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CP bachelor AU: part 10

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They’re filming the penultimate episode when Erasmus throws a huge, shining spanner into the neat mechanism of Laurent’s show.

This close to the end, the on-camera small talk is finally giving way to more serious discussions about compatibility. Damen is meant to spend this afternoon asking each suitor in turn where they see themselves in five years, and what they really want out of life. 

Erasmus is first; he sits on the edge of the couch, set at an angle to the leather armchair where Damen is enthroned, and twists his hands together. He hasn’t looked this visibly nervous in a while. Damen has obviously noticed it too, because he bats a few sillier questions at Erasmus instead of plunging straight into the heavy topics. He has an instinct for people that makes Laurent wonder what kind of easily-swayed idiot Theomedes must be, not to see how wired Damen is for leadership.

When Damen poses the in-five-years question, Erasmus runs a tongue over his lips and colour fills his cheeks. He’s the only suitor who hasn’t yet kissed Damen at least once on camera, and Laurent approved of that on the basis that it maintained tension, but now would be a good time for a kiss if one is going to happen.

Laurent moves his eyes away from Damen’s mouth.

Erasmus says, still blushing, “This is hard to say. I think you’re incredible, Damen. Really. But–”

But?? rings in Laurent’s head like a struck bell.

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Stargate SG-1
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[text sent 2:03 a.m.] Good morning, Mr. Blackquill.
[text sent 2:03 a.m.] I apologize for the disturbance. I assume you heard it.
[text sent 2:04 a.m.] I wish I could say what caused it. That is to say, I know what caused it–I have the shards of the vase right here.
[text sent 2:05 a.m.] As for why it left its perch on my table, and slammed itself against our shared wall ten feet away, when I was across the room, I wish I had an explanation.

[text sent 2:05 a.m.] Not to worry. I was actually just about to message you, to ask if you were alright.
[text sent 2:06 a.m.] That is… bizarre, to say the least. 
[text sent 2:12 a.m.] I feel as if I would be doing a disservice to my profession by jumping immediately to “perhaps it is a ghost,” and yet I have spent the past several minutes researching on my phone for potentially rational explanations of such an event, and am coming up short as well.
[text sent 2:12 a.m.] By which I mean to say
[text sent 2:13 a.m.] Perhaps it is a ghost.


“So you know your way around Ivalice, too?” It was nice to meet another who was from this world. Though it had been awhile since she had seen her friends, it was still nice. She didn’t have to explain much and while she didn’t mind that, it was a relief to not do it. At least… she hoped this girl knew Ivalice like she did. There was something about the way she didn’t seem phased by much here that made it seem as such. A smile on her face, she introduced herself.“I’m Penelo!”

…and now for a definitive “That’s a quilt?!” moment: “Stick With Me Kid” by Jan Berg-Rezmer of Gladwin, Michigan. This amazing thread painted scene was voted Viewers Choice at AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids. Appliquéd and thread painted. All I can say is WOW!!! I think this would’ve been my choice for the award, too!

Photo courtesy of the American Quilters Society, AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2016.

// wishlist:

  • jail au
  • slave au
  • kingxgeneral / kingxenemy general
  • captured Dragon
  • he has a biological son and he has an adopted son although he doesn’t know it and he has an adopted niece, now I want a relationship with a daughter for him (not a biological one tho)
  • ‘I’m a mafia boss whose subordinates fucked something up and now you a persistent cop are after my tail and I’m not gonna have that oh wait you’re exactly my type’ au
  • lawyer au
  • baker x tattoo artist au (Dragon obviously is the baker)
  • In the Flesh au (I don’t care for zombies but this show had such an unique twist sdfgsd, it’s interesting okay)
  • feely cute ships where they end up breaking up for some reason and it’s all feelssss and did I mention feels + dark, I cannot do without dark themes (prob set in modern verse?)
  • torture/interrogation scenes
  • a thread where Dragon is put into a very compromising situation where he has to gamble his way out relying on someone whom he would never rely on under any other circumstances
  • more polyships (I’m a sucker for those I know)
  • more sex-only relationships, canon or not
  • harpy au
  • more teen/young Dragon threads

She presses the bottle into his hand, her expression serious as she wraps her fingers around his, squeezing gently she says, “I trust you.”

A very merry Christmas to @lightfiends! I was your @dasecretsanta! While reading through your Threads of Hope this scene hit me so hard I may or may not have actually cried. So here’s Kilastra entrusting her phylactery to Cullen. I’ve very much enjoyed drawing her, I hope I did her justice! Happy holidays! <3

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Rajah’s eyes gently blinked open, waking up to the sheer whiteness of her room and wondering if this was what it was like to wake up in a snowy wonderland. It sounded more fun than where she currently was, even though she had never seen the stuff before, simply heard of it. Her eyes readjusted to her surroundings, and she attempted to clear the foggy cloud that shrouded her brain. Painkillers were heavenly, but had a few side affects that just made her feel useless and always sleepy. It wasn’t until she woke a little more that she finally noticed the presence of someone else in the room. She wasn’t exactly expecting visitors and so tilted her head in their direction. One hand reached out for the button that called for a nurse, not yet touching it but holding it for safe measure.

“I think maybe you have the wrong room.” Rajah spoke gently, blinking a few times as she inspected the other lethargically.