thread makes blanket

orc ladies in cute high-waisted floral print shorts and crop tops

orc ladies in practical, well-worn leather/steel armour who keep flowers on the inside of their breast plates and other little, soft gifts like embroidery from their lovers

high society orc ladies who take pleasure in wearing flimsy, delicate clothing because it shows how much control they have to avoid it ripping or becoming dirty

orc ladies in old, stained overalls with mis-matched long socks and sandals and big floppy sunhats

mage orc ladies who have to keep telling their travel companions they don’t know how to use weapons properly and to stop trying to give them weapons while they weave shield spells and brew healing potions

orc ladies with hard jawlines and flat, dense muscle, big bellies, thick thighs, and short hair who are described as beautiful and have lots of admirers and people who give them boons and tokens to take into battle

orc ladies who don’t care about beauty standards and just want to do their jobs and live their lives without worrying about how they look to others

orc ladies who are gentle and quiet and wear soft, billowy clothes and tend to animals and grow plants around their cottages

scholarly orc ladies with glasses and soft, un-calloused hands and neatly trimmed nails who painstakingly transcribe important historical stories and laws and keep libraries

orc ladies who love jewellery and are covered in gems and pretty stones and corals and petrified wood all carved into interesting designs, many from distant places they visited during their travels

ambassador orc ladies who speak a dozen languages and have heard ‘you’re so articulate for an orc’ too many times to count, but who tirelessly argue for trading rights, attend diplomatic events, help visiting politicians, etc.

orc ladies with long hair that they style in new ways every day– sometimes in braids, sometimes done up into elaborate shapes and pinned on top of their head, sometimes woven with flowers and sweet-smelling grasses

orc ladies who are covered in tattoos. some tell stories from their lives, others are important cultural symbols or represent something from a legend, others just because they like the design

short little orc ladies who use their low centre of gravity and strength to throw opposition over their shoulders during battle

elderly orc ladies who sit in the sun to warm their aching joints before spinning threads to make clothing and blankets for their grandchildren

orc ladies in corsets and lingerie and high heels who delight in the shapes they help create and seeing the lust they inspire in their lovers

orc ladies with a lot of body hair that they groom into patterns and trim into designs as part of their culture and fashion

cheerful, friendly orc ladies who giggle sweetly and get excited easily and always try and help others around them

deaf orc ladies who live together and sign and have in-jokes and who sometimes do mercenary work together as a team since they can communicate easily and know each other so well they can read each other make a flawless team

solitary orc ladies who live in the woods and get reputations as local witches who act as midwives and healers and councillors to those brave enough to come to their door

artisan orc ladies with delicate, quick fingers and sharp eyes, who have a burning passion for their media and organise art shows all over the realm

orc ladies who bond with dragons and fly with them and go on treasure hunts with their scaly companions and sleep together in a pile by big fire pits