Three years ago, the fashion world lost one of it’s greats. He not only changed the face of fashion, he redefined it. He blended the world’s beauty and ugly sorrow into his collections. He was and always will be an artist. A pioneer. A genius. “Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution.” Alexander did give us a revolution.

Rest In Paradise Lee Alexander McQueen ( March 17. 1969 - February 11. 2010)

I don't do complicated.

 I just need a laid back guy who’ll be there for me. Someone who’s simple and enjoys the simple treasure in life. Someone who keeps it real. No fakes. No lies. I need someone that holds their own and is independent. I don’t need a prince charming. I rather have someone who has a crazy past and wants a crazy future. I want someone who’s mysterious. I want to figure them out. I want find out their desires and misdemeanors. I want to be concealed in a tight hold and know that he won’t and don’t want to let go. I don’t need a Batman. I rather a have Robin.

The moment you realize that you have nothing really solid in your life, and all the time you used to spend pretending that the loneliness wasn’t killing you, is now here stronger than ever, ripping your charade into pieces.

I think its hilarious how rappers boast about how much money they have. They be having it stacked up on tables,having their Bentley and shit on the set of they’re music videos. I just sit there like if it weren’t for the people that love your crap of a music, you wouldn’t have a Bentley and stacks of money. Its just funny. Really funny.