No strimz tonight. Maybe a dank strimz past midnight.

Went out to buy cigarettes. Just enough to stave off the nicotine pangs while I learn how to cope without it. The 4 stores closest to my house are closed for no reason at all. Maybe there is a reason, but I wouldn’t know since I don’t hang around here. Went all the way to my 2nd family’s place to grab a few sticks and caught the younger brother tapping away at his potato-tier tablet on a 4chan thread. Making a thread about Etrian Odyssey IV. Of course he didn’t get a reply, He didn’t post lewds. He asked what I was playing and I told him about the darkest of the dark dungeons. It didn’t surprise me that he wanted that game since he’s the kind of kid that finishes the DSouls games with the lowest level character possible. He needed a copy but the shitty ISP in this country prevents him from downloading anything. His external has just enough space to fit the game into it. The walk to his place is pretty far. I didn’t know that I would spend the night walking back and forth from my place to his.  But hey, It’s for the love of family and the love of (fuckingcheesylinerighthere) video games. 

You know a town is the most boring place you’ll ever live at when you’re taking that walk and everyone is talking about a bike race that the teens are having at the moment. Of course, People are going to bet on that race. I guess I would if I enjoyed putting money to chance. I remember the look on the face of the guard at the 7-11 in the center of town. Boredom was eating him alive. Homesickness is there, even though the ride back to his place is 3 hours away. I know this because I talked to him about nothing. Just to stave off the night.
Legend of Legaia, Thousand Arms, Darkest Dungeon later tonight. Maybe.  

Manifestations of Guan Yin: The Guan Yin of Thousand Arms and Thousand Eyes (Qian Shou Qian Yan Guan Yin)

The Guan Yin of Thousand Arms and Thousand Eyes

Chinese: Qiān Shŏu Qiān Yăn Guān Yīn 千手千眼觀音

Japanese: Senjyu Kannon

Sanskrit: Sahasrabhuja Sahasranetra Avalokitesvara

One of the most popular manifestations of Guan Yin, who can be seen as female or male, depending on place and tradition. She looks after all beings with her thousand eyes, and reaches out to everyone with her thousand arms. In this form, she has two hands in front of her belly forming the Dhyana Mudra, which is the sign of meditation. Two hands form the Anjali Mudra, which is the prayer gesture in front of the chest. The other hands form other mudras, and may hold various symbolic objects. The skin of this Guan Yin is usually of golden color. 

Legend has it, that Guan Yin took a vow not to rest until she saved all beings from ignorance. Although she worked a lot, she had to realize, that she was not enough for this monstrous task. As she tried to pay attention to all the sufferers, her head broke into eleven pieces, eleven new heads. Now she heard even more beings, so she tried to reach out to all of them - this caused her hands to break into a thousand hands. She always keeps working with these hands for the happiness of all beings.  

According to another version of this story, Guan Yin’s vow stated that her body should break into pieces if she gets disheartened from helping all beings. One day, when her task was especially tiresome, as she was purifying the regions of hell, Guan Yin broke down in tears, and because she became disheartened, her head and hands broke into pieces. This was observed by Amitabha Buddha - the Buddha of Infinite Light, who represents the divine power of the Fire Element of the four Wisdom Buddhas (an aspect of Ignis) - who restored her body, and her broken heads and arms were transformed into many heads and arms. Guan Yin then could perform her task more easily. The story teaches us that although sometimes we may get tired of walking the right path, if we have friends on the path who walk beside us, then they can help us to start are tasks again with new power. Similarly, we also have a responsibility to help those who become disheartened. 

Mantra: Om Vajra Dharma Hrih (The Great Compassion/Mercy Mantra)

Word meanings:

Vajra – Thunderbolt or diamond

Dharma – The way that maintains the World Order

Hrih – Right action, which is based on self-respect

This mantra is about recognizing divinity in ourselves and others, and it helps us to be able to forgive ourselves and others, because this is the healthy way of things.