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About Today’s Net Neutrality Vote

Ooc: This is in regards to the Net Neutrality repeal. I know it’s long, but please, please read it. This is something we need to hear.

I understand that the vote on the Net Neutrality repeal is disheartening. I know it feels hopeless now, we’re all worried the worst could happen. But here is what you need to understand, what you need to remember: You cannot, cannot, give up. It’s not yet over.

I came across an article that came out during the announcement on the repeal vote. The link for it is here. I want to bring to your attention a particular paragraph:

“The good news is the internet won’t change overnight, if it all. Blake Reid, a clinical professor at Colorado Law, says the big broadband providers will wait to see how the inevitable legal challenges to the new FCC order shakeout. They’ll probably keep an eye on 2018 and even 2020 elections as well. The courts could shoot down the FCC’s order, or, given enough public pressure, Congress even could pass new net neutrality laws.”

This means that this repeal can be overturned by Congress, and the court cases that are indeed inevitable, especially how Ajit Pai handled the situation regarding the public comments. The courts could even block this repeal, just as they have with the bans the administration previously attempted. It’s going to be a long, rough road for this repeal still, and we can still fight it.

Stay vigilant, demand to know what your Internet Service Providers plan to do. You are the customer, you are giving them your money, you deserve to know. Keep putting pressure on them. If they try to do any of the things warned like bundling, tiered services; come together and show outrage, don’t let them hear the end of it until they back down. Treat this like how EA tried to do with Loot boxes.

If Americans are good at one thing, it’s raising Hell when we get slighted. Trust me, these corporations will back down when millions of their customers are angrily threatening their money. We’ve been fighting for our rights before the internet even began and succeeded, we can still fight and can still prevail yet again. They cannot take away our rights promised to us by the Constitution, no amount of money or lies can take that away from us, nor stop us from fighting.

Keep the pressure on your Congress too. Call them, email them, tell them you want them to do anything and everything in their legislative power to keep Net Neutrality alive. You cannot give up. You owe it to yourself to keep fighting. We have what they don’t: numbers. If we come together and push relentlessly, we will prevail.

Don’t give up. The fight isn’t over yet.