thousand yen

shit that actually happens in pokemon:

  • a giant castle rises from the ground around the main government building. this is basically peta’s fault.
  • you ride a dragon-god into space to fight a meteor alien. this is plan b. plan a was to send the meteor alien to another dimension.
  • one guy tries to get rid of the oceans. one tries to get rid of dry land. What Happens Next Will Shock You.
  • a dude jumps straight out of the water onto an evil pirate ship, lowers the gangplank, then swims off to let a teenager deal with it.
  • there is a 1/3 chance that a runaway 11-year-old yakuza/mafia prince broke into a laboratory to steal an adorable plant creature.
  • you can buy a useless fish for several thousand yen from a shady salesman. this is actually a very good investment.
  • the devil, the god of death and the bringer of eternal nightmares all really really really like cake.
  • the space cultists would have won if dragon lucifer hadn’t showed up.
  • god is a goat, and if you take it to the right place, it will make you a baby god.
  • the most powerful trainer in the world (a 14-year-old with a pet rat) went up a frozen mountain for no apparent reason. he only comes down after you beat up his rat. this is absurdly difficult.
  • the effective ruler of the unova region is a magical catgirl space princess with a bunch of pet dragons. 
  • there’s a nine foot tall guy wandering around. his height is the least interesting thing about him. and his best friend is a flower fairy.
  • Akashi: Don’t you judge me, Tetsuya. You’re the selfish one. You’re the one who charged Ryouta, your own teammate, for a frozen banana. I mean, it’s one banana, Tetsuya, what could it cost? A thousand yen?
  • Kuroko: You’ve never actually set foot inside a supermarket, have you, Akashi-kun?
  • Akashi: I don’t have time for this.

Akira: It’s not like Leblanc makes a lot of money to begin with, anyway… he needs all the help he can get

The more time I spend in Japan the more I realize that Haikyuu is one of those series with really random merchandise like there’s the usual stuff like posters and buttons and files and all that but I’ve also seen an Oikawa mug, a Fukurodani bathrobe, and an officially-licensed Ushijima Wakatoshi shot glass


the expense of bringing up the sextuplets paid by their parents (2017)

according to a writer who did this trial calculation, it cost at least about one handred twenty-nine million yen in total until the sextuplets became twenty years old.
i wonder what their father do. and apparently their mother doesn’t work full-time…in Tokyo area, the cost of living is high.
(average annual income in Japan is 4.15 million)
utility bill and living expenses of their parents aren’t included in this calculation.

【the cost of delivery】
the avarage cost is about four handred thousand yen.
but for children born of multiple birth(twins, triplets…and sextuplets), the mother must enter hospital a week before the delivery, it cost five hundred and fourty thousand yen.
plus, seventy thousand yen per baby of multiple birth.
540,000 yen + (70,000 yen ×6) = 960,000 yen.

and, in Japan, the Lump-sum allowance for childbirth is four hundred twenty thousand yen.
420,000 yen × 6 = 2,520,000 yen.

2,520,000 yen - 960,000 yen = 1,560,000 yen. run in the black.

【the cost until the sextuplets became twenty years old】
at 0 years old - about 4.5 million yen
at 1 years old - about 4.1 million yen
at 2 years old - about 4.5 million yen
at 3 years old - about 5.2 million yen
at 4 years old - about 6.2 million yen
at 5 years old - about 5.9 million yen
at 6 years old - about 6.3 million yen
at 7 years old - about 5.7 million yen
at 8 years old - about 5.3 million yen
at 9 years old - about 5.8 million yen
at 10 years old - about 5.9 million yen
at 11years old - about 6.4 million yen
at 12 years old - about 6.6 million yen
at 13 years old - about 8.4 million yen
at 14 years old - about 8.4 million yen
at 15 years old - about 8.9 million yen

at this point, it cost almost one hundred million yen, and annual average is about 6.4 million yen.
from 16 years old to 20 years old, it cost about 32 million yen for 5 years.

and, avarage monthly food and clothing expenses in Japan are about fourty-five thousand yen.
plus other living expenses, the monthly cost per person is about ninty-five thousand yen.
at least the montly cost for the six neets is about five hundred and sixty thousand yen.

still, the neets don’t look for jobs. what overprotective parents!!!!!!

hc where hairu drags ui’s old ass to literally every purikura they pass,

literally, it doesn’t matter if they’re on duty or not, if hairu sees it, she’s going for it.

“it’s not fun by yourself!” she protests when ui tells her to just do it on her own. she is shockingly stubborn. he learns inevitably that, rather than spend the next hours arguing and pouting, it’s much easier to step into the booth for a couple minutes of too-loud music and high-pitched voices booming in his ear.

still. he poses grudgingly; he doesn’t make faces, except sometimes when his unlit cigarette is about to fall out and he has to purse his lips a bit to keep it in; he exits as soon as cued. hairu becomes very good at decorating all the photos on her own within the time given while ui lights up outside.

“done?” ui asks, when hairu comes out.

“yup.” she shows him the stickers, beams at them. ui takes the cigarette out of his mouth and exhales.

“haven’t you outgrown purikura already?”

“outgrown! no way! i could never do them at all as a kid.” she pockets them carefully, making sure they don’t get bent. “so i’m making up for it now. i want to do at least — at least a thousand.”

“a thousand.” ui rubs his forehead.

“a thousand at least. speaking of which. do you think arima will ever do one with us sometime?”

“not if i have anything to say about it,” ui tells her. “leave him out of your childish games.”

“they’re not childish.” but she isn’t fazed at all. she considers, and then hands him one of the sheets. “are you sure you don’t want one?”

“yes,” ui says, as he has said every time. “i’m sure.”

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spraain  asked:

I just wanted to say I love your writing! Do you think you could write a KageHina fan fiction based of your username? If you have time please do 😂

“Kageyama I swear, I fell asleep for like…two minutes, tops, and when I woke up they were just gone. Like that. Poof, into thin air.” 

Kageyama scrubs a hand over his face, and sighs.

“You’re telling me,” he says, and he’s trying to be calm about it all, he is, but his jaw is already aching from the grind of his teeth and his forehead hurts from all the frowning, “that someone stole your shoes, right off your feet, and you didn’t even notice?” 

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A Sunset w/ Izaya Ch. 1: The Man Who Came

A Certain Month on a Certain Day    Extracted from a Portion of a Region Newspaper Article

[A body in Bunokura - determined as the missing eldest son of a wealthy family-]

[Last night the body found in Bunokura was identified to be Ryuuichi Adamura (age 28) who had disappeared three days prior. The police are investigating from the case and accident-]

In a land from off from the town the newspaper article was written in.

In a small mountain hut one man gazed at the article.

It is unclear how he obtained a regional newspaper from another prefecture, but the date is certainly today.

The man smiles excitingly and threw the newspaper into the fireplace.

And then he threw into the fireplace various pieces for games you would amuse yourself with on a table like chess and Shogi pieces, and Mahjong tiles and playing cards.

The season is the rainy season.

Even on such a sodden, gloomy day he continued to light the flame in the fireplace.

The black-haired man watching the newspaper and game pieces turn into ash stroked the wheelchair left next to the rocking chair and took out his cellphone.

Then making a certain call he happily begins to speak.

“I will accept what we talked about before. I will bring some people and come to the town.”

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Um, you take prompts right? If not just ignore me and know I adore your work times a ZILLION! You're probably the reason why I even consider Terumob. Anyway though. The prompt: would it be at all possible to see what happened between Reigen and Teru's mom when they were alone? Or was that just boring paperwork stuff?

Thank you so much! The next chapter of ANLG and I are still at war, but at least I can work on some prompts and pretend to be productive in the meantime^^

EDIT: It’s up on AO3 now as well, so here’s the link.

Devil’s Advocate

As soon as her son and his - friend are out the door, something inside Haruka Hanazawa’s chest instantly relaxes. Her fingernails stop burrowing into the skin of her forearm quite as deeply. Even though there is still a huge, trembling force inside her that makes it impossible to let go entirely, she immediately feels much less as if she’s choking on her own breath.

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A Sunset w/ Izaya Ch. 1: The Man Who Came, Pt. 2

The Restaurant “Kongonsaikan”

“…..You’re the one who called for me?”

In a high class Chinese restaurant on the highest floor of the Bunokura Grand Palace, Sasazaki speaks up cautiously.

The strange children who called out to him in the middle of town.

He stood right here from having been brought here by them half by force.

-”Hey, mister, you’re a detective right!”

-”……..Please come with us.”

After taking money under the table from the black-market lending company, he was suddenly called out by a young boy and girl as he was walking around town.

He felt disturbed they knew he was a detective and tried to chase them off with a joke with “How about school? I’ll arrest you” but-

-”Um, there’s a person who wants to bargain with you.”

-”It’d be best to follow-…….probably.”

Being told of a bargain startled him and he thoughtlessly looks around the area.

He doubted it could be a trap, but at the present time he could not determine it.

The children look like they are about the same age, but they do not look like twins. Since they are a boy and a girl even if they were twins they would be fraternal twins, but based on that they do not look quite alike. Not able to think of them as siblings, Sasazaki concluded they were probably not blood related.

Thinking of the possibility of a trap. Sasazaki followed them while remaining cautious.

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Don’t lie and tell me that you haven’t thought about this Jercy xx Free! xx Haikyuu!! crossover AU before ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

headcanons and a number of drabbles are under the cut

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rubygees replied to your photo: Personally, I would like to know how Red-Eyes came to Rex’s hands. Did he earn it legally or by scheming? Is it the same (probably not) card that Shojo had?

Shougo Aoyama was Toei-only, so it isn’t the same card as in the manga/second-series anime, though Rex was in that movie so maybe Toei Rex got it from him. I’m not entirely sure how rare cards work in the YGO universe–I doubt the original owners of the Blue-Eyes got them from booster packs, and Solomon got his from Arthur Hawkins–so it’s possible Rex got very lucky with the packs, or won it at a tournament or something.

EDIT: According to the manga Rex bought the card for a few hundred thousand yen, but it isn’t stated who or where he got it from.

  • Mari: Come on…! You can tell me, right? Tell me who it is you like…
  • Kanan: N-no way, it’s too embarrassing…
  • Mari: If I ever tell anyone else, I’ll owe you a million yen!
  • Kanan, whispering: W-Well, okay then. The person I like…is Dia.
  • Mari, throwing a stack of thousand-yen bills at Kanan and standing up: HEY EVERYBODY, KANAN LIKES DIA

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*shouting back, into the void* HERE YOU GO BABE! (also, more high school au bc i’m a slut for it)

75. “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

When asking Chuuya what the worst day of his life was, he often replied, “The day I met that shitty waste of bandages.” No one knew why. Rumours about the two were abundant in the school - they were secretly dating, they were in love, that they just pretended to hate each other. Chuuya disagreed. He legitimately despised Osamu Dazai with every piece of his heart.

First off, they guy didn’t know how to ease off. When he woke up in the clinic, his head sore, he looked up to see unfamiliar caramel eyes dressed in a sweet smirk of mischief.

“Who are you?” Chuuya had mumbled, head pounding. He wasn’t sure why he was there, or why there was an admittedly very attractive stranger sitting by his side.

“You really don’t know?” The boy shook his head. Or, at least, he looked about Chuuya’s age, so he would consider him boy. His skin was too smooth, eyes too bright, to be an adult already. “You fainted, straight into my arms.”

Chuuya shook his head. “I don’t remember that.”

The brunette smirked. “Well, then… I’m Dazai. Osamu Dazai.” He held out a hand.

Chuuya glared at the offered palm. “Chuuya.” He said, slowly meeting his hand to Dazai’s in a handshake.

Dazai tipped his head to the side, mouth tilted up. “You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

The redhead scowled, “What the hell does that mean? I don’t even know you!”

“I just told you my name.” Dazai winked, “And now I know yours.” He stood, sticking his hands in his jacket’s pocket. Chuuya noticed bandages wrapped around his wrist, crisp and white and looking freshly changed. “I’ll see you later.”


He didn’t leave him alone for the next three years.

The next day, he made his way to homeroom, preparing to find his usual spot by the window, when a voice puffed into his ear,


Chuuya jumped, whirling around and preparing to slam his fist into the intruder’s nose. A hand caught his fist midair, though, with surprising ease.

“Dazai? What the hell are you-”

Osamu Dazai grinned down at him. “Good morning, Nakahara-chan!”

“Who are you calling ‘chan?’” Chuuya scowled.

“Well, friends call each other chan.” Dazai said, dragging him towards the back of the classroom. He was stronger than Chuuya had expected, pulling him towards his desk with little effort.

“We’re not friends,” Chuuya snarled. This guy was annoying.

“Of course we are!” Dazai smiled, reaching out and lightly tapping his finger on Chuuya’s nose. “You should call me Dazai-chan!”

Chuuya felt his cheeks turning red. “Why the hell would I do that?”

Dazai suddenly pouted, sinking into his chair. “Sorry,” He said, eyes glistening. “I just thought you wanted to be friends, with the whole ‘fainting into my arms’ thing.”

Chuuya looked at his classmates from the corner of his eyes, as they were very obviously trying to listen in.

“I told you, I’ve never heard of you before,” Chuuya said, biting his lip. Is this bastard seriously crying because I don’t know him? He could feel his heart swell with shame, at the sad look on Dazai’s face. 

Chuuya looked to the left. “I’m willing to try being your friend…” He flicked his eyes to Dazai, then focused on the board up front again. “Dazai-chan.” His face felt warm.

Dazai grinned mischievously up at him. “Ah, so you’re okay with ‘chan’, huh?” His eyes had lost that melancholic aura and now glinted up at him with mirth.

Chuuya smacked him on the head with his bag. “Did you trick me, you bastard?” He tried to bring the bag down, but Dazai wrapped his hands around Chuuya’s wrist, and pulled him close.

“Sorry,” The brunette smirked, “But you’re just so cute when you’re angry~!” He tipped his head. “Like a little chibi!”

“Was that a-”

Dazai pulled him down into the seat next to him. “Shhh, Chuuya. You’re disrupting homeroom.”

Chuuya glared at him, crossing his arms and frowning at the blackboard in front of him. “I hate you already.”

Dazai simply smiled. “You can say that all you want, but one thousand yen says I can get you to date me by the end of this year.”

Chuuya narrowed his eyes. “Fine. You had better have that much.”

“I won’t need to.”

Chuuya smacked him.

The Shinsenlosers - I

Chapter one: A start with broken things

Okita Sougo threw the green-coloured bills on the table in front of the woman. They were in the Snack Smile cabaret, liked for being one of the rare neutral club where you could have fun without being part of the Yakuzas, and without being led to unfortunate accidents. The Shinsengumi took up after the feudal wolves for their name, their ways could be compared to their precursors: they roamed through the streets of Roponggi and Kabuki districts, and kept them relatively calm from other gangs.

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bis pre-issue review★

The magazine itself is quite big, bigger than LARME and similar to the size of ViVi or Sweet. I like big magazines because bigger pictures (although scanning is a bit harder)! Also there’s 136 pages. 

The cover is okay, I’m not super crazy about it but it’s nice.

Anyways, looking inside, the main story is 「Never mind」which features the cover girl Mirai Shida. Like the cover, it’s quite dark and makes use of different layouts, borders and text layouts. The main theme is about being reborn.

The shoot advertises different trends like flare plants and chiffon dresses. The looks will set you back a couple tens or hundred of thousands of yen though, it’s not cheap. On the cover she is wearing a 410,000 yen dress by Rochas. However this shoot, and the first few in the first half of the magazine, are more likely for aesthetics and promoting ‘high fashion’ brands to try to emulate for yourself as the second half of the magazine balances out the price of items.

The next editorial is 「Gemini」. It advertises new collections from brands like Theatre Products and Jill Stuart along with some writing by Erika Kobayashi about twins. Like the first editorial it’s pricey with the aim of looking high fashion. I didn’t really love it and the photography was just okay to me.

Next was 「Vespertine」. There were one or two pictures I liked, but again it was just a high fashion-y sort of editorial with a little bit of superfluous text. And I didn’t really like the clothes. 

The last of the high fashion editorials was 「忘れる (Wasureru)」. This one was very artily edited, which focused more on aesthetic than the clothes. I wasn’t enamoured by this one either unfortunately. I think it would have been better without all the graphics around it. 

Next was 「UTOPIA MAKE-UP」. It’s about “Mode Feminine” make up, aimed at ladies becoming adults. The main header pictures were really creative and nice with a robotic twist, but the make up wasn’t to my taste - the cheeks are meant to be a skin tone colourless colour. The lip colours were reddy pinks though. The featured make up brands were Anna Sui, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Jill Stuart etc.

Now we come to the divide of the magazine. From here on out the magazine picked up a lot for me and was more affordable, bright and youthful. 

Starting with 「Summer Style of Vintage」a book in the magazine (like the little book in book things) which features some questionable fashion choices that nobody would be caught dead wearing - like a shoulder to toe lace bodysuit and a dress that looks like it was made out of blue cling film… But some of it is okay… take it with a grain of salt. Actually the last page promotes a magazine called DOOR which seems to have styled this, so it might just be some kind of PR.

Moving on, next in the little book segment is Products Needed This Summer. It features the model Raimu Taya, who seems to be the main ‘bis girl’. It shows the make up to do in different situations like daily make up and date make up, then shows you how to style your hair and makeup with certain coord items like cat eye sunglasses and bloomers. I actually liked this spread a lot, but wished it wasn’t all taken in front of a grey background, that, and lighting doesn’t make the make up look so great.

Next, a prettier layout for popular keywords for now. There’s even some coordinate examples, to give a taste of the fashion in bis. Some brands featured in this are HONEY MI HONEY, Zara, Supreme.La.La, Faline and Katie. There’s also keywords about skin care, cosmetics, nails and make up. 

Now back to the main magazine, my favourite editorial! 「Pretty Things」. It features Haruka Kudo (from Morning Musume ‘17), Raimu and Raika Yumi as three sisters working in a hair salon. The coordinates feature them wearing one of the same item of clothing or accessory and mix and matching with different pieces. It’s easily the best editorial showing different situations like “Selecting Flowers for (the) Salon” and “Scouting Pretty Girls”, and the fashion’s cute too. The most featured brands are Katie and Agnes b.

Next is a “healthy summer” mix and match, featuring Raimu in Vintage Casual and NANAMI in Girly Casual. Some of the brands featured include lilLily, Peach John, Uniqlo, Zara and Forever 21. It shows at most 5 coords for each style for the months between May and August. There’s some cute stuff, there’s some basic stuff. Layout wise it reminded me of ViVi.

Next is a feature on hairstyles for summer. Mostly before and afters promoting different hairdressers to visit and some styling tips. The fashion in this segment is quite nice. 

Next is another hair feature, but this time a hair arrange segment. My first thoughts were that it looks a lot like LARME. I don’t know if this ribbon hair stuff is popular in other magazines nowadays though, so it could be the norm. Anyways, it’s nicely laid out and the models are cute. 

Next is 「Self Body Care Salon」. If you’ve read something like this in another Japanese magazine you’ve probably read them all! There’s a lot of exercises, stretches, diet tips, massages etc in this part. The theme colour of the pages are baby blue which is really pretty. 

Next is the recipe segment. A part of this is also on the bis website. It’s recipes featuring noodles with 0 grams of carbohydrates. The instructions are limited to about 3 or 4 steps so I don’t know how easy they are to follow, but I genuinely want to eat them all.

Next is a make up Q&A. Again, read a make up Q&A once and you’ve read them all; but you do get some summer tips and bis make up recommendations. There’s a question on how to make your eyes look bigger without circle lenses, and flicking through the magazine it seems more often than not that circle lens aren’t used that much. 

Moving on to culture, it kicks off with a piece on a short movie that is being shown in the video section of bis’s website. I haven’t watched it yet, and I haven’t read the piece yet. 

The next page is on 「Transparents」- clear accessories. I guess this isn’t culture…but it’s just one random double page. There’s some expensive clear accessories which seem like they belong more in the beginning part of the magazine. I don’t know, really.

Next is some promo with Sanrio for Sanrio Puroland. It features some ‘bis girls’ - SAKURA, Noa Sato and Mei Tanaka. I’m not familiar with them, but they look quite young. You can see this PR feature on bis’s website too. 

Next there’s an interview with the title “Do you think birds are free?” It also has some illustrations. It’s quite long, so I haven’t read it yet. 

Next 「How to grow my wings」with Raimu. It’s a weird layout with text all over the place. I don’t understand it, but I think it’s supposed to be deep. It’s pretty at least.

Turn the page and there’s  「LAKE」. Another written piece about something…It’s from a story about travellers or something.

Anyways, coming towards the end, there’s 「BOY’S CULTURE MODE」. Which is an interview with Kento Nakajima, a member of Sexy Zone. I don’t know about Sexy Zone and I don’t really have any interest in it, so I didn’t read it. 

The first of the monthly instalments, 「bis BOOK 」. This month’s book is “Night Flower The Life and Art of Vali Myers”. The other is 「bis FLOWER」. This month’s flower is Dahlia. I like flowers, but I didn’t expect that to be something they’d do every issue. It’s different, that’s for sure. It’d be nice to have a model posing with the flowers though.

Then, fin, telling us the magazine will start to be published in September. 

My first impressions are that the magazine is not bad. But there’s a big disconnect within the magazine. The first half is Vogue x Sweet, the second half is LARME x ViVi. Since it’s only the pre issue, it can definitely be hard to get one original ‘bis’ style down of course. However if they maybe spaced out the high fashion parts, or just inserted some high-end pieces into the second half and vice versa, it would be better. It’s too much at the start and it’s boring. I like high fashion editorials but the pictures weren’t enough to make me feel like looking at them over and over again. 

The second half is nice, and has some pieces and coordinates I like. I can see it’s a bit more mature even if the models look young. 

I also think the very last part needs some work. The culture sections are lacking. 

Also, going back to my first impressions regarding the website; the magazine and the website are indeed different. Some things from the magazine are actually on the website in short articles, and some website articles don’t actually feature in the magazine. Everything related to appealing to boys only exists on the website and some of the outfits in the magazine actually go against what’s written on the website - baggy shapeless pants that hide your figure being something boys don’t like girls to wear is actually in coordinates in the magazine. It’s another example of disconnect, with the website giving a sort of different impression. The magazine is definitely more mature than the website.

But overall, as I said, the magazine needs some work. Luckily there’s a couple of months before the magazine launches to make changes. I also think it’s a little expensive. It’s a little less than Sweet which has over 350 pages and always comes with a gift, like a bag. Maybe they should give a gift with it, or maybe it will have more pages later on.

So, for the pre-issue that’s may overview and review. I’m not completely blown away, but it’s not a lost cause. Now’s the waiting game for Autumn! Thanks for reading and I hope this helped! Has anyone else got their issue? What are your thoughts and if you weren’t sure about bis do you think you’d be interested in getting it now?