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Today is   T H R A N D U I L    T H U R S D A Y !!!

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So    H A P P Y   T H R A N D U I L    T H U R S D A Y  !!!

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(Chapter 4)

I entered into the kingdom, my world was crumbling, I have no one. The light I fell in love with the lights after when fall came. I slowly walked into my room to get ready for dinner. I was touring the site that winter was coming, I know that I’m late, I can’t help it that Mirkwood is one of my favorite beautiful place to be in.

As I came into my room, my dress was flowy, it’s my favourite dress. It’s (pick a color) that fits me so well.Thranduil was drinking his whine watching me walk to my chair as a butler walked me to it. Thranduil put his down"I’m glad you arrived here safely.“

I sat down and put my napkin down to my lap. "Thank you.” I gave him a smile.

“You look lovely tonight.” Thranduil sweetly said while not drunk.

“Thank you. You do as well as you always do.” I chuckled.

“How was your travel?” As the appetizers came into the dinning room.

“Exhausting, Long. But I’m here safely. Thank you.” As I took a sip of whine.

“Well you will be well rested later tonight, you will have a room right by me. So when we are ready to leave I’ll escort you to your room.” He gave me that devilish grin.

“That’s sounds nice. Thank you.” I ate some food.

We talked about our families and whatever came to our minds. He walked me to my room like he said he would and kissed the top of my head, like he use to do.

“Good night Melauim.”

“Good night Heraum.” I bowed a little.

Heldor walked up to the king and they headed to his chambers and talked about me.

“Duop mou meu te deu?” ‘Do you know why she left?’ Thranduil was wondering.

“Heraum, malul palin uinan mou.” 'She left to save you.’

“Dalau mou meu?” 'Do you know why?’ Thranduil was guessing his Adar.

“No.” They went into Thranduil chambers.

Knowing all of this Thranduil was leading towards his farther to my leaving. It made him re think his life. He love his late wife and his son he would never wanted to change those moments with them. But would have it been so bad that if he did what to end up with me?

Morning I felt like crap, grieving is the worst thing in the world, it’s like the world is closing in on you and all you are doing is screaming inside like no one can hear me or listening to me.The sound of the closing door made me jump, I turn around and saw that it was Thranduil standing there.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” Thranduil stood in front of the door.

I sorta looked away from him. “It’s fine.”

Thranduil moves towards me. “How are you?”

“Like I could crawl into a rock and never come out.” I look at the window when the rain drop were coming down the window.

“I understand your pain, take a walk with me please.”

I walked away from the window, as I felt nothing could be done about what was running through my soul. But when his hand touched my linking my fingers with his, I felt like I was my old self around him. Thranduil has been through a lot more than I ever had in my life. First his dad died, three months later his wife after two years mother passed away. So he some what went through what I did. But he has Legolas, to remind him to go on in life.

Thranduil had us stop at the garden, that old feeling of me falling for that younger elf king was coming back. The breeze felt cold and mostly bitter, the feeling of being free was gone. Thranduil lead us to a old bench that was new when I arrived for the first time. I sat while I closed my eyes.

Thranduil felt gosse bumps down my left arm and gently rub my arm. “I remember you telling me you felt safe here. So I thought I should bring you here after today.

I smiled at him, just for a moment I saw the younger Thranduil wanting to take care of me. I softly spoke to him. "Thank you.”

After a moment Thranduil took my left hand and put it in the crease of his arm line. “You’re welcome. There is something I must know Y/N.”

I turned to face him. “What?”

“I need to know if my adar made you leave. Did he?” He looked like a little elf that I always wanted to know what he ever so looked like.

I faced him ever more, putting my hands with his. “Yes, we both know that outline don’t mix very well. But you got married to a wonderful woman in the world and you have a wonderful son. I could never make you happy like they do.”

Tears were falling from his face. “ You gave me up so I could be happy?” He thought for a moment. “Did you ever think what I may wanted?”

How dare he!?! Of course I did! But I also understand his point. “Yes I did my love. But he wanted me to be gone so you could be king and be happy. You are his only child and son.” I sighed.

Thranduil must had felt like he upset me. “I’m sorry for stepping on your toes.” His eyes turned into cold. “He should never done that to us. I needed to know so I can forgive him and move past it.” We both stood up he pulls me into a hug.

I tried to move back. “No I’m sorry my King.”

With him pulling hard to face him I hugged him back. “Please don’t be.” He whispered into my ear.

“My king if he didn’t do this, we wouldn’t have this kingdom nor Legolas.” I climbed on to him.

“Don’t you want children?” He pushed my away a little but took ahold of my shoulders.

“Yes I do, but he would never been born. Now let’s stop thinking of what it could have been and see what’s there now.” I gave him a smile.Thranduil head went down and I kissed it. “How is Legolas?”

“He’s at war right now.” He shrugs his shoulders as he didn’t want to talk about it.

“He’ll come home.” I lead us into the garden.

“I’m not so sure, I’ve been an awful ada to him.” His body was slouching, I’ve never seen him do that before.

“Thranduil we act out all the time, he is your son, sons mostly come home. Even when it’s bad.” I put his hand to my lips and kissed it.

He smiled liked he use to. “Thank you. I needed that, I’m sorry this was suppose to be about you not me.” He sighed in grief.

I chuckled. “It’s alright.”

“Your step family were great to work with.” He changes the subject.

“Thanks I think?” I nervously chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” He looked very cocky at me.

“I’ve haven’t spoken to him in twelve years. I would asked my pa to see how he was doing, but pa says he’s in trouble all the time. So no need to lie to me my King.” I gave him a squeeze of the hand. “ My brother hated humans so he hated me. With that my mother had gotten ill, if you remember why I first came here.”

“I do. I wasn’t meaning to lie to you, he calmed himself down after the fact.” He held onto my hand more.

We lead ourselves to another bench as we sat down.

“Pa wished that we could get along, but I have no hard feelings towards him anymore.” I sat down.

“How is your mother?” Thranduil walked passed me to pick a flower and gave it to me.

I look up at him and shook my head with a smile. “Thank you. She’s dead. She took pills.” My head went down.

“I am very sorry May. This color is perfect for a perfect lady.” His soft lips touch my bear skin of the top of my head.

I blushed some what. “Thank you, Thranduil why am I really here?”

Thranduil put the flower in my hair. “I was wondering if you looked like the day that I met you.”

“Stop Thranduil.” That made me blushed.

“This smile makes my world brighter, since I became older.” He tucks my hair behind my ear.

I laughed a little. “My king, you look more handsome than ever, you look the same also.” I pointed out.

“But I am older than I look May. Let it be.” He wanted to ended the conversation before I could speak.

“Alright.” I gave in.

“Good my princess.” His lips touched mine.

Dusk have over come where we were, Thranduil walks me to my room he has this wanting to pleasure me. This man is over a hundred years old and I’m in my twenties we met when I was in my teens.

I stop him in his tracks. “Thranduil.”

Thranduil links our arms together. “Yes may flower?”

“Are you making moves towards me?”

“Yes I am.” He patted my hand.

If a king of thee elves lost there partners, they usually die of heart break or killed in a war. They can’t re marry at least that what pa told me. But they can be with another if may be.

“I see.” I lay my head on his shoulder.

That smile that he gives me, melts my heart. We are at my door, what do I do? Give him a kiss and say goodnight? Can’t we stay like this forever?

“Here we are.” I let him go so I could open the door.“Do you want to come in?” I asked.

“You sure?” He didn’t want to impose.

I took his right hand. “Yes I’m sure. Unless you have something better to do. And if not then I understand.” I gave him a grin.

You can say that Thranduil tried his best to resist, but he opens the door and picks me up and puts me on the bed. He might think that we might need each other for the night. This was the first time for Thranduil being sexaul with out his wife, he wants to really bad. But I could tell he wasn’t feeling it.

I embarrassed him. “Thranduil we don’t have to do this. We can just lay here and keep each other company.” I was trying to sooth him.

No emotion came from his face he just lays without saying anything. I laid on my side and faced him. I held onto his arm to make him understand that it’s okay, and to give him some comfort. I don’t care what we do, as long as if I was with him, I don’t care.

His face slowly turn to face me. “Are you upset with me like I am?”

I propped my self up a little. “No, Thranduil I am happy as long as I’m with you.”

Flopping himself to face me he pulled me in closer to his embrace. “Than I have nothing to worry about.” A kiss upon my eyelashes. I closed my eyes and fall right back to sleep.

Elves don’t need much sleep after a long day of work, sex, whatever they wanted to do. I woke up alone and that is normal for me, even when I was with the king. But hot chocolate was on my bedstand, I’ve haven’t had that in years. Thranduil know how to hover to my heart.


i watched a bunch of behind the scenes footage for the hobbit and LEE PACE IS SO FUN AND SILLY I LOVE HIM. i forgot how cold thranduil is in the movies lmao whatever. thranduil/expressions is my otp and all of these are ooc except for maybe the top middle but I DONT CARE

I also like playing w crown designs omg someone stop me