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This is gonna be my black history month recognizinition thread. I'll try to add someone/something new everyday for the month.

1: BigHit put him “J-hope” bc HE’S THE HOPE OF THE GROUP
2: He’s an angel fallen from the sky
3: He always is worried of the Members, he takes care of them even if he feels bad
4: Maybe he feels tired inside but, he always give us a smile for not to worry about
5: He put so much in his music for us, and we don’t appreciate what he give us
6: He fainted while recording ‘Boy In Luv’ MV but, he didn’t care and he wanted to keep recording
7: A lot of persons call him Ugly but, he’s so perfect from head to toe
8: A lot of persons has made hashtags like “#KickOutJHope” but, he’s one of the reasons why BTS have good music and choreographys
9: He work so hard since he was 12/13 years old
10: He made a song dedicated to his mom thanking her for everything


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Lee Seunghoon

I’ll start with the cutest tattoo. Seunghoon has the W from Winner’s logo with a circle to represent the Inner Circle

He also has a hand (?) in his hips

Song MinHo 

a crown


“deuteronomy 28:1” in his chest

It’s a verse from bible who says “If you fully obey the LORD your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations on earth.”

“Be Nice” and “Be kind” in his shoulders.

Nam Taehyun

Taehyun is a big fan of Jean-Michel Basquiat, an african american neo-expressionist artist. He has his name on his left arm.

“Stay Gold” and the banana who was inspired in one of Basquiat works.

In his words: “I want to do everything with that mindset. ‘Stay Gold’ is that kind of word. it means the Golden Age. at the end on WIN, we received the title of Winner. since then, I’m spending my days very well. I think that’s what youth is. it’s the Golden Age that you can get only once in your whole life. I didn’t thought much about it and just followed my heart and got it tattooed on my wrist. I’m really happy that I could experience all these moments up until now.“

A bat on his right arm. Also inspired by Basquiat’s drawings.

My favorite, "I don’t do drugs, I am drugs”

A flower seems like it was made by Christophe Louis Quibe, a french illustrator. (i’m not sure)

“MIVIIXCLM” The roman numeral tattoo of Taehyun is from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Profit I” painting.

“baby baby” in a fancy font in his right arm.

A line

“South Buyers Club” inspired in “dallas buyers club”, the movie who gave an oscar to Jared Leto.

kurt cobain’s drawing of a guitarist.

jinwoo and seungyoon don’t have any tattoos yet.