My friend lizzie has been fostering this adorable pit bull named Bear for about four months now, she found him through The Homeless Pet Advocates. He had a really bad case of Mange but has been recovering wonderfully until now, he has a growth that has more than doubled in size in about a week, it’s bright red and has raised ridges; the vet says it is an active growth and needs to be removed as soon as humanly possible in case it is indeed cancerous. 

So THPA need your help, they’re a non-profit organization and as you can imagine, vet bills are not cheap so they’ve set up a Chip In page for Bear’s Surgery.

Any little bit will help, I took a gander at this growth and it isn’t pretty. He’s such a loving dog and deserves a chance to find a happy home. I MEAN LOOK AT HIM JUST SUN BATHING~

Please reblog or donate if you can. Thanks!  

The idea of anything happening to anyone in my family is a nightmare, never the less something to an innocent animal. 

I’ve posted several times about fostering Bear but this time is a little different. Over the last several weeks, the growth on Bear’s arm has gotten bigger and more irritated. The vet says it needs to be removed in case it’s cancerous. The thought of not having Bear able to live the full life he deserves breaks my heart so please, reblog or donate ANYTHING you can…every little bit helps getting this rescued baby the help he needs.

Here is Bear’s ChipIn page & The Homeless Pet Advocates page.


Why He’s Proud To Be A Harry Potter Fan :)

he is so much fun

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This is Mangi Bai. She stopped a truck full of wheat meant to feed kids in school from being diverted to the black market and then got the headmaster sacked as he was in on the racket. And she is low caste and non literate. She is courageous and fearless! #thpa #unlikelyleaders #thehungerproject #India #women #leadership #hungerproject #thp

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