But will Bellamy ever forgive Clarke for [x] terrible thing??!
  • Clarke:*leaves him to burn to death*
  • Bellamy:It had to be done
  • Clarke:*sends him off to die*
  • Bellamy:Everyone chill Clarke's coming to save us
  • Clarke:*lets TonDC explode*
  • Bellamy:That's just her thing, y'know?
  • Clarke:*wants to kill the Mountain Men*
  • Bellamy:This lever looks pretty tight here lemme help
  • Clarke:*intentionally destroys the entire Earth, rendering the human race extinct and the smoldering husk of the planet to spin quietly in the hollow darkness of space*
  • Bellamy:Cool babe. Very thorough.
something paradise

cs au. ‘there’s something about breaking an engagement and leaving the man you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with and finding yourself roommate-ing with the man who’s loved you through years and boyfriends and breakups and uncertainties that makes a person a little weepy, a little off balance, a little unsure.’ 

(i’ve been working on this for at least six weeks, and it’s finally, finally finished, and i’m something like pleased with it. (thanks to swallowedsong​ for looking over it and helping me and stuff.) so, enjoy whatever this is. (really long, among other things. just a head’s up.)

recommended listening: majesty snowbird by sufjan stevens.) 

don’t stop, don’t break

you can delight because you have a place

quiet room

I need you now


            She leaves him on a Tuesday.

            Packs up her share of the apartment instead of going to work, keeps Henry home from school so he can help. Wraps picture frames in scarves and sweaters, shoves books and DVDs into boxes, throws pots and pans and casserole dishes into the back seat. One trip to unload these small bits, another for Henry’s bed and dresser and nightstand.

            It takes just over 6 hours to remove every trace of them from this apartment that was supposed to be theirs and is now just his, but she doesn’t cry as she sweeps through one last time. As she takes her key off the chain, locking the door behind her and slipping it underneath. She doesn’t feel broken or empty. Isn’t sure what it is pulsing through her, something that tastes like regret or maybe failure.

            “Sorry, kid,” she says, eyes still dry, once they reach the car. He just shrugs. Smiles a small, sad thing.

            “It’s okay.”

            It’s not.

            But maybe it will be.

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Weep with me. Ukwon crying and his brother coming to hug him.

Also this is what he looks like

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anonymous asked:

If you're not enjoying Ava's demon, you should probably just leave. You're causing Michelle so much more unwarranted stress and making this fandom worse for everyone else.

fun fact: I, tumbler user ryukuza (for all intents and purposes), am making the fandom worse by calling out MC’s shit

it’s not like the alternative prior to.. what, December? yeah December, it’s not like the alternative was silently fuming about the shit in the comic (MC didn’t seem as bad back then I don’t think?) because if anyone spoke out everything would go to shit

well everything’s gone to shit and frankly I will take this chaos over forced silence any day >:V

(also pfft I’m already gone kinda, doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at the fandom’s shit from a distance)