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@suppermariobroth You guys excited about the New Paper Mario coming out? No, silly! Not Paper Mario: Color Splash! The fan-made HD re-texture project of Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 by Nelde! 

“New Paper Mario is an unofficial retexture project for the original Paper Mario game for the Nintendo 64. This means that I’m taking every texture from the original game, enhancing them using new textures I create in illustrator and Photoshop, and loading them back into the game using an emulator.”

Check out @newpapermario on Tumblr and Nelde on DeviantART and give them your support! #newpapermario


But alas, I was too anxious to try making custom shoes again that I just went with the first size of canvas ones I could find, and because they’re 1-2 sizes too big the fronts end up bending way too much when I walk in them. So I dare not put them on simply because I don’t want to crack any of the paint OTL;;

They were ridiculously fun to make all the same. I would absolutely love giving it another go after I look into some better techniques for working on shoes in general ;v;

I know a lot of people are bummed about Paper Mario: Color Splash looking a lot like Sticker Star, but I found out some great news! Color Splash will be re-introducing partner characters, and I have the full list here, complete with pictures!

Partner 1: Toad

Toad is kind of like the Goombario/Goombella of Color Splash. He’s a huge fan of Mario, and wants to do everything he can to help him restore Prism Island to the way it was. In battle, he can jump on enemies!

Partner 2: Toad

Toad may look weak, but don’t let that fool you! His jump attack packs a wallop, and will be sure to give enemies trouble!

Partner 3: Toad

His high and mighty attitude may seem off putting at first, but deep down, Toad has a heart of gold! When enemies see his fabulous jump attack, they’ll be sure to bow down!

Partner 4: Toad

An everyday toad by day, Toad is secretly a super hero! Villains beware- his mighty jump attack is sure to make them rethink their evil ways!

Partner 5: Toad

Not much is known about Toad, or why he’s decided to help Mario on his quest. But what you can be sure of is that his devastating jump attack will be a huge help!

Plus, there’s a secret sixth partner you can obtain! I’ll put it below a break as to not spoil the surprise, but if you don’t mind spoilers…

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One of the blogs I follow posted a picture of the abandoned subway system in Rochester, NY.  I don’t travel through that area often but I knew that I could create a business reason to go there.  So, I sent a single email, got myself invited to a meeting and booked a hotel within four blocks of the entrance to the subway. 

“Wow” is all I can say.  Wandering into the subway, without doing any real research on it, was a bit nerve wracking.  But, within 40 or 50 yards it opens into an amazing passage with plenty of natural light and hundreds, if not thousands, paintings, stencils, tags, stickers and murals.  Amazing. 

Thanks Greg!