I always wanted to do something like this. Make a video on the train catching all the commuters off guard. Everybody gets nervous with a random camera in the area. The flexing is tough too but I can’t do it so you’ll only see tutting from me.

Ignorance is Bliss

Last night I got caught up in, probably one of the most ignorant moments of my life. I was walking home from work & a car drove pass. As the car passed by in front of me, out of boredom, I imitated holding a shotgun & let if off towards the car. I’m kind of laughing as I’m typing this. Either way, the guy actually stops to reverse his car, to confront me I guess, cause that’s all he did. When he stopped he said “Yo, did you just act like you was shootin’ at my car?” I’m like, “Yeah, actually I did.” I’m still kind of laughing lol. He said “Okay so what if I had a gun?!” I’m like “Okay brotha, then you would’ve had a gun.” Obviously he didn’t have one but in my reply, I’m like “What if I had a gun?! What if when you stopped, I told you to get out and walk home?!” I would’ve took his dubbed out, tinted loose Audi that he wanna reverse down my block just to bark. Just because he wanna act tough. Luckily, I don’t have a gun, yet. Not saying I would take his car but if I was that type of dude, it would’ve been the perfect opportunity for a come up. That’s how my weekend has been though. By the way I don’t understand the saying “Ignorance is Bliss”.