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Mikasa do you even remember Levi saving you? He hurt his leg because you were too reckless…

he saved Eren too

apparently you don’t remember

And Eren have you forgot you wouldn’t even be here without Erwin

and that he lost his arm because you have been kidnapped?

apparently you don’t remember either…

Black Coffee ~ L.h soulmate!au

a/n: I’m actually like super proud of this one so share it with your friends, and tag people :) but this was requested and so I present to you one of my favourite writings (of myself) of this all time

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Pairing: Soulmate!Luke/Soulmate!Y/n

Words: 1.9k

Summary: Soulmates are bonded by talents, they could be anything, photography, gardening, sports etc. It’s a magical link between two people, and when they meet, they fall in love, with their other half

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Words were the window to people’s soul. Or at least that what people said. You loved writing. It was something that became so naturally to you, something that you could do all the time if you were allowed.

You loved writing about your life and fantasies. You especially loved to write about him.

Luke. You weren’t even sure who he actually was but you knew, somehow, that he existed out there. And you constantly wrote about him. You felt some connection to this person, this man.

Your relatives knew it. They knew about Soulmates and how they actually existed, but in recent years people stopped teaching their children about them. Soulmates were bonded by talents. So with your grandparents, one was a musician, and the other was a photographer. They had met at a wedding, and immediately clicked. Even if you weren’t taught what Soulmates were, as soon as you saw them you knew they were real.

All your relatives knew. They knew you were in love, with this person who you hadn’t actually met in person. But you felt like you did.


He felt the same way. He felt like he knew you. Which was weird, you could be on the other side of the world, or his neighbour. And that what really annoyed him. He painted and drew. He sometimes played guitar and made up little songs, but his big passion was painting.

Unlike in your case, he didn’t know your name. He had some kind of idea of what you looked like (or at least what his mind thought) and he painted that. Who ever was burning a hole in his brain, he painted.

He wastaught about Soulmates from a young age, so he had the faith to believe in them. His parents were Soulmates, and his older brother had found his soulmate at a concert only a couple months ago.

When he curled up at night he felt lonely like something; someone was missing. And he knew it was you. But it was so hard. You couldn’t communicate. He was a painter, in looser terms an artist. He couldn’t just put his art out in the world and expect you to see it. Many people had tried it, and not that it hadn’t worked, just there was so many people doing it that it got crazy.

Even with the hole in his heart, he always thought he was lucky to have the talent of drawing. At least he knew what you looked like. Sure, he didn’t know your name, but do you need to know someone’s name to love them?

He had tons of canvases, and although not all of them were of your silhouettes, most were.

His parents thought it was cute. How he would paint almost every day of this person he really had no knowledge of.

Jealously took over him at one point, and he hit a breaking point. He took all of his cash, sold all of the painting that weren’t of you, and went to the airport.

There were so many countries and you could be anywhere. But he flew. He flew in search of you, to at least 10 different countries, the flights getting longer and cheaper.

And then he was broke.

Well…not broke, but he only had 5.27$ with him, a half filled coffee and the clothes on his back.

He couldn’t call his parents either, he didn’t have cell service in the different country, and there were no pay phones around. He was lost too, there were a lot of people in this country and it was not hot like Australia.

“Excuse me?” An elderly lady had walked up to the tall boy, “Do you have any change to spare”

He felt bad, it looked like she hadn’t brushed her teeth in weeks, and that the food she had eaten was past expired.

“I’m sorry.. I don’t…I’m not actually from this country. And I’m trying to get home, do you know where a pay phone might b-”

“I could tell my your accent skinny boy. It’s different than the people around here” the lady was off after her final statement, looking for other people to ask for money.

He huffed and put his hands in his pocket, his pathetic excuse of money jingling.

After a while of walking, and pulled himself in a coffee shop. The name of it was completely different to what he was used to, so he just got a black coffee for a dollar.

He sighed, slumping into a chair, his coffee finally giving warmth to his hands.

“Excuse me” a quieter voice spoke.

Luke was too frustrated to look up. He had lost it all. He had left his home country to look for a person that he didn’t even know existed. He used all of his money, and while the adventures were exciting, he only had four dollars left, and that would not buy him a ticket home.

“What?” He grumbled.

“Could I have your help?”

He rolled his eyes and looked at the person resting a hand on his table; it was a girl, no older then 17, with black hair and hazel eyes.

“With what?” He tried to stay composed. He had no idea what to do if he had to stay on the streets overnight. what is he couldn’t go back home?

“Come with me please?” It was a question rather than the normal statement, and Luke got up, grabbed his coffee and followed the girl until they got to the washroom.

why did she ask him to help? There were plenty of other female options. And he didn’t even work here.

“Um…I can’t go in there.”

The girl looked at him sternly, “what do you mean you can’t go in there? Come on” she dug her nails into his wrist and pulled him into the female washroom. with many protests.

Luke tried to cover his eyes, but the hazel eyed girl had grabbed his other hand before she could.

He saw a girl, well a girls, legs from under the door.

“Don’t you think you should call the police or something? That doesn’t really look normal.”

The girl let go of the boys hands and shrugged, “she told me to get Luke, and you’re the only Luke that’s walked in here in the past three hours. I remember calling your name. So you must know what to do. Gotta go, I’m working”

The girl dashed out quickly, and as much as Luke wanted to do the same, the girl under the door needed help, something was wrong.

“Hello?” Luke called. They were the only people in the washroom, thank god.

The girl didn’t respond, or move.

Luke couldn’t reach the lock on the door, so the only other way was to climb underneath it. Girls washrooms must be much cleaner than guys, right?.

Getting himself under the door was hard, and since she wasn’t in the handicap stall, in made it even worse.

After catching his breath, he looked at her. He noticed she was breathing, which was great because Luke knew he’d find someway to mess up CPR.

She looked familiar to him in someway. But he ignored it, and checked her heart beat. It seemed to be beating at a pretty fast pace, and she was conscious. maybe she fell asleep?

He sat there for what felt like forever, which in reality was probably only five minutes when the girl opened one eye, but closed it as quickly as she could, a wide grin spreading accross her face. wow she has a beautiful smile Luke’s mind was blown, he hadn’t seen a smile that magical before.

“Excuse me..are you okay?” He spoke, quieter because he knew it would echo.

The girl nodded and tried to sit up, pressing he hand again the metal divider to keep herself steady.

“You sure?”

The girl nodded again and looked like she was studying the boy.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Oh” the girl mumbled, “I um…well..I was looking for my soulmate. My cousin found hers not that long ago and she’s eight so I guess jealously kicked in am I right?” The girl laughed awkwardly and Luke knew how she felt.

“Have you..found them yet?” Luke thought she seemed like a pretty genuine person, even though he had only been speaking to the girl for no longer than a minute, he felt some sort of connection.

“Yeah…” She smiled widely again, “I found him recently actually”, Luke kinda felt deflated after those nine syllables came out of her mouth. he really liked her smile.

“What about you?” The girl raised an eyebrow, “found yours yet?”

“No..not yet…I actually…flew…from my home country, Australia…here…and, well now I’m broke”

Her smile seemed to fade at the first words he spoke.

“Mm..“she hummed, “well…what your talent then?”

“Painting and drawing stuff. I paint my soulmate a lot, well kind of….silhouettes and all that, I don’t actually know her name”

“Well how do you know it’s a her?” The girl inquired.

“Well it’s obvious sometimes in…areas”

“Eww.” The girl laughed, God her laugh was even better than her smile“you draw her naked?”

Luke found himself laughing along with her, “no no, you know what I mean”

They were chatting as if they’ve been friend since birth, it just felt so natural.

“What about you?”

“I write and stuff…so I write about him and stuff, I don’t know it’s weird”

“Well, how do you know it’s a him?” He fired.

“Because Luke isn’t a female name is it?” The girl asked, before her eyes went wide and she covered her mouth, Luke’s eye getting wide too.

“Wait. What?”

The girl didn’t respond back. She looked like she had just let out something she shouldn’t have.

“Can you s-” but before Luke could finish his sentence the girl turned, facing him sideways and it all fell into place.

it was her

“Oh my god” Luke whispered, but kept saying it until it got louder and louder, engulfing her with a hug.

“I found you. I found you!”

The girl wrapped her arms around him, squeezing as tight as he was.

He pulled away after a little, “I did find you right? Please tell me I’m the right Luke”

The girl couldn’t stop the grin from being stamped on her face, “Well, kind, blonde, tall and handsome. I’m pretty sure I have the right Luke”

The two stayed hugging there for a little until stepping out of the bathroom to get some fresh air.

“So you have only four dollars?” The girl asked, laced her fingers in between Luke’s, “yep, and I don’t think it’ll fly me home”

“Well I’ll tell you what soulmate..” Luke had decided that was him new favourite word, soulmate, “you can stay at my house, call your family and stuff to let them know you’re safe”

Luke was ecstatic, he could call his parents, stay in a nice home and he had a soulmate.

“Wait” Luke stopped on the sidewalk, mid stroll, “what your name? I never got it”

“Y/n. Y/N Y/L/N”

Now that, that was his favourite word.


When you both curled up at night, Luke freshly showered with his hair still damp, he pulled you closer towards him. Because he knew he was missing something, someone and he knew, it was you.

yesterday i had to tell my friend about the bleach ending. i told him about who ended up with who and the kids and all that jazz. like all the other ppl I’ve talked about it with, he was surprised and shocked about the ending. i mean, i expected that.

what i didn’t expect was for his legit first reaction to be “what the fuck? ichigo and rukia didn’t get together?”

mind you, he wasn’t a shipper. he read bleach for the hell of it–for the action, the plot, the characters. and yet, he was still surprised that ichiruki didn’t happen. like. please.

(on a side note, i kind of want to marry him now)