thousand plus notes

Tumblr’s reaction to tragedies:

Is entirely dependent on the location where the tragedy happens:

Africa: doesn’t get much attention. Usually gets between a thousand to five thousand notes. In rare cases where a celeb speaks out it may reach ten twenty thousand and in super rare cases hundred thousand notes

Australia:Gets a little more love. Usually five thousand plus notes but still generally not acknowledged much

Asia: Usually five to ten thousand mostly due to Asian tumblr itself

America: The ONLY tragedies that matter on this site. Regularly gets posts that have tens of thousands of notes, quite often even multile posts with hundred thousand notes +graphics,banners and the whole she bang. Even if it’s only one person that has died the US is what truly matters

Latin America: Usually ignored as well. Hovers around five thousand plus notes mostly due to latino tumblr

Europe: Pretty solid presence. Usually gets multiple posts with tens of thousands of notes but there is ALWAYS backlash from American tumblr. Americans hate the thought of Europe getting sympathy and they always launch several dozen posts with tens of thousands of notes about how European tragedies don’t matter, how there is a much more important tragedy somewhere else(even if it has to be invented like a fictional devastating earthquake in Japan) and in some cases even multiple big posts about how Europe deserved it. Americans don’t seem to realize that this is xenophobic,wrong and extremely insensitive even though they would be furious if someone treated their tragedies in this way