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The Bombur Boogie.

The Elrond.

The Legolas Shuffle.

The Kíli Shake.

Thorin: Who are these people?

Thranduil: Okay, you know what? I want these people to get lost in Mirkwood for, oh, I don’t know–ever. I know Legolas is my son, but he did not get that from me so can I just adopt Bard? No one will know the difference.

Imperious Thranduil.

Bilbo: That is unbelievable.

Bard: Yes it is!

Elrond: Oh, Bard..not you..[laughing some more]

Legolas: Yeah, I’m drinking on the set! Have a problem with that?

Thranduil: That is…well…my, uh…son. [he’s adopted; found him under a tree]

TKWR Trilogy hit a milestone yesterday–I was able to convince a male oriented business I was a guy on Instagram. If I convince men I’m a guy writing as Thranduil, I guess I’m doing something right.

This is how we do it…

Thranduil: I do not know any of those people.


Thranduil the Avenging Angel, Part 3. (Part 1 / Part 2)


                                                 Thranduil & Elydir
                                             ~ King and Lionheart ~

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{For @crxwnedwiththxrns who made this beautiful ship come true. Thank you}

Something is wrong with the ice.

Legolas: We have some seriously disturbed people around here.

Elrond: I know you know who did that, Gandalf.

Gandalf: No idea.

Thorin: Right. Sure you don’t.

Thranduil: [Giggling suspiciously]

I make 195 years old look good.

Whatever. I make 6200 years old look delicious.

Oh, come on, Gandalf. You know I’m older than they are and I am spectacular.

Well, I’m as old as time and I can appear in any form I wish. So I must say I’m by far better looking than any of you.

Kíli: Game, Set, Match.

Fíli: Burn.

Oops..Thorin tips over.

Thranduil: He’s drunk. He escaped my dungeon in a barrel of wine. What’d you expect?

Legolas: I am not saying a word.

[Peanut gallery once again can’t help themselves]

Fíli: [Uncle has a temper…]