The perks of being in a relationship | thoughtsfromacynic

Sophie was sitting backstage. “Five minutes, mademoiselle.” She took a deep breath. What was wrong with her today? Everything hurt and her throat was sore; her ankle didn’t heal and she felt irritated. Grantaire was late, he was supposed to be there ten minutes ago, what if her pianist wouldn’t come?

The pain was unbearable. Sophie took a handful of painkillers and shoved them down her throat. The sore throat wasn’t good for singing. She reached for another box of pills and took five. With one move she threw a used pregnancy test into a bin. Where was he?

Hopelessly devoted to you {Elliot&Valentina}

–The sun was going down over the beach. Valentina was sitting in the sand, her back pressed up against the wall. In her lap she had a little notebook in which she wrote notes or scenes for a story she was writing. She knew she properly shouldn’t be out this late–but she felt somehow drawn to the beach, as if she knew something was going to happen. It was quite chilly, and she shivered slightly, but choose to ignore it. It felt wonderful to be on her own, with no worries or cares. 

Looking down into the paper, she started writing a small scene, much like the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet;; where two lovers meet properly for the first time, and they know that it is true love from the moment they lay eyes on each other. It almost brought tears to her eyes, it was quite beautiful, some of the best she had written in her own opinion, maybe she could get far with this; maybe she could even get something published one day. But for now, it would only be her stories, that no one else could read but her.

Valentina had been far to busy to notice the man that was walking down the beach, his gaze quite certainly locked on her. If she had seen him, she would properly have blushed up fiercely, but she didn’t– not before he was relatively close to her. She looked up at him, her blue eyes fixing upon his as she send him a careful and shy smile; “May I help you?” She asked softly.

Roommate AU || Enjolras & Grantaire

Enjolras was unfortunately in need of a new roommate. He had unintentionally scared away the other one with his talk of change and wanting to fix things in society and at the university. His roommate was of the opinion that Enjolras was obsessive, borderline crazy. A shame really. Enjolras had thought he might persuade him to his cause. But one could not always get so lucky with roommates as Courfeyrac got with Combeferre. Now he would have to meet his new roommate even though he didn’t want to wait around for someone to show up. He cleaned the whole place and then sat down at his desk, irritably tapping his fingers on it as he waited.

Shipwreck bay [ Valentina and Elliot ~ AU ]

Flipping her tail, she swam as fast as she could. She had observed as the remains of the wooden pirate-ship was thrown onto the sand by the large waves.  Biting her lip, she swam as close as possible to the remains of the ship. Her voice rang out in her siren call, though she was no cruel or unkind.

“Come all you pretty fair maids, whoever you may be
Who love a jolly sailor bold that ploughs the raging sea,
While up aloft, in storm or gale, from me his absence mourn,
And firmly pray, arrive the day, he home will safe return.”

She flipped her fins, smiling now. Maybe if she was lucky one of the sailors– or rather, the pirates would hear her song. It had been far too long since she had last seen a real human, the thought excited her.

The Roman calling [closed]

Sophie got changed from her wedding dress once they’ve arrived at the airport. While Elliot went to buy their last minute tickets, she ran to the bathroom to get changed. Staring into the mirror, Sophie took a deep breath, deciding to leave all the troubles at the airport. 

Three hours later, they set their bags down in the hotel room in the centre of Rome. Sophie laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling for a moment before started laughing. “This is crazy.”

Surrender Now, or Prepare to Fight || thoughtsfromacynic

It was rare that Montparnasse was on his own on an assignment like this, but the rest of the Patron Minette, the gang-like subsection of Team Rocket of which he reigned, had all been assigned elsewhere. This is pathetic, he thought to himself with a huff. Guard duty was such subpar material, especially on an assignment such as this. Nonetheless, here he stood on the second level of Pokémon Tower while three absolute buffoons held old what’s-his-face hostage and tried to manage base communications. For days now he’d been scaring off those coming to pay respects to their deceased Pokémon; it was enough to make him sick.

Out of nowhere a figure was approaching from the stairs: Ghost Pokémon? Nah, just another stupid kid. “Hey!” he sneered, crossing his arms over the red R on his chest, barely covered by a form-fitting leather jacket, and held his head high disdainfully. “Boythis is private property! We have work to do here!”

M!A Marathon

Marathon: For reasons best left up to the cosmos, the muse has the uncontrollable urge to indulge in some ‘me time’ every half hour no matter where they are or what they’re doing for (4 hours). (Try not to get arrested!)

Nicolas sighed, sitting on his couch, simply watching television and waiting for this damned curse to go away. It happened like clockwork it seemed. It being the urges. He usually never had them, Nic was never one to indulge in 'self love’, but now it seemed like every half hour he had to. And he didn’t like it. Could one arrest an anonymous demon for cursing them with having to have 'private time’ on a regular basis? Nicolas sighed and shook his head, doubting it. It had gone well so far, as well as it could he supposed. He glanced over at the door, now as long as no one came to visit him.

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(Hit your character meme) Grantaire stood between Courfeyrac and the man he had brought home and his door, he glared at the both of them, "You're an insensitive asshole." He spat before slapping him right across the cheek

Courfeyrac gasped at the slap, his entire body freezing up, eyes tearing up automatically at the stinging, looking up at him. “I’m…sorry, I’m sorry.” he said softly, feeling guilty, he’d been stupid he hadn’t been thinking and he deserved it, he knew that. Still, it’d come as a shock, he hadn’t expected him to actually hit him

~Are you lost? [Thirties verse]

⊰✙∬ Valentina sat in the apartment, alone. She looked down through the window, waiting for something to happen. It had been awfully quiet the last couple of day where the gang had been away. A knock sounded on the door, giving the woman a fright. She opened slowly, and  observed the young unfamiliar man stand there in the door way “Monsieur Claquesous is not here, do you want me to  give him a message?” She asked, her pale fingers wandering the boarders of the wooden door. Visitors rarely came here, and it was quite unusual that her father had given anyone their address. 

This man before her, didn’t really look like a gangster, and she had never seen him around the Patron-Minette before, it made her slightly nervous, he could be a spy of some sort, perhaps he was after the money. She had orders to shot if someone came and asked for their money, she was safe, this man was unarmed. 

A Sundae | Modern AU || thoughtsfromacynic, bonapartist-fanboy

Marius scooped up some vanilla ice cream and placed it on a cone. He gave it to a child reaching for it over the counter. “Here you go.” He was working in an ice cream parlor so that he could earn some money. It was a sunny day outside but he was stuck there while kids threw him money and commanded for some ice cream. He looked up and saw a young man enter. It wasn’t normal for someone his age to enter a place such as this. “Good day, monsieur.” He greeted the other.

Unexpected, expected news.[Elliot&Valentina]

Valentina looked into the mirror, staring at herself with wide eyes. Carefully she bites down on her lower lip turning her body to have a side-view of her stomach, was this truly possible? She couldn’t help but smile a little, they needed the little blessing to their quite miserable lives. }

“Oh god! Elliot! Come out here quickly, there is something we need to talk about!”

She turned her eyes upon the door– hoping that he had heard her call, and was not sleeping down stairs to the movie he was watching like he so often did. It was amusing how tired he could be at the end of the day, even if he hadn’t been doing all that much }