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Mirkwood, The Woodland Realm. The Throne and The Palace of Thranduil   

The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug concept art  

Thranduil: Happy Birthday, son. I’m proud to be your father.

Legolas: Thank you, Dad. I’m proud to be your son.

Thranduil: Have I ever told you about how you came to be?

Legolas: I don’t think I want to hear this, Dad.

Thranduil: It is a beautiful story. You should hear it. I like telling it.

Legolas: I know. I heard you told Tauriel.

Tauriel: Your father scares me.

Thranduil: I might have mentioned it in passing.

Legolas: I heard you told Elrond and Galadriel as well.

Elrond: Oh, that was beautiful. You should have seen Galadriel. Unbelievable. Remind me to get Thranduil a little something for his trouble.

Galadriel: I must stop reading minds. I really must stop with the mind-reading. That was more than I needed to know. Oh, my..

Gandalf: Don’t look at me! I have nothing to do with this! As it were, I heard the story from Sauron.

Sauron: Shhhhh….no you didn’t. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Thranduil: So, what would you like for your birthday?

Legolas: I have no idea anymore.

Thranduil: A new bow with a quiver full of arrows and you forget we had this conversation?

Legolas: Done.

Every time when I think: “Today you will start writing the first chapter for `The Elvenking´!” I have suddenly an idea for an edit and need hours to do it. I tell you… cutting out real people is so much more work than cutting out… I don’t know… video game characters. But I did it. I really need a graphic tablet though. My hand hurts. Yeah, this edit is kinda… a ‘remake’ of the one I made a few days ago. Enjoy :’)

Legolas x Reader x Thorin: Decision

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(Author’s note: This was such an interesting request!  I have never posted anything with Legolas before, so I hope I got his character right.  I hope you enjoy the story!

Request: Could you do a Legolas imagine where you are with him, but decide to leave the Halls of Thranduil to help Thorin and end up being in a situation where you don’t know who to pick?

Gifs are not mine!  Credit to original owners!)

   “Legolas?” your voice was raised ever-so-slightly in concern as you watched the blonde prince leading the warriors back into the gate along with several prisoners.  They were short, dirty, and tired-looking.  Dwarvish, no doubt.  Legolas approached you, putting an arm around your waist gently.  His cold expression softened a little.

   “Mae govannen.  They are trespassers,” he informed you quietly, as if he didn’t want them to hear.  “We found them fighting with the spiders.”

   “The spiders?  I thought we had rid the forests of them.”

   “It seems they have returned.”  He positioned himself so that he stood directly in front of you, back turned to the group of dwarves as to shield you from their sight protectively.  You had not missed the wide-eyed stares you received from them as they walked passed.  It was kind of sweet, but made Legolas uneasy.  

   “They look as if they have come a long way,” you commented sympathetically.  They were covered in dirt and spider webs, hair messy and clothes damp.

   “They are trespassers, nonetheless,” Legolas pointed out.  “And our enemies.”

   You knew they would be taken to the dungeon, which made you feel even more compassionate.  They didn’t look too angry or vicious.  Well, perhaps a little, but that was to be expected since they were being taken prisoner.  You followed the group through the vast halls of the palace, stopping when Legolas gave the guards more orders.

   “Thranduil will want to talk to the leader.  Take the others to the dungeons.”

   You watched as two guards moved forward to take one of the prisoners from the group.  He was a bit taller than most of the others in his company, and remarkably handsome, for a dwarf.  He had long wavy hair, a dark beard, and intense blue eyes.  He protested and spat insults at the guards who escorted him towards Thranduil’s throne.  However, upon seeing you, he went still.  Blue eyes widened, mouth fell open slightly in surprise, and your excellent hearing caught the quiet gasp that escaped his lips as you locked eyes with him.  It would seem he fancied you.  You gazed back at him, this being the closest you had ever been to an outsider.

   “________,” Legolas rested a hand on your shoulder, prompting you to snap out of it and keep moving.  “Do not worry.  They are no threat to us.”

   It seemed as if Legolas mistook your curiosity  and fascination for fear.  You decided it would be better to let him think that way for now as he led you down another hall.  Legolas, like most of the people of Mirkwood, were never really fond of outsiders of any kind.  However, you did not share their disdain towards any outside cultures.  Thoughts of the trespassing company filled your mind even as you walked away.

   “They are the dwarves of Erebor,” Legolas informed.  It was no surprise that he managed to sense your curiosity.   “It seems they seek to slay the dragon and reclaim their homeland.”  

   “Then Thranduil will want them to succeed.  They must succeed if we are to get our long lost jewels back,” you realized.  “Do you think he will be able to make an agreement with them?”

   “It is hard to say,” he replied with furrowed eyebrows.  “They claim to be royalty, but they are nothing but a band of thieves.  The leader, the one called Thorin Oakenshield, was in possession of Orcrist.”

   “Oh,” your face fell.  “Perhaps there is some misunderstanding?”

   “There is nothing to misunderstand.  He stole it.”

    “But Legolas,” you paused.  “They are a big part of the legends and stories in Lake-Town.  I think there’s more to them than just a band of thieves.”

   You were surprised when his lips turned up in a sweet smile.  “That is why I admire you so, ________.  You see the good in others, even when they don’t deserve it.”

   You smiled back as he kissed your forehead.  “While I do enjoy hearing about my admirable qualities, I’m not so easily swayed to change the subject.”

   “That was not my intention,” he assured you.  “I was simply making an observation.”  Footsteps approached from farther down the hall, and the slightly irritated look on Legolas’ face told you he heard it too.

   Tauriel appeared, bowing her head slightly in a polite gesture, also a tad apologetic for interrupting the moment.  “Legolas, Thranduil wishes to speak with you.”

   “I am coming.”  He sighed and gave you one last look.  “My apologies.  I will return as soon as I am permitted.”

   “Don’t worry, I understand.”

   He and Tauriel disappeared from sight, and you let out a quiet sigh that echoed through the empty hall.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   You descended the staircase just as Tauriel was on her way out of the dungeon.  Apparently, she was fascinated with the prisoners just as you were.  Well, one in particular.  You saw how she and the beardless one exchanged glances when the trespassers were being taken away.  Such interest in outsiders was frowned upon.

   And here you were going to visit one in the dungeons.

   He was at the cell door as soon as your footsteps echoed in the dungeon.  The blue-eyed leader was already grumbling insults, expecting it to be one of the other guards.  However, upon seeing it was you, his bitter expression was replaced with one of surprise.  He still looked just tad suspicious, which was understandable considering the situation.

   “I refused Thranduil’s offer for help to Erebor.  Now he sends maidens to charm us?” he questioned accusingly.  You realized that it must seem a little odd that Tauriel had come to visit a member of his company and now you had come to speak with him as well.  “You may go and tell Thranduil that I am not so easily swayed.”

   “I have not come to convince you of anything,” you told him.  “Thranduil does not know.  I shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

   His suspicious glare softened as he paced across the cell.  “Then why are you here?”

   “Curiosity and fascination,” you admitted.  “It’s not often that I have a chance to meet outsiders.  Especially the Company of Thorin Oakenshield on their way to reclaim Erebor.  Residents of Mirkwood usually keep to themselves.”

   “I’m well aware.  They kept to themselves when my people needed them most,” he grumbled.  Then, he eyed you curiously.  “But you are different.”

   “I was still training to be a warrior during the fall of Erebor.  I only heard the stories.  There are a few of us that don’t fancy our isolation.  I happen to be one of them.”  You glanced around the dungeon, nonchalantly checking to make sure the halls were clear so you could continue the conversation.  “So you are Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the Company?”

   He gave a small nod.  “Indeed.  What is your name?”

   “I am ________.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”


   “A question, if I may?”

   “I suppose I don’t have a choice,” he said in amusement, raising a brow and nodding towards the cell door that kept him prisoner.

   “Why do you travel with so small a company for such a big quest?”

   You hadn’t meant it as an insult, but apparently he was offended by your question.  His expression turned cold.  “ I do not discuss such aspects of this secret mission to outsiders.  Our business is our own.”

   You let out an inaudible sigh.  Apparently, the people of Mirkwood weren’t the only ones who kept to themselves.  With this stubbornness on both sides, it’s no wonder that there was such tension.

   “I did not mean to offend you.  I was just wondering.”

   He shook his head.  “My apologies.  My first instinct is suspect that you are a spy.”

   “I suppose you can’t be too careful.”  You managed a small smile.  “Besides, there is no one who guards the secrets of their culture so much as your people.  The stubbornness of dwarves is often mentioned in our stories and tales.  I can finally say I have witnessed it in person.”

   Thorin gave raised his brows at you.  “Oh?  And what of the arrogance of your people?  Erebor is our homeland.  What business do you have to interfere with our quest?”

   “We only wish to obtain what is ours, just as you do.  What is so arrogant about that?  And besides, you are the ones trespassing.”  He could not think of a good reply because you certainly had a point.  You shook your head.  “I am not the one who imprisoned you.  It was Thranduil’s decision, not mine.”  With that, you turned and headed out of the dungeon.  “I bid you good night.”

   Even after leaving, you couldn’t get Thorin Oakenshield off your mind.  His eyes, his voice…  You shook the thoughts away.  It was currently Mereth nuin Giliath, a time for feasting and celebrating.

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   “The prisoners have escaped!”

   “Seal the exits!  Search the halls!”

   You heard these orders being shouted in the halls outside your room, and you stood to your feet instantly.  You hadn’t been sleeping anyways.  As a matter of fact, you had been awake thinking about the Company.  And now it seems they escaped.

   It wasn’t too long afterwards that you found yourself in a riverside battle with orcs while the Company floated down the river in barrels.  You caught glimpses of Legolas and Tauriel both fighting alongside you.  But now you had been separated.  You shot an arrow at an orc that flew at Thorin, sending it into the water instead.

   He looked over at you, meeting your gaze.  You could stop him if you wanted.  Jump at that barrel.  Engage him in battle.  Drag him to the shore and back to the dungeon.  Return to your isolated life. 

   As if.   

   You shot Thorin a smile as you continued your journey along the shore, firing arrows at the occasional orc that managed to make it that far.  Most of them were far behind by the time the current slowed down enough for the Company to climb out of their barrels and onto the shore to meet you.

   “What is she doing here?” The gruff, bald one asked suspiciously.

   “Well, she’s certainly not here to take us prisoner again.”  This one was definitely shorter than the others, with no shoes, and curly hair.  He clearly wasn’t a dwarf of Erebor.

   “No,” Thorin agreed, eyes meeting yours again.  “She is joining us, apparently.”

   The eldest one with the gray beard approached Thorin hurriedly.  “A maid of Mirkwood?  Joining us?  Are you sure about that, Thorin?”

   “She could be a spy,” another added. 

   “We do not have the time to debate this, Gloin,” Thorin said.  “She will know the way to Lake-Town.  We must get there as soon as we can.”


   “She stays,” Thorin said firmly, making you smile.  “Now, we can only spare a few minutes to tend to Kili’s wound.  Then, we must continue.”

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   “Thorin, look out!” you shouted, spinning your blade and burying it in the oncoming orc.  You were trained to remain calm and collected on the outside, but inside, you were trying to keep from panicking.  Thorin was alright.  There was nothing to worry about.  

   It was the Battle of the Five Armies.

   You were pleased to fight alongside your people once more, as well as being with your new friends, the Company.  By now, you had become one of them.  You had traveled with them through Lake-Town to Erebor, helped them face Smaug, and stayed even when Thorin was affected by dragon sickness.  It all came down to this final battle to defend not only Erebor, but also the people of Lake-Town who had nowhere to go but Dale after their home had been destroyed by Smaug.

   “________, stay close,” Thorin told you, swinging his swords at an orc that tried to creep up on your from behind.

   You exchanged a meaningful look before continuing the battle, fighting back-to-back.  Yes, of course you had discovered you had feelings for Thorin even in all this mess.  And of course you still had feelings for Legolas.  The two of you had made your feelings known to each other back in Mirkwood, but had not officially started courting.  You hadn’t even said goodbye to him before leaving.  But you missed him, even as you went off on this amazing adventure.  You were so torn.

  Speaking of Legolas, you spotted him among the chaos of the battle.  He fought his way over to you skillfully and gracefully.  It seemed like so long since you had last seen him, that it felt a bit like a dream.  He was at your side, blue eyes wandering your face to search for signs of injury.

   “Are you alright?”

   “Yes, I’m fine.  I…I’m sorry for leaving,” you said.  “I’m so sorry.  I just- I had to go.”

   “I am not angry with you,” he told you.  “Maybe just a little bit,” he chuckled.  “But I am more glad that you are safe.  Come with me.  We need to join the rest of our people in defense of Dale.”

   “________,” Thorin stated, eyes flickering from you to Legolas.  “Don’t leave.  We should stay with the Company.”  

   Both of Legolas and Thorin glared at each other.

   This was a problem.  

   You had known from the moment that you discovered how you felt about Thorin that you’d have to make a decision.  But you were hoping that it wouldn’t come to this; having to decide in the middle of the battle when there were plenty of other things to worry about.  You looked at Legolas, a good friend that you had known all your life.  And then at Thorin, someone who was so different from you and opened the door to a life of adventure.  Both gazed back at you expectantly, waiting for you to go with them.

   You took a deep breath, grasped your sword, and opened your eyes again to look at the one who you chose.  

   Your mind was made up.

At Your Service ~Four~

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three

~got some inspiration from this~

The next morning, you arrived in your new quarters early, setting down the few possessions you had as a servant. Most of what you owned were uniforms and so the small chest of drawers beside the single-person bed was only half-filled. You glanced in the mirror placed in a walnut frame; you had never had one in your chambers before. The bed itself was nicely decorated; a pillow thicker than any you had used before and the blankets soft beneath your fingertips.

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Thranduil’s Guard.

Words count:1514

Warning: none.

Summery: You’re Thranduil’s guard for a long time,and when and Orc attack happens you do everything to protect your king.


You took strong and long strides to King Thranduil’s study/library. When you went to his bed chambers and didn’t find him, you instantly knew where he was. It happened often now that it didn’t faze you. But as the King’s personal guard you liked to know where he was at all times.

You were appointed a guard for him almost a 1000 years ago. And you’re used to his ways of running things. At first dared not talk to him, but after the first couple hundred years, you and your king became used to each other’s company. With spending that much time together you couldn’t help the growing friendship. The king started taking your opinions on certain things, after you attended enough meetings, as you were by his side almost 24/7.

Anyway you reached the study in no time, and lightly knocked on the door. A calm ‘come in (y/n).’ called for you from inside. You bowed for your king and stood by the closed door. You still did as all guards do, even after Thranduil told you to treat him a friend, you just didn’t want to over step your boundaries.

“Sit down (y/n).” Thranduil said not looking up from the parchment in his hand. You moved to your usual chair in front of Thranduil’s desk. “I hope you didn’t look for me, for long.”

“No, I have not my lord, I know where you go when you can’t sleep now.” You told Thranduil, who’s lips twitched upwards then fell back quickly. “I mean I’ve been you guard for how long now? 963 years I believe.”

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken, it’s 965 years.” Thranduil said smirking. You rolled your eyes, and leaned back in your chair. “I’ll be done in a few minutes then we can go eat out breakfast.” You nodded.

“Any news from Legolas?” You asked Thranduil, Legolas and you had become close over the years. He was with the fellowship of the ring and you know that he was worried for his son.

“No, nothing yet.”

“He’ll be fine.” You told your king and friend. “Legolas is and amazing fighter, he’s the best I saw. He can take care of himself.”

“I know, but I can’t help but worry.” Thranduil sighs and closed his eyes.

“It’s natural, no matter how old he is, he’s still your son.” You said softly. It was rare when you showed your soft side, but to the king your tone of voice was a normal thing for him to hear, as it was normal for you to hear him speak kindly to you and no one else but Legolas.

“Come, let’s go to the dining hall.” Thranduil said and stood from his chair, you quickly followed. You waited for him to walk and walked close behind him. Your hand on your sword, you knew that it was impossible for any foe to get inside the castle, but better safe than sorry. Especially in times like now, where wars are going on.

You reached the dining hall, and King Thranduil sat in his chair at the head of the table. You waited until he signed for you to set. You sat on his left, and were served your food.  

The day went on it was a normal and calm day in the woodland realm. Until after the sun started sitting, when you heard the bells, you and the King were in the throne room. You quickly unsheathed your sword. Thranduil was handed his sword and you ran before him to the gates. Everyone was moved inside the castle. You followed your king as he walked to the front on his soldiers. You stayed close to the king as he gave orders. And soon the fighting began, many Orcs fell at your blade. As you fought you kept a close eye on Thranduil. You didn’t know, how can many orcs got into the Woodland realm and no one detects them. You saw Thranduil getting further and further from you. So you made it your mission to get as close to him as you could. You swung your sword left and right, every Orc falling as they came in contact with your sword. In no time you were next to Thranduil once again, and it was a good thing as ten orcs circled. One was trying to sneak up on him when you struck it down. Thranduil turned and saw you, he nodded in thanks, when your eyes widened. You quickly pushed your king and were met with a sword to your side. You let out a scream in paint, and fell when the vicious Orc removed his sword form your side.

“NO!” You heard Thranduil roar in anger, he killed the Orc and all Orcs that came in sight.  Seeing their king angered and killing and you laying in a pool of your blood, gave the rest of the elves a motive to fight harder. Their once captain of the guard was dying because of the orcs. Soon after that all orcs were dead.

Thranduil rushed to your side, as you breathed heavily trying to keep your eyes open.  

“y/n stay with me, don’t close your eyes.” Thranduil instructed.

“But, I’m so tired.” You said weakly, and it wasn’t for him having elven hearing he wouldn’t have hear you. Thranduil then moved you to carry you and you let out a pained scream.

“I’m sorry y/n, just stay strong for a few more moments, I’m taking you to the healer.” Thranduil told you and he ran with you in his arms to the healers.

“Thranduil…” You whispered his name, it was the first time you call him Thranduil on your own. He had to always call you Thranduil, and you’ll do as he said for a few hours and return to calling him my lord or my king or even king Thranduil. “I’m so tired and I can’t feel my legs.”

“I know, I know just wait a bit longer.” Thranduil said as he reached the healers room, the door was open. The healers were waiting for the injured from the battle outside to end and the injured to come. But they didn’t expect their king to come I carrying one of their strongest warriors. Thranduil was covered in your blood.

“Here, my lord.” One of the healer shouted and Thranduil laid you on the bed. The healers then rushed to your side, they ripped your tonic to see the wound. “It’s poisoned!” The healer exclaimed and the color left Thranduil’s face. “y/n stay with us, you have to stay awake.”

You were feeling dizzy, sleepy and in pain but tried to stay awake as they worked on you. Thranduil watched helpless. You couldn’t stay wake and fell unconscious from the pain. Thranduil was so worried for you that after they finished cleaning the wound and stitching it, he didn’t leave your side. You were unconscious for a week, one of the healers would chick on you every few hours. And every time she walked in she found the king in the room, either siting on a chair beside the bed, or looking out of the window.

On your eighth day, Thranduil was sitting on your bedside, when your hand twitched. Thranduil sat straighter and looked at you hopefully. And slowly you opened your e/c eyes.

“Hey.” Thranduil said gently, as if you’re going to break if he spoke any louder or harsher. “How are you doing?”

“F-fine.” You said your voice hoarse from not speaking for the past week and with your throat dry. Thranduil gets you a glass of water. You move to set up, but wince. Your side was still raw and tender.

“Here let me help you.” Thranduil said and slipped a hand under your back and other under your feet and raised you so you were leaning into the pillows and the headboard. You slowly drank the water and sighed in relief. You then realized you weren’t in your room.

“Why am I in your bedchambers, my lord?” You asked Thranduil and tried to move and get out of your king’s bed, but Thranduil stopped you by putting a hand on your shoulder and pushing you lightly back so you were once again leaning into the pillows.

“y/n just relax you took one hard blow and you’re hurting.” Thranduil said and he looked you in the eye. They were soft and full of worry. It was strange seeing those eyes looking at others with cold and hard tint into them but when he looks at you they’re kind and gentle.

“But my lord…”

“No buts and for the thousands time call me Thranduil.” You sighed but nodded, you fell into a comfortable silence for a moment when Thranduil broke it. “Thank you for taking that hit for me.”

“I’ll do it again knowing you’re safe, plus you have a kingdom to run. We can’t lose our king, now could we?”

Thranduil just smiled at you and kissed your forehead.

“I’ll get the healer to chick on you.”




PART 2??


This is for my own reference more than anything, but I’m trying to see who we’ve all got for minor Elf characters in the Hobbit. Feel free to add more if I’ve missed any or correct names/actors/images! I’m fairly confident on everybody except Elros; I’m sure I have Lethuin’s image right, though it’s a common mistake to label him as Elros.

  1. Lindir/Figwit (Bret McKenzie)
  2. Feren (Simon London)
  3. Lethuin (Eli Kent)
  4. Galion (Craig Hall)
  5. Elros (Robin Kerr)
  6. Meludir (unknown actor)