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Theory: if you were somehow able to ban every Sun, Express and Mail letter writer from using the words “elite” and “establishment” (and “luvvie”) I think all they’d be left with are adverbs and one single comma they’d all have to share among themselves.


behold: the greatest real madrid fanvid of all time. 

when i start typing “” into my address bar, it autocompletes to this video, and i think that’s probably the most relevant fact about me as a person.


@Regrann_App from @dark_universe_09 - This is unacceptable.. #dark_universe_09
Via @chakabars Tired of Africans suffering.
Ok, every who who is allowed to see this please like it, share it. Tag everyone, every celebrity, every friend you know. This is what the Clintons are doing to my brothers and sister in Haiti 🇭🇹 #chakabars We need to get the message out. This post should have hundreds of thousands of views. Respect. - #regrann #StayWoke

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I just wanna get this out there into the void real quick, so excuse my rambling.

I remember, it was 2012, and FNAF came out. Long story short I was OBSESSED. I scoured the youtube community for someone with enough balls (or not, in my case haha) to play this surprisingly horrifying game. 

Then I found Markiplier’s first FNAF video. 

It was back when it just came out, and it only had a few thousand views. I clicked on it, being skeptical (at the thumbnail especially lol), and being surprised at his voice (bc honestly his voice is literal butter) ((no not exotic butter)) 

I  L O V E D  I T

I loved his wholesome reaction, and his franticness, and just falling in love with him as a person. Needless to say, I subscribed shortly after.

But in late 2015, my life was going to hell. My ex had just broken up with me, my grades were slipping, and my depression got so much worse. I had no one at that point, so I turned to my trusty friend, Markiplier.

That night, though, I noticed something… off… about his videos. He didn’t seem to have as much passion about everything as he had for the past 2 years I had subscribed. His enthusiasm was low and he didn’t have such great interactions or videos as I though he did before. In fact, I thought it got so bad that I didn’t even watch his videos for a couple months because I couldn’t see the (excuse me for the stupid cliche reason) “Old Markiplier” in him anymore. This is actually how I actually got into Jack and Felix’s videos even more, so I guess it can’t be all too bad.

But this week.
(Oh this week :) )

I was absolutely awestruck by Mark’s Disco Discomfort video. I was blown away, and it was so much fun watching his long intros. I haven’t seen anything like that in 5ever, and it was such a nice change in videos. I could see the (again I’m sorry) “Old Markiplier I was talking about before. It rekindled something in my heart, and I was so excited to watch him again, and his newest videos. I’m so glad Mark has more passion for doing this stuff again. 

I missed you buddy :)

Thanks for making my week a bit brighter, and every week in fact.

The True reason Super Junior will Never be able to Disband

Over the past few years, several of these SM Entertainment stars have threatened to reveal nude photos of each other after splitting up.

On the 17th, a Super Junior Twitter account run by a fan tweeted a silly anecdote regarding the group, which is the main purpose of the Twitter page—to inform fans of old anecdotes, facts, and trivia.

The tweet, which was then screen-captured and re-uploaded onto the popular South Korean online community Instiz, garnered thousands of views and a plethora of comments.

The tweet reads, “All the Super Junior members have many bare, nude photos of each other saved into their own possessions. And with these photos, it is said that they threatened one another that they would expose it to the public if the group were to ever disband.”

In response to this, many fans of the E.L.F fandom left hysterical comments regarding the anecdote, saying, “Kekekeke these guys are too hilarious,” “I guess this is their way of warning each other not to cause a disbandment,” and “As much as I want to see their nude photos, I’d rather have them stay as a group than disband kekekekeke.”

What are your thoughts on the Super Junior members’ threats?

Source: Instiz


wow wow wow

this is so good!!!!

Aglow and steadfast like a star,
Unfathomably bold and true,
Ten thousand words have shared her view–
Unsung at home, loved from afar.
Maintaining faith that He looks on,
No sunshine e’er has brighter shone.

@autumnsunshine10, who set the Acrostic stage for all her friends, then “challenged” a master of the form. This is how I play the game. This is how I say thanks :)

The devaluation of art produced by people out of the public eye has led us to believe that Holmes and Watson never existed as explicitly gay on the page… like we did that already yall, they have already been created in our art my dudes

some of this art has thousands and thousands of views. The people looking to consume this art have gotten to.. Like aint that something

Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed -  

AU in which Castiel accidentally sends a text message to the wrong number and befriends the person at the other end of the line. However, accidents don’t just happen accidentally, and sometimes two completely different people are exactly what the other needs.

@hesanangelwithashotgun​ and I thank you very much for sticking with this story for all of these years and for the tens of thousands of views. This was a first time writing fanfiction for both of us so thank you for the support. It has officially been a year since the posting of the latest chapter and in case anyone was still wondering, there won’t be another. We thought that we’d be able to wrap up a few things with one last chapter but due to life circumstances, we won’t be. As is, the story feels complete so we apologize for promises of a final chapter that we didn’t follow through on. 

Anyway, I’d also like to thank the lovely @cheriiart that did a commission from me PROBABLY A YEAR AGO so thank you so much for that! (Honestly look at this art. It’s incredible.)



The entire team of the interview is proud to present our first ever transgender woman to grace the cover of the magazine.
We, at the interview, have always and will always celebrate the people’s true identity, will raise our voice in support of the differences that make the world such a colourful and diverse place.

Maddson Moss, before know as Felipe Lima, one of the biggest superstars of Simbook, a singer who gathered hundreds of thousands views on his music video clips, has came out as a transgendered and we’re proud to be presenting her to the world on the cover of our magazine.

We kept it as a secret, because her face was left hidden but now as we have exclusively her very first public picture we’re more than happy to reveal the big mystery.

And what were the signs?

This was her profile’s picture

The mystery of the eye?
Not so much of a mystery anymore.

So we’re throwing a big event so celebrate to release of our issue with her on the cover and HER FIRST EVER STUDIO ALBUM.
You can find out how to be a part of the event HERE.

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I honestly think Elise has a great shot to get the grant. I'm not sure what the criteria is but she can show them 100s of tweets, all their online sales and the thousands of views on IG and YouTube to prove that there's a demand for their music. I always wish the best for both her and Nat in all they do. They're such cool, humble people. Would love to see them both blow up and be more mainstream 🤗

idk about mainstream but I hope they get to make a living out of what they love doing d:  

I honestly feel bad I haven’t bought any of Elise’s music yet (except for the on anon kind enough to gift ‘Do You’ for me) XD  I just have other priorities at the moment.  But it sounds to me that it was a hit and went far better than they expected so they’ll probably get it if they play their cards right d:

You know I can see the neptunia Fandom growing although outside of Tumblr

With YouTubers like ladycroftpr and lost pause reaching thousands of views on their neptunia content the Fandom grows more and more, more artist’s such as men-dont scream are appearing, the /r/ gamindustri subreddit recently broke the 5000 milestone on people subscribed to the subreddit and on 8chan neptunia is a topic that most people are actually quite positive about.


HEY GUYS! It’s doubtful you haven’t seen this video yet if you’re in the Star Wars fandom. I posted it two days ago and it received a massive amount of notes and I am extremely proud of it. 

UNFORTUNATELY, there have been people who have taken it and reposted without my permission. Even with proper credit, they did it without asking me. I wouldn’t have given them the permission to repost it anyways.

WHAT I’M GETTING TO: Somebody is gaining thousands of views off of my content, and above is the official video from MY channel. 


I DIDN’T POST IT. I have respectfully told them to take it down, and I have yet to see a result. 

If you would like to support me as well as any future content I make for star wars,