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I received my pre-order of Empress of a Thousand Skies and Wintersong today. I already read Wintersong, and I looove love this fantasy book. The prose is gorgeous accompanied by luminous writing and swoon-worthy otp. I plan to reread it later this month. ⭐🎶 I haven’t read Empress yet but I intend to start it tonight! It’s been compared to SAGA and Rogue One which are two of my favorite things. I’m crossing my fingers, I’ll love it!

Rainbow books on a rainy day. ♡🌧

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YA/Teen Fiction - Feb. 7, 2017


Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza

Honor, bravery, loyalty–these made up her ma’tan sarili, the three values.

It was an everyday Kalusian greeting, but it meant much more than hello or goodbye. It translated to “highest self,” and to say it was a pledge to be the best person you could be.


“It would’t matter if you visited a million worlds. You never know everything about another person - not even someone you love. You can’t, and you wouldn’t want to. 

“You have to love the mystery. You have to take a chance.”

The Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray

made a zine inspired by the amazing Jordan Clark on youtube 🤘🏻 surprisingly loved how it turned out wahahah thought it would be a flop 😅 and can i just say that im really gonna miss the firebird series :(( took me a long time to read it after it was released cause school haha 🔫 actually borrowed this book from a friend a long time ago but never got to return it cause school already ended HAHA
happy reading!

Starting our #litpagessummerbookchallenge today!
DAY 1: Summer Book Recommendations

Here are some of my 5 fave books to read! • intense action packed with a lil romance
[ ] Champion by Marie Lu (Legend series)
• fantasy and romance yes pls ⚔️
[ ] Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
• head tripping sci fi (and romance of course)
[ ] A Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray (Firebird series)
• tagos sa puso (tagalog for: if you rlly want to cry a lot)
[ ] The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
• feel good short stories
[ ] Summer Days and Summer Nights by Stephanie Perkins

what are some of your recommendations? happy reading!  

raythebrutallyhonestguy  asked:

I saw your blog and I must ask one thing for people I know: Why didn't they take the eagles? It's a question, not a way to piss you off.

Hello! Thank you for asking.  :D Gotta love the Eagles.

Lots of reasons!!! 

We all know that the fantasy genre is all about suspending your disbelief. When you’re reading a work of fantasy, you can accept anything….as long as it’s given an explanation that’s consistent with its world’s rules.  The explanation doesn’t have to perfect, it just has make enough sense for us to buy it. The “real” reason the Ring can’t be destroyed by an axe is because then we wouldn’t have a movie. “The Ring can only be destroyed in the Fires of Mount Doom because Evil Power Magic”–we accept that because it’s the premise of the film. “The Fellowship can’t take the Eagles to Mordor because these reasons”; that’s also something we’re supposed to accept. 

And the thing with the eagles is…we are given plenty of acceptable reasons/explanations? Reasons that might not be perfectly realistic (because nothing in fiction is perfectly realistic) , but are logical enough for you to suspend your disbelief.

In fact:

Hey, any fellow Tolkien Dorcs! 

Reblog this post with Reasons why the Fellowship couldn’t have taken the eagles to Mordor?

If you feel like it. You don’t have to but it could be fun.

My favorite is:

1) Mordor has tons of Anti-Eagle Defenses, making it impossible to enter by eagle

As screenwriter Philippa Boyens said during the film’s commentary: 

 "Why does everyone always say that(they could’ve taken the eagles)?! The flying Nazgûl on their Fell Beasts would have stopped them! How much more obvious does that need to be?! Mordor has flying creatures too!“

Originally posted by mirkokosmos

And in addition to the Fell Beasts/Nazgul, Mordor has plenty of orc archers at the ready. This is the universe where even a  powerful dragon like Smaug could be killed by a single arrow.  (Just one arrow! Killing a dragon ten times the size of a Great Eagle, and covered in armor-scales!) The book The Hobbit confirms that eagles fear archers, because arrows can grievously wound them. Gwaihir, the Lord of the Eagles, nearly died from an arrow wound.

 And even if you don’t buy that a single normal arrow could kill an Eagle (which it could) remember that Mordor weapons are often poisoned (like the arrows that nearly killed Faramir) or cursed (like the Morgul Blades the Ringwraiths carry, or in the Hobbit-film-canon the “Morgul Shaft” arrow that almost kills Kili.)  And Mordor has catapults! 

“But we see the Eagles in the Battle of the Black Gate and they seem to hold their own against the Fell Beasts!” Yeah, but 1) most of Sauron’s ground troops are occupied with fighting Gondor’s army– so there are no archers to shoot the eagles. 2) Sure, the Eagles can fight the Fell Beasts…..but would they be able to do it while people are balancing on their backs????????? Watch that final battle scene again and imagine Frodo on one of the Eagle’s backs, flopping around trying to hold on as the Eagle does all those cool spiraling-sideways and upside-down moves. Frodo would fall off and die. Splat. The end. Roll credits. 

There’s also the fact that “the broil of poisonous fumes”  Sauron creates can’t be all that safe to fly in.

TL;DR: A flock of eagles isn’t discreet– they couldn’t sneak in. They’d be spotted from miles away. 

And a military tens of thousands strong excited to begin war, thousands of archers, skies full of poisonous fumes, the War-Bats referenced in the Hobbit (book and film) and at least nine horrific-dragon beasts…all the might of Mordor…would fall upon on the group at once.

Only one Eagle would need to die for the Fellowship’s mission to fail– Frodo’s. And with all Mordor attacking them, either it or Frodo certainly would. 

I leave you with this: