anonymous asked:

Headcannons for shinsou, tamaki, mina, and present mic if their s/o got in a dumb argurment with one of their best friends that went wrong real fast?


  • Would let them vent to him but wouldn’t really say anything.
  • After they were done he’d be like “Kk, you finished?”
  • And then he would tell them how petty or ridiculous it was and that would be about as much thought he would give to it.


  • Would be outtie five thousie the moment he hears the argument.
  • If they caught him, he would listen to their anger, albeit while fidgeting.
  • Literally this gif


  • Would want a detailed report on everything that happened.
  • Would hold their hand and be like “I cant believe they did that!”
  • She would get more hyped as they told her more and would end up declaring that she would kick her s/o’s friend’s ass for them. 

Present Mic:

  • Lets be real, he probably commentated the whole fight.
  • Probably not the best person to ask for advice on to fix it cause he will tell them to just kill them or beat them up.
  • Isn’t really the comforting type, probably would egg it on further.