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[[ Before I start: This is based on my headcanons. It is in no way founded with any kind of canon or something (aside from the fact that this festival exists and the necklaces have also been shown), and the date is also (mostly randomly) chosen by me. ]]

Today, on the 17th of April, is when the tamaranean festival named Blorthog takes place!

What is Blorthog, you ask?
It is the tamaranean festival to celebrate friendships. It is important to realize the value of your friendships, so that you can treat them with as much importance as when they were new.
This celebration is held to help admit the feelings of friendship that are there, to recall them and remember them again.

How is it celebrated?
The most prominent feature of Blorthog are the necklaces. They are self-made, with care and without limitations about their colors. The common-used variant are simple white/grey-ish beads, but there is no explicit rule to stick to those. These necklaces are carefully placed around the friend’s necks, while exchaning well-wishes.
The basic of the festival is only the gifting of necklaces and then the spending time with friends. There are more activities that can be done, but none is truly necessary.
Examples of other activities are:
- A very long hugging
- Standing in a circle (if there are more than two people, otherwise standing in front of each other), holding hands and voicing what one is grateful for in their present friends
- As it is also common in most earthen festivities, on Blorthog there is very often a cake to be shared among friends, as well
- Exchanging of other, thoughtful, gifts (as in what the other long dreamed of but would never get for themselves). Gifting from a wishlist is wrong though, it is way too shallow to be appropriate for a festival that celebrates strong friendships

There are more activities that can be done, some of which require the tamaranean abilities or are rather rough, but these are the most common ones.

What does this mean for your blog?
Well, if we’re mutuals (if you’re reading this on my sideblogs then please remember that I follow back from @starfirechan and not from here), I understand that as permission to maybe have my tamaranean come into your inbox, wishing to celebrate it with you.
If this ever bothers you but you still wish to keep following me, please tell me that you do not like this and I will make a note to keep you out of this.
Please also see this as an open invitation to have your muse come to my askbox (or tag me in a post if you prefer) and show the wish to celebrate Blorthog with my tamaraneans.

I’d prefer it if there is a sort-of logical explanation for why your character knows of the tamaranean festival.
If they have any kind of relationship with Starfire (maybe except enemies), it makes sense that she could have explained the festivity and it’s date in some talk they had “off-screen” (or even in a RP).
Blackfire would never talk about her home planet though, and
Wildfire remembers the festivals and might talk about them, but he doesn’t know the dates yet.

There are of course other ways they could have learned about it, and I’m open to those. But if e.g. an ‘ordinary human’ with no previous contact to anything alien related whatsoever suddenly knows all of Blorthog I just don’t think I could enjoy it that much.

Please be aware that I can’t reach everyone, it is easy to miss out on a blog and I also will not bother anyone that isn’t active currently.
Don’t feel sad if you don’t get any ask from me, I most likely either have a good explanation for it, or missed you when going through my list of mutuals.
Also I don’t think I’ll manage to get up enough courage to approach everyone that Starfire would like to celebrate this with, I’m just too shy.

Oh, and one more thing!
This celebration also means that I will try to focus on that. Not entirely, I will see to get at least some replies done too, but my focus on such a day will be on asks/replies/threads about the “holiday” that currently is.
Not to mention I’ll be terribly nervous for at least half the day because of sending stuff to people.

I think that’s all I need to explain; if there are any questions, always feel free to come into my inbox and ask me!

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Your selfies are being posted on /r9k/ threads :/

i am unfortunately aware of the fact that the people frequenting /r9k/ are posting my photographs. it’s nothing new (i’ve been posted on /mu/ and various 8chan boards before), but i’ll still never get used to it. just ignore the threads, i guess–there’s not much more anyone can do about it. thanks for caring enough about it to message me.. i just looked at a thread and it was filled with lies and absurd assumptions. very sad.


I’ve been seeing a lot of rpers on my dash complaining about personal blogs reblogging rp-related posts and I think either these personal bloggers are new to the rp scene and have no idea what’s going on or they just don’t care. Which I hope the latter isn’t the case, but! I figured since I have so many personal blogs following this account that I would make a small little post about etiquette.


DO NOT REBLOG ROLEPLAYS. A lot of rpers use thread trackers and reblogging the roleplays messes those trackers up. Not only that, but for rpers like me… I don’t really want personal blogs reblogging my roleplays for privacy reasons, I suppose. It just makes me anxious when that happens! Personally, for me, it’s fine if you like a roleplay post, but I do know some people don’t like that.


READ THE RULES. Some roleplayers have rules up for a reason and while most rpers know to read rules before engaging in a thread, personal blogs aren’t always aware of this and may do something against the rules. Some rpers may not have rules up for personal bloggers following them, so just ask to make sure. :)


READ THE TAGS. Check the tags before you like or reblog a post. An rper might have made a tag stating that it’s not okay to reblog or like a certain post. For me, I typically tag posts I don’t want reblogged as “DO NOT REBLOG” which means I don’t want anyone to reblog it and “PERSONALS DO NOT REBLOG” which means I do not want any personals reblogging. Some people also put “OKAY TO REBLOG” or something along those lines, which makes it clear that you can reblog it.


DO NOT REBLOG ANYTHING RP RELATED UNLESS THE RPER GIVES THE OKAY! By this, I mean things like ask memes, headcanons, drabbles, doodles, etc. I guess it seems like a repeat of number one, but it’s different in the sense that some rpers aren’t okay with you reblogging asks, ask meme answers, etc.


IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, JUST ASK. The golden rule, honestly. If you are not sure if you can reblog and/or like something, just ask the rper! We don’t bite and we would sincerely appreciate if you asked us to clear up any confusion.

At first, I thought it was a little strange that personal blogs were following me; it’s never happened to me before! But, I L O V E being able to interact with you guys through anon asks and stuff, it’s actually a lot of fun and gives me a sense of pride that you guys like me enough to follow me and interact with me! :D I think it’s amazing that you guys want to take part in the rp community and I know I’m not the only one who is grateful for the love and support you guys show us by your questions, likes, etc.

But, sometimes having personal followers is a downfall, but only when it comes to stuff like this. But, that’s okay, because you guys may not know! And now you do! I really hope you took the time to read this <3 Please continue to support and encourage us and we will try our best to keep you entertained!

A few rampage members did a live on IG just before their performance for Abema TV. Aaaaand…. We were two french fans commenting O.O I can’t say it is related to that and I’m surely just really imaginative but Riku just froze with an OMG Oo’ face in between the two comments… Maybe they’ve read it as they seemed to be reading all commentaries 😂😄
And i don’t know if you can access the com of an ig live after the broadcast so I’m 100% sure they didn’t see that but still I’ve said I hope they would come to Europe someday like Generations are doing.. maybe thaaaaat.. ahah fangirl mode on totally 😂 😍😝😄 Anyway at one point of it they kept talking about Manchester as I think one of the fans posted that she was from there on the thread soooo they’re aware of their european fans and that is marvelous 😄😄🙏

Toroidal Wave A Flowin

Toroidal Wave A Flowin

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September 10 2012, 9:17 AM  by Yoga4EDS

Walka Walka Walka

Fozzy Bear?  Anyways, I guess I set myself up to talk about walking.  Sleepwalk, yoga, breffast, write, draw, walk.  Which is fine by me because that has been my experimenting zone since I last wrote.  It’s been a couple of weeks, busy weeks… but I knew I needed some time to pull it all together.

I think walking is one of the most underestimated undervalued experiences we get to experience on a daily basis.  If you are unable to walk, I’m saying this to the walkers who are not taking advantage of this experience.  I thank my dog for introducing walking into my life.  He’ll be five soon, so for about five years I have been walking just about every day.  Before I was ‘walking’, my circulation was horrible!  I still have problems staying in one spot, but before, ugh, my feet would turn purple if I sat for just moments.  My mother said she would ask her father, “Why do you walk to the store every day to get the newspaper?  Why don’t you drive?”  She said he would complain of having “slow circulation”.

Then it dawned on me one day.  How long have we had cars?  For how many thousands of years, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of years have we walked!!!!  No wonder everybody is sick or is complaining of something.  All of a sudden, now that we are in the year of our Ford, we just about walk to the fridge or the car.  I’m not dissin’, it’s just the truth.  Your genes and cells are squirming.

What does the dyslexic, insomniac philosopher do?????????? He’s stays up allllll night wondering if Dog really exists!  Ha, I love that joke!  So, if you don’t have a dog… get one.  Haha, well, you can do these walking exercises at any time.  Heck, I was killing my soul in Target the other day.  I really despise going in stores like that.  The lighting, the people, the overstimulation of products of death.  But, I did the following exercise whilst gracing through the store.  I felt like a god.  So, if you have no dog :( , if you don’t have the guts to just go out your front door and go! (which I recommend!), you can do the following anywhere.  Actually, just go to a park or something.  A trail is best.  Overstimulation from nature is grand.  The plant pheromones and fresh air ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Before I get into the whole Toroidal Action… this of course ties into with what I was talking about before.  The savasana breathing, the solar plexus breathing.  Breathing in from your center, out to your skin, and when you breathe out it falls back down to your center.  Center, core, solar plexus, solar energy, cosmic energy.  I mentioned how I tried this breathing in savasana in bed, rather than on the floor.  I gave it a 2nd go the other night and it just wasn’t the same.  So the walking exercise might be best to get feel of what I’m saying.

It’s funny how caught up we are in this material world.  Everybody thinks every-body is just that, a body.  But everything is made up of atoms… and atoms are not dense… are not dense.  So, it’s like we are an ever changing constant flow of an interchange of atoms.  That’s a nice platform to start.  You can forget about all the labels you or society or the doctors have put on you.  No, that was just their observance of you at that time.  You are you now.  You have choice.  You can create.  You can combine and let go.

So since my last post I just had the feeling I would be talking about walking.  So every walk I was observing and asking… Eh? Eh?  What is the magic that is happening here?  Other than the obvious benefits such as endorphin release, circulation stimulation, oxygen intake and distribution, bonding time with my dog, saying hello and possibly chatting with whomever we’d meet… ya know, all the good normal stuff you could probably think of… I wanted the meat.  Or I guess the gold.  So I realized… ohhhhhhhhhhhh.  I’m doing Richard’s Three Step exercise.  Silly me, I’ve been doing this all along, on our walks, in the store, through my house, down the hall.  All, Richard’s Three Step.  Ok, so who is Richard and is this a dance move?  If….. you are interested…. Richard Chesher Ph.D.  The website is  Highly recommended, but I’m here to pull and summarize.

So I’ve been trying to not be in pain.  So I’ve been trying to create scenarios or constant mindgames to train my mind to not be in pain.  So, maybe if I’m always in the present moment I won’t be aware of my pain.  The breathing exercises has a lot to do with this.  Focusing of the mind onto the breath has a lot to do with this.  I was able to kick it up a notch when I combined breathing and walking.

Richard’s Three Step

If you walk (or run) three steps

—– left - right - left —— while breathing in and
—– right - left - right ——- while breathing out,

your heart beat will synchronize with your footfalls.

Starting with your left foot, whilst walking, anywhere… you start breathing in.  Continue your breath in for three steps, left, right, left.  Then, you will be breathing out, right, left, right.  I have inadvertently trained myself to always breathe and walk like this.  Like I said, I was a God in Target. 

Really, you are just going to have to try this, and imprint yourself with this to see the result I’m trying to convey here.  Ha, I just heard David Byrne say on his new album, “the more I lost myself the more it set me free”.  The Richard 3 Step gets interesting, because you start to play with different aspects of breathing and walking and becoming and letting go.  Not only do you start to become aware of the the blip moments, between breaths, between the in and out… the zero point, place of no thought.  But you also start to get the Torus Effect.

Rather than thinking, I’m in pain, this stinks, poor me.  I’m allowing my atoms to mix with all of the atoms around me that are in the process of becoming.  I hear the acorns fall hard to the ground and I hope none of them bop Yoda on the head.  This tree was once a seed.  The fractal seed unfurls in all.  I was once just a glimmer in an eye.  Now I’m me, I’m here.  Later, I’m hoping for paradise.  We are not stagnant beings and the more I look around it seems as if everyone thinks they … well they don’t think.  Haha, so they don’t think they are stagnant beings.  They have become robots.

Everyday Yoda and I, stop and stand on this giant tree stump.  It’s funny because he stands there with me as I tell him, “Yoda, we’re standing ON the tree”.  (He’s well versed in vocabulary).  As we stand there, energized from continuous walking and breathing, we pause, and I feel the torus of me, tree and pup.  I feel as tall as the tree once stood, but still grounded and rooted, and I carry this on for the rest of the day.  Head in the stars and rooted to the center of the earth.

Who doesn’t like self-sustainment?

Simply put, the torus creates an energy vortex. 

You can find the Torus Cycling… in… the earth’s electromagnetic field, the heart, space stations, electrical transformers, mmmmmmmmmmmm donutssssss.  

Richard’s Three Step!  Do it!

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There is a film
on continuous replay
where I see you sleeping

I cry
frozen by too many choices
barricaded behind
a concrete wall
of too many emotions
feeling wrong
oh so right
threading awareness
fleeting time
cancered chances

There is a film on
continuous replay
where I see you sleeping

I cry