threat intervention

This is written in response to that meta I posted a few days ago.

If Juno has a penchant for partners “with an active desire to do him harm”, you can bet that’s going to have ramifications elsewhere.

I thought it deserved some exploration.

There’s nothing violent on the page, but there are themes of past abuse, so tread with caution.

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(Treason anon) It actually would have been more interesting to see what everyone was up to in the future [not domesticated or strangely absence], or even training the new generation in case something happened and they're prepared for any potential threat this time.

No kidding. That’s what made the abject failure of 25YL as a story so truly infuriating- there was literally endless potential there, and somehow, SOMEHOW it was all squandered on sweet sixteens and teenage pajama parties. 

Like… what if Sally reforming the government into a more democratic institution resulted in the surviving remnants of the nobility working to subvert it so they can get their original privilege back? Did the rampant abuse of the Roboticizer and the destruction caused by Robotnik’s actions cause an anti-technology backlash movement to crop up in the peace time? Without Robotnik holding them in check by deign of being the biggest, baddest thing around for the last decade, what new evils were unleashed in the world without the threat of his intervention to keep them at bay? Are all the next generation following in their parents footsteps, or has something gone wrong for more than a few?

On and on and on… but noooo. Sonic having a midlife criss was CLEARLY what the people wanted. 

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005:"I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy." - Lexstra :D

Alexstra + 005: “I don’t wanna get up– you’re comfy.” 

“I want to leave,” Alex hissed, grabbing at the headboard and attempting to pull herself up. Astra mumbled something into her neck, not bothering to move. Alex was currently trapped underneath an impressively still immobile Kryptonian. At ten thirty on a Saturday morning. Ten thirty. 

She was usually awake by five and halfway through her day by ten thirty. She’d woken up three times that morning already only to find herself incapable of moving even an inch. Alex had grumbled each time and slowly fallen back asleep. But this was the last straw. It was ten thirty. There was daylight streaming through the windows and she could hear cars out on the street. It was about damn time that Astra woke up and got the hell off of her. 

“Astra. I’m going to very calmly ask you one more time to get up. And then I’m going to start screaming until the neighbors hear me and call the police,” Alex said, wondering if even the threat of police intervention would make her get up. It didn’t seem to faze her. 

Alex tugged her pillow out from underneath her head, groaning a little when her head hit the mattress harder than intended. Coordination was difficult when her main focus was on the fact that she couldn’t feel her toes anymore. 

“I’ll suffocate you. I know for a fact that Kara can only hold her breath for about forty-five minutes. You’ll start to cave after about minute forty-three, I’m sure.” Alex held the pillow over Astra’s head threateningly. Astra tilted her head to the side, sleepily gazing up at the woman threatening her with a pillow. 

“I don’t want to get up. I’m very comfortable right here.” 

“Yes, well, I can’t feel my toes. And you’re currently pressing your elbow into a bruise on my hip, which, by the way, you caused in the first place. And it’s ten thirty and I have actual things to do.” Astra just closed her eyes and dropped her head back down onto Alex’s shoulder, not particularly caring whether or not Alex had other things to do. “I will do the screaming thing, don’t test me, woman.”

“I was under the impression that the local law enforcement were under strict orders to never respond to any disturbances from this residence and instead to report all calls received about this residence directly to Director Henshaw.” Alex could feel her threat slipping away into nonexistence as the smirk started to grow on Astra’s face. “And while I do not care whether or not your Director Henshaw shows up here, where you are currently in bed with the Kryptonian ex-hostile you are supposed to be ‘supervising’, I have a feeling that you might. And I doubt he would come alone considering that the police will have told him that there were reports of ‘screaming’.” 

“Just- you know what- How are you even this logical thirty seconds after waking up?“

“Even if the local law enforcement did deem to directly handle the disturbance call, what exactly would you expect that they would be able to do? If you cannot force me to move, what makes you think that they could?” 

Alex, in her vast frustration with the other woman, could think of no other options than to stuff the pillow back under her head, grumbling the entire time about selfish Kryptonians. 

“You are one of the most insufferable people I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing. I just want you to be aware of that.” 

“Just one more hour or so,” Astra whispered, shifting her weight off Alex a bit, “Is that any better for your toes?”

Prompt: Kanders, #11, from @lymonster7. There’s no way for Kanders not to get a bit angsty.


In the Circle tower, where the windows were narrow and the time outside was limited, it was extraordinarily hard to experience weather, much less get a hold of snow, but somehow Anders had managed it, practicing with ice magic until his fingertips were near frostbitten, until the snow was fluffy enough not to hurt, soft enough to melt slowly in his hand, and hard enough to hold together.

The snowball was perfect, a masterpiece beyond measure, and he kept his hands carefully gloved and freezing, risking his health, just to show it off.

Karl asked to see it, and Anders grinned and handed it over with a flourish.

With the other apprentices looking on from their bunks, Karl hefted the snowball in his hand, a contemplative look on his face. Anders’ eyes widened in alarm, yelping, “Don’t you dare - ” just before the puff of ice hit him in the face.

The only reason it didn’t descend into a fight was the threat of Templar intervention, and the fact that Anders didn’t have any more snowballs saved up. He pouted, and Karl pet his hair soothingly. “You’ll make another one. Better, this time.”

“There’s no better. That was perfect,” Anders protested, but the gentle touches were getting to him, and he sighed in contentment.

“Someday, I’m going to see real snow again, Karl.”

“I know, Anders.” The lie was as soothing as his hands.

okay but everyone knows nothing actually works to discourage Grantaire from drinking

like threats, bribes, interventions, programs, encouragement, games, whatever, he don’t care, they all fall flat

until one time he’s sitting next to Enjolras’ table in the Café Musain and he’s lifting his drink to his lips and Enjolras mutters something and it’s just something totally stupid and inane like, “Just lay me on a guillotine why don’t you” or something while he’s working on his homework and Grantaire overhears it and for some reason it’s just so fucking funny and he just snorts and chokes and has to set down his drink because damnit Enjolras and every time he tries to pick it up again he can’t because all he can picture is a tINY ENJOLRAS SITTING ON THE RIM OF HIS GLASS DRAMATICALLY AND SOLEMNLY PROCLAIMING HE WOULD RATHER BE GUILLOTINED and he just can’t stop snickering in exasperation and eventually he just gives up and turns to Enjolras accusingly with a glare and goes “I can’t finish my drink because of you”

and Enjolras just blinks and goes “What?” but figures it out after watching the other keep trying to drink before covering his mouth and muttering “Guillotines…” and eventually giving up

but like Enjolras intentionally does this again the next time he sees Grantaire picking up a bottle next meeting, just says something random and inane and stupid and out of place and Grantaire just snorts and has to put it down to cover his head because god fricking damn it Enjolras only it KEEPS HAPPENING

every time Enjolras spots him lifting a drink, even if he’s in the middle of a conversation on the opposite side of the room, he’ll suddenly whip his head of blonde curls around and give this intense glance and say something like “I’D SUFFER ANOTHER REIGN OF TERROR TO CHANGE THIS WEATHER” and Grantaire will just slam down the bottle cos FUCK and it’s so frustrating trying not to laugh because it’s NOT EVEN FUNNY IT’S JUST STUPID DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE AND FRICK

but despite the weird looks Enjolras keeps getting he still does it and it becomes his own ridiculous little anti-drinking campaign

(Grantaire swears he’s going to throttle Enjolras when the day comes that he looks at a can of beer and can only hear Enjolras’ voice pealing out some godawful French-Revolution-related pun, but as much as he won’t admit it it’s actually been having a significant effect on his intake and the more drinks he puts down the easier it is to do it when no one’s around)

((and then they make out maybe))