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Fic: Friends, Benefits, and All Those Stupid Feelings

For the fic meme thing from the other day, an overwhelming number of people promted: "You are cute but we’re not going to be a thing.“

Skank!Kurt, Klaine, ~4,700 words

Thanks to Emily for reading this over on really short notice.

The first time it happens Blaine is surprised at first, but definitely very happy. He’s been fascinated by Kurt since the day he first saw him, unable to stop staring at him whenever he had the opportunity; he hasn’t seen very many guys with pink streaks in their hair and eyebrow piercings and a constant scowl on their faces who also managed to look so … adorable at the same time. Fascination had quickly turned into a bit of a crush, and he’d just barely managed to not squeal with excitement when their English teacher had paired them up for a semester-long project.

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