thousands and thousand of tiny hairs

Taehyung x reader Playing His Hair

Summary: Tying his hair.

Genre: Fluff

Taehyung was sitting on the floor with his back leaning against the couch, playing games on his phone. You looked at his fluffy hair intensely and got an idea. 

You went to your room and grabbed all the hair ties you owned. You proceed by sitting behind Taehyung. You started to tie his hair with colorful hair ties.

“What are you doing babe?” He asked you with his eyes still focusing on the tiny screen.

“Nothing.” You stifled a laugh.

He didn’t ask much and continued his game. Tae didn’t stop you because, one, he didn’t bother to and, two, it felt comforting when you touches his hair.

Tae grew bored of the game quickly and decided to sit still until you finished. But he didn’t have the patience to wait for long and had asked you thousands and thousands of time when will you be done.

“Are you done yet?” He asked yet for the thousandth time.

“Nearly.” You tied on the last hair tie.

He grabbed his phone and saw the ridiculous hairstyle you gave him through the reflection of his phone. He doubled over by his laughter.

He forced you to sit next to him and put an arm around you. “Let’s take a picture.”

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes.

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Build A Boyfriend - Wonwoo

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The sun was shining and another day at work has yet to begin. The twilight sky was slowly setting into a midnight nap as the morning sun had begun to peek over the buildings. And you were somehow wide awake, well with the occasional yawn and running of the eyes. The company building was large by default. It rose over 6 stories high and expanded the width of several buildings. It was massive and looked plain, but the inside was anything but plain. To the outside world it looked like another boring office building but it was anything but boring.

Sure it was an office job. But not the ordinary office job you’d think. The employees had access to several luxuries such as massages, free gourmet food, nap rooms to name a few. I know what you are thinking, ‘it’s google isn’t it?’ But it’s not. It’s so much more than google. The office you worked at had many luxuries like google but the difference wasn’t what you created but who.

Thousands upon thousands of questionnaires flooded the desktops with exact clothing, hair, eyes, height, even name was down to a tee. Sure many people thought the website was a complete and utter joke, but the feedback was phenomenal from all corners. Your company never failed to please their customers. You worked round the clock, granted with paid time off and breaks. Seem to good to be true? It isn’t because the company had become so successful going from a tiny little ad on other sites to a huge industry round the world. In all there was around 7 locations world wide. It seems like a small number but the buildings were massive. Your job was to design the desired person from the questionnaire, but that didn’t mean you never got curious. You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat. But did it really?

The tapping of the computers was slowly being drowned out by the music being played over the speakers that drifted through the air on a soft whisper. It was calming, but that didn’t mean you weren’t bored.

“What to do. What to do.” You muttered as you aimlessly spun in your chair. You had already finished all the designs that came into your file and you didn’t get off until 5 and it was currently 1:30. You groaned as time seemed to go slower and slower each time you took a glance at the clock. Social media had nothing you hadn’t already seen and you weren’t hungry just yet. You already had a massage just the other day and you weren’t tired. That’s when an idea struck you. You bolted straight up in your chair and spun toward the computer monitor clicking on your own website.

‘It won’t hurt to try it. I’m sure I’m not the only one to try it.’

You knew you weren’t the only one. Let’s just say your friends at the office had tried it out once before and their kids were blown by their final product. From their stories it had gone well and now you wanted to try it out for yourself. So you clicked on the questionnaire and began to answer the endless questions.

What seemed like 5 minutes actually turned out to be an hour and a half making the time 3 o'clock on the dot. Your eyes stared in disbelief on the clock.

“I could’ve sworn I wasn’t on there that long! Where did the time go?”

“What are you rambling about now?” You jumped from the voice of your work mate.

“God don’t scare me like that!” You groaned putting a hand over your racing heart.

She giggled. “Sorry y/n-ah. I just wanted to know if you’d grab some food with me? We’re both bored and I know you are hungry.”

“So I basically don’t have a say in this?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“Come on. You’re turning down food?”

You grinned and stood up. “No. who turned down food? Let’s go eat!” You said following her out of your office.

Hours later you said your farewell to your friend and entered your office jumping in surprise to find another presence in the room. It was a man you hadn’t recognized, unless he was the new worker that you could’ve sworn was a female.

“Um hi. Are you lost? Are you the new worker?” You asked staring at the male.

He slowly spun around toward you and flashed you a grin with a chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” You asked.

“Nothing y/n. I just love how you jump to conclusions so quickly.” There was that stupid grin again.

You tilted your head in confusion. “Excuse me?”

“I should probably introduce myself. I’m wonwoo and you created me.” He smiled.

You blinked at him eyeing him from head to toe. “Huh. Everything is exactly how I wanted it to be. And damn that was quick” you muttered.

“WELL of course y/n. Isn’t that how your company does things around here?”

“Well yes, but it’s only been a few hours. It usually takes a few days to have the final product show up.”

“Well maybe somebody wanted to get me done for you. Plus you are at the main building already. Just a few floors up in fact.” He grinned.

You blinked. “At least you are smart.” You muttered.

“Your welcome y/n-ah!” The voice of your other friend who had done the questionnaire months back shouted form down the hall. “I knew you were oh so curious to see the real product that was made for you and lucky me got your questionnaire! Your welcome by the way!”

“Um thanks?” You said eyes darting from Wonwoo to the door where her voice came from.

“Well now that that’s settled, shall we go?” Wonwoo grinned holding his hand out.

“Um Wonwoo? It’s only 3:15. I still have an hour and 45 minutes left.

“Oh. Well why don’t we go get food?”

“I just ate.”

“Um massages?”

“Got one the other day. How bout we play 20 questions in here while we wait till I can go?” You grinned.

Wonwoo grinned back. “Sounds like a plan.”

Curiousity doesn’t always kill the cat now does it?


Considering Yubel

Thinking about GX lately because I might be planning a multichapter fic and so I started thinking about Yubel

like…where was she?  Between the time that she became dragon demon lady and the time that young Judai in the modern day was given her card, what was she doing?  Where was she?  What happened to her?  I feel like we were cheated out of so much potential backstory with that one tiny little flashback that Judai had during his duel.

My theory?

She was trapped between spaces, waiting for a door that would let her find the reincarnated Judai again, stuck until a certain silver haired, one-eyed man was inspired to make a painting.  I have no idea what time frame that Judai’s past life was in, but it had to have been at least several thousand years ago.  As far as we know, Yubel was alone–completely, utterly alone–for at least several thousand years.

Who else do we know was completely alone for several thousand years?

Originally posted by rottenfool

yeah and look how he turned out when he managed to get himself able to move around and do things again for the first time. (Yami no Yugi suffering from the effects of solitary confinement was first brought up to me by aquaburst07 so thanks for bringing my attention to that).

The difference here, though, is that Yami no Yugi was immediately exposed to Yugi, his memories, his life, and his friends.  Without his memories he was able to assume Yugi’s identity for a time as a coping method.  He was able to be slowly acclimated back to being a sociable human being because he was surrounded by people that (at least, from his perspective as Yugi) cared about him and that he cared for as well.

Yubel, on the other hand, was brought back to the side of a child, a five/six year old who barely understands morality and how to have healthy relationships himself.  A child that she remembers as someone her own age that she cared for deeply and was willing to die for.  After several thousand years of what was probably solitary confinement, or even total sensory deprivation, and then being thrust back into a place where she is only acknowledged by one person that is not equipped to deal with her copious mental issues, I’m not surprised she turned into a crazy yandere.

Not only that, but in pretty much the blink of an eye from the perspective of someone several thousand years old, she’s sent into solitary confinement again when she’s thrown into the exosphere on a satellite, she’s even on a separate rocket from the Neo-Spacians so it’s not like they’re around.  Then she’s exposed to the most destructive force in the universe and in her fragile mental state it’s all too easy to grab hold of that and cling to it, no matter what crazy thoughts it gives her.

Take a look at the symptoms of solitary confinement.

Grassian has since concluded that solitary can cause a specific psychiatric syndrome, characterized by hallucinations; panic attacks; overt paranoia; diminished impulse control; hypersensitivity to external stimuli; and difficulties with thinking, concentration and memory. Some inmates lose the ability to maintain a state of alertness, while others develop crippling obsessions.

Does this sound familiar?  Immediately after Yubel meets Judai, she experiences crippling paranoia that everyone is a danger to Judai, leading her to attack anyone that gets near him without thinking about it (diminished impulse control).  And her obsession with him only grows after her second stint in solitary, basically basing her entire existence around him and getting close to him, again showing signs of paranoia when she sees how close Judai and Johan are, paranoid that Judai will replace her completely.  Just look at her ridiculously overcomplicated plan to get Judai back.  Her cognitive skills have obviously taken something of a beating.

And the fact that we see very little of her past life in that flashback suggest to me that her memories are almost completely gone as well.  She has only those few spots remaining, the only things that kept her semi-sane while she was completely alone.  Yami no Yugi lost everything, but she found one thing to cling to which created her obsession.

This is something of a stretch, but if we look at who she was in that last flashback, she seemed a rather calm person before the transformation, and even after it.  It’s a very small, small scene that we get to see, but I think it’s enough to conclude that she was a very different person from the one that we see in the modern day, far less obsessive and far less emotional.

And before anyone says anything, nothing here is me trying to justify her actions.  What she did to Judai and his friends was terrible, wrong, and she should be in no way be completely absolved of the consequences.  I present this analysis as an explanation for her motives and not as a justification.  She is a flawed character and person.  I think understanding the underlying factors driving her are important to appreciating her as a character and an antagonist.

So yeah, just…something to think about.

A Everlasting Promise - Park Jimin

A wedding of the century, 2000+ words, as fluffy as one can be.

I have loved you for a thousand years, I will love you for a thousand more

Cold sweat on your hands you stared into the mirror in the waiting room. “Stop being so nervous. I can see you are dying.” Your best friend was fixing your hair. She put a piece of hair up and secured it with a bobby-pin. Then she covered it with one of the tiny white roses. “I’m allowed to be nervous. I’m getting married for god sake” you said, a bit more angrily than it was supposed to come out as. You had your reasons. Your dream man was out there waiting and it was actually happening. “This is why you two suit each other. You stress about everything and he calms you down. You actually seem like a balanced person around him. I knew introducing you two to each other was a good idea.” You looked her in the eyes. Usually you would say something like “Faith would have brought us together sooner or later” or “You never shut up about it do you”, but this time you didn’t. “Thank you” were the only words you could say at that moment. Because you wouldn’t be here on this day without her. Without your friend who a little over four years ago decided to invite you two to the same party. It was all thanks to her.

“You have never said thanks to me when I say that.” she reminded while intensely spraying hairspray. “I should have said it every time. I love you.” You saw her stop the spraying and turn around. “Oh my god Y/N.” She pulled you into a tight warm hug; “You’re the most beautiful bride ever.” “Stop it you’re gonna make me cry and I just sat at the makeup stool for two hours. I’m not crying until I actually get married.” She smiled at you. “Now shut up and close your eyes. The hair needs a final touch” she laughed while putting the last pieces in place. “We need to go now. Your prince is waiting.”

The place you got done at was near the church, so all you did was walked over the church yard to get there. Just outside the main doors, you stopped. “Is everything okay?” your friend asked you holding your hand. “Yeah. Just nervous” you said heavily breathing. She grabbed your hand and nodded at you with a sweet look in her pretty eyes. Holding her hand, you then walked into the church. Sneaking a look through the slightly open door, you saw the church filled with people. But most importantly, you saw him standing there, in the suit you thought looked like the best thing he had ever worn. Jimin looked at least as nervous as you did, staring at the floor and exchanging looks with the guys. His groomsmen where his members and his younger brother. All seven of the guys looked extremely good in their black suits. “We’re walking in 60!” you heard some assistant say. Then you felt the hand of your friend change into a strong grip of your father. “You look beautiful” he said smiling. “Just like when you were little, with the flowers in your hair” “Are you okay with this dad? I know you thought it was too soon an-“ he shook his head. “Jimin is a good man, he will never hurt you and I trust him. If he does, he’ll have to fight me” Your dads sarcastic, or not so sarcastic, comment made you smile from ear to ear and eased the nervousness. You felt a tap on your shoulder. “It’s show time!” said your friend, before disappearing into the church through a back door. 

The music started playing and you closed your eyes. Once more, you took a deep breath in and opened, just to see the doors opening right in front of you. The people were standing and the only two people you quickly noticed were your mother and your uncle in the very front row. After that, your eyes got glued forward. Looking up, you caught eye contact with your soon to be husband. His dark eyes were staring at you like you were the last girl on earth, and in this situation you hope he meant that he only wanted you. It only took a minute to walk up to the altar, but it felt like an hour. Then, finally, the music stopped and all you could see was him.

“Beautiful.” he said smiling weakly. “Handsome.” you half-giggled and smiled at him. You could tell that he was nervous. All the years of performing did not help right now. He didn’t have his songs to back him up and it was quiet. Then he finally managed to loosen up and smiled a bit. “My wife huh?” He grabbed you by the hands. His hands were warm. “And my husband” you smiled teary-eyed. You heard a few whispers from the crowd and turned to look. You saw your mother bawling her eyes out, which made you more emotional. “You promised you wouldn’t cry, mom!” you said out-loud and got a few laughs from the crowd. Turning back to look at your soon-to-be husband, you saw him smiling from ear to ear. Jimin wasn’t one to cry that easily, but you could see his eyes gathering up some tears. “Let’s just do it before you make me cry babo” you said sweetly, earning a nod from the smiling priest.

And so the ceremony started. The church was quiet when the priest spoke, but once in a while you could hear either yours or Jimins mother crying or sniffing. Even your father cried, and that was a unusual thing to be seen. It was like the world’s oddest thing.

“Now the bride and the groom have prepared vows. Let us hear them” you took a deep breath and unraveled your paper piece. You have been working on you vow for weeks upon weeks and were finally happy with how it turned out. “So” you began “Park Jimin, my prince, my babo, my man” you giggled out softly, when seeing him smiling at you. “I can’t begin to explain how happy you have made me. I have always been a positive person, but when you came around, it still changed me so much. You can make me smile when no one else can and somehow, you always know what to say. It’s like you balance me, even when I’m down. I really can’t even imagine what the past four and a half years would have been without you. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. You’re a piece of me and today I want to make it forever.” You saw Jimin brake eye contact and look at the ceiling just to wipe his tears. “I hope you don’t back out now, cause I would be miserable.” you then said, making him laugh a bit. “I don’t think I can say anything more. I just love you so much and I hope you know that”

“I know” he said, more officially than usually. “Okay so…” he began. His eyes wandered through the paper, looking for bits to say and where to start. He pushed his hair back nervously. You could see him breaking a sweat out of nervousness. “So” he said again. Then he quickly just wrinkled the paper. You looked at him with questioning eyes. “I had a speech, but it really doesn’t make sense anymore. I just wanna speak casually” You smiled a bit. “So, y/n. The past four years have been the best ones in my life. I love every little detail and part of you, how you look and how you are as a person. I love how you get the small wrinkles on your nose when you laugh. I love how every morning you snooze the alarm clock exactly three times before getting up. I love how-” you could tell he was looking for another fact to say; “I love how you sometimes burn the eggs when cooking, but they are still eatable, because you have a weird gift of doing that.” you heard a few silent laughs from your relatives. “But most importantly, I love how you always support me with everything I do. I could not have found another woman who would have stood with me the same way like you when I was dead tired from touring or in a bad mood. You’re always so supportive and loving when I fail and I love that about you. I also love how good you look in a tight black dress, but that’s a story for the after party” You gave him a serious look. Only Jimin would say something as cheeky as that in his wedding speech. “I don’t lie, darling, do I?” he then said raising his eyebrows in the cutest, yet the most annoying way. “You don’t” you then responded. Then you two just stared at each other, with the happiest grins across your faces. If this wasn’t a wedding ceremony and you two walked somewhere that happily, people would think you have gone mad.

“Now, dear guests, we have come to the moment. Do you, Park Jimin, take Y/F/N to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage?  Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as you both shall live?” You looked at his handsome, now more serious look, as he knew not to make a joke or pun at this moment, or he’d actually get killed by your mother who had planned this day since you were 15. “I do, with all my heart, I do” he said.

The priest now turned to you. “Do you, Y/F/N, take Park Jimin, to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage?  Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?” You felt your tears running down your cheeks. “I do, with all my love, I do”

“So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I can now proudly represent to you, Mr and Mrs Park.” You smiled at your over the moon happy husband and he pulled you forward by the waist. His arms wrapped strongly around your waist and he pulled you into a passionate kiss. You two had kissed thousands of times during your relationship but never before had it felt like this. It was like the thousand butterflies in your stomach all flied away at once. The crowd rose up and a loud cheer could be heard. One voice stood out from the others. Hoseok was standing behind Jimin, as groomsmen usually do, and oh boy was he loud. Not that it was anything new. Jimin grabbed your hand and pulled you close by his side. “Let’s go, my darling” he said as you two walked past the cheering and clapping family and friends.

As you got to the side room you had to wait in until the guests got out, Jimin pulled you against the wall. He leaned in and kissed you. “Park Jimin, stop it right there” He pouted a bit. “But you look so hot in that dress” You giggled softly. “We are flying to Bali in three days, we have all the time in the world there.” He nodded and laughed a bit. “Now let’s go, so I can show off my wife to the guys.” “Jimin, they have seen me a million times.” “But never before have we been actually married. It’s different this time around.”

You two walked through the opened church doors, hand in hand, to see all your loved ones clapping on the yard. Walking down the stairs and trying not to be killed by the rice some guests where throwing, you had still never been happier. This moment was all you wanted. You had a husband now, and though he wasn’t exactly the prince you had dreamed of since you were five, he was even better. He accepted all your flaws and cherished you, which was all you could hope for and more.

Before getting into the black old Hollywood car, he pulled you in for one more kiss. “I love you Y/N” You looked at his shiny eyes softly. “I love you too Jimin”

Prove It

It had almost been two years since Isaac had left, he had left without any explanation as to where he was going, why he was going or how he was going to get there. You frequently thought that maybe he left because of what you had told him, those three small words with so much meaning. You didn’t meant to say it, it simply slipped out of your mouth, and it certainly wasn’t the right time to say it either. I mean Allison had just died she was your best friend, your best friend had died and you told him you loved him and then the next day he was gone, just like that.


You were sitting with the pack at Scott’s getting ready to watch a movie.

“I still think we should watch Poltergeist.” Liam suggests to the pack.

“No Liam you’re probably going to get nightmares and I’m not putting up with your little werewolf tears when you’re scared.” Stiles says smiling.

Liam just simply rolled his eyes and continued looking through the DVD rack.

“Ooo how about American Sniper.” Liam says excitedly hoping for a yes from the rest of the pack.

“I’m fine with that, what about you (Y/N)?” Scott asks you.

“Yeah I guess so, it looks alright.” Just as you agree the doorbell rings and you hop up from your seat on the couch and head over to the door.

As you open it the last person you expect to be standing there, is. The tall light curly haired, blue eyed boy you know as Isaac stares back at you, nothing about him has changed. He has the same soft olive skin and gentle pink lips as he did before. All you can seem to do it stare at him and you are lost for words. He gives you a small smile and you seem to forget where you were or that the rest of the pack are there too.

“(Y/N) who is it?” Lydia asks you impatiently. Instead of a response you simply step aside from the door inviting Isaac in. Everybody else looks just as shocked as you were to see Isaac back. But they are a different kind of shocked to you.

After all the pain and heartache he put you through while he was gone without any explanation at all you can’t bear to be in the same room as him, so you run, out the door and into the pouring rain. You go as fast as your legs can take you away from the boy you love, the boy that left you, that left you with nothing, nothing at all.

As you run you hear footsteps running behind you, you turn back to see Isaac chasing after you. He screams for you to stop but you don’t listen, you want to be as far away as possible from him as you can.

“(Y/N) PLEASE STOP RUNNING AWAY.” You eventually give in and stop running from him. You turn around to face Isaac.

“Why should I Isaac, you never stopped yourself from running away, from the pack, from me. You left us here without anything, no explanation at all, you left us to think what had happened to you.” You began to feel the tears form but you choked them back.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I had no other choice, trust me I can explain.” Isaac said with sadness in his eyes and rain dripping off his hair.

“Do you know what I really wanted to say to you before you left?” Isaac shook his head. “I wanted to tell you that it hurt, it physically hurt me to see you with Allison. Every time you looked at her, held her hand, hugged her or kissed her my heart it…it broke into a thousand pieces. A thousand tiny pieces that could never mend themselves because you’re supposed to be happy for your best friend not jealous of her. The way I felt when you spoke about her to me caused me pain you could never imagine, pain no one should have to go through. But no pain was worse when I lost her, my best friend was gone and I had no one except you, but you left me too Isaac, why? Why did you leave me?” You couldn’t hold back the tears so you let them go, you didn’t care anymore.

“Was it because of what I said Isaac? Was it because I told you that I loved you?” you cried.

“No, of course not.” Isaac to a step closer.

“Then why?” You pleaded Isaac to tell you.

“It was because I love you.” He Isaac spoke softly but just enough to hear over the rain, you seemed to have forgotten it was even raining in the first place.

“No you don’t Isaac.” You said to him.

“I do (Y/N), I promise you.” Isaac stared into your eyes with a look of desperation.

“If you really love me then prove it.” You told Isaac.

Isaac slowly walked towards you and placed his hands on your cheeks cupping your face, he stared into your eyes and with the pad of his thumb he rubbed your cheek. He gradually leaned in and placed a soft kiss on your lips. It was everything you ever imagined and suddenly all the pain and suffering you once held towards this one boy seemed to wash away.

“I love you (Y/N) and it hurt me to see you after Allison died, I had to leave, I promise you I had no other choice.”

You stared at Isaac and no words seemed to be able to escape from your mouth so you hugged him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he held you in the rain. And just for a split second you realised that no matter how hard you tried to hate Isaac for what he did nothing seemed to work because you loved him, more than anything in this world.

In summary of previous events, Karkat and Gamzee are both famous and imperially-sanctioned pale porn stars, one of them on the papped end and one of them on the papping end, and their agents finally got together to have a great big collab project.  They’re both seriously intense method actors, like, they get into the role so hard they forget who they are and just think of themselves as their characters.  Or in Gamzee’s case it’s not even that cerebral, he just…is pale for them.  

But after this shoot the pale haze is for some reason going to persistently not lift, and there are going to be some very uncomfortable truths to figure out about themselves and their feelings for their competition. UwU  I’m having a lot of fun.  Here have a segment and HAPPY BORTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL WINNER YOU.

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Chapter TwentyThree


“Come on Lani, Lani, Laniiii, Nalaniiii, hurry up, why you moving so slow? Want me to carry you, cause Ill carry you ? Baby, hurry up ba-”,

“Enough!”, I yelled cutting Tyson off mid sentence as he paced our walk in wardrobe like he had just downed 8 shots of espresso. He had been buzzing since waking up this morning and has barely taken a few minutes to just sit down and relax.

I couldn’t say I blamed him for his buzzing behaviour though as today was the day we were finally bringing our son home. It had been a week since going to the orphanage and since then, Tyson and I had been religiously making trips there everyday.

When Tyson finally came home the day we saw our son for the first time, he didnt arrive until late at night, which sparked up my concern and worry. When he did finally come back not only was his not manic but he seemed to be sober and unharmed which immediately put my mind to rest.

Though he was silent which was normal for him, he took a shower without a single word before slipping into basketball shorts and collapsing on our bed where he proceeded to tell me everything that happened after he left the orphanage.

Once he explained everything, I couldn’t be mad or upset with him for leaving so suddenly as I understood he needed this closure with his past before moving on with his future. Not only did I feel proud of him, what made me even more happier was finding out he had even returned to the orphanage and spent the rest of the afternoon watching our son play with the other children.

Although it was an amazingly life changing day, both Tyson and I were exhausted from all the emotions we had endured and did not have a ounce of trouble falling asleep and after an amazing night’s sleep in my love’s arms, we woke bright and early and made our way back to the orphanage so that Tyson could officially meet his son.

Though Ty was nervous about meeting Isaiah for the first time officially, he ended up having nothing to worry about because just like me, Isaiah gave a warm welcome to Ty as soon as he saw him. As soon as our baby boy was escorted into one of the rooms we were in and spotted Tyson little Isaiah literally broke out into a run and crashed his tiny body into Tyson’s and wrapped his arms around his daddies body.

Of course I couldn’t hold my tears in and I could have even sworn that I saw Tyson even tear up a little as he carefully hugged Isaiah back and held his son in his arms for the first time.

Since that very emotional day we had spent most of our days there, catching up on lost time with our little man and getting to know him better. Even our friends J, Jasmine as well as Adrian and Briana had come by a number of times to spend some time with their nephew who they all seemed to fall in love with. 

Although this was an amazing time for us all, it also happen to be one of the biggest media stories to hit the sports world in a long time. Due to the investigation that had sparked up, the media caught wind of it and the headlines the next day were all about ‘Tyson Brown’s kidnapped son, finally found’ or ‘Long lost son hidden in Orphanage’, too name a few.

Paparazzi have literally been camping outside our home as well as having our phones ringing off the hook 24/7 which led to Ty literally throwing his mobile at the wall and shattering it. And if that wasn’t bad it even went as far as me having to pull out of college due to all the attention and paparazzi that had been following me there.

Despite the constant flashing of cameras in our face, yesterday the confirmation of what we already knew had come in. The paternity test results where in and like expected, Isaiah Combs was indeed our son and the first act of parenthood was to bring our son home the next day as well as legally having his name changed backed too Isaiah Tyson Brown.

That leaves us with today and why Tyson was buzzing around like he had just bathed in cocaine for a few hours. We were finally bringing our baby home and as of today we were officially going to be a family.

“Lani we gonna be running late baby, you gotta hurry up”, Ty stressed which pulled me out of my thought while his gazed flicked down to his rolex on his wrist for what seemed like the 100th time this morning.

“Sweetheart, we actually still have a hour so please relax and stop rushing me before I end up kicking your ass and making you stay here”, I said nicely as I grinned and wiped off the imaginary dust off his shoulders, causing him to huff while his shoulders slumped down.

“Ight, ight Ill chill out”, He sighed dramatically although I could tell he was still buzzing and just wanted to get up and out of there as soon as possible, “How about you go and check that his room is all ready?”, I suggested as I knew he just needed something to keep him busy until we could leave.

“Yea good idea, you packed all his clothes away?”, He asked over his shoulder as he began making his way out the door, “Yep all packed up baby”, I nodded as I watched him grin while disappearing out of my view.

Tyson and I had Isaiah’s room renovated and decorated to suit his favourite sport which just so happened to be Basketball. Of course Tyson was so proud and was literally beaming when Isaiah had told us and so as soon as we got home that afternoon Ty had people come in and get to work on one of the guest rooms.

Now, Isaiah has one of the coolest basketball themed rooms any kid could wish for and not to mention a completely new wardrobe that Briana, Ty and I had gone out and shopped for the day before.

Of course Tyson went all out for his son, resulting in him spending thousands on thousands of dollars and not to mention the 10 new pairs of baby jordans that now graced Isaiah’s mini walk in wardrobe.

Fixing my hair in the mirror, I added some light make up before admiring my outfit one last time with a smile on my face. Grabbing my handbag, I made my way down the stairs only to find my kitten Mason laid out on the countertop, sleeping his life away.

I couldnt wait for Isaiah to meet Mason as I had a feeling they were going to be great buddies because Mason was a tiny quiet pet that I just knew Isaiah would love.

“You are the cutest kitty out, aren’t you? Gonna meet your new brother today huh”, I cooed as I rubbed his belly waking him up in the process just as Tyson jogged down the stairs while talking on the phone, fists balled tightly.

“How they find out man?”, He gritted out in the phone causing my eyebrows to shoot up questioningly while Tyson’s jaw tensed repeatedly, “Well make sure you double the security man, I’on want none of these vultures taking pictures of my son”, He continued to rant while pacing the kitchen.

I on the other hand continued to listen to the one sided conversation while making both Tyson and I a sandwich before we had to head out and face a long day of questions and paper work before we could actually bring our son home.

“Ight man, Imma chill but I better be seeing a shit load of security when I get there”, He huffed before mumbling a goodbye and hanging up his new iphone that we had to get him since smashing his last one. Thats been 5 iphones in a month. Shaking my head at the thought I decided not asking any questions about the phone call because I knew he was already upset about whatever was wrong and I didnt want to make it worse.

InsteadI handed him his sandwich and glass of juice before making my way around the counter and kissing his cheek before taking a seat next to him 

“Media found out that we bringing him home today”, Ty confirmed my suspicion after a few minutes of silence, “Someone from the inside is obviously tipping them off”, I sighed while shaking my head as this was the last thing I wanted my son to come home too.

Already being the shy boy he was, I wasn’t entirely sure how Isaiah would react to the consent paparazzi following and the lights flashing in our faces once we start going out in public again.

“Bet it’s that old hoe at reception. Bitch always shooting death stares whenever we go there”, He grumbled in annoyance while he played around with his sandwich, not once taking a bite of it. Placing my elbow on the counter, I rested my cheek in the palm of my hand as I frowned at the thought of all this media attention we were receiving.

Its like they couldn’t just leave us alone and let us just enjoy this time with our son. By now they all knew the situation and yet they gave no sympathy to the fact that we just needed privacy so we could make up for lost time.

“Hey, don’t be sad baby. I promise its all gonna blow over soon”, Tyson suddenly mumbled softly, pulling me out of my thoughts as I smiled at his fingers brushing my cheek affectionately.

Kissing the inside of his palm, I let out a sigh before lifting my head off my hand and sat up straight, “I just want to be able to take him to the zoo and like disney world without having to worry about paps lurking around, you know?”, I blurted out causing me to mentally curse myself as I knew Ty would get the wrong idea.

Sighing, Tyson rubbed his hand down his face before turning his wrist around so he could once again check the time, “This the life we living now Lani, we cant change that so the best we can do is just ignore and avoid them as much as possible”, He said in a almost pleading manner as if he was afraid I would just up and disappear.

“Hey, Im not going anywhere Ty. Dont even think for a second that I wished I could leave you and get away from this public life. I love and want you and if that means dealing with the media just to be with you then thats fine with me”, I assured him as I knew those doubts were running through his mind at present.

“In that case, lets go get our kid”, He grinned before getting off the stool and kissing my cheek a few times, “Thank you for the sandwich by the way”, He smirked as I playfully rolled my eyes, “You didnt even eat it”, I pouted causing him to chuckle while I took a few bites out of my own.

“Food is the last thing on my mind, woman. Sooner we leave and get there, the sooner we officially have our son back”, He beaming causing my chest to swell at the excitement that was evident in his voice and eyes.

“Well we wasting our time just sitting here aren’t we? Lets get moving”, I winked as I placed our dishes in the sink and grabbed my hand while Tyson held his hand out waiting to grab hold of it.

Smiling as I laced my fingers with his, I quickly stood on my tippy toes before he could begin walking and pecked his lips and cheek a few times. The overwhelming need to just show him how much I loved him was strong and all I wanted to do was stay wrapped up in his arms.

“You love your man huh?”, He smirked as I playfully rolled my eyes and pulled away only to have him pull me back and crash my small body into his as he began attacking me with kisses all over my face, lips and neck.

Breaking out into a fit of giggles and squealing, I cherished the moment before finally giving up my struggle and let him devour me with his affection, “You, my babygirl. Are by far the greatest gift the devil has ever given me. You healed me”, He whispered in my ear causing me to close my eyes as I listened to our hearts beating rapidly.

“I dont know whether I should be offended or flattered”, I murmured into his neck causing him to instantly chuckle as he understood I was referring to the part where he suggested the devil brought me to him.

“Flattered. Definitely flattered”, He laughed lightly before pressing his lips to mine one last time and releasing me from his hold, “Come on Romeo, lets go get our son”, I chuckled as we made our way towards the garage and got into Tyson’s new range rover that he brought for when Isaiah was with us.

“You know this car is yours right?”, Ty muttered as I put my belt on and ran my hand over the new leather that felt extra soft due to being only a few days old, “Uh no, its yours Ty”, I frowned while shaking my head.

“Think what you want but its in your name and you only driving Isaiah around in this car”, He stated in a matter of factly tone causing me to glare as I turned in my seat to face him.

“And what’s wrong with my car?” I asked trying to decide if I should be annoyed or humored by this new rule of his that he had just decided to enforce.

“It aint child proofed”, He shrugged as the humor side won causing me to start laughing while shaking my head. Once my laughter had died down, I turned my attention back to Ty who hadn’t cracked the slightest hint of laughter which informed me he was dead serious.

“Okay fine, explain?”, I sighed causing an annoying ass grin to form on his face which only tempted me to reach over and slap it off his cocky self, “Its got top of the line air bag installed, high tech alarm system, built in tracking GPS, tinted windows so paparazzi can’t be looking in anddddd I got them to hook me up. All the windows and doors are bullet proof”, He cheesed like a kid in the candy store while I on the other hand looked at him dumbfounded.

“Uhhh thats more like theghettoproof than childproof dont you think? And why in the world would we need GPS tracking in the car? Trying to keep tabs on me?”, I frowned while his grin turned into a smirk.

“Aint no one keeping tabs on yo paranoid ass, its just in case someone jacks the car while Isaiah still inside. We can track them mother fuckers in a instant”, He said in a matter of factly tone while I once again bit down on my lip trying to hide my amusement.

“And you’re calling me paranoid?”, I laughed lightly while deciding to let it go as I knew he wasnt use to all this parenthood stuff and was right now just being overly protective of his son, “Bullet proof windows, though?”, I mumbled through laughter more to myself than him although he just shrugged his shoulder while looking over and winking.

Driving in a comfortable silence, Ty held my hand most of the way and try to subtly sneak peeks at me every so often. Finally letting my amusement get the best of me I licked over my glossed lips before turning in my chair so I could stare him down.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?”, I grinned as I eyed him carefully, trying to decode his boyish grin he currently wore, “What I cant just look at my woman?”, He asked innocently causing me to suck my teeth playfully.

“Tyson”, I huffed sternly causing him to break out in laughter while shaking his head and shifting gears at the same time, “You just look really pretty today”, He shrugged casually as I looked at him with my mouth hanging open.

“You might wanna close your mouth you giving me ideas”, He smirked causing me to snap my mouth shut as I rolled my eyes, “Did you just say I was ‘pretty’?”, I asked in an astonished tone sending Ty to suck his teeth.

“What I can’t compliment you now?”, He asked with a raised eyebrow while I bit down on my lip in amusement, “Well its just I never expected the big bad Tyson King to use the words ‘pretty’, sounds kinda fruity coming from you, don’t you think?”, I mocked before busting up in laughter at the salty look he wore.

“Thats it! Remind me never to compliment your ungrateful ass again”, Ty huffed as I tried to compose myself before pouting at him while I lent over and kissed his cheek.

“I’m just messing with you baby, thank you for the compliment”, I said softly causing the corner of his lips to rise, although he still tried to frown so he wouldn’t give in to my charming ways.

Once again we fell into a comfortable silence, the only sound was coming from the radio as the trip to the orphanage got closer and closer. Within the next 20 minutes we were pulling up to the street that the mansion was on but the first thing that caught both our eyes was something we both were dreading.

Dozens of vans sat parked out across the road while cameramen, reporters and news crews stood around the main closed gates that led to the long driveway of the orphanage, “Wish I had a machine gun right now. Couple of rounds would have done the job”, Ty muttered under his breath as I just rubbed his thigh trying to sooth him.

Pulling out his phone, he sent Brock a quick message so they could open the gates before proceeding down the street and towards the chaos that was here for us. As soon as one of the reporters spotted our car, hundreds of flashes started taking off, followed by everyone scurrying around trying to get the best position to film.

Tyson being the ruthless person he was, didnt slow down the car as we got closer and instead increased his speed just as the gates began opening. Thankfully the orphanage was on private property so none of the media was actually allowed to step foot inside the gates otherwise they could be arrested for trespassing.

Despite our moving vehicle, Tyson turned right into the opened gates causing the paps to swarm on both sides as they ruthlessly got up close to the windows while yelling out questions.

Noticing my flinch as one pap pressed up to the window outside, Ty reached over and held my hand in comfort, “Tinted windows, they can’t see anything baby”, Ty reminded me before smirking as if he made a point of having such a heavy ‘childproof’ car.

Before I could come up with a smart remark, my attention turned to Brock, Remy and a team of bodyguards that were suddenly around the car pushing the paps away so we could drive in. Tyson was once again tense and by the time we got inside the gates and up the driveway I knew he was less than impressed.

Not wanting him to be in a foul mood when we see our son, I quickly took my belt off and sat up on my seat so I could fully face him, “Dont be a grumpy pants TyTy. This is a happy day for us, please be happy”, I plead with a pout which seemed to work almost instantly as Tyson started chuckling while shaking his head.

“You a trip, but come here baby”, He muttered as he met me half way and pressed his big, juicy lips on my glossy ones.

Pulling away, I used my thumb to wipe off the gloss that managed to get on his lips before sending him a smile and opening my car door which Brock was hovering over.

“Y’all trying to get it on in the car or nah?”, Brock mumbled in disgust as I just laughed and slid out of the car that seemed to be a meter off the ground, “Gotta show my man some loving, ya now?”, I chuckled while shrugging my shoulders while Brock just shook his head as he lead me to where Ty was now standing.

“You guys ready?”, Remy grin causing me to cheese as I hastily nodded my head while Tyson sent one head nod trying not to ruin is reputation of being a emotionless ass.

“Man fuck outta here with that tuff guy shit, you forgetting who we are?”, Brock laughed loudly as he slapped Ty on his back before locking him in a head lock causing them both to playfully wrestle as the paps could still be heard from down the long drive way.

“Yo dickheads, now they gonna be saying y’all getting into a fight. Cut that shit out”, Remy ordered as they both pulled away laughing before Tyson turned around and started flipping off the paparazzi.

“Okay time to get him inside, before his pulls his pants down and starts mooning them”, I mumbled to no one in particular while linking my arm with Tysons and leading him up the stairs.

“Ya both need to relax, we just fucking around with them mother fuckers”, Tyson chuckled as he held his free fist up and diced Brock who was also laughing. Remy on the other hand looked liked he was about to slap the shit out of the both of them but instead took a deep breath and made his way through the doors first.

“Y’all gonna give poor Rem a heart attack one of these days”, I laughed lowly as they both just smirked while shrugging their shoulders.

Heading straight to the large meeting room where we spent most of our time here, Remy held the door open for Ty and myself before following behind us with B.  Already sitting inside was the Principal, the child services representatives as well as the two detectives working on the case. Standing as soon as we entered, we shook all their hands before taking a seat around the rounded conference table, which was used for meetings.

“We aren’t going to keep you long as we know you both are excited to take Isaiah home and put this mess all behind you but we do have a few official papers for you too sign before you go”, Raymond who was child services said as he reached into his brief case and pulled out a bunch of documents.

Standing slightly in his seat, Remy reached over and accepted the sheets from Raymond so he could look over, as Rem was in fact also Tysons lawyer thanks to his 6 years at Harvard Law.

“While he goes over those documents I thought we could give you a quick briefing on how the investigation is going”, The older detective said sparking both Tyson and my interested up almost instantly.

“After getting the doctor in custody he didn’t waste a second spilling everything. Turns out Doctor Ryan who delivered Isaiah and worked on both Nalani and Isaiah during their weeks in hospital was being blackmailed by a Terrence Howard and his wife, who we came to find out was in fact your mother and stepfather”, He explained causing me to nod my head slowly as I swallowed the lump in my throat. Ty on the other hand, grew tense just at the mention but quickly wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him in comfort.

“Usually we aren’t allowed to discuss the material with clients but we thought it was only fair you know what Terrence had on the doctor. Terrence had a video of Doctor Ryans daughter having sex with 3 men while doing high doses of cocaine and was threatening to go public if he didnt pretend the child had died. Dr Ryan is a highly respected doctor in the west and so to protect his and his families’ reputation he took the bribe and announced the death of Isaiah and shipped him off to a orphanage. When brought here, Ryan had informed the orphanage that Isaiah was abandoned and so naturally they took him in”, The second detective finished off just as Tyson began gritting his teeth roughly.

“The doctor is being charged, right?”, Principle Jones asked on our behalf as we both sat there trying to digest this new information.

“Yes Dr Jones has been refused bail and is currently being charged on 3 counts of kidnapping and fraud as he did issue a fake death certificate which I’m sure you are all aware is illegal”, He replied instantly causing me to let out a sigh while resting my head on Tysons shoulder. Ty on the other had was breathing so hard that his chest was heaving up and down and I knew better than anyone that the only thing in his mind right now was killing Doctor Ryan himself.

“As for Terrance and his wife,  we have sent out a warrant for both of their arrests although they have been missing for some weeks now which we believe is because they are on the run. Whoever tipped you guys off with that anonymously phone call may have told the couple which has consequently scared them off”, The older detective once again took charge and explained, though as he gave his explanation but Ty and I knew the truth.

They would never find my mother and stepfather because Tyson himself tortured and killed them and there was no anonymous call so we both didn’t expect to be hearing any news about it for a long time.

“Is that all? Anything else we need to be briefed on?”, Remy suddenly asked as he stood up in his seat while placing both his hands firmly on the table.

“That’s all so far, we will be in touch if we get anymore leads and please remember not to hesitate if you find out anything yourselves or are contacted by the fugitives”, Older detective said as he stood up followed by the younger one.

“He didn’t say why did he? I mean the doctor, did he say why my mother would do this to me?”, It wasn’t one of the questions the interrogator asked him but I can make a note to try and find out for you", The younger one answered with sympathy causing me to sigh. 

Leaning over they both shook Remy and Tysons hand while I just sat their with my head down not really wanting to look them in the eye due to being afraid that they could tell I knew something more.

“Oh one more thing, we will be releasing the approved press release to the media once you both have got your son safely home”, The detective stopped and said before making their way out of the meeting room and out of sight.

“Well if this doesn’t feel like we are in some sort of movie than I don’t know what does”, Principle Jones muttered in a sympathetic tone before shooting me a small encouraging smile that I appreciated.

“So the paperwork all checks out?”, I asked Remy who was skimming over the last page before looking up and nodding his head, “Pretty much states you both as his parents and legal guardians.  This one is for his name change so we can get it back to ‘Brown’ and last but not least this one is to approve and agree to abolish Isaiah’s false death certificate”, Remy explained causing me to nod as he slid each one in front of Tyson and myself.

Handing a pen over to me, I picked it up and without a moments hesitation I signed all 15 pages of official documents before handing to Tyson who done the same without muttering a single word. As expected Ty was in silent mode and I knew it was only because his mind was running a mile a minute, which I couldn’t blame him for.

Once Tyson and myself finished signing the papers, Principle Jones also had to sign, as she was a legal witness in the matter before handing all the documents to Raymond who was hastily waiting to leave.

Standing up, we all shook the child services representative’s hand before watching him leave alongside Principle Jones who was going to bring our son so we could once and for all leave as a real family.

Standing beside the desk, my gaze was glued to window and outside as my mind was running with different thoughts and scenarios of how family life would be like once we got home.  I mean, am I even capable of being a mother? Would I know how to raise a child when I was barely an adult myself.

Suddenly the feel of arms wrapping around my waist brought me out of my thoughts followed by Tyson resting his face In the crook of my neck where he proceeded to leave multiple kisses.

“Stop stressing, your going to be an amazing mom”, He mumbled instantly causing me to sigh in relief as I let my weight of my body rest on his, “Thank you”, I whispered as I held his arms around me tightly just as the door re opened revealing Principle Jones and our baby boy who instantly started beaming at the sight of us.

Pulling away from Tysons embrace, I dropped to my knees and opened my arms wide, inviting him for a hug, which he accepted straight away. Squealing as he laughed, Isaiah ran towards me and crashed his small body into mine while I held onto him tight while placing kisses on top of his head.

“We go home now?”, Isaiah’s muffled voice asked lowly just as my tears ran down my face. Pulling away so I could see his face, I nodded my head with a smile, “Yes baby, we are going home”, I assured him just as Tyson placed his hand on my shoulder causing both Isaiah and I too look up at him and find him already looking down at us with a heartbreaking smile.

~~ ~~ ~~

It wasn’t until another hour later at the orphanage that we finally packed what little clothes Isaiah had before getting ready to leave for home.  Saying his silent goodbyes to his friend, Isaiah or Zay as we nicknamed him, came over and allowed Tyson to carry him out to the car.

Using Zay’s baby blue blanket to hide his face so that the paps couldn’t get a picture of him, he rested his head on Ty’s shoulder while a team of security stood around us as they walked us to the car and stood as guard.

Strapping my baby boy into the toddler chair we purchased a few days before, I decided to sit in the back with him so he wasn’t scared while Ty jogged towards the drivers seat.

Once we were all in and protected by the heavily tinted glass, I grabbed Zay’s blanket once again and sent him a comforting smile, “Wanna hide with me?”, I asked softly as Ty watched over his shoulder as he knew what I was doing.

Nodding his head softly, Zay looked at me with curious eyes as I put the blanket over our heads and hid under it just as Tyson began backing away, “Lets hide under here for awhile?”, I said in a playful tone causing Isaiah to start giggling as he nodded his head before resting it against mine while playing with my fingers.

Hiding under the blanket as I didn’t want him to get scared once we reach the gates where the paparazzi would surely press up against the windows, I slowly began singing a lullaby to drown out the questions that started to get louder.

Once Tyson started mumbling incoherent words in a angry tone I knew we were right of the middle of the media frenzy and so my singing got louder. Zay on the other hand seemed oblivious to the chaos around us as he continued to play with my fingers while watching me sing with a smile on his adorable face.

A few minutes later, the speed of the car increased just as Tysons voice filled the car, “Ight we all clear baby”, He muttered just as I playfully pulled the blanket off, “Peek a boo!,” I laughed as our faces came into view causing Zay to start laughing while looking around the car with wonder.

“Should I stop at mickey d’s and get us some food?”, Ty asked as he looked back at us through the rear view mirror, “You hungry sweetheart?”, I asked Zay as his attention was now glued to his dad who he seemed to grow extremely attached too this past week.

“Wanna have some chicken nuggets with your dad?”, Ty asked him with a grin causing Isaiah to immediately started nodding with a smile that warmed my heart.

The ride to get food than back home was fairly quiet and peaceful. If there was one thing that Isaiah inherited for his father it would be that he was quiet and withdrawn from people. Only around the two of us did he come out of his shell and speak freely otherwise around people he would usually just nod his head, mumble words and use hand gestures. Something that Tyson was famous for.

Pulling up to the house, my excitement got the best of me and I started beaming as I began pointing at the house, “Look sweetie, this is your new home!”, I gushed as he sat up in his seat and began looking out the window.

“I live here with you?”, He ask questioningly causing me to nod, “Yes, you, me and your daddy and we even have a baby kitten that lives here”, I explained although his excitement was caused not by the house but by the fact that he would be living his parents.

“Whats kitties name?”, He grinned just as Tyson parked and began getting out of the car, “His name is Mason, lets go meet him okay?”, I smiled as Tyson opened my door and helped me out before reaching in and carrying Zay out.

Grabbing our food, I followed behind my boys and watched on in awe as Isaiah wrapped his small arms around Tysons neck and buried his head in his neck while holding him tight.  Tyson on the other hand looked like he was literally on cloud 9 as his eyes had a amazing spark behind them that I had never seen before.

“Lounge room sweetheart”, I told Ty causing him to divert his direction towards our lounge room and took a seat on the couch where he placed Zay on his lap, “Im thinking we can watch some cartoons while we eat our chicken nuggets, what do you think?”, Ty asked Isaiah who was looking at our huge TV with wide eyes.

“On that?”, He asked while pointing causing us both to chuckle just as I turned it on and switched it to nickelodeon, “How does spongebob sound?”, I grinned as both of them both started nodding like little kids.

“Can you feed me daddy?”, Isaiah suddenly asked causing both Tyson and myself to freeze up as Isaiah has yet to call us ‘mom’ or ‘dad’. Looking over at Ty who wore an expression Id never seen before I held back my tears while Ty quickly nodded his head as his breathing picked up indicating he was on the verge of a panic attack.

Standing up quickly, I picked Zay up and sat down with him on my lap as I wrapped my arm around Ty’s neck and pulled him close to me so that he buried his head in the crook of my neck. Taking deep breaths to steady his breathing, I ran my fingers through his curls as I mumbled soothing words all while Zay watched on with sad eyes.

Suddenly pushing off my lap, Zay climbed back over to Tyson, where he crawled into a ball against Tysons chest and wrapped his small arms around Ty’s body, “Its okay daddy, we a family now”, Isaiah whispered causing me to cover my mouth with my hand as I choke back my cries while Tyson lifted his head and wrapped his arm around Zay with glossy eyes, “I love you little man”, He mumbled with a small smile.

After our little family moment, Ty, Zay and myself spent the rest of the afternoon feeding each other chicken nuggets’ and chips before introducing him to Mason which went better than expected. Zay claimed that Mason was his new little brother and made sure to inform us that he would protect him from anything.

Next we spent a good half an hour giving him a tour of the house even though he was only two. Ty seemed adamant that he gets the whole ‘new home’ experience and because they looked so adorable I decided to not rain on his parade and just let him have fun playing tour guide.

“Now little man, we about to enter the dopest bedroom a little boy can ever have, you ready?”, Ty said dramatically as Isaiah was sitting on sitting on his shoulder’s while clapping his hands in excitement.

Sharing his excitement, I pulled out my phone and continued to snap as many pictures as possible as I wanted hundreds memories to make up for the missed 2 years.

Pushing the door open, Tyson walked through while ducking a little so Zay wouldn’t hit his head on the door before reaching back and setting him on his feet so he could look around.

Almost instantly his eyes lit up and Zay began jumping up and down as he let of laughter and squeals while running around his new bedroom with excitement, “You think he likes it”, I chuckled as Ty came over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder while beaming at his sons excitement.

“If I could ever express my love for you, I would but I don’t think any words or actions could ever describe it”, He mumbled as he leant down and kissed me slowly and so passionately that we had forgotten that we weren’t alone and was soon reminded as Zay suddenly came and cuddled both of our legs tightly.

“What you do think? You like your new room baby?”, I cheesed as I leant down and picked him up, placing him between Tysons and my body, “I love it mommy, but can we go swim swim in the big pool?”, He asked shyly while my heart swelled at the sound of him calling me mommy.

“Anything for you handsome. Lets go get you into some swimmers, daddy you go get into yours aswell”, I told Ty playfully while winking at him.

“Gonna be calling me daddy later tonight to, best believe that”, He muttered lowly while smirking and slapping my ass as he ran out of the room causing Zay and I to bust up in a fit of giggles.

Making my way to Zay’s walk in, I realized my cheeks were starting to hurt from all the smiling and laughing I had been doing today, which only seemed to make me smile harder.

Sighing with happiness, I kissed Isaiahs head softly while silently thanking God for blessing me with the two most incredible human beings in my eyes.

I was complete

Owen’s Hands In Amelia’s Hair

(I’m posting again on a Thursday. Because this story is my favorite thing. I don’t want it to end.)

I touch her hair… before anything else, as I tell her not to say anything. My fingertips caress behind her ears, and I rest my thumbs against her cheeks. She sees me in the darkness, soothed by the trailer lights and the unexpected gift of her. I see her too. I watch her wait for my mouth on hers. Then I feel her lips open on mine, plucking gently. The softness of her moves through me like the chill of early spring. It’s winter still, but my body says otherwise. I’m alive again, all at once. Her hand slides up my arm, and then drops away, signaling that’s all there will be tonight. One kiss. Just a taste of how it could be. I take a lock of her hair between my fingers, a last moment of softness, and then I let it fall away. “And now you can go home,” I tell her because if she doesn’t go now, I know I’ll kiss her again.


I touch her hair… as we lie in bed, the morning after. It spills around her on the pillow and her shoulders. Her eyes are closed, and she smiles gently in sleep. I want to peer inside her dreams. Images of last night fill my thoughts. We had sex. I slept with Amelia Shepherd. Sunlight shines through the uncovered window, across her back. My fingers trace between sun and shadow, along her skin. I can’t help myself. I have to touch her – to make sure this happened and she’s real.  Her eyelids flutter open, and she lies still, just feeling. “Hey,” she whispers, and I say the same. The longer she looks at me, the more her smile deepens. Her dimple appears on her cheek like a speck of magic.


I touch her hair… with my eyes as she steps inside. It curls in wisps around her neck, with strands out of place from running to catch the elevator.  I want to reach out and tuck one behind her ear. Just to touch her. But she doesn’t look me in the eye. That’s when I know. My stomach sinks before she says the words, “I just don’t think this – us – is a good idea.” She doesn’t want what we started. Anger boils up inside me. I’m mad at myself. Because I’m standing here falling, knowing this is more, taking her hands in mine, even as she’s ending us. I step back and look at the ceiling, the floor, anywhere but her. “I’m not hurt,” I say. …It’s the only lie I’ve ever told her.


I touch her hair… in my dreams. Chocolate curls around my heart, tugging slow and persistent. The feeling never stops, even when I wake in the night to the sounds of war. Half a world away, she tugs at me. My shirt is drenched in sweat. I sit up and take it off, then fall back again on the pillow, wanting her. Wanting her still. I allow myself the fantasy of the dream, before it fades away. The feeling of her hands on me in the dark. Pretending. Never finding relief.


I touch her hair… as she weeps. I cradle her head as we kneel on the porch. My hand clenches the tiny bag of oxy that she almost chose instead of this. Instead of feeling this profound grief. I hold her close, feeling the silk of her hair against my cheek and the slightness of her body in my arms. With each sob, she breaks into a thousand pieces, and I scoop her up. Again and again. With each of her sobs, I break into a thousand pieces, and she scoops me up too. Tears fill my eyes, and I don’t wipe them away. “You’re gonna be okay. You’re gonna survive this.” My words are for both of us. I hold her until my knees ache – until her sobs turn into whimpers – until her body melts into mine. Then I hold her longer. I’m not running. Not anymore.


I touch her hair… as she kneels on the grass in the cemetery. Strands blow with the breeze. She doesn’t tie them back in a ponytail. Not today. She lets them blow. I weave my fingers through them. Her head is warm from the sun. Flecks of red and gold dance on a sea of brown with an occasional wisp of silver. It’s been a long year. Time keeps going. Until one day it stops, and the breeze blows over your grave. I shudder at the thought. Amelia brings her arm across her chest to her shoulder and covers my hand with hers. She tilts her head and rests her cheek against my thumb. “It’s a beautiful day,” she says, “He would have loved this one.” I caress her face lightly, following the tracks of her tears, wiping them away as they fall.


I touch her hair… as she drips on the floor, wet from the rain. I curl a strand around my finger and tug gently. “I like what you did with your hair tonight,” I smile close to her ear, feeling the dampness of her head against my cheek.

“For our date,” she says, unfolding her arms. Her shirt clings to her body. The saturated fabric reveals the contours of her breasts. She’s not wearing a bra.

“Amelia…” My gaze travels up the hollow of her throat to her face. She smirks at me with eyes gleaming.

“Do you want to help me out of these clothes?” she asks.

I keep my eyes on hers and take her waist in my hands. Her mouth is close enough to kiss, but I don’t. Not yet.

“How far do you want this to go?” I question.

She touches my elbows and slides her hands up the backs of my arms, drawing my body close. “All the way,” she answers.

I rest my forehead against hers and slip my fingers beneath the hem of her shirt, peeling it upward. Slowly.

“I like this version of starting over,” I say.


I touch her hair… as she touches mine. She runs her fingertips over my scalp as my head rests on the pillow. Her hair spills around my face, as she lies on top of me. I slide my fingers through silk at the nape of her neck and hold the back of her head as she moves her body over mine. Her skin on my skin. Her breasts on my chest. “You feel so good,” she murmurs. She takes me in deep and swallows me. Then she does it again. And again. Falling into a rhythm that quickly takes me to a place where there’s no turning back. “You have to slow down,” I tell her, and she gasps. I feel her come around me. Already. And I follow. There’s no more waiting.


I touch her hair… while she sits on the bathroom floor. I hold it behind her head with one hand, and I feel her forehead with the other. Sweat beads up on her temples and trickles down her neck. Her hair and skin are damp beneath my touch, but her face doesn’t feel hot. “I don’t think you have a fever,” I tell her, kissing the top of her head.

“That’s good,” she says. “I don’t need any more symptoms this morning.” She pushes up the sleeves of her pajamas and rests her hands again on the edge of the toilet bowl.

“Do you think it’s something you ate last night? We had that take-out. I can call the restaurant to see if anyone else has reported illness.”

She shakes her head. “You and I had the same dinner, Owen.”

“So it’s not food poisoning. And probably not the flu.” I consider the possibilities.

She tilts her head up and looks in my eyes. “I was sick yesterday too. Just after rounds. And the day before… also in the morning.” My mind races with my heart as her words sink in. “…Try not to hope yet,” she says.

It’s like telling me not to breathe.


I touch her hair… in my mind as she storms away from me. Her ponytail flies behind her, pissing me off and tempting me to follow.

“Amelia, wait,” I tell her, “Stop. Just. Stop!”

She keeps going. “There you go again!” she hollers back at me from down the hall.

“What?” I snap, following her into the bedroom.

She stops there and turns to me. “You shut me out, and in the same breath you ask me to let you in. This doesn’t work that way!”

“This?” I question.

She points between us with her hands moving quickly back and forth. “This. Us. You and me. We don’t work that way.”

“I’m not shutting you out,” I insist, “I just don’t want to talk about it!” I’m adamant. To me it feels final – until I see her face fall with my words.

She takes a deep breath before she speaks. “Owen, your not talking about it… is killing us. We’re just surviving. I need us to thrive. I need more. We need more.”

I sit on the edge of the bed and rest my head in my hands. This feels like Megan all over again. I drop my hands to my knees, and I look at her. She stands in the silence between us. Waiting.

I’m afraid. “What if I don’t have any more to give?” I ask.

She moves toward me and runs her fingers through my hair. My eyes close as the tension eases between us. I reach for her hips and rest my forehead against her breasts. My thumbs caress the sides of her stomach, and our baby flutters against my palm.

Her voice softens. “I don’t believe that.”


I touch her hair… with a towel, drying it gently between my hands. The steam from our shower evaporates slowly off the mirror. I watch her reflection as she leans her head back against my chest. “Drying my hair is good practice for you,” she says, “Our daughter will have long hair before you know it.”

Our daughter. The words echo in my mind a hundred times.

I slip my hands inside Amelia’s bathrobe and caress her stomach in circles. The robe falls open. She’s round and firm and feels incredible. I kiss her temple, and strands of her hair stick to my cheek. Drops of moisture collect on my lips when I suck along her jaw.

I glance in the mirror as I stroke down the center of her body toward her thighs. Her mouth falls open, and she moans softly, “Owen…”

“Yes, dear,” I whisper at the corner of her mouth, “What else can I do for you tonight?”

She smiles. “A lullaby.”

I chuckle as I sing into her lips,

“If only you knew -
The sunlight shines a little brighter,
The weight of the world’s a little lighter,
The stars lean in a little closer,
All because of you…”

That’s as far as I get before she takes my breath away.


I touch her hair… as I massage her shoulders. It falls across the back of my hands and curls around my wrists as my fingers play over her skin. She sighs deeply, and the bed shifts with her breath. “You feel wonderful,” she whispers. Her cheek rests on the pillow, and her eyelids start to close. My gaze follows her lashes downward. Our baby lies next to her, nursing at her breast. Her rosy cheeks move in and out as she suckles. A dimple appears and disappears like magic. I could watch forever. I slide my hand around Amelia’s body and touch each tiny finger pressed to her chest. Our baby’s mouth stills. She opens her eyes and looks into mine. I’m lost in a sea of blue as she grabs my finger and holds on. Fierce love wells up inside me. It’s overwhelming. I curl against Amelia’s back, feeling the warmth of her body. I nestle my face in the softness of her hair. She sleeps now. She doesn’t feel my tears.

I haven’t made any personal posts about Trump yet, but on the day of his inaguration, I have this to say:

One of two things is happening. One: Donald Trump is smarter than he seems. He does all these ridiculous slip ups, mispronounciations, dumb things, etc.. because he knows we will make memes of them and focus on them. Why would he want to make a fool of himself? Because if we are so focused on his tiny hands, his hair, his grammer on a social media site, etc.. we won’t be focusing on how he wants to defund Obamacare, torture gays, deport thousands of people, and other genocidal things. Or two: he isn’t doing it on purpose and is as dumb as he seems, but it’s working anyway. Because we are still focusing on those things. Either way, it’s working.

Trump was basically memed into office. A few thousand people voted for him as a joke, because they didn’t care. It’s the not caring that will be out undoing. Those who voted for Bernie, Gary, or Jill? At least they knew Trump was bad. Should they have voted for Hillary instead? Yes. But there’s nothing we can do about now. What we can do, what we need to do, is focus on the real issues. Instead of making a joke about his hair, walk your Muslim friend to their car. Instead of making fun of his hands, let your LGBTQIA+ friends know you are a safe person/place for them. Instead of correcting Trump’s grammer on Twitter, donate some money to your friends who might be about to lose their health insurance. Whether he knows it or not, every joke we make about Trump helps him. As Rev. Dr. King said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” We have to stand together, and fight for what truly matters. Only then can we overcome this.