thranduil (cosplay)

recently facebook has been bombarding me with memories from hobbitcon and I came across this pic of @bittersuites and I as thranduil and his wife <3

I loved cosplaying an elf tho personality wise I am more of a hobbit and this dress was one of the first things I made that I actually felt was technically not a piece of shit.

hobbitcon and the hobbit have been a massive influence on my journey as a sewer and cosplayer so it not excisting anymore and the films being over is still a very weird feeling to cope with.

So if you excuse me for a minute I’m gonna go unwind with an old fashioned bathroom cry 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。

  • Bard, awkwardly trying to flirt with Thranduil: So. . . what's your stance on wine?
  • Thranduil: *looks up from book* Did you say wine?
  • Bard: Er-, yes. I have a cellar. Filled with wine. A wine cellar. A cellar, for wine.
  • Bard: Red. . . white. . .
  • Thranduil: *sets book down and turns towards Bard* Now, we're having a conversation.

(( OOC: Finally threw this crack together. *slides it across the table in a brown paper bag* )) 



My eyebrow game was on point that day.

I did a slightly more book-inspired photoshoot for Thranduil during the winter, with a crown of holly berries. The movie costume is one of my favourite things ever, but I liked the mix of the fully red crown with the red inside the cloak.

I think I managed to look cold, both in the physical and metaphorical sense. It was like 5 Farenheit and brutally windy.

Photos: katharynmarie