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What had happen was not something anyone in hogwart would had imagine. It wasn’t a secret that Slyterins and Gryffindor hated one an other. It was almost an obligation, from the day they would be sorted to the end of their school years.  You, not different then any other student at hogwarts, had suffered from this division. 

Your first day on the train you met Draco. You were alone in the train and his friend and him were searching a place to sit. The moment he saw you he smiled and entered the compartiment.

” Can we join you for the ride? ” he had asked.

” Yeah sure! ”  you had answered.

the whole ride he had been sweet and funny with you. He had presented his friend and had been really interested by you. at the end, you were really comfortable with him and already considered him a friend. 

 Unfortunately, that night, at the sorting ceremony, you had been sorted in Gryffindor and he had been sorted in Slyterin. At first, you didn’t tought that it would make a big deal, but the very next day he had started to be rude to you.

“Hey! how are you?” you asked him the fallowing morning. 

“Don’t talk to me, you nasty Gryffindor.” he had answered. 

“Do you realy need to be an arse, if you didn’t wanted me to talk to you you just had to leave me alone yesterday!” you had replied frustrated by his suddent change of mood. 

“Rubbish, i would never talk to you, Y/L/N!”

After this exchange you had kept your distance from him. But you had realy tought for a moment that it wouldn’t affect your friendship, you being in Gryffindor and him in Slyterin, but the revalities of your houses had taken over.

On his side Draco had had a realy hard time being rude to you. He knew he had to do it. His father would never had accepted him being friendly with a Gryffindor. He had wish so many time for you to be sorted in Slyterin. It would had made it so easier.

All throught your school years, you had always thougth that Malfoy was acting weird with you. In third years, as you were going to your care for magical creature class, you looked around to find where professor Hagrid was. As you where directing your self  at the edge of the forbidden forest. Malfoy shouted at you: 

“ What are you looking at Y/L/N!” 

At this moment you realised that you were gazing in his direction. 

 “Eeehhmm…. where our professor is.” you answered him a little confused of his reaction. Draco had turned red and left you alone but you could swear that he looked at you before doing the smart in front of that Hyppogriff. 

In forth years, he was bullying every Gryffindor for beings supporters of Harry in the three wizard tournament. So on the Quidditch pitch, at the first task, he when to you and told you in an offensive tone: 

“ Gryffindor are realy dumb to stand for Potter!” Which you answered 

“Yeah your right, he is to young to win, that’s why I am a supporter of Cedric.” you replied. 

Then in fifth years, the day after Draco caught the D.A. members, he came to you after classes to confront you. 

“Hope you have a nice detention Y/L/N!” he said. 

“And why would i have detention?” you asked. 

“Because of the Dumbledore Army’s.” Draco replied a little confused. 

“I am not stupid enough to take part into a suicidal project of Potter, Malfoy. Nor, am i that rebellious of school .” was your answer.

Each years, Draco had tryied to hated you for some reason, but each years you suprised him with how you didn’t cared of what others could think of you for not being on Harry Potter side. He always wanted to take you in fault. Wanting to make it more easy for him to be away from you, but it never happened.

One day, in your sixth year, you were going to the library at lunch time to finish some homework you had to do, when you heard a fight in the first floor boys bathroom. You stopped confused of what was happening when you heard Harry shout: 


Without hesitation you bursted in there afraid of what you could find. It was Potter after all who had screamed for help and this year had been quite horrible in order of accident, not as much as in second year but it was close. When you saw him, there, laying on the floor, bleeding, your heart stopped. 

“Harry ! Are you bloody stupid! What have you done!” you shouted at him. 

“I’m …. I’m sorry…. I didn’t know…. I didn’t mean to….” He answered, as you ran to Draco’s side and hold his hand.

Healing speels were always your strong suits, so your first reflex had been performing complicated healling spells. They were quite advence, but professor Flitwick had teach them to you since you wanted to be a healer.

Professor Snape arrived on this scenary, the first thing he did was asking you to leave in a tone that didn’t indicate discussion. But to everyones surprise, Draco, in panic asked you to stay by his side, so the defense againts the dark arts theacher let you leave for the infirmary since he had more urgent matter to take care of.

At the hospital wing, mrs Pomfrey first tried to separate the both of you, but Malfoy wouldn’t let go of your hand. She struggle for  a few minutes but quickly forgot about you when he past out and took care of him.

Draco didn’t woke up until the evening. At first he was confuse when he saw you, but he composed himself and asked you: 

“What are you doing here?” 

“Well, I wanted to know how you were doing, but mostly… you have my hand.” you told him laughing and showing his hand feircely holding yours.

“I’m sorry!” Draco said. 

“Oh! No it’s ok, realy! It have allowed me to skiped Defense againts the dark arts and Snape is a real pain in the arse!” you answered to him trying to loosen the atmosphere. 

“No! no! i’m sorry for how i’ve treated you in first year… Its just…. Its stupid but my father wouldn’t…. Well you know…. Anyway, i shouldn’t have been rude to you, you’re realy nice….. a-and…” he told you shyly trying to explain himself, still holding your hand. 

“Hey! Its okay, there is no problem! I get it.” you replied to him while smiling. “There are worst things in the world.” 

Slowly, Draco closed the distance between you two. His handsome eyes gazing yours, like he was surching for your soul. suddenly you were boiling. Surely your face was bright red. Then, he cupped your cheek gently and kissed you slowly, passionately, in a way asking for forgivness.

He was forgiven…

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Actors Who Achieved Fame Late in Life: Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford was hired to build cabinets for director George Lucas, which led to his subsequent casting as the lead in “Star Wars” at the age of 33. Lucas asked Ford to read lines for Han Solo, and was so won over by his portrayal that he offered the role to Ford. Since then, Ford was cast as the lead in the “Indiana Jones” franchise, solidifying his position as a leading man.

As I was going through the 28 Hotel Rooms tag, I found what I didn’t like about the movie worded in the way that I just couldn’t conjure up.


This is one of the those films that sounds better in theory than it actually is in execution. It has a template. In fact, it’s essentially just a template. It’s pieces of a film without anything significant piecing them together. Ross brings about all of these themes and ideas, and decides to speak about them for a minute then move on. You never feel like any of them are developed enough, which is why this affair lacks discernible passion and depth. He doesn’t give you a reason for why they couldn’t have been together from the get-go, or if they should even be together at all. We don’t know. They lack so much development it’s hard to decide anything…

It’s all so cold and claustrophobic; much like Ireland’s character… 

I mean, when I look at a movie and post on here, I look at the acting of the piece and how effective it was in conveying the story. However, this was what was bothering me about the film. It somehow was a template film, with little snippets of their lives rather than a full character development and story arch, which has to do with the writing and directing (which Ross does both of in this movie), which created many flaws that are irreparable no matter how good the acting was. And Massino, did some really great work on this film.