no matter what happens I think we can all agree that Glenn Rhee is a remarkable person. no one else has shown such strength of character or such moral steadiness even against overwhelming pressure and risk. he’s constantly putting himself in danger to help everyone - not out of a sense of duty or because it’s the right thing to do, but sheer belief that everyone can be redeemed and people are good at heart. his kindness and selflessness are revered by all. he’s the moral compass of the group and they all love him entirely.

(( legit i don’t understand why some people don’t expect characters to snap, like… everyone has a breaking point. that’s part of building a character. irl people have those breaking points too. ))

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“Reboot Complete” ((boysmeetghostzone, Danny, enjoy))

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Bman’s eyes did wander, as they tended to do, up the passing boy’s form. Raven hair, blue eyes, nice ass…

Eh, maybe later.

He was busy at the moment, some box-screamin’ bastard aparently giving kids a heart attack or something, so he was hired to take care of the issue.

“Yo dude,” Bman called over to him, “You see any ghosts around? Or some kind of ghost box or… fuck I dunno. Look you see anything that needs to get torched or what, I’m on the clock here.”

┕   ❛   so i finally ‘ad me mum come t’ me flat only for ‘er t’ tell me she’s gonna stay there while m’away on tour. guess m’just gonna ‘ave t’ deal with me sheets smellin’ like mum n’ tea …

pretty downed to sea that Goldeen and Seaking weren’t featured in any of the possible gen 1 Pokemon to get an Alola form videos. 

They’ve been untouched since they got lightning rod in gen 5, and they’re barely usable with all these damn megas now. 

They were my favorite pokemon growing up, and I can definitely sea them getting an alola form.

 Goldeen’s japanese name is Tosakinto, which is based off the breed of Tosakin Goldfish. That’s only one breed out of the SO many types of domestic goldfish that have been bred, so there’d be tons of design options! it’s wishful thinking for me to want something for my favorite Kanto pokemon, but seaking was also on the old TCG art with that alolan eggxecutor~ ^u^

Maybe a Water/poison one with lionfish traits..that’d be so gorgeous.