thousands of stickers


I made stupid Duel Monsters Telegram stickers. Actually wanted to make a seperate Duel Monsters pack, but until I don’t have about 10-20 I will put them in my personal pack. If I ever get enough done, I will share the link for the pack, if anyone is interested ^^ But I won’t use humanoid monsters, this would be too simple :P


@suppermariobroth You guys excited about the New Paper Mario coming out? No, silly! Not Paper Mario: Color Splash! The fan-made HD re-texture project of Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 by Nelde! 

“New Paper Mario is an unofficial retexture project for the original Paper Mario game for the Nintendo 64. This means that I’m taking every texture from the original game, enhancing them using new textures I create in illustrator and Photoshop, and loading them back into the game using an emulator.”

Check out @newpapermario on Tumblr and Nelde on DeviantART and give them your support! #newpapermario

  • (Hori is re-running for drama club president and Kashima is managing his campaign.)
  • Kashima: We all know that Hori cannot spend as much money on ads as his opponent, but I printed out ten thousand "DON'T" stickers and ten thousand question mark stickers. (She holds up his opponent's poster, which says "Recall Hori" with the stickers stuck on them so it reads "Recall Hori? DON'T.")
  • Sakura: Why don't you just put the "DON'T" in front of "Recall Hori"?
  • Kashima: Yup, that's a much better idea.
  • Seo: Can I have these question mark stickers? (Picks them up off a table.)
  • Kashima: Why?
  • Seo: I want to put them on stop signs. (She runs out of the room with them).
  • Kashima: Seo, no!


But alas, I was too anxious to try making custom shoes again that I just went with the first size of canvas ones I could find, and because they’re 1-2 sizes too big the fronts end up bending way too much when I walk in them. So I dare not put them on simply because I don’t want to crack any of the paint OTL;;

They were ridiculously fun to make all the same. I would absolutely love giving it another go after I look into some better techniques for working on shoes in general ;v;

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imagine meeting Harry and not being aware of the blue & green stickers in his backpockets and the rainbow bear in his bag and the unread message from Louis on his phone in his hand and the shit ton if lovebites somewhere under his clothes and the taxi cab waiting somewhere out there for Louis do drive him to Harry's, wow

catch harry tripping one day and thousands of blue and green stickers spilling from his pockets