clean up your look for winter & always bring flowers.

This blazer has becoming my go over the past month. Its a great color & fabric with all the right details (unstructured, button cuffs, duel vents, patch pockets & narrow lapel) - Gap x GQ - Ian Velardi did a fantastic job with this piece & i couldn’t be happier.

Shoes are new, suede Allen Edmond Amoks. Pretty solid after 3 weeks of (nearly) everyday wear, finally picking up some water marks & truly breaking in.

Denim is new, well - not new, but new. My 2 year old RT stanton’s may have been hung up for good recently. Even after the Self Edge denim repair treatment, the crotch in my stanton’s blew out again, so with heavy encouragement from those dear to me, i moved on. to a new pair. I macgyver hemmed them for a cropped look - still getting used to them.

blazer via gap x gq - ian velardi
v neck long sleeve via old navy
tie via ernest alexander
shirt via ernest alexander
pocket square via unknown
lapel flower via hook & ALBERT
denim via rogue territorry
shoe via allen edmond 

smile at someone on the street today.


budget balance.

don’t dress yourself with pricetags, its okay to mix and match. investment pieces with economically responsible tweaks & details. it’s about finding the right balance. we’d all love to have closets full of quality and shoeboxes full of cash but we're  i’m not there (yet). building a wardrobe is about spending smart and having realistic expectations for our clothes.

blazer via landsend kids (tailored in length) : $65 total
pocket square via joann’s fabric : $6 (pack of 3 fabrics)
shirt via epaulet : $150
belt via billy kirk : $35 (discount/sale etc)
denim via baldwin : $232
bag via army navy : $16 (DIY bleach experiment) 
loafers via to boot new york : $150 (discout/sale etc)

play to your strengths, pay attention to sales but realize quality when you see it.  try to stay balanced.


part 3 of the dockers series with jace, and my favorite result. 

i had my eyes on these Copen Blue Alpha Khakis for awhile. this color was pretty peculiar to me and well, i dig peculiar. 

I really tried to have fun with these - a pair of my favorite socks, a quick knit tie and a bunch of casual - it was an outfit i was really comfortable in. and those are always the best kinds.

the Alpha Khaki has a great fit and a comfortable taper - i dont advise everyone to jump to spandex pants (like i occasionally wear) but for those of you trying to take steps in a more ‘fitted’ look, I couldn't recommend the Alpha Khaki any more. Slim in the thigh, room in the calf w/ a nice leg hole taper - a universally accepted & generally complimentary fit.

blazer via landsend kids (tailored)
shirt via club monaco
tie via thetiebar
pants via dockers alpha khaki
socks via happysocks
shoes via florsheim 

photos by grant heinlein

its worth the wait.


pineapple jacket & banana pants - the fruit suit.

work has been insane lately and i find myself wearing all-black-everything all week. so, i fuse 5 days of borderline outlandish clothing into my day off. project nyc happened to be on that day. where sandbox studio had an awesome pop-up studio that made me look much prettier than i am.

1960s military jacket w/ pineapple canvas collar lining.
j.crew t shirt
j.crew outlet pant w/ yellow dye job
alden loafers

uniforms drive me crazy.

rootbeer on the roof.

NYFW had a real effect on me stylistically & personally.  first off, i now use ridiculous words like ‘stylistically’ but aside from my prolifically expanded slightly affected vocabulary, i’ve also started taking more style risks. i wear what i want, rather than what i think people here want to see. granted, being in NYC does help but my wardrobe has gotten more fun recently.

hat via 'indiana jones’
bandana via unbranded
cardigan via unbranded
shirt via gildan
pant via rogue territory
shoe via allen edmond

rootbeer is good.
(that was profound)



1960’s military shirt $20
grey bandana $2
thread & materials $6

i scored this killer military jacket in new hope PA last time i was around home, after some quick drafting and detail confirmation i commissioned this really pretty chick who knew how to use a sewing machine. the results are stellar, and i have my new favorite light weight jacket.

denim via baldwin
belt via gap
flops via clarks 

write down all of your ideas in ink. make them happen.

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