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[text: Aiden] Oh I won’t be!

[text: Aiden] See you this weekend!

Aiden laughed as she looked at her phone, shaking her head. She put it down on the dresser before going back to packing her clothes. Now that this was an official date. She decided to pick things she would normally wear for a date. She bit her bottom lip, thinking of what might happen. 

Once the day arrived for her to get Shay, she was nervous, driving to her place. She took deep breaths, trying to not back out of it. 

kicking off the verse with Moran siblings
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    “ Before you ask – I didn’t touch it.”

Liar, it’s tucked away with his leather jacket and the nice bottle of vodka you pinched last week. 

    “ And even if I did, I’m not telling you where it is till you stop ignoring my texts. I don’t care how preoccupied you are, it’s important.”


Sam looked over at her boyfriend as her niece announced that the small present in her hands was from Danny. Sam was admittedly a bit puzzled about why her three year old niece was delivering it, rather than Danny, but she tried to ignore it. She crouched down to her the toddler’s eye level, thanking her for the present and then standing back up. Her best guess was that he had bought her some earrings or some sort of prank ring, probably after being encouraged by her brothers. The present wasn’t exactly big enough to hold anything else. “Should I be worried?” she joked as she shook the box in her hand, hesitating before she opened anything, especially in front of her mother’s video camera. 

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“I did not start it, he absolutely deserved it, and I’m not going to apologize.” He may have gotten into an argument with one of the other servants, which might have ended with Lucas punching the man in the nose. It might even be broken. He’s still not sorry. He didn’t start the argument but he sure as shit ended it.

“Alright, who’s ready to get smooched tonight?” Kyle let himself into Nadya’s apartment, holding up two Vodka bottles in the process. 

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‘I used to be your girl’

Azealia Banks - Soda
Soda is my favourite track on Azealia’s album. While the track is upbeat, there is a sadness to the lyrics.

'Tried to hide behind tired eyes,
I sigh
I’m tired of trying to try not to cry and
I say soda, soda !
Tye dye O’er
I roll the dye
I coast, I dose, I..’

On The Hunt

He had been laying down on his back in a dark room. It typically started out this way, but this time…something different happened. The blue branching marking on his shoulder had started to stretch down his arm and had curled around his neck. And the familiar pain began to set in again. That same spiked pain of feeling a blade, only this time, it followed the branching as it spread down his arm. 

He had been asleep. His chest pressed against Sadie’s back and arm wrapped around her, the flinching was slight at first.t. Although the longer he was asleep, the more his mind was able to drift into the horrible images that had swirled in his head, of himself, of Sadie, of Vera and Sara, of Sam…

Sam. His absence had began to bother him even in sleep. 

His breathing picked up and the flinching became more violent. 

I can’t stop drawing feral kids and it’s getting weird.

I actually don’t have any kind of idea for these when I start– just kind of lay down some shapes and start pulling things out. I started doing them as a reaction against using my heavy use of reference that was killing (what I perceived) the spontaneity and fun of drawing in most of my illustration work.

Even though my work isn’t really super photo-ref’d to begin with. I dunno. 

Thor had heard of a werewolf problem in a tiny dot on the map town, and being the hunter he was, he had gone to take care of it. There were already three dead by the time he got there and he went to the bar. It was always the best place to hear local news and the attacks were very much news.

Listening to the conversation he didn’t hear anything of use as he sipped his drink, his eyes passing slowly around the bar, and then they fell on a woman who was listening as intently as he to the people around them.

On the Hunt || Leon, Sam

The Belladonna was a ship that was slowly growing her presence in the Caribbean waters, something that Renée Jean-Luc LeBeau was immensely proud of. Though the pirate culture was on the uprise, with the number of privateer ships flying red and black flags (black growing increasingly popular among the pirates) after the dissolution of the war it was getting harder and harder to hit it big.

That was exactly the reason why the captain set her his sights on the English (privateers? Not many Royal English ships flying colors so close to Nassau) brig approximately 500 meters off. Downwind and being slowed down just enough for them to successfully execute an ambush if they got their ship behind a rock blocking their prey from spotting them. Until it was too late, of course.

With a grin, Jean-Luc put down the telescope, glancing over to his quartermaster and meeting a knowing look. Turning to the crew on the deck, he leaped onto the railing to get their attention. "We got ourselves a nice lil’ Brit brig over de waters here, jus’ ripe for de pickin. Anyone got complaints takin it for ourselves?“ He grinned as the crew let out cheers of encouragement. Most of them had worked under the crown; giving them the opportunity to target the cross was something very few would pass up. Jumping down and taking the helm in hand, he spun the wheel, successfully hiding them exactly where he wanted to be.

Once the ship started to peak around the land, he rose his hand, gesturing for full sails as quickly as possible and front cannons to fire before ramming the unsuspecting ship. A silent and sneak attack to catch as many off guard as possible while knocking out a good number of their guns for the short fight to come. The Belladonna didn’t leave much time for recovery, after all.