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TLC(2017): a callout post ( @aesymntes )

So I was out for 3 days in Los Angeles for work and then I went to London to spend some time with the family and more shooting and then Liverpool for… well, work work all that. Then I should be back yesterday morning but somehow my flight got cancelled and there was no second chance and they paid us a hotel to spend the night and the hotel was hella shitty. Almost like a motel with an M. But I survived, I am a tough guy (no) and I am finally back in my house, sleep deprived as fuck because the couple on the room next to mine was doing some loud things (wont tell you what, kids) and… tired, but happy to be home and with my dogs again. But I heard we have a party tonight and there is gonna be some karaoke so I am here looking for a partner to sing Taylor Swift there with me, we can sleep when we are dead, right?