Woooo! Thank you guys so much! I really, really never expected that making ponymotes bob around and talk would grow to this degree when I started. I’m totally touched that so many people are entertained enough to want to keep following what I do. What’s next? 10,000’s probably a little optimistic, but, hey, maybe one day!

Celebrate this milestone with me by watching until 5,000 Pinkies have popped out! Those two and a half hours will just fly by.

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Alright, I wasn't going to do this tonight but hey, screw it I'm uncorking this brandy. Do you think Cullen's hand are rough, I'm not talking aggressive. I mean his skin? Thin cuts of training scars, leather skin more used to holding a sword handle or an armored chestplate. But his fingers tracing her skin at night, or holding hands when the leather gloves slip off. There is a softness he had forgotten about which rouse delightful shivers where his fingertips and palms roam.


And it’s rough in all the best ways. When he touches the smooth skin of her back of the inside of her thigh, there’s a kind of delicate friction that comes from the rougher patches of his palm. It borders on scratching but it’s anything but unpleasant. 


So why do we have paramedics/EMTs? We owe that to Black excellence.

In the 1960s, there were no ambulances. Medical emergencies were handled by police, who had no medical training or equipment. But police didn’t want to go to Pittsburgh’s mostly black Hill District. Enter Freedom House.

Freedom House was founded by Dr Peter Safar (the father of CPR) and Phil Hallen, and recruited unemployed black men, training them to provide emergency medical treatment and drive ambulances. Otherwise unemployable men—high school dropouts, alcoholics, drug users, were given a chance to earn a living while providing a valuable service.

Soon, the city of Pittsburgh took over the service, and the Freedom House emergency medical model was applied nationwide.

(NPR Article link) (and thanks to penaltybox14 for posting about this earlier!)

I think I’m going to skip my next class and take a nap. I’m just so tired, I’ve been up since like 10.

white woman, in Boulder, on the CU campus, at 12:30 in the afternoon

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Be Somebody [Danny Phantom - collab with wolfspirit79]


im 10 away from my next hundred is this really happening what

People say I’m smart and I’m pretty but it doesn’t mean anything if I don’t have the energy or motivation to get up and put those skills to use. 

I just want to get through this. I’m asking the universe: please throw me a bone. You’ve thrown a lot of shit at me the past three years and all I want is to get better and make it through this so I can get my degree, move on, and make the world a better place. 

Please, please, please.