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1.Top 3 songs of your favourite band? 505, the jewellers hands, and R U mine?

2.If you could be in any movie,which would be and which character would you play? shiiiiiitt, uhmmm..i dont even know..i could be marley in marley in me? i dont know D: 

3.Favourite season? ehh..spring maybe :/ 

4.Do you have a pet? nope :/ 
5.Favourite female name? i really like Diana

6.In which fictional world would you like to be and why(optional)? Sherloooockkkkkkkk, its so brilliant, thats not really fiction it? :/ 

7.Where would you like to travel in the future? everywheere, i love going to new places :’)

8.If you had a time machine,where would you go? back in time, to maybe the 60s or seventies, possibly 80s :/

9.What super power would you like to have? Talent -_- 

10.If someone offered you 1 billion dollars to kill 5 random people,what would you do? kill 5 people i hate, yeahhhh :) 

11.If you had only 30 minutes left until an asteroid hits Earth,what would you do? tell everyone i care about that i love them and do something im incredibly scared of 

My questions:

1. Your favourite band?

2. Are you in love right now?

3. Favourite ship?

4. Favourite person? (celebrity or not)

5. Look to your left, what do you see?

6. Favourite fruit?

7. Which seems cooler to you, hell or heaven? (get it? cooler? shut up im funny -_- )

8. Which feature in you stands out the most?

9. Whats your favourite song of all time?

10. Ever tried drugs?

11. Would you pick immortality or your favourite celebrity to be your husband/wife?