↪💫 ‘Expelliarmus’ Spell ↪💫

inspired by jk rowling’s “Expelliarmus“, a spell to banish or ‘disarm’ a witch from cursing you, or merely to disarm someone who aims to hurt you

The Disarming Charm lies at the heart of a good dueling technique. It allows the duelist to rebound an opponent’s spell in the hope that the rebounded spell will strike the opponent and leave him or her vulnerable to further attack.”

gather a makeshift wand, salt, black thread, pumpkin seeds

↪ designate the oposing witch’s wand. 

💫 combine the salt and pumpkin seeds

↪  bind the wand with black thread.

💫 lay the wand in the mixture.

↪ if you want to wave a wand of your own, or similar tool, feel free

💫 chant “ Expelliarmus !”

note: this is not a spell supporting curseshaming, but a spell for witches uncomfortable with casting curses.

healing rain|| old man logan

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Okay guys, so you all voted for Healing Rain: and the second one to come out will be Don’t Let This Destroy You. I’m beginning to be on the mend from my sickness (thank god for meds) so I’m hoping to post two of these and then a Charles Xavier oneshot. This is kind of my own storyline and part of the plot at the Munsons house… So bear with me here!

Requested by @house-of-penguin : You’re a human nurse on the run with 11 year old Laura Kinney when Logan Howlett comes spiraling into your life. Much to your shock, you end up falling in love with him- the complete opposite of any man you’d ever imagined yourself being with. After nearly five days on the road together, it comes to your attention that his night terrors are frequent and when you go to comfort him after a bad nightmare, Logan expects you to run out of terror when he reacts the wrong way Needless to say, every fall of rain has the potential to heal. 

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Hitori Kakurenbo (Hide and Seek Alone)

This is a game from Japanese legends that is used to call something from a different realm.

To play the game you need: (this varies) a doll, rice to fill the doll, scissors and nail-clippers (they are used to cut hair and nails from your body to add to the doll) a needle with red thread, glass of salt water and finally a sharp instrument to stab the doll with.

How to play:

  • Cut open doll, replace stuffing with rice
  • Sew back doll with read thread and bind it
  • Name the doll
  • Wait till 3AM (make sure you are alone at home)
  • Fill sink/tub with water then turn off all lights
  • When ready to start say: “(your name) will be the first it. (your name) will be the first it. (your name) will be the first it.”
  • Drop the doll in the water and go into another room to count to ten and go back into where the doll is
  • Pick of the doll and say: “(Dolls name) I found you!” Stab the doll. Then say “Now (doll name) is it! Now (doll name) is it! Now (doll name) is it!”
  • Hide!!!

The doll will supposedly come looking for you, if you are found, something bad will happen to you. When you are ready to quit playing, fill your mouth with the salt water and spit it onto the doll. Then burn the doll.

Like most legends, there is variation to the purpose of the game. Some say the spirit you are calling is a demon and some believe it to be an Earth spirit. This game has many variations and different tweaks depending on where and who you hear it from.

(Disclaimer: I set a five minute timer for flash fiction but I will go past the timer if I need to finish an idea to my satisfaction. This is an idea I’ve been mulling for a while.)


There are many things Cassandra Cain can handle but this might not be one of them. She is a weapon, a polished and precise edge against the world, but there are some sorrows that cannot be trimmed away.

She sits for a long time watching the woman from a distance, letting others offer comfort. Cass cannot offer this– she knows she is frightening, a masked and shrouded reminder of the city’s failure. And aside from that, what could she say? Words do not come easy but this is a situation beyond words and Cass has the wrong body, the wrong arms. She is a stranger and she is a weapon, she is paralyzed by the emotion that also mutes the woman.

They are both silent and they are alone, divided.

Eventually, Cass leaves. She makes her way back to the manor, silent to the core. This is not a time she wants Stephanie’s words or Tim’s attentive but sidelong company. Her heart is a torn thing, a tattered and ragged insult in the grief of the night. She wants someone who will understand so she goes to Him.

But she cannot go to Him.

What would she say? What could she mean with her hands or her face that would speak the brokenness inside? That would whisper her failure and her comprehension of it?

So she sits in the hallway in the plain clothes she changed into in the cave, the clothes that make her a person she does not deserve to be. She sits in the darkness with a darkness inside her, a black and hollow void that makes her skin wet and sour.

There is crying from her eyes, damp dripping from her chin, and He is the sort of man who can hear a thing like weeping even when it is hushed.

The door opens and he looks down at her, his own eyes bleary with sadness and sleep. He always has that sadness; it is why she came to him. Not wanting to add to it is why she stayed in the hall.

“Cassandra?” he asks, sitting next to her.

“The baby,” she says, and her body that is a controlled tool betrays her. It shakes against her will, a motion of falling off chilled rooftops and into gravelled alleyways, a thing that cannot be put into language. “There was a tiny one and I couldn’t save it.”

This is where Tim would jerk away and stay with her, but give his eyes and hands to other things. This is where Stephanie would hug her and words would pour out against Cass’ hurt that is only a small hurt compared to the woman’s hurt that she also carries, Steph’s language a waterfall against the rocks of the woman’s wailing.

But He wraps an arm around her, sitting beside her on the floor, and he is there and he is quiet. He is a tombstone, sturdy and remembering. Curled beneath his arm like a desperate bird, she makes his shirt wet with the pain that is hers and Gotham’s alike. A teardrop falls on her neck and she does not brush it away; it is a way that they are not alone, carried on threads of salt and knowing.

When she is not breaking but merely broken, he lifts her chin and in the darkness of the hallway there is something that pushes against the blackness she carries.

“We can’t save everyone,” he says. “It’s not your fault.”

“It is,” she insists. “I could be faster.”

“No,” he says sternly. “You’re just Cass. It’s enough. We can send the mother flowers and a card.”

“Flowers,” Cass says angrily, black and red at war within her, gone to fight with banners and spears. “Flowers are not a baby.”

“No,” he agrees. “But it helps to know we aren’t alone.”

And she nods as the armies of grief and fury go home, dividing her heart into pieces. They are not gone but they are calmed. He is right. He usually is.

“Flowers,” she repeats.

Curling yellow petals and silk green buds will not fix things, they will not be oxygen in dying lungs, but it does help to be not alone with the dying inside while you figure out how to go on alive without your world.

Cass knows.

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Hunters had it bad man. Every damn thing cost money. You had to buy your own damn ammunition

boy fucking class expenses were not balanced well

some classes were straight up cheaper to play than others based on whether you used mana or ammunition or whether you had a class mount

as a hunter, i have to pay for:

food and water (which i wouldn’t have to pay for for the most part if i were a mage. i wouldn’t have to pay for water if i were a rogue or a warrior)

skill training


pet training

mount training and a mount (both of which are expenses paladins and warlocks are mostly exempt from)

profession training+resources (leatherworking so thankfully for now it’s just thread and salt)

and other misc expenses (flight paths, auction house, etc.)

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AkaKuro: Akashi lives in a world where mermaids are considered evil and are immediately killed upon sight. While walking along the beach at night, Akashi finds a merman on the sand, half conscious but trying to get back to the sea. Akashi see that he is ijured and tries to help, momentarily forgetting about tha fact that mermaids are considered evil. Kuroko, seeing a human approaching, puts up a fight and manages to hit him and after faints. Akashi helps him and eventually they fall in love

This is really detailed, but you know what’s the strangest thing? That it has been a couple of week that I keep on creating mermaid head canons for Akashi and Kuroko! o((*^▽^*))o

Okay, I’m trying okay? First time with this AU, though…

Returned favor

In Akashi’s world, every kid knew two things about the sea: first, it was blue; second, it was dangerous.

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Jackal's generic binding spell

a typical do no harm binding spell


- a photo or another taglock
- black ribbon or thread
- salt
- pepper
- paprika (optional)
- candle or match
- safe place to burn things
- container

1) wrap the taglock in the thread
2) burn your mummified taglock
3) drop those ashes into your container
4) cover ashes with the salt pepper and what ever else your using
5) put it away somewhere

Keep somewhere safe as needed or burry

* please be safe when burning ( you could rip or cut it up instead )
* watch what the ribbon is made out of it might not be safe to burn it

- Jackal

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I wish I could date you. Partly because I think you're cute and clever. Partly because I want to steal things from your closet. And yes, I am a girl.

maybe i’d like to date you. or maybe not. i’m not normally very good on dates. i tend to talk too much, make direct eye contact for 1 or 2 seconds too long and judge you on your dining etiquette all while talking a little too loud and thanking the service staff abundantly. you’d probably say lots of funny things and i would laugh nervously, and then you would laugh AT me. and then i would ask what was so funny, and you would say “oh, nothing.” and i would make some silly remark about how its never “nothing. nothing doesnt make people laugh” and then you’d stare at me, but i’d be looking at the ground. and then you’d pull out your phone and tweet “save me (eggplant emoji)” and i’d passive-aggressively reply by favoriting your tweet just moments later. the restaurant would get pretty busy, and i would ask you about your family, your friends, your apartment and always last, your occupation. you’d have buckets of great answers but i’d miss all your conversational hints as we spelunked clumsily into a dinner conversational crater. two drinks, three, four, seven. who cares about the food? i am drunk & saying all sorts of inappropriate things, you’re laughing politely and tweet again “thread & salt(ed margaritas)” - i respond with the lime emoji.

just kidding. there is no lime emoji.