll be a hero… y-you’ll do what you l-l-love…saving p-people…”

“But, I love you.”

“I l-love you… too. But, the c-city n-needs you…. y-you know it too… you..have t-o g-go.

“Y/N…” Kara could barely get your name out.

“It’ O-Okay-y.” You gave a sad smile. “G-go…please. Y-you’re running o-out of time…”

Kara finally nodded and started to get up, but not before capturing you lips in a searing kiss. “I’ll be back. I promise.”

You nodded. “I-I love you Kara… please don’t f-forget that… don’t f-forget me…” You wheezed out one last time before Kara sped off.

By the time she successfully defused the bomb, and got back to the warehouse, you were lifeless.

I forgot that during the Thordak fight, Scanlan had a brief conversation with him that consisted of Thordak asking him if thats all he had, scanlan saying yes, and then the dragon saying good in the most threatening satisfyingly terrifying voice imaginable. 

and Scanlan actually squeaks. He shrinks back, while in battle, and squeaks in complete terror. 

Its so cute, but at the same time so sad.

please be aware of all the ways autistic people are actively dehumanized, including

-acting like it would be better off for everyone if we didn’t exist

-being trained to obey, and punished for saying no

-using ‘worked with children with autism’ in a similar way to ‘worked with dogs’

-assuming we don’t have meaningful friendships that aren’t born of a neurotypical pitying us

-assuming we don’t have romantic relationships

-assuming we don’t have sex drives

-debating if it is ethical to allow autistic kids to be born

-denying the existence of autistic adults

-debating whether it is better to have an autistic child, or risk your child dying of a life-threatening disease

-silencing our voices in conversations about us

-treating us like a science experiment

-comparing autistic people to animals

-using terms like ‘put out of their misery’ when describing our murders

-justifying our abuse and torture

-etc, etc

EXO’s reaction when you(gf) perform troublemaker with another idol

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he is smiling, but his soul is long gone from his body


“what the flying unicorn kisses is goin on?”


*when he makes eye contact with the idol you’re partnered up with*


“..wait is that my..?”

*not amused at the fact that you didn’t tell him anything about it beforehand*


idol that you danced with: “so how did you think it was?”

*makes sure you are not around*

baek: “oh it was adorable! I want to bite you..”

*low threatening voice* “.. and tear you limbs off"


*glares at the male idol but then you look at him*


*quietly drinks his tea through the whole performance*



‘tsk, i would be such a better option for this performance’


*unhappy brat*

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Anti is radio static and distortion. He’s crazy and likes to drive you crazy by making you look for him. He wants attention and keeps it with anticipation.

Dark is glitches and intimidation. His glitches cause him to appear bigger and more threatening. His voice echos around you and makes you feel small. He wants attention too, but he only wants a little. He’s not as eager as Anti, but it’s been so long that his emotions are leaking through. He needs it now


There’s something wrong with me, Noah. Fix it.
Noah’s expression broke my heart as he brushed my hair from my face, and skimmed the line of my neck. ”I can’t
Why not?“ I asked, my voice threatening to crack.
Because,“ he said, ”You’re not broken.


Spotify has been giving me ads for the U.S. Army. A threatening voice announces that they are reading all my correspondence, spying on everyone in the whole world. Then suddenly the speaker is cut off, and a different one invites me to join the U.S. army, which has a team ready and willing to fight cyberattackers wherever they come from.

I assume they focused-grouped it and it must play well among their intended audience. But every single time I hear a solemn description of the thing the U.S. government is doing, I really sincerely expect it to encourage me to fight the NSA or give the ACLU money or something. And then it’s followed by an exhortation to join the U.S. military so I can stop the baddies doing it. It’s quite a reminder of how differently things play outside my bubble.

(im)patience is key.

➵ characters: seungri x reader
➵ genre: smut (right from the get go)
➵ wc: 2828
➵ summary: no matter where you are, seunghyun can’t keep his hands off you. and in the right circumstances, you can’t either.
➵ author’s note: seungri seems like the type to enjoy mutual masturbation, doesn’t he? this one has been completed for a week, i don’t know why i haven’t uploaded it yet. but it’s been on my mind for like a good year now. enjoy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

“Seunghyun, you better stop,” you said in non-threatening and shaken voice. Your lips parted as your breathing became heavier, relishing in the kisses Seunghyun placed along the side of your neck.

“Stop what?” he smirked against your skin, pretending to not know what you were talking about. His hand found itself on your elevated knee, as your leg rested over the other, cupping it to part your legs open, but you now simply crossed the opposing leg over the other. He tutted. “[Y/N], baby, are you denying me?”

“Of all places, here?” you whispered harshly. Seunghyun was usually well enough behaved to, if he was in the mood, either wait until you had arrived home or were in a place that you knew with absolute certainty that no one would see you. Tonight, however, the alcohol consumed in the bar was affecting him in another way, causing him to be brave enough to initiate a move inside the chauffeured car.

“What is it?” he peered up at you as you looked directly ahead, and Seunghyun’s eyes followed in the same direction. Uninterested by his surroundings he had forgotten that the partition was wide open and even though the driver was very much focused on the road, any curious human being would want a peak at the backseat in which Seunghyun was trying to loosen you up in.

Finally getting the hint, Seunghyun reached over your body and to the door which had the switch that controlled the partition, flicking it so that it would close completely. The divider moved upwards at a steady pace, but just before it was shut, the driver looked in the rear-view mirror, catching your gaze for half a second.

With the partition being finally closed with a light thud, Seunghyun’s hand returned to your knee. “Better?”

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On 12/13/14, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding & here I am almost two years later ever so impatiently waiting for her to go into labor so I can meet my new niece :’)
I’d like to say planning her wedding was fun but I hated one thing…getting that damn dress! I stalled on ordering it & I have the threatening voice messages still saved to prove it! 😂 Mackenzie’s wedding was the first time I came face to face with my post student-athlete body! I was convinced that since we started trying on dresses in March & didn’t need them til December, I’d have PLENTY of time for the size 18 I ordered to fit perfectly or loose if anything.
But my second fitting I went up to a size 20…and a month before the wedding I bummed it up to a size 22 so that my bust wouldn’t pop out & so I could breathe through the night 🙄 It wasn’t a happy moment, but I tried to stay optimistic & love myself through it all…but it was rough! As I started packing for Portland I found the beloved dress & of course had the slip it on.
Needless to say, it wouldn’t totally stay up 🙈 I wish I would’ve felt more beautiful that day along side my bestie but I’m damn sure gonna keep loving myself so I can be the best auntie to this beautiful little one making a late entrance! This dress isn’t only a huge NSV but a reminder & reality check if the important of self love! All love, no hate 💜✊🏾

i saw a criticism in the paper earlier that Kylo Ren wasn’t ‘intimidating enough’ when he removed his helmet. 

I think that’s the whole point of the reveal. You’ve spent the earlier part of the movie seeing a sinister mask and hearing this deep threatening voice expecting a fully trained Sith Lord underneath. Ren takes his mask off and instead you have this quite softly spoken, conflicted youngster with ‘kiss me’ lips. It’s supposed to throw you, you’re supposed to start questioning everything you think you know about him. 

Kylo Ren was never supposed to be ‘intimidating’, they deliberately chose to write in temper tantrums, they even made him pretty much cry. You’re supposed to wonder what the hell brought him to this point, to desperately wonder whether he will actually go through with what he is dispatched to do. 

They never wanted a cold, unapproachable ‘intimidating’ character, they wanted a character you felt confused over, who you almost thought might return home with his father, who you almost wanted to take Rey under his wing. 

Ren is capricious, vindictive, bitter, even ‘intimidating’ in his own way but you always wonder what drives that hatred, what is the source of his unhappiness? 

What happened to Ben Solo?

Working Late in the Lab

This week during the weekly meeting of the Committee on Smut it was decided that a certain roll play needed to be acted out between our favorite agents. So I wrote that up! I don’t remember exactly who was the first one to bring it up but I think it was @snowvitamins ;) Anyway you ladies enjoy. Please reblog! 

It had been 4 days 3 hours and 28 minutes since he and Scully had first slept together. Well the minutes might not be exact but they nearly are. Mulder had been keeping track of every glorious moment of it. The basement seemed lighter, Skinner’s voice less threatening, and cases less looming.
Her laugh drove everything he did during the day. He just needed to hear it, at least once, or at least a smile. And she was smiling, so much, and giggling even. 

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Imagine Dean when an angel threatens you

“Wouldn’t want a pretty face like hers to get all scratched up, would you?” the angel purred, brandishing a knife. “I’ll bet she screams your name and pleads for mercy–”

Dean leveled a hard glare at him, cutting the angel off. “You hurt her, I’ll come after you.” Dean took a threatening step forward, his voice low and dangerous. “And let me put it this way: it won’t be Y/N who is left pleading for mercy.”

Sokai Shipper Riku

I’m laughing so hard because imagine Riku finally hitting a snapping point in Kingdom Hearts 3 and constantly trying to set up these perfect moments for either Sora or Kairi to make a move, and every gosh dang time he gets thwarted, or one of them misses their window to act.
Then, one day, Donald and Goofy and Riku are getting ready to head out on a mission, but they can’t find Sora and Kairi. They look around the Gummi, and eventually find the two in an intense lip lock. Cue Donald and Goofy:
Riku grabs both of their mouths fast as a whip to shut them up. Because his OTP just went canon before his eyes, and he’s not about to let the Mickey Mouse wannabes ruin it for him. However, Sora and Kairi do get distracted when they hear Riku whisper in an incredibly dark and threatening voice:
I swear to Kingdom Hearts, if you finish that gawrsh, I will make sure it’s the last thing you ever say.

*NCT DREAM singing “chew chew chew chew chewing gum” for 3 whole minutes*