thrashed jeans

Exo as type of emo/scene kids

Yixing: Holds “free hugs” signs at the mall and concerts, Listens to Never Shout Never and SayWeCanFly, uploads acoustic covers on youtube, Always has a stuffed animal in his selfies, will forever own a sidekick

Chanyeol: Lol I’m so random XD, religiously listens to Brokencyde and Dot Dot Curve, Believes he’s a vampire, randomly bites people, works at spencers while staring longingly at Hot Topic. Has a screamo band but hurt his throat so he just plays drums now.

Baekhyun: Dry humps friends in public so hard the chain on his jeans thrash against his thigh, every Blood On The Dance Floor and Millionaires song is his anthem, Moans in his friend’s ears, Mainly hangs out in the toy aisle of Target and mall parking lots. Posts pics of him and Chanyeol kissing every day

Kyungsoo: Orignal Emo, Listens to My Chemical Romance, AFI and  Marilyn Manson, Most likely to become goth, Works at Hot Topic but complains about the lack of alternative merch, wears a real razor blade on a necklace, drinks his own blood to push away people who can’t handle it. Unfortunately, Chanyeol fell in love with him because of it.

Kai: Soft and sweet but moshes so hard he makes Kyungsoo proud, listens to Breath Carolina, Atilla, and Falling In Reverse. Spends most of his day in Hot Topic, so many rubber and Kandi bracelets, Goes to Warped Tour every year usually shirtless within five minutes of entering.  

Sehun: Myspace famous, friends with Andy Biersack, listens to Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil, Also Youtube famous just for being cute, Hangs out with bands in their tour bus, has dyed his hair every color possible including rainbow. Dated Mellissa Marie Green from the Millionaires as well as Jayy Von Monroe from BOTDF just to start drama during a tour

Xiumin: In a screamo band more famous than Chanyeol’s, used to be xXxEmo_KittenxXx, listens to Bring Me The Horizon, Motionless In White, and Escape The Fate, Got in a bar fight with Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria and won.

Chen: Pop punk af, listens to All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, A Day To Remember and Green Day, Loiters outside of the movie theater, casually skateboards everywhere, Has empty cans of energy drinks all over his room, the lead singer of Chanyeol’s band,

Suho: Cried when My Chemical Romance broke up, listens to MCR, Flyleaf, and Hawthrone Heights. Barely goes to concerts due to getting proper Christian rock bands for his church’s youth services.

fever dream (a tdbm, jean/lucien fic)

i think i am getting sick and i know a few of you are also fighting colds and flus so i hope you all feel better and have a lucien of your own to care for you

Lucien balanced the tea tray in one hand as he pushed open Jean’s bedroom door, greeting her with a soft, “It’s me, Jean.”

She had fallen ill nearly two days ago and it was only after a dizzy spell in the kitchen that she had heeded Lucien’s pleas to rest. Since then, Jean hadn’t moved from bed and Lucien was more than willing to dote upon her. After so many months of her taking care of him, the role reversal was welcome. 

And if he took a special pride in being the one she leaned on in times of sickness, well, that was for Lucien to covet. 

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Everything was slightly blurry.

Cj stumbled out of the hospital before being cleared. Her left arm was in a sling, her stomach stitched up and her neck bandaged. But Cj need to get out.

Nerris was asleep, up all night from watching her. Naturally, Cj was loopy from the ‘knock out’ drug they used when they put her into surgery. But one thought in her airy head was clear. 

Get out, get out, GET OUT.

So Cj lied. “I.. I needta pee..” And as soon as her nurse turned her back, she ripped out the IV and ran. It wouldn’t be long before the nurses notice the missing 14 year old with 6 stab wounds, but Cj planned on putting as much distance from that hospital. 

As the drugged, badly hurt teenager walked up to god knows where, wearing a bloody shirt and thrashed jeans, Cj stopped to check her surroundings.

Pine trees. That was good. She was on the right path. Miraculously, Cj heard something behind her and turned around.