Power Rangers comin atcha!

Nostalgia is a funny thing. While revisiting some shows of old, I stumbled upon some familiar faces. The Power Rangers! I thought to myself how fun it would be to redesign the beloved helmets of one of the Rangers. I had so much fun doing this that I decided to make a series of the original helmets!

Here’s a link to check them out. Thanks!


There are so many potentially romantic Valentine’s Day gifts printed with my designs available at Threadless: Cases for the phones that organize the rendezvous, shirts to be shed and flung on the floor, pillows to be swept off the bed in our haste, and wall art to stand as mute witness to the debauchery.

Also, tote bags to carry our shit home because apparently we’re not important enough to rate a drawer.

Mulder! Scully! There’s something behind you! “Intersection” by Ibrahim Dilek is currently the highest scoring submission in our X-Files design challenge with Loot Crate!

Artists, there are only 6 days left to submit to this challenge for a chance at $8,000 and your t-shirt design in a Loot Crate box!


And just in case you didn’t think it was cake or you wanted to see it from another angle, here’s another little clip from the timelapse. Full video link in profile. Thanks @mistermonkus for making the first cut! #chocolate #unleashyoursweettooth #threadcakes #threadless #instacake #vcbfood #instagood #timelapse #nomnom