So I have a ton of things to do but I decided to spend the evening reading every story update on ask-king-sombra (whose mod is ask-wiggles as you very probably already know)- and I regret nothing. 

Though I possibly will. In the future. But not now.

What can I say, it was epic! It has everything I want my ask blog to have someday- memorable characters, good plot, awesome subplots, originality, a recognisable style, magic, glowy things, fluffy woofs and sideburns. Yes, those two last ones are necessary.

So, thanks for the read, Wiggles! Have an Thranduelk in return! Can’t get over this guy x3

Also, I’ve got a pretty long list of ask blogs I’d love to fully read which I just made today- and I swear, I will catch up with all of them… eventually! 8’D