thousand cheers

BTS WINGS Concert - Chicago

i personally took this picture at the concert but wanted to share it with you all. it’s currently my lockscreen hehe <3 feel free to use this as well if you’d like!

things that make neil feel real:

  • dan’s facebook photo albums
  • being spun around until he’s dizzy whenever he sees matt
  • having to clean up cat litter :(
  • the fond hair ruffle wymack gives him when he comes to visit palmetto
  • that one time all of the foxes managed to get together for a reunion (and the repeat cuddle pile that followed)
  • allison’s vague tweets that are very obviously about his friends
  • team game night (also known as neil trying not to nod off in the corner but loving the time spent with his family anyways)
  • articles about how far the foxes have come
  • stadiums filled with thousands of exy fans cheering him and his team on
  • being part of kevin’s acceptance speech as he’s inducted into the hall of fame
  • being able to sign his name on official documents
  • drinking pricey fruit smoothies (and pretending not to notice whenever andrew steals a sip)
  • having a ring full of keys that he actually uses and a ring full of keys that he can’t bring himself to give up
  • waking up in the morning and feeling like he’s home

things that andrew finds himself living for:

  • weekly skype calls with nicky
  • an amazon account that’s used to send impulse buys to the other minyards (including but not limited to: chemistry cat sweatshirts, a kevin day limited edition operation game, a recipe book of various chocolate desserts)
  • letters from renee, written in her barely-legible handwriting and usually covered with animal stickers
  • hot chocolate and phone calls with bee
  • robin slowly upping her stats and the way she’d excitedly call to tell him (as if he’s the one who actually cares)
  • the occasional opportunity to blackmail kevin into letting him skip court practices using embarrassing photos from their college days
  • making the team’s nutritionist cry
  • volunteer charities that work to help kids stuck in the foster care system/abusive households
  • the hilarious expressions of surprise on the foxes’ faces when they see him take care of his nieces at their reunion
  • the tea place a few streets down that trade him pictures of his and neil’s cats doing dumb things with whatever desserts they have left over
  • waking up in the morning and feeling like he’s home

Last night someone gave Billie Joe Armstrong a big Bi flag to wear onstage.

It looked like the exact same flag I have hanging in my room. He wrapped it around his shoulders, sang a line or two, and then handed it back into the crowd.
Now, at first, I thought it was just a rainbow pride flag. I had seen a few pictures online of Billie wearing those at concerts and I was like “Fuck yeah!!!”
But then he turned just a little and I saw, no, that’s not a rainbow flag…that’s the pink, purple, blue of the Bi flag. The colors of the flag hanging in my room.
And my throat closed up. And my eyes welled up. And y'all, I swear I screamed the loudest scream ever in that moment.
That was me. That was my flag, on stage, in front of thousands of people. With people just like me screaming with just as much joy to see a Bi man on stage wearing a Bi flag.

I didn’t expect to be so emotional but I was. It wasnt a long moment in time. Barely a line or two. But I’ll always remember that moment where Billie wore a Bi flag in the middle of a concert and thousands of people cheered.


Imagine starts at 55 seconds.

And thank you so much for 1000+ notes!

“You guys having fun?”

The thousands of cheers from around the sold out stadium echoes through the cool night, every single one directed towards Justin. It’s kind of crazy to think about it - that people literally spend hundreds of dollars just to see him from what probably is a shitty seat at the back of an arena, but at the same time its flattering, and by now I bet his rather used to it.

“I don’t know if you guys heard me, Are you guys having fun tonight?!” He repeats into the mic, fiddling with the gold chain bracelet around his hand.

Once again the stadium filled with screams and cheers from the beliebers, this time twice as loud. I watch as Justin let his eyes drift over to the side of the arena, and decides to yell “Top row, you guys having up there?!” And they continue to cheer.

Then the other side, “What about this side, you guys having fun up there?!”

A small smile fell onto his face as he leans back and removes the gum from his mouth muttering, “Alright, as long as were having fun. Just livin’ the moment.”

Then continues to move forward and lightly strum the first notes to Cold Water. A second later his hand moves back to his mouth, placing the gum he removed earlier back inside. I can’t help but roll my eyes at my boyfriends indecisiveness. Once more he continues to strum the guitar before for the third time, removing his hand and looking down onto the chain.

“This damn bracelet is annoying.”

Suddenly moving his wrist towards the guitar and using his bracelet to tap the strings while saying, “You see all this noise, I don’t like that noise. It sounds wrong. I’m not diggin’ it.”

I can’t help but smile. Its so cute when he just speaks his mind, and I can tell the crowd feels the same since I do notice a few people chuckling up the front.

Turning towards the wings of the stage, where Scooter, I and the backstage crew are all standing, he jokingly adds, “See Y/N this is your fault - Giving me this bracelet.”

After fumbling around with it for a while trying to remove it, he grumbles “Stupid bitch.” Under his breath, causing not only me but the crowd to laugh. “One second guys.” He announces.

While still attempting to take off the bracelet I bought him for our 3 year anniversary, he decides to make a witty joke, beginning it with, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

The crowd actually responded with a whole lot of “Why’s?” And justin immediately respondes with “He wanted to get to the other side.”

A small smile cracks his lips as the crowd chuckles at his terrible joke and even chose to acknowledge how dumb it was by adding, “That was stupid.” then adds “but it was funny.”

Finally giving up, his head shoots up to look around the crowd asking “Does someone wanna come help me get this off my wrist?”

Girls from the crowd shoot up and cheer immediately with there hands in the air. As for Justin who is still sitting and waiting for someone come to his rescue. Scooter waists no time in suddenly beginning to push on my back, motioning me forward.


“Go help him.” He demands with a smirk.

“What?!” My eyes trail down my body, instinctively cringing at my purpose sweatpants and staff hoodie I chose to wear. I looked terrible. “Nah-ah. No way.”

“Who cares about what your wearing, go help him!” He chuckles.

“I care! Plus I don’t wanna just walk out on stage! That’s scary.” I pout but scooter shows no remorse.

“Just go!” He puts his arms on my shoulders and pushes me out onto the stage. This time, I can’t turn back because by the way every one in the crowd has heightened there screams, they’ve definitely seen me.

I sigh and mentally note ‘there no turning back now’ before jogging forward over to the seat Justin was seated on by the edge. Justin’s eyes trail around the stage, looking for the reason the screams in the crowd have increased, and once seeing me making my way over, smiles and extends a hand for me to grab.

I don’t hesitate to reach for his gesture and quickly dash over to remove this bracelet as fast as I can so I can get off the stage as soon as possible. At first, Justin is no help at all. Instead, he begins rubbing my arm and trying to get me to sit and stay next to him. “Justin, stop fidgeting.” I laugh.

Justin shrugs his shoulders as if not having any idea what I was talking about before settling and begins cooperating with the process. This bracelet is so damn stubborn! But after some pull and tug, Justin says, “Pull it from this side.”

“Yeah, and you unclip it from over there.”

The crowd aw’s in affection at our teamwork.

As we work together and finally get the bracelet removed, I jump up in achievement and grab a hold of the bracelet myself. As I’m about to make my way back off stage, Justin grabs my arm and pulls me back pouting. “Stay.”

I chuckle nervously and take a glance at the screaming crowd in anticipation, finally turning back to Justin to shake my head.

“Oh c'mon!” He encourages, grabbing my hip and pulling me towards him. I fall onto the seat beside him, my back pressed against his side while his arm rest around my waist. “Have a little fun. I’ll sing you a nice sooong.” He coo’s as if I was a child. “give you a little kiiiss. We can cuddllle.”

“Shut up.” I chuckle to which Justin smiles.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Meanwhile, the crowd has hit the fan, their cheers going wild in a frenzy of excitement. Justin places his arm around my shoulders while using his hand to hold the right notes on the guitar neck. His other hand strumming lightly at the body.

After commenting about how terribly the guitar is tuned, he finally begins singing Cold water in a soft, melodic tone.

“Everybody gets high sometimes you know…What else can we do when were feelin’ low? - C'mon sing it with me baby!”

I chuckle at his enthusiasm and decide to not ruin the song and just keep my mouth shut, but frozen with a smile.

“So I wanna lay with you told I’m old!” He sang, causing my to furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

“Baby you sang it wrong.” I whispered into his side.

Still strumming the guitar, he looks over at me “Really? I did? Well then how does it go?”

“It goes, ’What else can we do when were feelin’ low? So take a deep breath and let it go -…” I quickly sing as Justin smirks.

I hadn’t realised that justin had actually moved the mic towards me, causing my voice to echo throughout the entire arena, the crowd cheering like crazy in the background while Justin smirked menacingly.

“Hey!” I pouted. “You stuffed the lyrics on purpose!”

“How’d you know?” He chuckled sarcastically. “Well, since you started it you gotta finish. C'mon baby lets go!”

Harry Potter Preferences - Part 7: Valentine’s Day

Draco: You would basically already wake up under a pile of presents. It’s not that Draco wouldn’t spoil you anyways, but on days like this he would go *slightly* over the top. Jewelry, flowers, chocolate and dinner at a fancy restaurant. You would’ve tried to tell him that this wasn’t necessary, but you knew he only ment good, wanting to show you that you deserve everything this world has to offer.

Sirius: Since he wouldn’t be that much into cheesy traditions, Sirius soon developed his own way to make this day special for the both of you. Every year he’d take you on a road trip, never telling you where you’d be going this year, but it would always be some kind of place that you wanted to visit for quite some time now.

Remus: Considering that Remus already had a thing for chocolate, you were the one that decided to visit a chocolate factory that offered guided tours. You loved the look on his face when his expression changed from surprise over confusion to basically sugar sweet excitement.

Neville: With Neville you would practically drown in flowers. He would not only give them to you as soon as you woke up, but it also became a tadition for the two of you to visit the zoo. It might seem childish to some people, but years ago you thought it would be a funny idea since both of you loved animals, which is why you just stuck to it.

Cedric: Both of you would enjoy classic, more simple activities that would allow you to focus on each other. Which is why Cedric would take you to a cozy little restaurant, with some prive space to dance afterwards. You two would spend the whole night talking, dancing and in the end just curling against each other when you arrived back home, not really needing a special day to show the other one how much you love them.

Fred: Fred would take you to a Quidditch game every year. Both of you were huge Quidditch fans and visiting those games on special occasions would remind both of you of the day you met. You would grab something to eat as well, but the bigger part of the evening would be spent laughing and cheering with thousands of other people.

George: Cheesy romance wouldn’t really fit with the two of you, which is why you developed a rather unconventional Valentie’s Day tadition. Every year the two of you would go to an ‘Escape Room’. Getting locked somewhere and having to solve all kinds of riddles to get out wouldn’t only be fun for both of you, it would also once again show what a great team you guys are.

Harry: Neither of you would really enjoy going out on Valentine’s Day, because the thing you enjoyed most would be each others company. This is why you would usually stay inside, cook together and afterwards some cuddling in front of the fire place.

February/March fic rec!

I suck, I know. I’m late. This is ridiculously short. 

(ok, it’s not short now, but it was before I added in some fics that are gathering dust in my inbox to be read. There’s more fics I haven’t read in this rec than the opposite. oops.)

The Morning After the Night Before (4K): Harry and Louis have more or less grown up together, even now as adults it’s tradition for their families to spend a few weeks in the summer at a beach house together. Problem One: Louis has been in love with Harry forever. Problem Two: It wont stop raining.

I Slam Therefore I Am (4K): Louis and Harry are both creative souls but they aren’t friends, not by a long shot. This is the Rival Slam Poets AU that no one asked for.

I Found A Love (4K): Or the one where Louis is a nerdy English major who may just run into his happily ever after while working his shift at the local library.

Come and Kiss Me Like the First Time (5K): Louis meets Harry at his sister’s wedding.

just the sound of your voice (6k): It’s just. Harry’s so fucking quiet during sex and now Louis’ obsession with it is…it’s incessant. Louis questions it day and night, the enigma of it buzzing around his head like an annoying mosquito — all of the reasons why he’s so quiet consuming every one of his waking thoughts. Like, maybe he turns into an alien during sex if he’s not really careful? So he has to concentrate so hard on not turning into another creature he’s effectively struck mute from it. Or maybe…maybe he’s like one of those people who’s into tantric sex, like Sting or a throwback from the 1960s? And when he’s about to orgasm he travels to another plane of existence or something.

Twelfth Night (6k): Queen Anne holds a masquerade ball to try and find matches for both her children on Twelfth Night. While anonymity reigns, Prince Harry spends the ball getting to know a handsome stranger. 

‘Til I Tasted You (15K): Louis is Harry Styles’ biggest fan. It doesn’t matter that Harry is famous for being a food blogger and Louis can’t cook to save his life. At least, until Harry offers to give Louis a cooking lesson. Then it matters just a teensy bit.

Carried Away Like Butterflies (17K): It was probably a huge mistake for Louis to let his former One Night Stand move into his spare room, especially when said One Night Stand doesn’t seem to remember him.

Then We Talk Slow (20K): A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets.

Dance Like Warriors On A Battlefield (20K): Down in the arena, the triumphant gladiator places his foot on the back of the loser, holding him there as he waits for instruction on his next move. Kill or let live. It’s barbaric, really, the bloodlust involved in this sport. Louis is pretty sure that if it wasn’t for his distaste for the killing there would be a lot more blood soaking that sand. As it is, his father rarely gives the kill order anymore. He gives the order to let the loser live. Louis rolls his eyes, turning away. He doesn’t miss the way the gladiator’s eyes linger on him.

Like Candy In My Veins (31K): Basically the A/B/O, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Christmas AU that nobody asked for.

All the Right Moves (32K): This is the third game in a row that Harry has been distracted by the noisy boy in the stands, five rows back. There’s really no reason that he should feel compelled to stare into the audience as frequently as he is, but he can’t help it. This boy is a nuisance. And he’s loud. Even from basketball court with nine other players running by him, shoes squeaking on the shiny hardwood floor, and thousands of cheering college students, Harry can hear this boy nearly shrieking, his laugh more like a cackle than anything.

The Reason Is You (37K): Louis is running out of time to find a summer job. His best friend offers him one that promises early mornings, late nights, long hours, and the best people he’ll ever meet. Lucky for Louis, one of those people is Harry Styles.

tangled up in you (45K): There’s still a big grin on his face, though, when he says, “I got you a professional cuddler.”

Safe and Sound (You’ll Always Be) (58K): When a failed case and a guilty conscience leaves Harry more than a little lost, his boss presents him with a new, less taxing assignment to help him cope. An escape from all the madness is just what Harry needs to get his life back on track. It’s just too bad his new client has a grin like the devil, a pair of electric eyes that Harry simply can’t get over, and no intention whatsoever of letting him catch a break.

Feels Like Coming Home (60K): The last thing Harry Styles expects when he’s hanging out at the Someday Cafe in Somerville one rainy October day is for his ex, Louis Tomlinson to walk through the door, but that’s exactly what happens. After a spectacularly ugly break-up three years prior, Harry hasn’t heard one word from Louis, and he’s moved on. Gotten over him. But having Louis back in his life, not to mention working at the restaurant where he’s a chef, isn’t easy, and the feelings that Harry thought he’d left turn out to be not so easily forgotten.

When We Were Younger (76K): Sixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.

Perfect Storm (80K): What do you do when your best friend asks you and your (now) ex to be the best men at his destination wedding? You can either tell him the truth, tell him you’re not together anymore, and deal with the consequences, or you can pretend you’re still together and roll with it, just pray you don’t spiral. Fake it ‘til you make it. You know, for the sake of the wedding. Harry and Louis choose the latter.

Dress you up in my love (103K): Harry is single, and more than anything wants to find love. Agreeing to sign up to a dating website was a bad, bad idea. Niall’s bad, bad idea. Louis is single, but has no interest in relationships. Or so he tells himself. 

Harry is a lawyer whose boss, Nick, happens to give him a bonus, which he decides to splurge on a new work wardrobe. Louis is a frustrated designer, working as a personal shopper at Selfridges. Louis happens to be working on the day a very beautiful, but out of his depth, new customer ambles into their department in need of advice. Louis might have just found the muse he never knew he was looking for.

We Are Only Just Beginning (129K): In the dim light of a dorm kitchen, Harry Styles meets a boy who flips his life upside down. Three years later, he’s a senior in college, ready to take on the world with the love of his life by his side. And then Louis Tomlinson admits he doesn’t know what he wants to do after college after all, and Harry’s world flips again, this time not so pleasantly. He can’t imagine his life without Louis, but he’s starting to worry he might have to.

Title: All the Right Moves | now with chapter two
Author: cherrystreet
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Where: ao3
Word Count: 32k
Rating: Explicit
Status: Complete
Summary: This is the third game in a row that Harry has been distracted by the noisy boy in the stands, five rows back. There’s really no reason that he should feel compelled to stare into the audience as frequently as he is, but he can’t help it. This boy is a nuisance. And he’s loud. Even from basketball court with nine other players running by him, shoes squeaking on the shiny hardwood floor, and thousands of cheering college students, Harry can hear this boy nearly shrieking, his laugh more like a cackle than anything. It’s seriously obnoxious.

Four Times They Almost Kissed and The One Time They Did- Lin X Reader

You grabbed a glass of champagne, seeing that all of your friends were socializing with other people and you looked around, trying to spot a place to go outside since it was getting stuffy in the room. You saw a glass door which presumably led to a balcony and you made a beeline there and you opened the door and slipped outside.

The cold air hit you all at once and you set your glass down to the right of the door before you crossed your arms, trying to keep all of the warmth. You picked your glass back up, realizing that there was really no point in trying to keep warm.

You walked further away from the door that led inside and you made your way close to the edge.

You looked around, amazed at the view you had- you could almost see the ball in Times Square. Although it was cold outside, you reasoned with yourself that getting this view was worth freezing for. You felt someone nudge your arm and you turned around, seeing Lin. You smiled a bit.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” He asked you, no longer looking at you but at Times Square and all of the buildings. Your features softened when seeing the look of adoration he had when looking at the city.

“Yes, it’s beautiful.” You told him and he nodded. He turned to look at you again and he shrugged off his suit jacket and offered it to you.

“You look cold.” He said sheepishly and you took the jacket cautiously.

“Are you sure? What if you get cold?”

“I’ll go back inside.”

“Touché.” You slipped the jacket on, noticing immediately how it smelled like Lin.

Yeah, he was never getting this back.

You guys heard a cheer from the huge crowd at Times Square.
“I guess it’s the new year.” He said quietly and he turned towards you, beginning to close the distance. You moved forward as well.
“Hey Lin, we’re starting some karaoke, wanna join?” Someone from inside yelled and he pulled away before he could kiss you.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He smiled and he looked at you. “I’ll see you later?”

“I think I am going to go home. I am really tired.” You lied and he put his hands in his pockets.

“Do you need a ride?”

“I can just get a cab but thank you.”

“It’s no problem- text me when you get home, okay?” He asked. You smiled and nodded.

“Sure, and Lin?”


“Happy New Year.” You raised your glass of champagne.

“Happy New Year- to us.” He replied, returning the toast.

“Yeah. To us.”

“Happy birthday Lin!” You yelled, your voice drowned out by all of the others who were giving him birthday wishes as well. His smile grew as he looked at everyone who was here and he started greeting everyone and talking. Everyone was already ordering rounds and Lin made his way over to you, practically bouncing from all of the energy and from how excited he was.

You felt yourself begin to smile as well, Lin’s smile being contagious.

“I’m glad that you are here!” He said and your smile grew.

“I’m glad you showed up to your party.” You replied and he laughed.

“I went to the wrong bar two times before I came here.”

“You made it and that’s what matters.”

“Yup- anyway, if I were to say do karaoke, would you join me?”

“What song because I don’t think I’ve listened to any normal music in ten years.”

“Your choice.”


He smiled to himself and then he looked back at you. “Let’s do it.”
You both got on stage and he looked at you and smiled reassuringly.

“So I got you a present, I went downtown to get it, are you doing anything tonight?”

The song went on as usual.

The part in the musical where Vanessa and Usnavi kiss came up and you both took a step forward.

“I wish I was mad- I’m just too late.” You concluded and you both just stared at each other, not knowing what to do. Everyone applauded loudly and cheered and you put the microphone back on the stand, quickly going back into the crowd.

“Take that back!” You yelled and Lin looked at you, amused.

“I stand by what I said.” He replied and you groaned out of frustration

“Groundhogs day is the best holiday ever and I will fight you.”

“Why is it the best holiday?”

“I don’t know but it is, okay? We have an entire day dedicated to whether a groundhog sees his shadow or not and I think that is great.”

“I mean it’s either six weeks until spring or six more weeks of winter and it means the exact same thing?”

“You can fight me.”

“No, I don’t want to fight you. I’m just saying that groundhogs day is pointless.”

“And I’m just saying that you can fight me.”

“I much rather kiss you.”


“Forget I said anything.”

“No. You said-”

“That groundhogs day is pointless.” He finished, turning a light shade of red.

“No after that.”

“That I much rather kiss you than fight you?”

“So why don’t you?” You asked and he froze before he leaned in close to you.

“Groundhog’s day is pointless.” He whispered before pulling away. You rolled your eyes, glaring at him slightly.

“You are such a tease, I can’t believe it.”

“So you’re saying you wanted me to kiss you?” He asked and you shook your head, maybe a bit too quickly.

“Forget I said anything.” You answered.

“This is the best Valentine’s Day ever.” You announced and he shook his head, smiling.

“We are laying in my bed and watching cartoons.”

“Like I said, best Valentine’s Day ever.” You smiled and you put your head on his chest and stared up at the TV, aware that he was now resting his chin on your head.

“And here I was thinking that it was just because you were spending it with me.”

“Well that’s partly true. And it’s also because you’re letting me wear your hoodies.”

“Am I ever going to get those hoodies back?”


“I’ll take that as a yes because you finally gave me my suit jacket back today.”

“Well your hoodies are really comfortable so I wouldn’t get your hopes up.” You told him and you closed your eyes.

“I don’t think I’ve told you but you’re beautiful.” He said gently and you opened your eyes quickly.

“I don’t think I’ve told you but you’re the corniest person I know.”

“No, corny would be looking at someone while I ask if the view is amazing and you reply yes and you are talking about them.”
“Seems oddly specific.”

“New Year’s Eve.”

“For the record I was talking about the city as well, I just happened to be looking at you.”

“Sure.” He teased and you rolled my eyes.

We watched the cartoons in silence for a bit before you turned over, facing him. He looked at you, a gentle smile on his face and he sat up. You sat up as well and he leaned over the bed, about to kiss you before the doorbell rang and he swore under his breath in Spanish.

“That’s probably the food.”

“I’ll get it.” You offered and you slid off the bed and quickly made your way out of the room.


“We only have thirty minutes before the first song- you should probably grab your seat.” Lin said, looking a bit nervous. You smiled and grabbed his hand.

“Hey, you can do it. You’re gonna blow everyone away.” You told him and he smiled a bit.

“You really think so?”

“Lin I’ve been spending so much time at your apartment to make sure that you get sleep and I’ve heard you sing all of the songs. I know you can do this.” You reminded him.

“Right, right.”

“Lin look at me.” You said and he looked at you, a mixture of panic and excitement on his face. “I believe in you. Your cast mates believe in you.”

“I know I know I just… what if I-”

You pressed your lips to his and he stopped talking instantly, relaxing and kissing you back.

“Finally.” You heard someone say and you jumped away and looked over to see Chris with his arms crossed and smiling. “I have been waiting for you guys to do that since you first met each other.”
Your face turned red and Lin’s face turned red as well.

“Good luck.” You whispered and Lin smiled brightly.

“I knew that you were the more cliché one.”

“Oh c'mon how was that cliché at all?” You argued and he laughed quietly.

“Shutting me up by kissing me? Cliché. I’ll see you after the show.” He giggled and you nodded. He stole one last glance at you before you exited the backstage area, walking around to the main entrance and you got into your seat right as the show started. The first song started and when Lin entered center stage, you felt excitement rise in you.

“Alexander Hamilton.” He sang, followed by thousands of people cheering. He looked around the audience before finding your eyes. “My name is Alexander Hamilton. And there’s a million things I haven’t done but just you wait. Just you wait.”

anonymous asked:

rfa+ Saeran going to pride for the first time with with MC?

A/N: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH MY GUYS! THOUGH IT’S ALMOST OVER? (For where I live anyway, pride month is June! I heard some places celebrate in May??) I STILL WANTED TO TRY AND GET THIS OUT BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH AAA ~Admin 404


               -You didn’t even tell him what this parade was for

               -All you said was “Do you want to go to a parade with me”

               -And he was THERE

               -Parade? FUCK YEAH! Loves him some parades

               -Fried food, bright colours, fun booths, cute floats? Yes yes yes!

               -You decided to just wait until you brought him to tell him what the parade was actually for

               -Though when the two of you got there, and he noticed literally everything was rainbow, he kind of pieced two and two together…


               -Was actually really honoured that you wanted to go to something like this with him?? Like you’re loud and proud about your relationship and that makes him giggle

               -Seeing all of the insane outfits was definitely fun for him!


               -“MC… we… we don’t have to be naked or anything for this.. right?” No baby it’s okay


               -I know I said as red as could be, but that’s because you didn’t think he could get any redder. But oh, were you mistaken

               -He turned almost glowing red when he watched you just shoving the condoms in your pockets

               -“I’m not gonna just waste these, Yoosung, that’s rude” OH MY GOD MC DON’T TALK LIKE THAT OUT LOUD

               -Was disappointed that he didn’t get to dress up or anything like that so you found a group of nice people with some body paint and asked if they could do something for him!

               -Cutie walked around with a completely rainbow painted face (yours matching) and could not stop taking pictures

               -10/10 sent any and all photos to the group chat, always talking about how much he loved you and this parade!

*ZEN: Male!MC

               -“MC! It’s the pride parade!”

               -Oh no

               -You’d love to go with him, of course!

               -Your relationship is…. well it’s absolutely perfect to the two of you but there are still those who question it

               -His fans are practically split in half between completely idolizing your relationship, and the other half just wanted Zen for themselves

               -So you were pretty afraid to attend pride like that, so out in the open, so…exposed

               -But he was a-okay with it

               -He didn’t care what others have to say about the two of you???

               -Once the two of you actually got there though, it was a m a z i n g

               -People would recognize Zen left and right and they would be so excited that he even showed up!

               -But when they saw the two of you holding hands, they practically exploded (in a good way)

               -THEY WERE SO ECSTATIC!

               -Their favourite actor is part of the LBGT+ community and they are HYPED

               -People are coming up frequently to congratulate the two of you on your beautiful relationship

               -He even sang a few love songs up on a few stages, loving as the crowds went wild!

               -The one thing he couldn’t stand though, was all the hateful protesting

               -He tried to ignore it at first but as the day went on he couldn’t stop himself from walking over and yell back at them

               -To prove a point, he pulled you into a deep kiss- eliciting hundreds if not thousands of whistles and cheers from the crowd at the parade

               -You had to physically hold him back from fighting one protester though

*JAEHEE: Female!MC

               -“Jaehee! The pride parade’s coming up! We should go!”

               -P A N I C

               -She loves you and most definitely isn’t afraid to tell you that, but…

               -She is afraid of others hating her for it? She really dislikes confrontation

               -But you assure her that it’s a completely safe space! It’s full of allies and others celebrating same sex love!

               -Agrees to go along, and even dresses up to match you

               -The two of you have adorable shirts with unicorns on it that says “Squad goals”!

               -Embarrassed because she doesn’t use slang like that but the two of you just looked so cute!

               -And honestly? Seeing all of the happy couples expressing their love, the loud and proud people just enjoying their time, thousands of colours and confetti everywhere; she’s in love

               -Like?? It’s a place?? In public??? Where she can kiss you all she wants??

               -She does every now and then but she’s still embarrassed the poor bby

               -L o v e s the booths!

               -Thinks it’s important to support those in the LGBT+ community who create works of art!

               -Honestly bought like 20 pounds in books solely because they look amazing and are by up and coming LBGT+ writers (not to mention they all promised part of the proceeds go to charities!)

               -She’s part of the RFA she feels it’s like an unspoken duty of hers to do anything related to charities


               -Lowkey wants to set up a booth next year for your coffee shop

               -“It’s a good business investment, MC” “You just want to come to pride again next year, you don’t have to lie” “A GOOD! BUSINESS! INVESTMENT!”


               - ah yes

               - jumin han does gay

               - im soRRY I COULDNT RESIST

               -He was kind of against going to this parade

               -Not because it was for pride or anything but because he was just iffy about all the people

               -Does he really want to go and be surrounded by thousands of people, all of them bumping against him??

               -Well one look into your puppy dog eyes and the answer was yes, yes he did

               -You had to convince him to leave (most) of the body guards at home

               -There were a few that followed a moderate amount of distance behind but you caught them lowkey fawning over the two of you when he would give you a quick kiss on the nose or squeeze your hand

               -Honestly a few other couples would stop the two of you and tell you how cute the two of you were??

               -It would get Jumin so flustered and you were SO THANKFUL because wow look at my cutie he’s adorable

               -If any protesters even thought about something rude to you the bodyguards were there in an instant

               -You dragged Jumin along with you as you looked at each and every booth, placing the beaded necklaces they gave out around his neck

               -The funny part is, he just let you?? Like okay MC

               -At one point the necklaces stacked so high that you couldn’t see anything lower than his eyes

               -He didn’t want to disappoint you by taking them off so he left them until you noticed and laughed your ass off

               -Definitely took pictures before you distributed most of the necklaces among the two of you and the body guards

               -“MC, do you think Elizabeth would enjoy this rainbow collar?” “Juju that’s not for cats” “….Would you enjoy this collar?” JUMIN NOT IN PUBLIC

               -He saw some… interesting outfits, to say the least

               -“Commoners are very… odd, aren’t they?” that’s rude

               -Saw someone walking their partner on a leash

               -The moment you saw him side-eye you, you jabbed him in the ribs with your elbow, eliciting a slight grunt from him

               -“Don’t even think about it pretty boy”

               -To get back at him for even thinking about walking you on a leash, you poured a ton of glitter over his head while he was looking at some merchandise

               -Actually chased you through the large crowd, picking you up and spinning you before kissing you gently once he caught you

               -People cheered because wow look y'all are so cute together


               -You wanted to go in support of your friends!

               -But more than anything, you wanted to go and support your boyfriend!

               -He was pretty against going at first, because he was afraid of what people would think about him

               -It’s not like he advertises that he’s pansexual, so what would his friends think? Would they change their opinions of him?

               -“Saeyoung, you just love whoever you love, it’s not as if gender truly matters, right? So why would our friends be against who you are as a person?”

               -That’s what got him thinking- you completely support him… so why wouldn’t his friends be supportive?

               -After all, they are supportive of all his gender-swapped costumes….

               -You reminded him that he didn’t have to come out if he didn’t want to. A lot of people who are simply just Allies attend as well, no one would know how he fit into the community unless he told them

               -He had seen pictures of a few parades before, and he noticed all the insane costumes people wear

               -So of course?? He had to go all out?? If he had to go, he might as well, right?

               -Completely decked out in rainbow body glitter, boxers with hearts all over them, and you even helped him put temporary hair dye to make it rainbow!

               -Honestly he was in love the moment the two of you showed up??

               -So many people dressed up insanely without a care in the world, bright colours flying everywhere, people being loud and proud

               -His jaw honestly dropped at the sight of it all

               - Every time he saw a dog wearing a rainbow bandana he’s smacking your arm- you have bruises by the end of the day

               -He’s yelling, singing, laughing, and you haven’t seen him have this much fun in a while and you were absolutely loving watching him enjoy himself

               -“MC! Look! Look at how proud everyone is to just be themselves, isn’t it amazing?” he held your hands and looked down at them, “I wish I had the confidence to be like them. I don’t even know where to start!”

               -“Just do whatever makes you comfortable and go at your own pace! Hey, you’re in a parade full of strangers you probably won’t see again, why don’t you come out to someone? No one here is going to judge you!’

               -So he did! Actually, he did quite a few times! And he felt a m a z i n g

               -So good in fact, that he told you he was ready to tell his friends!

               -He spent the rest of his day at pride asking people how about their experiences with coming out, getting tips about the best way to do it, and getting nonstop support from tons of people! He felt so at home, the next week or so he was clinging to you, never knowing how to fully thank you

*V: Female!MC

               -THIS BOY LOVES LOVE

               -Any and all love is beautiful for him

               -So he’s super duper excited when you suggest going to pride!

               -SUPER ALLIES, MC AND JIHYUN!

               -Honestly, all of the happy people, bright colours, glitter, and especially all of the couples obviously in love make him S O E C S T A T I C

               -He brings a backpack full of brand new SD cards for his camera, and he 10/10 believes he’s gonna fill them all

               -He asks people in the most outgoing outfits if he can take their photo, and he giggles at all of the poses they do

               -Up close and personal to all of the floats to get pictures of every single detail

               -When he sees couples getting cozy, he asks to take photos to celebrate their love!

               - v that can get a lil creepy

               -Always offers to take a photo on their phone for them as well so he seems less crazy

               -He’s pretty sassy when he wants to be, if you didn’t already know

               -So when he sees protesters with such hateful signs, he takes it upon himself to fight back

               -He finds someone with extra signs and holds them up proudly!

               -When people shout out hateful things, he gently asks them why they think that

               -Always talking to them soft and gentle, which confuses the hell out of all of them because?? They’re trying to be hateful?? But this soft giant is talking to them so nicely???


               -It’s such a large difference in demeanor and even you’re thrown off guard

*SAERAN: Female!MC

               -He’s actually the one who asked you to go to pride with him??

               -In private, he told you that he might… have wanted to attend… to show support for his brother?

               -He’s really bad at showing he cares but he’s trying to do it bits at a time

               -But when Saeyoung brings it up he acts like he’s against it

               -“Why the fuck would I want to go to that, there’s going to be so many people there, I don’t want that”

               - but goes anyway

               -He didn’t want to really want to dress up, but you convinced him to at least let you paint a small rainbow flag on his cheek (though it did take several days to do the convincing)

               -He was really grumpy at first, being dragged to and fro either by you or his brother

               -Having to squeeze through half naked, loud, or already morning-drunk people

               -Started to really regret attending until he saw how much fun his brother was having?

               -He had never seen Saeyoung this relaxed in his life and he silently decided he could put up with all of it for him, just this once

               -The two of you enjoyed visiting all of the booths though

               -At every booth, you get a  couple of bead necklaces

               -Saeran put them all on. All of them. All of his, all of yours, all of Saeyoungs.

               -Completely covered in bead necklaces, and he l o v e s i t

               -If you ask for some to wear you just get this look from him- not a glare, but a kind of look that screams “don’t even think about it”

               -He also demanded ice cream as much as possible

               -You tried so hard to cut him off but he just didn’t. stop.

               -Saeran pls there are 47 ice cream wrappers in my pocket p l e a s e


In A Crowd of Thousands (kylux fluff)

This is self-indulgent trash of the highest caliber and I’ve been listening to way too much Anastasia. For @quiet-as-shadow.

Hux recalls the time he met Ben Solo, unaware that Kylo remembers it too.

“I saw him once, you know.” Hux says. “General Solo, hero of the rebellion.”

Kylo doesn’t move. It takes all of his strength not to move. Of all the things he does not want to discuss now, the death of Han Solo is far and beyond at the top of the list.

Hux’s bedroom is quiet, a relief from the medical ward, crowded with those evacuated from Starkiller. Hux has allowed him here, to curl up on his side on the bed and rest, in the name of whatever malformed sort of affection there was between them. He reminds himself that Hux doesn’t know- couldn’t ever know- and if he just lays there maybe Hux will think he’s gone to sleep.

“We were on Chandrila. My father had brought me along on some business arrangement. I think he wanted me to see what it was like,” Hux says. His fingers card through Kylo’s hair. Kylo isn’t sure if he realizes he’s doing it. “I had never been anywhere so extravagant.”

“I’ve been there.” His voice is rough from screaming.

“I hadn’t been planetside in years then. Just seeing it from the air was too much. There was nothing half so big or so impressive in the unknown regions back then. A city that stretched on for miles, and then the ocean in the distance- I couldn’t imagine how people lived there.” He stops. Changes tack. “I was supposed to stay in the hotel while father met with his contact, but there was some commotion on the street just below and I thought-” he says, chagrined with himself “Well, I thought it might be a riot or something. We had those, back home, especially during the food shortages. I was afraid of being trapped inside if they decided to firebomb the place, so I sneaked out the back. There were so many people on the street. Thousands. I couldn’t figure out why they were all so excited. Then I realized it was a parade.”

“You’d never seen one before?”

“We didn’t have anything to celebrate.”

Kylo grunts to show that he’s heard. “You said you saw-” he cannot quite get the name out, not yet.

“What? Oh, yes. He was in the parade, looking bored on a hover twice the size of any I’d ever seen, while the crowd screamed for them. All the noble heroes of the battle of Endor.”

“It was Endor Day,” Kylo realizes. He remembers those parades, distantly, through the veil of another life. A hot, cloudless summer day and a cheering crowd.

“Yes,” Hux says. “I didn’t realize it at the time or I wouldn’t have-” he stops, shutting his mouth.

“Wouldn’t what?”

“I suppose I got rather into the spirit of things. I was twelve. It was warm and there was music, and everyone was so excited. Someone gave me a free iced chocolate. It was the best thing I’d ever tasted.”

He can feel that day encapsulated in Hux’s memories. A perfect bubble of warmth and joy, locked away. The hand in his hair pauses.

“I got it into my head somehow that it was Solo and his family who were responsible for all of it, which- I suppose they were.” Hux snorts, a rush of air that ruffles Kylo’s hair. “ So I tried to go and thank them. Go ahead and laugh if you like.”

“I’m not,” his mouth is dry, “laughing. What happened then?”

Hux hesitates, and he wonders for a moment if his curiosity is suspect. Then, trying to mask his embarrassment with levity, Hux says, “I tried to run after them.”

- a boy pushing through the crowd - fighting his way through - the summer sunlight caught in his hair, making it gleam like copper - a voice cutting above the roar-

“I chased after them. I was shouting,” he says slowly, remembering. “Han Solo didn’t give a damn about one skinny little brat, why should he, but his son noticed me. He was- maybe a little younger than I was. I don’t recall. I’d seen him up there on the hover, sitting by his mother like a little prince. Straight backed and proud, waving at all the people. He was eating an iced chocolate just like I was, and getting it all over his shimmersilk suit, which must have cost more credits than I’d ever seen in my life. I remember being so jealous, thinking- what must it be like to get iced chocolate whenever you want? I wanted to be up there and have all of those people shouting my name. To have so much.”

“It wouldn’t be worth it,” Kylo mutters into his bent arm, quietly enough that he hopes Hux hasn’t heard him.


“Nothing,” he says. “What happened then?”

“I- well, I was shouting at them and he looked over at me and smiled. Nothing more. Then the sun was in my eyes and they were gone. It wasn’t,” he pauses and the hand in Kylo’s hair picks distractedly at a tangle, “It didn’t mean anything, but out of thousands of people cheering, he looked at me. It felt… good, I suppose. To be seen.”

“I wonder what became of him, sometimes,” Hux says. “That boy. “

For a long time, the only sound is the low hum of the climate control.

Finally, Kylo says, “I can tell it better.”


“You left out the best part.”

Hux scoffs, “By all means, Ren, if you know my own memories better than I do.”

Kylo turns over to lie on his back, stiff muscles dimly protesting the movement. He stares at the ceiling, seeing a cloudless sky instead. “It was hot. An awful day to be out under the sun. But everyone came to see the parade as it passed by. There were so many people, so much shouting and screaming. Then a boy caught everyone’s eye. He was tall and skinny like a weed, with red hair and a grey uniform jacket. There were guards protecting the procession, but he dodged in between them, ducking under their hands. Out of all those thousands of people, he made everyone see him.”

Kylo closes his eyes. If he closes them he can remember the feel of the sun on his neck and iced chocolate sticky on his hands, and a boy with red hair trying to catch his eye.

“He called out my name and I tried not to smile, but I couldn’t help it.  As the parade passed by I waved and he shouted thank you. He seemed so happy. His smile was so bright. And then just as the parade passed by… he bowed.”

Hux is quiet for a long moment, stiff beside him. “If I’d known you were just going to read my mind, I wouldn’t have told you.”

“I didn’t have to read your mind. I remember it too.”

“Ren?” He can feel Hux frowning beside him. Then the realization, itching over his skin. “…It was you.”

“Goodnight, Hux.”

Prince Charming (Brendan Gallagher)

Anonymous said:

I love your imagine. Oh my god ❤️❤️😂😂 could you make an imagine with anyone from the Habs? And basically they get into a fight that night and they don’t come out of it very good and they have to go to the hospital but since it was at their rink you were watching the game and it just becomes all fluffy? (If that makes sense. ❤️❤️❤️)

Word count: 2035

Originally posted by so-hockey-eh

Fights are a normal part of the NHL. You, as a hockey fan, like the fights a little more than the average person. Fights give teams that spark that they need to tie the game up. Enforcers are a vital part of the team; they boost the morale when the game just isn’t going that well. You carry a level of respect for the men that are able to go out on the ice and take a few punches for the good of the team.

However, when one of those men just happens to be your boyfriend, you’re a little less enthusiastic.

Brendan throws one hell of a punch, and he knows how to defend himself, but you still can’t help but to cringe whenever the gloves go flying off, or chide him as you hold an ice pack to his newest bruise. You know that you’re being a tad overprotective, but it’s not like anyone enjoys watching their boyfriend get beat up as thousands of people cheer him on.

Tonight’s game has been a scrappy one, that’s easy to see by the penalty minutes racked up and the dirty shoves between teams whenever there’s a stoppage in play. There’s already been a couple of fights, so you’re not all that surprised when Brendan and another player start yelling at each other, smirks plastered across their faces. You say a small prayer to anyone listening that Brendan doesn’t do anything stupid as you watch intently. Suddenly, Brendan’s eyes steel and his jaw clenches as his opponent insults him. Brendan drops his gloves and gestures as his new best friend does the same.

You gasp as Brendan immediately grabs a hold of the other player’s jersey and starts punching him, the crowd jumping to their feet around you and pounding on the glass, urging him off. His opponent suddenly gets a grip on Brendan and starts whaling on him, blood flying onto the ice now. Brendan, from the glimpses you catch, already has a black eye, a couple of cuts on his face and a bloody nose. Suddenly, the other player hits him on the side of his head. Hard. Brendan immediately goes down as you jump up, frantically watching him.

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mandamae84  asked:

Hi. I love the fics where Louis and Harry start out hating each other and have really hot hate sex but end up falling in love along the way. Do you have some recommendations? Thanks!

- You Drive Me Round The Bend In which Louis is a spoilt rich kid who’s always on the phone while he drives and Harry is a struggling musician making his way down the mountain. It’s just a matter of time before they crash and burn.(77k)

- Three French Hems : In which Louis is a designer at Burberry and Harry spends December wearing Lanvin… and Lanvin… and Lanvin. 19k 

- Reeling Through The Fall :They hate each other. Except for when they don’t.  40k.

- Up To No Good : Harry doesn’t think of himself as a womanizer, not at all. Sure, he enjoys sex, enjoys how women feel underneath him, and by some people’s standards he has sex with quite a lot of people, but that’s no reason to tell him that he can’t have a female PA anymore.It’s especially no excuse for giving him a male PA who’s possibly the most gorgeous boy in the world who won’t even let Harry look at him for too long.Sometimes Harry hates his life.   22k

- Search and Rescue Me : Louis never really paid attention to Harry until they get stuck in the locker room together. Larry High School AU (17k)

- Love Is A Rebellious Bird   : Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best.  Zayn and Liam are around too. (134k)

- Learning to breathe : He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.  (110k) .

- Our blood is boiling : “I can’t believe you’re making me this angry when it’s almost midnight and I’m not even drunk. You know what? I could take you down right here, right now—”“You’re red.” Harry interrupts, his lips curving up into a smug grin. “Am I making you red?”Louis purses his lips and absentmindedly brings a hand up to feel his cheek. It’s definitely warm. God, how can he even come back from this? [Louis meets indie singer Harry Styles, otherwise known as the bane of his existence, at a pub.] (6.5k)

UPDATE (much more fics under the cut)(last update on June 18th 2017)

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[ sasusaku month - day 2: something more ]

The second the buzzer went off, the gym was filled with thunderous screams and cheers. Thousands of smiles, thousands of cheers and thousands of students rushed the court and there stood Sasuke in the middle of it all. Naruto stood by his side, grinning ear to ear and chanting and screaming with them all.

“Konoha High! Reigning champs for six years straight!”

It was unbelievable that the team had won not only two years prior before they madethe varsity team, but all four years that they’d been playing basketball. Familiar face upon familiar face congratulated him and as he made his way towards the locker room, there was one face that he’d been itching to see – even from the very start of the game. 

They weren’t dating by any means, but they’d been best friends from the very start. Sakura Haruno had been to every single one of his games, whether they were at home or away, she always made time to come and cheer him on. Sasuke would never admit it, but it always eased his mind and soothed his nerves when he saw her familiar shade of pink hair sitting amongst the crowd with a smile plastered on her face. But tonight was different. 

Although the gym was humongous, he hadn’t spotted her once that night. His soot eyes scanned every single face in that gym more than once, and although that game was huge for him, he didn’t care; he needed her support more than ever that night. 

The locker room had already cleared once Sasuke made his way there. The lights were still on, and even the sweaty smell from his teammates still resided, but he didn’t mind. He ripped his jersey from his body and discarded it atop his bag, grabbed his towel and immediately plunged into the shower. 

Sasuke didn’t sing, or hum, ever. But during his shower that night, he began to hum and fill the lonely void in the locker room. Steam rose up from the scalding water, and once he finished scrubbing his scalp clean of all the sweat, and rinse his body of all the soap, he emerged from the shower.

The gym was now quiet, lights still on but most had been turned off. The adrenaline that pumped through his veins earlier had finally died down, but his thoughts of Sakura still remained.

“Whatcha humming?”

The girlish voice startled him. His hand immediately flew to the towel that hung around his waist and his eyes had grown wide. Standing at the door was Sakura, a simple smile painted on her pretty lips, with viridian eyes sparkling. “You did great tonight.” 

So she was there.

“What’re you doing in here?” Sasuke changed the subject almost immediately. He could feel the space between them close as Sakura stepped through the entryway and began to make her way towards him.

“You’ve been in here for about an hour now. I’m just checking on you. I do have a curfew,” she teased lightly before taking a seat on one of the benches. It amazed him to see how confident she was being, especially with him only standing mere feet away with only a towel to hide his body. 

“Well go wait outside, I’m almost done–” he could feel himself trail off as Sakura smiled brightly. Had his towel fallen, or was she looking at something else? Why was she smiling like that?

“I can close my eyes.” 

“Sakura,” he warned with a playful glare. Sakura only chuckled in response before raising her hands in front of her body and shaking her head.

“Fine, fine! I’ll be waiting,” she promised.

Sasuke felt himself begin to breathe again, not knowing that he had held his breath the second he saw her. He quickly dried himself off, glancing at the door every other second to make sure Sakura had kept to her word, and when he finally pulled on his sweats and fitted t-shirt, he grabbed his bag and exited the locker room, turning the lights off behind him. 

“You take longer than a girl,” Sakura teased once more before walking to him and wrapping her arms around him.

She smelled sweet like fruit, and the way her pink tresses fell forward as she leaned her head into his chest calmed his breathing instantly. The remaining lights in the gym finally dimmed and Sasuke stood with Sakura next to him in the dark.


Sasuke only smirked before throwing his arm around her shoulders and leading her out of the building. The cold air instantly bit into his skin as they walked outside, and the snow falling from the sky began to land all around them. It was a winter wonderland there, and the only remaining car in the parking lot was Sasuke’s.

“You take too long after your games. Luckily that was the last one,” she jabbed her finger into his ribs before walking in unison with him once more.

The sidewalks had been shoveled almost perfectly, and the parking lot plowed. Once they reached the car, he unlocked it and instantly opened Sakura’s door before she could reach the handle. When her green eyes narrowed at him, he shrugged before smirking once more and making his way to the driver’s seat. With his bag thrown in the back and Sakura buckled up, the engine came to life and hummed quietly.

His hand found the knob to crank the heater and next to him, Sakura’s shoulders bunched up as she shivered slightly.

“It’s god damn cold out!”

“That’s what typically happens when it’s winter.”

Sakura punched his arm gently before holding her hands in front of the fans. It was dark on the inside of his car, but Sasuke could still make out the green in her eyes as she still glared at him for being a smartass.

“No shit,” she commented before breathing slowly on her fingers. “Make your car heat up faster!” 

Sasuke rolled his eyes once, before reaching for her small hands and enclosing them in his own. The shock that crossed over her face amused him, but when he felt her skin began to cool his own, he frowned

“Wear gloves next time, your fingers are like icicles.”

“I was inside a very hot gym watching my best friend kick ass. But sure, I’ll remember to wear gloves at your next game. Oh, wait–”

Sasuke squeezed her hands in his own, gently, but Sakura’s grin widened as Sasuke’s smirk appeared once more. He hated knowing that his high school career for basketball had come to an end. Albeit on a good note, but it was all over. Like Sasuke, Sakura had grown quiet. 

“What?” He inquired. She was still looking at him, but her eyes didn’t hold the fire that they always held. They looked almost melancholy, desperate and reaching out for him.

“We’re graduating soon. Things won’t be the same, will they?”

He hadn’t thought about it like that. Whenever he thought about his future,  he pictured Sakura right next time with a large smile on her face. But now that Sakura mentioned it, that image began to fade. They were only friends after all, not set on a course to grow old with one another, have children, travel the world and sit on the front porch in a chair of their own. The idea seemed silly the more he thought about it, but then again, he began to feel sick to his stomach. 

“Of course not. We’ll be in a different city, in different homes, but we’ll still be close to each other.” The words didn’t come out right, but he hoped Sakura had caught onto what he actually meant. 

The car was warm now, but Sasuke didn’t release her hands. He continued to hold on to them while trying to uncover the mysterious expression on her face. When she nodded her head slightly, Sasuke felt the air in his lungs leave and he immediately felt another burst of adrenaline. The air became tense between them almost instantly and before Sakura could speak again, Sasuke had the floor. 

“It doesn’t have to change,” he muttered. His eyes eventually looked in the direction of where his headlights pointed. The snow was now coming down rather heavily, and when Sakura’s small grunt sounded, he refused to look back. “It can be the same as before. Nothing has to change, we can–” 

He began to struggle with his words and finding just the right thing to say. He didn’t want to give her the wrong impression, but he always wanted to make “it” official – whatever “it” was. 

Sasuke inhaled once more before trying to speak again. The snow fell freely from the sky on the outside, and like it, the words fell freely from his lips. In his seventeen years of life, this had to have been the most nerve-racking thing he’d ever done. 

“I like you, Sakura. More than a friend.I don’t want things to change…” he scratched the back of his head, something he’d picked up from Naruto recently and when he looked to Sakura, he could see tears streaming down her face. “What now? Are you alright?”

Her girlish laughter surprised him. She slid a hand from his grasp and wiped the tears away with ease and readjusted in her seat to the point that she was looking at him. “I’m fine. Just tired and school was hell this week and wow. So what you’re asking is…”

“You know what I’m asking,” he cut her off. He began to chew on his lip, the air becoming easier to breathe, yet his heart still thudded heavily against his ribcage.

“Oh, Sas. It’ll be different at first, but nothing we can’t handle. You know the answer is yes. It always would’ve been yes.”

And just like that, he felt nauseous and excited and light headed and like he could run a marathon all at once. Instead of giving her that cliche kiss you see most couples doing in chick flicks, Sasuke smiled slightly.

With her single hand still in his own, he raised her knuckles to his lips and met her skin accordingly. She tasted as sweet as she smelled, and when his eyes found hers, he smirked through his tender kiss.

Even though the heat was blaring and the music played silently in the background, Sasuke’s mind was on Sakura and her alone.

Loser || Joe Sugg

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Word Count: 1k+

Summary: In which (Y/N), Zoe and Joe film a video called Sister-In-Law VS Boyfriend and Joe ends up losing miserably. 

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, I got so excited when I got your request and couldn’t help but write it immediately. I hope you like it!!xo

“Hello everyone, today I’m joined by these two!” Zoe begins her usual intro with a wide smile as she gestures toward Joe and (Y/N), who had Nala in her lap and was kissing her face, causing Joe and Zoe to burst out laughing.

(Y/N) sticks her tongue out at them but waves at the camera, her lips parting to talk but moving into a pout when Nala jumps down and scrambles out of the room.

“So today me and Joe were going to film something completely different, but then (Y/N) informed me that according to Wikipedia, she’s actually my sister-in-law! So seeing as she doesn’t have her own channel, I decided to bribe her with chocolate to do the boyfriend vs sister-in-law, aka me and Joe: on my channel instead!”

(Y/N) raises her hand and waits silently, staring at the pair as they spoke to the camera and between them before eventually glances over at her and snorting in amusement. “Can I express an opinion?”

Joe throws his head back and laughs, reaching over Zoe and patting his girlfriends thigh. “Babe, you’re not six, you don’t have to raise your hand.” Zoe nods in agreement, an amused grin on her face.

(Y/N) huffs and folds her arms across her chest, glaring at the siblings lightheartedly. “Shush, you guys spend the majority of your life behind the camera, this is still all new to me.”

Zoe smiles in sympathy and pats her shoulder, whereas Joe smirked and threw himself over Zoe and straight at her, causing them both to fall to the floor with a resounding ‘thud’. Zoe started laughing hysterically, especially when Joe stood up and his hair was standing in literally every direction humanly possible.

(Y/N), however, remains on the floor until Joe sighed over-dramatically and walked over to pick her up, setting her back at her feet and rolling his eyes at the smug smile on her face. “Mm, I love you.”

He grins and kisses her quickly before they both return to their spots on the bed, although this time (Y/N) sits in between the two Suggs and glances down at your phone slyly as they begin the video. “Okay so, I have six questions here and the answers written with them so I can’t cheat.”

They both nod, and Joe glares at Zoe playfully. “Oh, you’re going down.”

Zoe bites her lip and smirks. “Oh broseph, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” She pauses in thought for a moment before snapping her fingers together in realisation. “We need buzzer noises! Mines gonna be 'bird!’”

“Bird?” Joe repeats, and Zoe nods confidently. “Okay them, well my buzzer noise is 'cat!’, because I’m gonna take you down!”

(Y/N) can’t help but smile at the competiveness of the two, before she read her first question out loud. “Okay, let’s start. When I was sixteen, I did my GCSE’s. What exam did I get my highest mark in?”

Joe’s jaw drops at the question but Soe spring forward immediately. “Bird! Bird!”

(Y/N) looks at Zoe with a wide smile. “Zo?”

“You got an A* in Higher Maths!” She exclaims, and (Y/N) cheers for her and nods.

Turning to face Joe, who was frowning at the ground and had a small pout on his lips, she smirks and pokes his side making him squirm slightly and giggle. “The next one’s pretty easy babe.”

“But I knew that one!” He responds, the childish pout returning to his face when Zoe laughs and throws her head back at his words.

Shaking her head in amusement, (Y/N) lists up her phone and begins to read out the next question. “Okay, how old was I when I got my first ever tattoo?” Joe gasps and flails his arms around, but his buzzer sound doesn’t escape his mouth until after Zoe shouts hers. She looks at the older Sugg and smirks. “If you get this right, I’ll be very impressed.”

Zoe furrows her brows and nods. “I swear you told me once that you were like, fourteen or something?”

(Y/N) nods excitedly, clapping her hands together and glancing over at her boyfriend with a sympathetic frown as she pats his arms softly. “I think your sister did her research, babe.”

Joe grumbles unhappily and turns to face the camera with an annoyed look on his face. Zoe and (Y/N) share an amused grin before she continues onto the next question. “This is a good one. How many followers, to the nearest one thousand, does my main blog have right now?”

“Cat! Fucking cat, cat, cat!” Joe shouts, jumping up and down on the spot as Zoe laughs and his girlfriend turns to face him with a proud smile. “I know this! I was reading your latest post on the way down here! It was something like, one million, three thousand?”

(Y/N) cheers and hugs him tightly, leaving Zoe to pout just as Joe had been previously.

It turned out that the question above was the only one Joe managed to get a point for, either buzzing in too late or having absolutely no idea what the hell his girlfriend was referring too. The fact that Zoe knew the answers to the questions was bullshit, and he made his feelings very clear several times throughout the length of the video.

By the end, he had an annoyed scowl on his face, his arms crossed against his chest and an adorable pout on his lips. He was defiantly annoyed, but he’d spent so much time laughing during the video at some of (Y/N)’s absolutely ridiculous questions, he couldn’t find it within himself to be mad at her.

Instead, he pulls her into a kiss just as Zoe filmed the outro and smirked against her lips as she hummed against his. “Those questions were absolute bullshit and you know it.”

She pulls away slightly and looks into his eyes with a cheeky smile. “And yet you still love me, and even if you are still sore loser, I love you too.”

He brushes his lips back against hers and presses their foreheads together softly. “And don’t I just know it.”

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Ne, KatsuDeku rock band AU? Kacchan is basically part of a band with Kirishima (drums), Kaminari (lead guitar), Sero (bass guitar), and with Kacchan himself as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist (because I still wanna see him rocking away with a guitar while singing). Deku decides to go to one of their concerts and instantly becomes a fan and the rest is up to the imagination (i.e. Kacchan making direct eye contact with Deku on stage while performing)

Ochako is actually the biggest fangirl of Katsuki’s band. The band is called Yuuei, and Denki is her favorite member.

Izuku is Ochako’s best friend, and one day he decided to surprise her with tickets to their show for her birthday! It would be Izuku’s first time seeing them in concert, but hes heard some songs before from Ochako constantly listening to them.  And He’d admit that the vocalist could sing. On a CD that is–Izuku would judge that vocalist Katsuki’s real talent, once he hears him sing in person.

Ochako is beside herself with joy when Izuku presents the tickets!  She spends the next month prepping for the concert (making sure she has the latest shirts and signs for them)


It’s the day of the show and Ochako made sure they got there an entire night before so they could be front row. (It was to Izuku’s surprise that they werent the only ones..)
But thanks to that, they were now front row. Front-middle to be exact. Right in front of where the vocalist would be standing.

When the show starts Izuku cant believe just how LOUD Ochako is screaming!  Her and all the other fans surrounding him. Izuku looks at the stage to see numerous flashing lights, a smoke effect and the sound of an inatrumental audio being played (One off their newest album, he remembers).

And it was then that the members started coming out one by one. First Kirishima (Thankfully Ochako is yelling all their names)!  He is the drummer, and he gives the crowd a powerful wave and ‘charming’ grin. He lifts his drum sticks up high before going to his place. Next is Sero with his bass guitar. He walks out to the center stage, and puts a hand up to his ear to act like he can’t hear the thousands of fans cheering his name. He seems to get the reaction he wants, because the crowd just gets /louder/ when he does that.  He smiles, waves, then heads to his position on the stage.

Then, out comes Denki. Izuku is almost positive that Ochako loses all ability to speak audibly. She’s waving her hands, practically on the verge of tears at this blonde male standing before her. Izuku can’t help but laugh,  and he watches as the leade guitarist points out to the crowd and yells out back to them. He nods in approval,  before taking place at the right side of the stage.  Ochako’s eyes are beaming and glistening with tears, and she’s taking out her phone to snap as many pictures as possible per second.

Lastly is the vocalist.  Katsuki is his name, and the one Izuku is, internally, most excited for. He wants to hear how he sings live! He wants to see if he’s really singing or if he’s lipsyncing, how he acts with his fans, whats his personality like in person versus those crappy fan cams??

“Hey everybody! Thanks for comin out tonight!” The ash blonde already has a microphone in hand while he’s walking to center stage.

Izuku’s eyes are glued to him.
For some reason his face is growing hotter and he feels an excitement bubbling inside.  Ochako tugs at Izuku’s sleeve,  crying at this point, yelling about how she think she’s falling in love all over again. 

Katsuki says some more opening words,  and ends it with a ‘lets go! ’. Thats the rest of the bands cue to start up the opening song. 

Izuku is drowning in the greatness of it all.  They play song after song,  take breaks and talk to the crowd, and soon it’s coming to an end.  The final number came way too fast,  and Izuku is as disappointed as the others around him when Denki announces its their final encore.

The instruments start up again, and the members (minus Kirishima) start moving to the front of the stage.  Theyre all reaching out and shaking the hands of their fans.
Izuku can see on the side of his eye,  that Denki makes his way over by Ochako. She’s in tears all over again,  and stretching her arm as far as her body will allow.  And then Denki reaches out and touches her hand.  Its breif, before he moves onto the next fan. But Izuku can see Ochako is beside herself and he sure hopes she’s not going to pass out. 

He stops looking at her however when Katsuki makes his way to kneel in front of him.

He smiles.  And he’s got the smile of a heartbreaker!  Izuku is pretty much 100% confident that this singer uses his fame to benefit in flirting. He’s probably had countless famous, girlfriends, probably uses his charm to get what he wants– probably uses it to put the world under a spell,  and uses it to make everyone love him.

And Izuku is falling for it.  He’s being hypnotized by it. But it isn’t Izuku’s fault– Katsuki is looking directly at him singing the lyrics to this rock song so perfectly.  The words fall from his lips in a tune so enticing, and thats when Izuku is sure that Katsuki succeeded in his witchcraft.
Because Izuku is dazed. He’s flushed red, his heart is racing, his eyes are wide, and he can’t even describe the feeling. 
The entire concert, Izuku is becoming a fan but in that moment that Katsuki is singing to him, he’s bias. He’s /so/ bias.   He could forget the rest of the bands exists,  if he can just listen to that beautiful voice forever. 

And then its done. Katsuki stands up and moves on to the next fan.
But Izuku’s eyes follow him. He watches him until the end of the show. Until he’s off that stage and out of site completely. 

Then its over. 

Izuku becomes an underground fan of the group and is specifically Katsuki bias after that.

Also,  seeing Yuuei live peaked his interest in music so much that he decides to go into college to learn about it further.  Years pass, he keeps on listening to Yuuei, but can’t make their concerts.  Even with Ochako inviting him, he doesn’t have the expenses to do so.  But nonetheless he still supports as much as he can. 

Finally though,  he’s graduating college. He studied to become a musician manager! 

Its his first day on the job. He’s going to be training in the company Plus Ultra, and his mentor is Todoroki Shouto.

“Before anything,  you should meet the members you’ll be helping me manage.” Todoroki speaks and opens the practice room door.

Izuku smiles and nods stepping into his room.

Then his heart stops  (Or its about to burst he’s not sure at that point). Because his eyes are staring straight at Katsuki.

Yes. That Katsuki. Handsome,  sexy, cool,  flirtatious, angelic voice,  Katsuki Bakugou from Yuuei.

Izuku is frozen in place, so Todoroki initiates the meeting.

“Katsuki, this is Izuku. Co-manager. He’ll be helping us out from now on”

Did Izuku hear correctly?  Is this really happening?

“Hey, Izuku.” Katsuki says. He speaks. Katsuki Bakugou says /his/name. “Nice to meet ya”

Izuku could literally die and go to heaven. 


I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS ONE?? Please guys. Send more asks about this. Im already planning to make this a fic too. Because I have so many ideas I couldnt fit into this ;; ♡♡

Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney on the set of Garland’s CBS TV show, July 1963 // Photo By Leigh Wiener