threaded barrel


FNX-45 Tactical

Polymer framed .45 ACP pistol made by FN, it is sometimes viewed as one of the best “tactical” handguns out of the box. With raised sights, threaded barrel, and a 15+1 capacity for a .45 ACP, it often gets compared to it’s rival, the HK Mark 23, which is a much older pistol. Although accurate, it isn’t flawless. Freshly bought FNX-45′s are known to have slight feeding issues which according to the FN forums can be fixed by keeping your mags loaded for a week. It seems this breaks in the springs enough to allow for problem free feeding. (GRH)



Just a few of the new lever action rifles being offered by Henry in 2017.

1.)  H001TLB Frontier: Available in either .22 LR or .22 Magnum, it has a 24″ long threaded barrel for use with suppressors.

2.) H018-410 Shotgun & Carbine: Chambered in .410 gauge, these two shotguns are based on their .45-70 Govt models. Full size version uses a 24″ barrel, the shorter carbine uses a 20″ barrel.

3.) H012AW Big Boy All Weather:  .44 Magnum lever action with polymer stock and handguard, it is finished in matte hard chrome to resist corrosion from the elements. It is much lighter in weight when compared to Henry’s other .44 Mags due to the round barrel instead of octagonal.

Snow shoeing up in the mountains with @alaskamauve and with a #P&SSpecial / #fauxlandspecial Glock 19.

The Roland Special is very popular and is a very specific build… by a now retired Army commando “Roland”.  ATEi offers complete builds for Roland builds, and lots of people have been making clones.  The main things you want are.

1.  Mounted RMR:  You are freed from iron sights’ sight radius… accuracy unlocked.
2.  Full size Weapon Mounted Light (X300 or TLR-1 preferred).  Being able to see and ID things at night is smart.  Helps control recoil thanks to weight.
3.  Match grade threaded barrel and comp.  Increased accuracy is nice, and the comp reduces recoil to make dot tracking easy.  The comp’s side benefit is that it keeps carbon off of the weapon mount light’s aperture.
4. Conceal Carry Mag Well:  Low profile mag wells work great to funnel fingers on the larger hands, and aid in grip/control is less than ideal situations, while speeding up reloads. 

Picked up another G19 and i’ll keep it stock for a bit to have it act a foil to the tuned up ones I got! 


A buddy of mine asked yesterday if I’d ever heard of Arex pistols which I had but I didn’t know much about them so I decided to do a bit of research. The Arex Rex Zero 1s is being called a Sig p226 clone but I’m not really buying that simply because the controls are in similar places there are significant differences (training wheels oops I mean a manual safety for one). Overall it looks like a decent firearm at a pretty good price. The reviews all seemed very positive performance, ergonomics, fit and finish all get high scores. The company has 3 different variations standard, combat & compact, 3 different color choices for the lower assembly black, foliage green and FDE and they offer threaded barrels for use with a suppressor.
It looks like a pretty nice Pistol but what would worry me is the availability of parts, even with the finest firearms things do eventually wear out and break.
The Arex Rex Zero 1s is made in Slovenia and it’s being imported into the U.S. by FIME Group.


Ruger Gunsite Scout

Bolt-action rifle chambered in either .223 or .308 depending on the model. Uses a detachable box magazine, with 5 or 10 round polymer or steel options. It does have iron sights as well as a rail system for mounting optics. All Gunsite Scouts have a 16″ free-floating threaded barrel with flash hider. The owner/seller of this particular rifle did a camouflage job on it, which can help or hurt resale potential depending how well it was done. (GRH)

My current pistol line up as of Today. 

M&P Shield - 9MM - Apex Duty carry trigger | XS big dots

G32 -357 SIG - Pyramid Complete trigger kit | XS big dots | tungsten Guide rod | ZEV Magwell | Moose Knuckle cut | Vickers Slide/Mag releases. 

G17- 9MM- Pyramid Complete trigger kit | Trijicon suppressor height NS sights | Dawson magwell | Vickers Slide/Mag releases | VEX cuts | RMR 06 | ZEV dimpled / threaded barrel | Tungsten guide rod | Grip reduction and super heavy Stippling. | Taran Tactical +5 base pads on stock G17 mags. 

Everything I own has an Armiger Solutions holster. 


FN FNX-45 Tactical

Semi-auto .45 ACP chambered pistol that is often considered one of the top choices for tactical shooting. The threaded barrel makes it suppressor ready, and the slide is milled from the factory to accept an array of red dot options. Although popular, it is somewhat expensive once you start adding on all of the extras to get it setup into a similar configuration as the one in the photos. (GRH)

Remington 700

Modified pair of Remington’s flagship bolt-action rifle, the 700. Due to its long standing popularity with hunters, law enforcement, and military forces across the world, it has been adapted for many different roles. The ones in the photo have aftermarket magazine kits and stocks, as well as being chambered in .223 (top) and .308 (bottom). Note the threaded barrels for muzzle devices such as compensators or suppressors. (GRH)