SophiaBush: This week was spent in my favorite mountains with some of my favorite humans @Mountainfilm. We danced under the stars, ran through the rain, stood in lines under heavy snow to see movies that made our hearts burst and our brains expand. @kennyjamez directed a short film about @jedidiahjenkins #TheThousandYearJourney (which I had the honor of producing) and we watched it premiere in our favorite theatre in Telluride. I drove everyone around like a hipster soccer mom in the most enormous car, @jsmizzie DJ’d sing-alongs, and we had all the jam drinks that were ever made. All in all, it was a magical time to reconnect with the friends that are my family. From laughter to tears to everything in between. I am grateful. And exhausted. #Telluthere2015 #HomeIsWhereTheThereIs #mfilm15

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