threaded flowers

The mind I love must have wild places, a tangled orchard where dark damsons drop in the heavy grass, an overgrown little wood, the chance of a snake or two, a pool that nobody’s fathomed the depth of, and paths threaded with flowers planted by the mind.
—  Katherine Mansfield, Katherine Mansfield Notebooks: Complete Edition

aquarius is a room full of art, there is the sweet melody  of the panflute god plays his most inspirational thoughts through there is the rainbow loom of the weaved bows and threads of flower children and the halo of their saturn ring of daisies

it’s always tomorrow in the aquarian heart, the future is in her eyes and
the stars sparkle even brighter
she is nocturnal, something about the aquarius frequency is eternal, bathed in intuitive goodness and peachy soda
her life is a blue myth of its own, written in sky script, neon glitter pens
aquarius glows fluorescent in the dark

aquarius is a room full of art. there is the sweet melody  of the panflute god plays her most inspirational thoughts through. there is the rainbow loom of the weaved bows and threads of flower children, and the halo of their saturn ring of daisies

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Does this mean you don't support Sonic and Amy as a pairing? :/

ooc :// i do support them as a couple actually ! my former post was just me stating that platonic is just as cool and needs to also be addressed more. the games often make amy be there for a running gag or for slapstick purposes. we don’t get to see a lot of sonic & amy being friends or what their friendship is like and how them both have a healthy friendship. we get little clues sometimes but otherwise it’s the typical ‘ sonic runs from amy / amy talks about ‘her’ sonic over and over ’ scenarios. amy is seen at times as very optimistic, peppy, and willing to help others be happy. something that sonic is similar to – wanting to make others happy & smile – in many ways. it would be neat to see how they work a friendship together and see their relationship isn’t just there for slapstick or gags.

example: i love her in sonic dx simply because she admits she wants to become more independent and ‘show sonic’ she can. that’s a neat concept and i wish we saw more of that attitude. not just her ‘doing races or going places because he’s there’ but doing things so she can improve and actually have things to bond over him with ! being able to fight her own battles was a huge step for her and she’s gotten so much stronger ! but it’s often plagued with ‘damsel in distress’ scenarios or slapstick that makes her seem like just a fangirl that would be an annoyance.

* also in dx: it was nice to see her story not be entirely sonic-driven but her helping out her ‘new friend’ in dx and fighting her own fight with the occasional sonic moment included lmao.

show me mutually beneficial sonic & amy friendship!!! where they feel cool sitting together!!! and sonic won’t be tensed up and amy won’t constantly be making remarks of dates!!! she can maybe once ( in a completely joking manner ) but after that have her and sonic bond more and be seen as friends !!!  amy cares for sonic but sometimes the games makes her show it in ‘funny ways’ and sometimes sonic also treats her as just a pain / annoyance ( which i can see why ) but the writing just needs a little tweaking tbh.


“You have to sit still anyways, while the medicine works. Might as well make you pretty.”

in which Aerith bandages up Cloud and threads some nice flowers in his hair c’: He’s not grumpy cos she’s touching him but probably grumping over the fact he got hit in the first place. (he was probably covering her and didn’t get the chance to pull up his guard ●︿● ) 

get them as a cute tote bag here!  (◡‿◡*)

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✧ First Flowers // open

The first bloomers had sprung in the late morning, when freshly-fallen dew still had yet to dry. With the sun still low (at least, comparatively to the later day), Maribelle took it upon herself to enjoy the mid-day spring in full fashion: a basket of fruit, her parasol (in case), and a fan (also in case). Of course, there were still cases to prepare for, so her free time dwindled with every passing second, but it surely wouldn’t hurt to slow down for a moment and enjoy the peaceful morning, yes?

Fresh air was a necessity, after all, and a few peers had expressed concerns that she was going to turn ghostly pale if she spent any more time in the court library. “Work hard, relax later” her father had told her, but Maribelle had little self control and might just work herself to death if not for the intervention of friends. Which she had relatively few of.

It seemed she was not the only person who had decided to venture out, but she was certainly the best-dressed. Most of the other flower-viewing attendees were common folk at worst and middle class at best, and most all in groups from twos to fours aside from Maribelle.

She made to sit, but paused, disgruntled, as she realized she would have to sit on the very-much-still-wet grass, with her very-much-expensive-and-nice dress. For all her preparedness, she had forgotten to bring a quilt. Maribelle shuffled in her spot, trying to appear as normal as possible, but failing spectacularly; nobody could tell whether she was lost, stuck, or had to use the lady’s restroom. and most onlookers had elected to ignore her out-of-place presence.