your future husband according to the stars

aries - gabe saporta
taurus - spencer smith
gemini - vic fuentes
cancer - mark hoppus
leo - brendon urie
virgo - patrick stump
libra - josh dun

scorpio - zack merrick
sagittarius - michael clifford
capricorn - ryan ross
aquarius - pete wentz
pisces - mikey way

Nothing Taylor does is good enough. You asked her to play everything off 1989 on tour and she did all of it except for Wonderland. So you complain. She talks about feminism…but it’s not the right kind, or it’s not enough. It’s just “white feminism.” She meets fans but she meets the wrong ones. She makes friends but with people you don’t like. She’s comfortable sharing details of her relationship but OH SHIT RED ALERT THIS GUY IS AWFUL LETS TELL TAYLOR ALL THE TIME ABOUT WHAT HES DONE. She stands up for one thing but you get mad because she doesn’t stand up for something you want her to. Stop being so negative. This girl holds the world up on her shoulders and she’s trying to hard to keep her balance. She can’t please everyone. Find the bright side once in a while.

  • Interviewer:any special talents?
  • Me:I can recite all of taylor swifts songs start to finish from memory ready HE SAID THE WAY MY BLUE EYES SHINED PUT THOSE GEORGIA STARS TO SHAME THAT NIGHT...I SAID THAT'S A LIE

“I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing” breaks my heart because it makes me think of the past few years when taylor didn’t really have a voice and didn’t stand up for herself and even when she was smiling she could’ve been hurting and we had no idea it makes me sick