melodioustomcat said: ==> purrs and nuzzles ><>< Hehe yep! She’s my wrrestlin buddy! But she always wins ):< I swearr she cheats somehow.. Ah well, It’s nice ta meetcha Therral’s mommy! E: ><><                           

Lioness: ohhh so yourrre thhhe one whhho thhhrrreal wrrrestles withhh!! thhhrrreal talks about you sometimes i thhhink?? shhhe thhhinks its funny when you get upset when you lose!! heheheheheheheee :o3

Lioness: shhhe dosent chhheat kitty… shhhe learrrned furrom thhhe best!! aka mew :o3

Lioness: nice to meet you too kitty bengal mewwww

==> Purrs softly.

energetichoardest replied to your post: .:Pokeprod:. Hiiiii therrr~e! o Uo

[]-[]h dea~rrr! .:Slight pause, light sneeze:. U~m. Hiii therrre missu~s! I’m arrerrrgic t[] cats, eXcuse m~e. ‘u’

PC: hehehehe aww its no purroblem, im covered in myyy lusus’s furr… :o3

PC: i just need to tayke a bathhh at some purroint hehehehe :o3

PC: anyyywhhhooooooooo

PC: whhhats yyyour nayme? :o? im thhhearl!